One of the Leading News Stories in the World is ME, the Second is YOU & What Must Be Done NOW for This Anonymous Physicist

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As my 4 books and other writings readily demonstrate, I am the leading, if not the only, conspiracy expert now who is not a gov’t intel agent. For committing the NON-crime of showing and proving SS Agent/driver William Greer fired twice, hitting Connally and then killing Peace President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, I was brutally assaulted and then massively mercury poisoned similarly to how Karen Silkwood was poisoned.

Why has no one to date contacted me to tell my story and to pay me accordingly as I need this to be done now.

I have revealed so many crucial, conspiratorial matters. I was/am the only 9/11 expert [and scientist] who has spoken the truth about the nuclear destruction of the WTC on 9/11 and its China Syndrome Aftermath. I am the only one revealing the deepest nature of the planned Quarantine Escape of our alien overlords who have in the past annihilated previous hominid species when the Quarantiners foiled their escape. Another attempt is imminent and indeed almost occurred in 1962, I have revealed.

As the title above indicates, YOU do not offer much support. By “You” I mean human beings, and not the intel agents who populate the conspiracy groups, forums and blogs—virtually all run by the FBI, CIA, NSA or MI6. From some occasional emails we receive from obvious intel agents posing as truthers or such, it’s a full time job at numerous sites to denounce me. I haven’t gone to any such sites in a good few years now, as again they are all intel-Gestapo agency run.

I have not received a single award or honorarium even though with my books and other writings, including some posts here, I should have received numerous awards for investigative journalism or for other reasons, for my unique findings and/or proofs of some of the most important matters facing the USA and/or the world. Some of these are included above. Please read or re-read. Those getting acclaim and awards are usually disinfo intel agents with mere gatekeeping and limited hangouts. They get rich and famous, while those very few of us who are genuine get the lead—as Bill Cooper did—or Plutonium—as Karen Silkwood did, or mercury as I did.

I am still alive and yet so few order my great books which are also collector’s items that can save many years of trying to separate all the lies from the fake conspiracy experts. Anything online written by me is both illegal and thoroughly altered. They are trying to take this website from me, so please order now! 

Because of their massive poisoning of me, I am disabled and live in near poverty and in great need of about $20,000 for medical needs. I am forced to try to do some labor that is manual and I can barely do it. In a country, and a world,  with so many millionaires and billionaires, perhaps the only one publicly speaking the truth about crucial matters lives in near poverty and in dire need of medical/financial assistance. 

Again, if you have any input at organizations or universities to present my findings and writings so that I may receive awards or honoraria while I am still alive, please contact me asap at

Likewise if you can help to arrange a paying position at a radio or podcast group, as the world’s leading, and possibly only, genuine conspiracy expert, please contact me and them asap.

Similarly if you know a university that wishes to offer a genuine online conspiracy course, anywhere in the world, in English, that I can teach, contact me asap. I recall a good few years ago at a top American university a conspiracy course was given with the expected, risible conclusion, “there are no conspiracies except those [“19 Arabs flew planes”] proffered by the Gov’t itself”, even though as a physicist I can readily prove, and have done precisely that, RE the conspiracy matters I have researched and written about.

Likewise again, if you know any organizations that will pay for my services as an analyst, please contact me asap. “Analysts” for the civilian or military gov’t agencies, or universities or “private think tanks” etc. make a fortune for promulgating nothing but lies. See some of my unique and remarkable findings above to know that I am the only one publicly and genuinely analyzing events with truthful and often stunning conclusions.

If you know of organizations or Universities or student groups who will pay for me for a speaking engagement that can be conducted via online video, please contact me asap. I am too disabled to fly and I am also probably on the “no fly” list. I have not tried to fly for some 16 years now. This is another way conspiracy frauds prove what they are. If they are not banned, it means that what they put out all comes from their intel agency controller.

So again please order my books now at the above, please contact me to make a donation, or in regards to awards, honoraria, an online teaching or analyzing position, or speaking engagement.

Please help now.

Thank you,

Ananymous Physicist

Update: It is now two months since I made this post, where I have listed so many things people can do to help me–as I am likely the only public conspiracy expert who isn’t a regime intel agent. One thing you can all do is to order my 4 remarkable books–they are collector’s items and will only go up in value. 

After two months since this plea for help was posted, only one person has helped, sending me a significant donation.  I’ve been made disabled–brutally assaulted and then mercury poisoned the way Karen Silkwood was–by this monstrous regime, and with one exception everyone does nothing…