On the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of John Fitzgerald Kennedy—It’s Time for Justice

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Today marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of John Fitzgerald Kennedy – the last President of the United States. As I put it, by the last year or two of his life and of his presidency, he had become an enlightened being. See the video below, where in June, 1963 at the graduation ceremony of the American University he basically declared “Peace… not just in our time, but for all time…”

He knew full well that he would probably be killed for striving for peace.  I have said: “A real, live prince of peace briefly walked among us.”

His being taken from our species by the US “Government” was one of the worst moments in the history of our species. And as I have written in a post below, there will be hell to pay by our entire species for not striving to get justice for him—till the end of time on this planet.

The murder of President Kennedy was done directly by his Secret Service Driver, William Greer. But the entire federal gov’t is guilty of high treason and murder according to the US Constitution and also makes the federal regime an organized criminal enterprise according to the RICO statute. The illegal and illegitimate US Federal “Gov’t” particularly the Dept. of Justice risibly claims that Kennedy was fatally shot from behind by the patsy when we can see his body slammed backwards in the limo from the fatal head shot. Despite the inviolable Laws of Physics [here Conservation of Momentum], the regime claims he was shot from behind. Video of Asst WH Press Secretary Kilduff has him point above his right eye as that’s where the treating doctors told him the fatal bullet entered him. The Assassin, Secret Service Agent/Driver William Greer was never charged.

The American regime went on to wage aggressive war around the world after his murder, starting with the war on Vietnam. War has been waged on American citizens since that day in November, 1963. There has been everything from the nuking of our largest city on 9/11/2001 to the brutal assault and then massive mercury poisoning of myself for committing the NON-crime of publicly stating that Greer killed President Kennedy after first shooting Gov. Connolly who was in the way.

Jackie then tried to jump out of the limo as she heard from 5-10 feet away who had killed her husband. The dastardly regime, including faux conspiracists, actually claim she was reaching for a piece of his skull…

It is never too late to get justice for John F. Kennedy. Indeed some of his murderers are still alive like GHW Bush who was right there in Dealy Plaza.

My previous post detailing the assassination is here:

On the 50th Anniversary of the Murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

If the USA is a total Gestapo state, then an international tribunal, like the Nuremburg Tribunal needs to be set up.  The Zapruder film clearly shows Greer killed JFK. That he fired twice is even more evident when the audio from the motorcycle cop’s dictabelt is added to the video. So a Kennedy-Justice Tribunal needs to show the truth and to declare the US Regime guilty of murdering the Peace President, John Kennedy and to declare that the USA Regime is illegal and illegitimate. Sanctions against the American Regime must be imposed.

I also propose a $100 trillion lawsuit be initiated against the murderous regime and any and all surviving assassins. If the Kennedy family won’t start the lawsuit, it must be done in the name of the American People.

Each of you can do things to help bring about justice. Add a gif or something in your emails and communications that shows SS Agent Greer killing President Kennedy. Call for justice in all possible ways and venues.

Again there is no statute of limitations for murder or high treason. Demand Justice for this prince of peace, John Fitzgerald Kennedy now and for all time.

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A Thank You to a Special Person

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I want to thank one of you for recently purchasing two sets of my 4 true conspiracy books. The second set was ordered for a friend. And then this lovely person made a donation to help me. My deepest thanks goes to this good person.

I have an expensive medical problem. Why are not more of you ordering my 4 great books, which are collector’s items as well?

Why are not more of you helping the person who may be the only conspiracy expert who isn’t an evil gov’t intel agent putting out disinfo?

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Heroic Firefighter Dies from 9/11-Related Cancer

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 9/11 FDNY hero, first responder Ray Pfeifer has died from cancer of the brain, lymph and adrenal glands.  Were these cancers due to the nuking of the World Trade Center and the China Syndrome Aftermath, as only I accurately have stated? Alas, the heroic Pfeiffer lived in his vehicle for some time at the radioactive site. See:


Note the “33” in the article: “More than 33,000 first responders and survivors are living with illnesses or injuries related to the attack, according to a release by Congress following the extension.

Update on the Trump Administration

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“The Donald”s idiocy and corruption is often in the MSM news as a diversion. And I may not update this further, as again the US Regime is entirely an illegal and illegitimate, criminal enterprise since 12:30 PM on November 22, 1963 when the regime killed President Kennedy. Trump himself should not have been allowed to take office as he did not divest himself properly as required. 

More and more, the MSM cites people who state what I stated here shortly after his inaugural or first press conference: that Trump is stupid or senile and also somewhat crazy. As I put it Donald [“I know Uranium. It’s nuclear. And it’s bad.”] Trump uses baby talk often, and is only able to  describe something or someone as “good” or “bad.” He often doubles either of those words. He may have been picked over Hillary as he is more obedient and unable to comprehend much now. 

A while back he caused controversy by saying that Obama had him wiretapped. Then he added it was done by Britain’s GCHQ. It seemed like he read James Bamford’s books on the NSA and the GCHQ. Those books contain the big lie that they eavesdrop on the other country, but don’t do so directly on their own. That lie was why Bamford’s books were put out. In reality, everybody is directly spied on all the time. So Trump’s claim was not newsworthy at all.

He is now more spied on than anyone, to insure that he doesn’t do anything the PTB don’t approve of.  

Trump, I have asserted, never wanted the job and likely will resign before his term expires IMO. 

The current charades include the issue of whether he and his people colluded with the Russians to alter the election, and whether people now—like his son-in-law—are doing that in an illegal fashion. The investigations now ongoing include a Congressional one and an FBI one. Trump fired FBI Director Comey a couple of weeks ago, and the former FBI Director Mueller was appointed to investigate that firing, etc. That’s an obvious joke.

A couple of days ago, Comey stated that he as FBI Director had been investigating a Hillary Clinton-related email even though he knew it was “fake.” Some in Congress have said they don’t believe his fake claim now as he did not state that to Congress before. In other words, he lied either earlier or later. They’re all a bunch of liars and miscreants….

Hillary recently stated that Trump should be impeached for his collusion with the Russians during the election. This is hilarious as their roles are now reversed. 

Trump had fired former General Mike Flynn, his National Security Advisor for his dubious dealings with the Russians during the election, and “for not telling the Vice President about it.”   Flynn has been seeking immunity before testifying. Comey may be testifying soon. Trump’s son-in-law is in trouble for his own communications or dealings with the Russians and/or for some profitable deals he’s made with other countries. They’re all corrupt.

Trump’s tax proposals blatantly call for making the very wealthy even richer while shafting the poor and middle class. What did the foolish people believe a gang of billionaires would do? Trump’s health care proposal calls for the loss of medical insurance for some 25 million Americans. In the USA, wealthy fascists have been outraged since Obama tried for some version of Universal Health Care Coverage—something virtually all “first world” countries’ citizens have had as a right for a long time now.

But in the USA, billions and indeed trillions goes for bogus “defense” and evil intel agency funding. As you know from this author, that’s all geared for QE attempt and the likely extermination of our species when it fails.

As I succinctly put it, Trump will mindlessly press the button when so ordered. That’s why they picked him.  

As with Hillary, he is not likely to be impeached or imprisoned, but he might resign, as he doesn’t like the stress and doesn’t care about anything except money and p****.

UPDATE: I left out one recent, remarkable occurrence from the Trump Administration. A few weeks ago, WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer, at his press conference which included pushing for war on Syria, stated that the Syrian leader “was worse than Hitler, as Hitler hadn’t gassed his own people.”

Spicer had to be told that the Nazi Regime gassed and killed millions of people with Zyklon B. Many of these people were German Jews who were German citizens until they were stripped of their citizenship because they were labeled as “terrorists.” Of course the only terrorists were the Government itself—as it is here in the USA since 1963.

For a while there were calls for Spicer to resign. This hasn’t happened. Spicer’s sickening revisionist comment just shows that Trump’s Administration is a bunch of stupid, evil corrupt creatures who will say or do anything foul or absurd that suits their needs. Nothing ever changes.

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On the Continuing Korean Charade

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I may not comment again on this ongoing charade. I’ve already posted that this is a possible pretense/flashpoint for an impending QE attempt. It will get ramped up when the PTB believe they might be able to do a successful QE [Quarantine Escape].

Recently Trump and other elements of the USA regime have put our numerous absurdities. These have included the following: Any North Korean missile launch that flies for a few miles or more is labeled as an ICBM or precursor to the same. Any explosion is labeled as a powerful nuke. Large American aircraft carriers are being placed off Korean waters—or being threatened by Trump to be placed there. Recently the federal regime has laughingly cited that Hawaii is now vulnerable to NK’s nuclear ICBMs. It reminds me of the American war on Vietnam. Communism had to contained, or else California might fall due to the domino effect. Nowadays, however, the USA Govt freely trades with the Communist Vietnamese nation.

Likewise the obvious charade of Chinese and Russian jets buzzing American jets continues. Again as we tumble down to 2033, IMO, a  QE attempt looms large and all these charades will grow larger and one or more may lead to full scale war. The N. Korean leader is just another British/American agent as are the leaders of all or nearly all nations.

It is sad to see how many in the British American Regime’s militaries and/or intel agencies are so ignorant or corrupt that they take part in what will lead to a QE attempt. All previous QE attempts have failed and have led to the partial or total annihilation of the present or previous hominid species.

The British American Regime is the enemy of every human being as their coming QE attempt again will likely lead to the annihilation of our species.

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The Death of Pure Evil

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David Rockefeller died in March at the age of 101. Even his wiki page shows that he was a British agent.  You can see all the fake players he was involved with throughout the years at his wiki page. You can find a picture of Fidel Castro giving him the freemason handshake too.

Three days ago another totally corrupt being diedZbigniew Brzezinski, age 89, was President Carter’s National Security Advisor. The Rockefellers and the whole freemason/intel agency apparatus/CFR are involved in appointing each corrupt National Security Advisor. All are traitors to the American people. All are involved in perennial war and impending QE attempt.

This was a decent youtube on the Rockefellers, except for the part on Russo who was another faux conspiracist meant to hide the ultimate truths as I have promulgated in my 4 books.

See : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOqDM6ypiPk&list=PLNBawKKwRy47u_ughzeCjd5Ec5g27rp7W

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Alex Jones Divorce—“He’s Just An Actor,” A “Performance Artist”

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Last month, fake conspiracy “expert” Alex Jones was sued by his wife, or ex-wife. She wants custody of their three children. She cited that Jones broadcasts from home and has threatened people in his broadcasts and is a danger to their children. Jones’s attorney then stated that it’s all an act and that Jones is just a “performance artist.”

Of course some of us knew this since 2000 when Bill Cooper denounced Jones as a fraud.  Nowadays Jones gets on TV often proving he’s in cahoots with the PTB. On the morning after Bill Cooper was assassinated by FBI and CIA led Sheriff’s deputies, Jones did a totally corrupt broadcast which aired Cooper’s enemies who were involved in his murder. Not once did the broadcast cite that Cooper—for 15 years—went around the USA showing the Zapruder film and proving that SS Agent/Driver William Greer killed President Kennedy.

More recently, people who don’t order my 4 books, actually believe the absurdity that Trump is not part of the same cabal that Hillary Clinton is part of. Jones has promulgated the ludicrous lie that Trump is independent and will do good things.

As predicted here, the very night of his inauguration, Trump, at a ball, asked everyone to stand up and applaud the 2 Clintons, calling them “good people.” Even before his swearing in, he let it be known that he was dropping his promise to investigate and charge her with the many federal crimes she has committed.

I have succinctly stated that the assassination of Robert Kennedy in 1968 showed that the PTB will not allow anyone not approved by the secret societies/intel agencies to even run for the presidency.

Trump’s first visit, within his first 24 hours as President, was to his masters at CIA HQ.

It is amazing to me that anyone can believe Jones regarding Trump or anything else; or even without Jones, that anyone believes anything that Trump says.

Jones as performance artist was cited here: http://www.businessinsider.com/lawyer-alex-jones-infowars-playing-character-acting-2017-4
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On the RFK Jr. Vaccination Safety Investigation Committee

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The day after allegedly winning the presidential election, the Trump administration-to-be announced that Robert Kennedy Jr would head a federal gov’t committee which was to investigate vaccination safety [or the lack thereof]. This was promulgated by the MSM. And then nothing. I found last month by accident that RFK Jr’s site stated that the next day this was called off — without any word from the MSM. This absence was undoubtedly by design because of what the quick dropping of the Trump planned investigation implies. It indicates that Trump is, of course, not in charge of anything, and can’t do anything he might want to.

The PTB don’t want the People to know that the President is a figurehead and that the whole federal façade is bogus.

On another level, Trump might have wanted to do some good possibly because his own youngest son appears to have a mild case of autism, probably Asperger’s.  And it’s possible that Trump found out that mercury and/or other toxins in vaccinations cause autism.

In my own case for committing the NON-crime of once publicly speaking out on the Kennedy assassination, namely that Secret Servce Agent/driver William Greer killed President Kennedy after first shooting Gov. Connolly – who was in his way, the FBI and CIA placed a mercury compound all over the floors and countertops in my home and poured the remainder down a sink. This was proven by the Arizona Dept of Environmental Quality. As I have stated the US [so-called] Gov’t is guilty, in my case, of attempted murder, torture and terrorism. As the crimes committed against me are part of the cover-up of the treasonous act of murdering President Kennedy, the perpetrators of the mercury poisoning of myself are also guilty of treason and aiding and abetting the treasonous murderers of President Kennedy who remain in power today.

To his credit, Robert Kennedy, Jr. has recently offered $100,000 to anyone who can prove the mercury in vaccinations is safe for humans.

I wish good people would appear and help me accordingly.

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The American Gestapo Regime Drafts After Me

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I found online an obvious intel agent with an obvious post or article that was meant to copy my words but with a different meaning. It included the words Gestapo and that the American federal govt is an illegal and illegitimate entity. All that was after my post using those words. Of course the other bogus post was meaningless and just meant to hide mine from the People.

My post cites that after Nov. 22, 1963 the so-called US Govt is an illegal and illegitimate entity, etc. It is fascinating to see the Gestapo Regime drafting after me. The wise person knows that I am the only internet source for conspiracy who is not an intel agent.

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Possible World Firsts re Jackie and the Zapruder film

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The above Z-film gif of course shows Secret Service Agent William Greer shoot President Kennedy in the head — killing him instantly. ER doctors later said they were never able to restart his heart. Alas even if they did, it wouldn’t have mattered as US Gov’t Agent, William Greer, blew much of Kennedy’s wonderful brain away.


What I see here may be a world first. Jackie first has her mouth wide open in shock, horror and terror as she sees the back of her husband’s head  is now gone. From 5-10 feet away, she well heard that driver Greer killed her husband, after first shooting Gov. Connally who she heard blurting out, “My God, they’re trying to kill us all.” That’s a giveaway that he [“little boy Johnson” as his boss, LBJ called him] was in on the assassination and was told that only JFK would be shot.

Now as Jackie attempts to flee from the murderer in the limo, I see her push aside JFK’s head with her left hand. This may be a world first. Another thing may have occurred. Jackie may have felt the fatal bullet go past her. Her head was very close to his. She may have felt the “wake” of the bullet speed past her. It may have missed her by only an inch or so.

There is evidence that people can feel a bullet go past them. See this article where a policeman relates this: http://www.telegraphherald.com/news/breaking/article_4d232a26-2146-5c9a-a36d-90e5455787ba.html

Now I am not faulting Jackie for doing that, as her now lifeless husband’s head was apparently blocking her attempt to flee the Gov’t killer in the car. But she apparently never related that to others, to my knowledge, including author Schlessinger. She may have later had guilt about this. Or indeed, due to shock, she may not even have recalled that aspect.

As noted below, I have little doubt that she would have told Robert Kennedy and the family as soon as possible who killed his brother. Risible books are still written about Bobby, and everyone else, trying to ascertain who did it.

Perhaps the second most unfortunate thing is that Jackie, Bobby and the Kennedy family and friends did not immediately tell the country and the world what happened. Maybe it might have led to the Gestapo American regime’s downfall sooner or later. But apparently all the Kennedys feared for their children’s lives. When pressed, Jackie even said, “the Secret Service has my children.”

There is no statute of limitations for murder and high treason. All “presidents” and administrations since Nov. 22, 1963 are fraudulent and treasonous. All “presidents’ since then are/were put in power solely to do two things that John Fitzgerald Kennedy never would have: Press a button [or sign orders] for a QE attempt and upon failure order the extermination of our species.

RIP John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the last President of the United States. And to Jackie, you were the last legitimate First lady. We can see that you first tried to pull him down, but he was “frozen” for his last several seconds of life, likely from a “special bullet.”

RIP Jackie, for you lived through some 30 years of terror from the US Gestapo Regime with grace. You cannot be faulted for trying to flee from the Gov’t killer of your husband, President Kennedy.

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