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The Remarkable Accomplishments of this Anonymous Physicist

NOTE: See May 11, 2020 Update at bottom.

Copyright 2018 Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved. Permanent Top Post

Below are only some of my many unique accomplishments. At bottom is an update on Nov. 22, 2019

In my 4 books and my other writings, I have

  • Proved that the World Trade Center was nuked
  • Proved that a number of fission nukes were used and not the alleged “fourth generation nukes”
  • Proved that the China Syndrome Aftermath resulted there which has killed many 9/11 responders and metro NYC residents, via radiation-caused cancers and other illnesses
  • Proved that this was done by the U.S. “Government” and its master the British Government, and not the MI6 usual disinfo that “Mossad/Israel/Jews did it” from the fake conspiracy websites/forums
  • Proved that the 9/11 “hypotheses” of DEW and thermite/nanothermite are absurd, evidence-free, non-physical sets of utter nonsense, and showed how their creators [Wood and Jones] are just regime intel agents and all their many proponents are either the same or freemason controlled assets
  • Proved that the “Government’s” main engineer whose [laughably] published work, NIST has proclaimed explained what happened on 9/11 at the WTC, but is in fact detritus which I proved has bogus math and physics
  • Proved that in his above cited paper, the regime’s engineer absolutely lied about the smallest dust particle size found in published articles he cited for this. I called for his arrest for provable fraud. If the conspiracy forums were not intel agency run this would have become known to many
  • Proved that virtually all others with nuclear 9/11 hypotheses are intel agents actually meant to destroy the nuclear hypothesis
  • Proved that the above includes the “Finnish military expert” and Wm Tahil with his physically impossible “2 large hidden nuclear reactors exploded like nuclear bombs”, Deagle with his bogus “an Army veteran patient told me he saw at the OKC site that micro nukes were carried away” gibberish and his Mossad nuclear nonsense and red mercury nonsense
  • Proved that others with nuclear hypotheses are also obvious intel agents including MI6 Russian Khalezov whom I covertly engaged online and he didn’t know any physics just as his 2 large H-bombs implanted by Mossad theory is absurd. Likewise Fetzer proved to the world that he’s an intel agent/asset by propping up plagiarist Prager who put his name on my published works and doesn’t know any physics either. I’m told self-admitted intel agent Duff has his nuclear nonsense hypothesis that was not worth commenting on
  • Proved that the British Regime has always controlled all US nukes starting with its control of the Manhattan Project and all US nukes in bombers and missiles since
  • Proved that the British Regime controls all nuclear weapons and all nuclear reactors of all countries
  • Proved that the British Regime is itself controlled by Freemason HQ in Scotland and by the oldest secret societies and Vatican in Rome
  • Proved that the final level of control is by the quarantined alien monsters who probably created us for reasons I have revealed and who continuously are trying to escape and who plan to annihilate us soon as they did to previous hominid species
  • Proved that Britain’s MI6 and QCHQ control the CIA and NSA and covertly and illegally are funded by them. All countries’ intel agencies are likewise controlled by Britain’s intel agencies and the secret societies that morphed into the intel agencies
  • Proved the existence of the Quarantine
  • Proved that the Quarantine is ordinarily impenetrable to humans and the quarantined aliens a few hundred miles above the earth and is not “at the level of the moon” as a disinfo agent said
  • Proved that the Quarantiners continuously scan the earth and as deep underground as their beams can penetrate searching for the quarantined aliens and their WMD
  • Proved that numerous places in the solar system are Quarantiner bases
  • Proved just where the nearest living Quarantiners are at
  • Proved that many events on earth are or have been carried out by Quarantiner forces, including the events at Roswell and Maury Island and Rendlesham
  • Proved that virtually all others writing about the Quarantine are either disinfo agents or now stealing my work
  • Proved that in 2017, the fake collisions of US Destroyers with 17 reported deaths of US sailors were actually the Quarantiners destroying on board nukes meant to be set off by the US/UK and blamed on N. Korea so as to commence a much larger conflagration and QE attempt
  • Proved that the Quarantiners through use of neutrino and/or other weapons have rendered inoperable most of the nuclear weapons on earth in bombers and in missile silos
  • Proved that the initial TWO failed explosions at WTC7 were fizzled nukes caused by the Quarantiners’ actions
  • Proved what Chemtrails are all about and it has nothing to do with global warming or “geoengineering”
  • Proved that the deaths of US Servicemen in Niger in 2017 were involved in covert ops where the US is mining uranium and creating nuclear weapons and storing them deep underground
  • Proved that the above is a massive worldwide Oplan involving the USA, Russia, China, and numerous local gov’ts and intel agents such as the allied Clinton and Trump families, both of whom are long-term CIA NOCs and high level Freemasons
  • Proved that SS Agent William Greer fired twice, first wounding Connally, who was in on it, and then killing President Kennedy
  • Proved and named names as to who had prior knowledge and/or control of the Kennedy Assassination. Some of these are new such as Hubert Humphrey. Others you know included LBJ, Richard Nixon, Richard Helms, GWH Bush [still alive], J Edgar Hoover, the Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon, E Howard Hunt, numerous others and Britain’s MI6. Whenever you see fake conspiracy agents say “Mossad was there and did it”, it means MI6 feels the need to cover up their involvement or control.
  • Proved that most of the grand poobah “good guys” regarding the Kennedy Assassination are FBI or CIA NOC agents. This includes Jim Garrison and Mark Lane and with the exception of Bill Cooper, virtually the entire industry of fake authors, researchers, websites, forums, youtubers, etc. regarding the Kennedy Assassination
  • Proved likewise that anyone who tries to blame LBJ as the mastermind is an intel agent as his actions of ducking down before shooting started and his 1968 resignation, proved he was low level and not in charge of anything major
  •  Proved that Rodney Stich had a 60 year Oplan re 9/11 and was a NOC intel agent
  • Proved that Assange and Snowden are laughably obvious NOC intel agents putting out gatekeping nonsense
  • Proved that Karen Silkwood was pure goodness and a true patriot and I received a lovely letter from her Mom for telling the world the truth about her daughter
  • Proved that all the intel agents and military personnel in the US and UK are actually working on behalf of the quarantined aliens who now are imminently planning a major QE [Quarantine Escape] attempt to be followed by the annihilation of the human species to be followed by the next cycle of their creation of the next hominid species and next QE attempt—unless we band together to try to stop this
  • Proved that Sitchin’s Nibiru nonsense is meant to hide the Q and that the quarantined aliens are here all along hiding deep underground and that Tiamat was destroyed by the Quarantiners
  • Proved what 33, 34, and 13 ultimately stand for
  • Proved what man’s craving for gold and diamonds is really about
  • Proved that the stoppages at CERN’s LHC were Quarantiner caused events and that in all likelihood it has never functioned and never will, as its goal was QE possibly via small black hole creation events
  • Proved that the Shuttle Columbia was taken out by the Quarantiners
  • Proved that the Cuban Missile Crisis was the beginning of a QE attempt that was thwarted by either Kennedy or the Quarantiners, or both
  • Proved that by his last year, President Kennedy had become an enlightened being, having so much in life, he knew they would likely kill him for trying to create Peace
  • Proved that the brutal assault and later massive mercury poisoning of myself were done for committing the NON-crime of proving that SS Agent Greer fired twice in killing Peace President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the last President of the USA

Please prove that you are good and order my 4 remarkable books above. They are all collector’s items as well as being genuine. The intel agencies may take this site from me soon, so don’t delay. Thank you.

Now November 22, 2019. 56 years after the murder of President Kennedy and still no justice for him to this day. And no justice for me either.

It’s actually over 2 years since I first put this up, detailing so many ways to help me. And less than a handful of people have helped me. What are you waiting for? There are no other living conspiracy experts who are not regime agents.

Please help me now.

Date: May 11, 2020.

Note: 1. Anonymous Physicist does not answer emails if they are inane or corrupt and/or come from intel agents.

2.Anonymous Physicist will not be posting on the current crisis for the following reason. “I find it outrageous how, despite pleading for help and pointing out so many ways in a post here on how to help me, I receive virtually nothing. So few people order my books which are also collectors’ items, and are the only books written by a current conspiracy expert who isn’t a govt agent. The ways to help me include ordering my books here instead of getting thoroughly altered and thoroughly illegal things elsewhere. It includes donations and so many other things highlighted above.

As I receive virtually nothing, I will not comment here re the current crisis, though there is so much I could say that is not anywhere else. As usual, what the fake conspiracy experts put out, here including 5G, has little or nothing to do with what’s going on now.

I have been informing of the real nature of the current crisis to a close group of friends and supporters. I repeat the outrageous lack of help and support when many know about me and my plight speaks volumes about people.

I used to think that the people of the USA and the world did not deserve a President Kennedy who had so much in life and risked it all to try to save our species. And people do nothing to try to get Justice for him.

Likewise, I have suffered immensely from this Gestapo regime with assaults and massive mercury poisoning and virtually no one offers anything to me. So unless this drastically changes I will not post on the current crisis. Let people get the usual disinfo from the vast sea of intel agents/fake conspiracists at all the forums, groups, blogs etc. I don’t know of a single, other genuine online source. They say people get the govt they deserve. People get the online disinformation they deserve as well.

Are there any good people out there? And I mean good people, not intel agents posing as truthers. Show yourself. Act now if you are a human being to help someone who has suffered so much for revealing the ultimate nature of what’s going on now.”

One of the Leading News Stories in the World is ME, the Second is YOU & What Must Be Done NOW for This Anonymous Physicist

Copyright 2018 Anonymous Physicist.               Permanent Second to Top Post                                        

                                                                                                          Updated at bottom 2 months later.

As my 4 books and other writings readily demonstrate, I am the leading, if not the only, conspiracy expert now who is not a gov’t intel agent. For committing the NON-crime of showing and proving SS Agent/driver William Greer fired twice, hitting Connally and then killing Peace President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, I was brutally assaulted and then massively mercury poisoned similarly to how Karen Silkwood was poisoned.

Why has no one to date contacted me to tell my story and to pay me accordingly as I need this to be done now.

I have revealed so many crucial, conspiratorial matters. I was/am the only 9/11 expert [and scientist] who has spoken the truth about the nuclear destruction of the WTC on 9/11 and its China Syndrome Aftermath. I am the only one revealing the deepest nature of the planned Quarantine Escape of our alien overlords who have in the past annihilated previous hominid species when the Quarantiners foiled their escape. Another attempt is imminent and indeed almost occurred in 1962, I have revealed.

As the title above indicates, YOU do not offer much support. By “You” I mean human beings, and not the intel agents who populate the conspiracy groups, forums and blogs—virtually all run by the FBI, CIA, NSA or MI6. From some occasional emails we receive from obvious intel agents posing as truthers or such, it’s a full time job at numerous sites to denounce me. I haven’t gone to any such sites in a good few years now, as again they are all intel-Gestapo agency run.

I have not received a single award or honorarium even though with my books and other writings, including some posts here, I should have received numerous awards for investigative journalism or for other reasons, for my unique findings and/or proofs of some of the most important matters facing the USA and/or the world. Some of these are included above. Please read or re-read. Those getting acclaim and awards are usually disinfo intel agents with mere gatekeeping and limited hangouts. They get rich and famous, while those very few of us who are genuine get the lead—as Bill Cooper did—or Plutonium—as Karen Silkwood did, or mercury as I did.

I am still alive and yet so few order my great books which are also collector’s items that can save many years of trying to separate all the lies from the fake conspiracy experts. Anything online written by me is both illegal and thoroughly altered. They are trying to take this website from me, so please order now! 

Because of their massive poisoning of me, I am disabled and live in near poverty and in great need of about $20,000 for medical needs. I am forced to try to do some labor that is manual and I can barely do it. In a country, and a world,  with so many millionaires and billionaires, perhaps the only one publicly speaking the truth about crucial matters lives in near poverty and in dire need of medical/financial assistance. 

Again, if you have any input at organizations or universities to present my findings and writings so that I may receive awards or honoraria while I am still alive, please contact me asap at  Michaelrings13@yahoo.com

Likewise if you can help to arrange a paying position at a radio or podcast group, as the world’s leading, and possibly only, genuine conspiracy expert, please contact me and them asap.

Similarly if you know a university that wishes to offer a genuine online conspiracy course, anywhere in the world, in English, that I can teach, contact me asap. I recall a good few years ago at a top American university a conspiracy course was given with the expected, risible conclusion, “there are no conspiracies except those [“19 Arabs flew planes”] proffered by the Gov’t itself”, even though as a physicist I can readily prove, and have done precisely that, RE the conspiracy matters I have researched and written about.

Likewise again, if you know any organizations that will pay for my services as an analyst, please contact me asap. “Analysts” for the civilian or military gov’t agencies, or universities or “private think tanks” etc. make a fortune for promulgating nothing but lies. See some of my unique and remarkable findings above to know that I am the only one publicly and genuinely analyzing events with truthful and often stunning conclusions.

If you know of organizations or Universities or student groups who will pay for me for a speaking engagement that can be conducted via online video, please contact me asap. I am too disabled to fly and I am also probably on the “no fly” list. I have not tried to fly for some 16 years now. This is another way conspiracy frauds prove what they are. If they are not banned, it means that what they put out all comes from their intel agency controller.

So again please order my books now at the above, please contact me to make a donation, or in regards to awards, honoraria, an online teaching or analyzing position, or speaking engagement.

Please help now.

Thank you,

Ananymous Physicist
Contact: Michaelrings13@yahoo.com

Update: It is now two months since I made this post, where I have listed so many things people can do to help me–as I am likely the only public conspiracy expert who isn’t a regime intel agent. One thing you can all do is to order my 4 remarkable books–they are collector’s items and will only go up in value. 

After two months since this plea for help was posted, only one person has helped, sending me a significant donation.  I’ve been made disabled–brutally assaulted and then mercury poisoned the way Karen Silkwood was–by this monstrous regime, and with one exception everyone does nothing…

Medical Urgency: The Anonymous Physicist Urgently Needs Your Help NOW

Published on July 19, 2019

As you can see my new posts below on Chernobyl and Fukushima—which was a follow-up to my revelations about the non-collisions of U.S. Destroyers 2 years ago, I remain the only conspiracy expert who is not an intel agent and revealing the real and urgent nature of events.

I have recently suffered heart disease and I am in immediate need of financial and other help.

With each passing day, I see the evidence that leads to my deducing what’s really going on in current events. But I get so little support and so I do not post often until this changes.

It has been 10 months since I posted some of my many unique discoveries at this site. See here: https://anonymousphysicist.com/the-remarkable-accomplishments-of-this-anonymous-physicist/

It’s also been some 10 months since I pleaded for the support of all good human beings. See here: https://anonymousphysicist.com/one-of-the-leading-news-stories-in-the-world-is-me-the-second-is-you-what-must-be-done-now-for-this-anonymous-physicst/

I listed several things every good human being can do now. This ranged from buying my collector’s item books or sending me a donation to arranging speaking engagements and other things.

Instead I get next to nothing. I used to wonder if the people of the USA, and the world, deserved to have John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I guess I have the answer now in regards to me.

Now with serious heart disease, and in need of help, each of you that is a human being and not an intel agent that does not offer to genuinely help me is providing a sad answer about our species to someone who has been trying to save humanity for nearly 30 years now. I’ve paid a terrible price, including assaults, being poisoned as Karen Silkwood was and still I get almost no help and support.

Are there any good people left?

I ask again to help me now to go on. If genuine, contact me at Michaelrings13@yahoo.com

Thank you.

The Anonymous Physicist Reveals The Ultimate Truths of Chernobyl and Fukushima

On Chernobyl: The 1986 Event and the TV Series. Posted on 7/19/2019

Copyright July, 2019 Anonymous Physicist All Rights  Reserved

I recently saw all 5 episodes of the TV mini-series, Chernobyl. It was a joint venture between the American HBO and [naturally] the British Sky TV. While it was good drama, it was bogus in many ways.

In general, it’s TV, which only contains the antithesis of truth as does all of the MSM and nearly everything online as well.

This show depicted physically impossible things or scenarios. E.g., the nuclear scientist involved in containment/clean-up/investigation says its reactors will soon blow up with megaton force if they don’t do certain things first. A nuclear reactor cannot possibly blow up as a nuclear bomb. Steam explosion etc is a conventional explosion which then has enriched uranium or other radionuclides released. Curiously, this is the same lie/impossibility that came from William Tahil, bogus 9/11 theorist, that there were two large nuclear reactors under the twin towers that exploded as nuclear bombs.

Now I cannot know exactly what caused the steam or hydrogen explosion that led to the large release of radionuclides at Chernobyl and from there to a degree throughout Europe. But it appears to have been deliberately done. Relatedly, we’ve seen events in the last 20 years–such as the bombings on 7/7/05 in London, that when government agents are doing a “disaster test” or “counter-terrorist drill”, they are actually perpetrating, or will soon,  an actual disaster–often to be blamed on foreign terrorists. At Chernobyl, that’s precisely what they were doing–disaster testing or core stress testing–when the reactor core of one reactor allegedly “got out of hand.” Deliberate reduced cooling of the core was depicted as part of the “drill.”

The Russian press has denounced this British-American series as non-factual and Russian TV is planning a series that is said will show a CIA agent was there in the control room and deliberately did it. I would say if this scenario is correct, it would likely have been an MI6 agent, for reasons spelled out in my books. As with the American fake moon landings, the Russians are likely to be more factual than British-American media/Gov’t.

Now for some specifics on the HBO/Sky Chernobyl series. I note the 33s. It comes 33 years after the April 26, 1986 event. Its length is 330 minutes.

The show starts off with the alleged suicide of lead scientist, the physical chemist and radiation expert, Valery A. Legasov hanging himself. The show’s creator felt the need to explain why he put that first instead of it being in proper chronological sequence. He doth protest too much, a giveaway. The alleged suicide occurred one day after the 2nd anniversary of the event and one day before he was to release his report on the cause[s] for the explosion. Legasov was lead scientist for the official investigation committee, but he had begun talking to the press. I have little doubt that he was murdered before he could reveal what really happened.

Indeed it appears they are still suiciding people to this day who know too much. Nagashibay Zhusupov was a 61 year old  survivor of radiation clean-up operations in 1986. Last month he is alleged to have coomitted suicide by jumping off the roof of a 5-story building after “being brought to tears” after watching the new HBO TV series. He fought for three decades for proper benefits not provided to him. Again I doubt this was a suicide.

See: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7245617/Chernobyl-hero-watched-HBO-drama-tears-eyes-took-life.html

Now at the deepest level, I have revealed the two main purposes for nuclear reactors. One is for the proliferation in making nuclear bombs. The second one only I have revealed is the deliberate release of radionuclides/radiation into the atmosphere. This serves to poison Mankind, but also has a more devious purpose. This radionuclide release  is to effectively jam or overload the continuous scanning from the Quarantiners who are keeping our species alive after Hiroshima…

When a major nuclear event is planned, this low level radiation release is insufficient. Something is being planned by the quarantined monsters pulling the strings on our species mostly by military and intel agents of the U.S. and the U.K. who control the intel agencies of all the other countries. Something sinister and nuclear  was being planned for in that region. Either actual nuclear bomb explosion leading up to a QE attempt, or something similar.

In my analysis now I note that it was not long after Chernobyl that the USSR collapsed, possibly due to Quarantiner actions preventing a full QE attempt. The quarantined then move on to other areas for their next QE attempts.

In the unique analysis of this Anonymous Physicist, the Quarantiners repeatedly prevented WWIII between USA and the USSR, which was the purpose of creating “Communist” USSR. So that ruse was no longer needed and was terminated. But they can always bring it back—the “on-again, off-again” scenario as with North Korea and other areas. They so want perennial wars, perennial fake terrorism etc.

Fukushima: The Anonymous Physicist’s Final Analysis Posted on 7/19/2019

Copyright July, 2019 Anonymous Physicist All Rights Reserved

The Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster in Japan occurred on March 11, 2011. I sometimes spell it out as FUKUshima and shima means island. They sure have been f’ing that island, nuclear-wise.

Three reactor cores are said to have had meltdowns and/or exploded. The alleged scenario of insufficient or complete lack of cooling was previously said to be impossible. Western scientists had denigrated the poor design of Soviet reactors and declared that such an event could not possibly happen to their superior designed Western reactors.

To me, it was clear from the outset that Fukushima was deliberately done. Indeed they likely placed it there on the shore precisely for the time when they would have that tsunami and the events that followed. Following my logic here, the tsunami itself may have been deliberately triggered. This is something that the quarantined ones could easily perpetrate. Alternatively, they may have merely used the tsunami as cover and set those cores to explode in a way that had nothing to do with the publicly released scenario.

So I have never had any doubt that Fukushima was deliberately done. Indeed they like to do the same things over and over again in the same locales. Japan was and will be nuked again and again if the quarantined ones get their way.

This brings me to my present revelation: The reason for setting off Fukushima. Recall 2 years ago, only I released to the world the true nature of the events portrayed as American destroyers colliding with tankers on the high seas. One was off the coast of Japan. I revealed that the Quarantiners’ scanning detected nukes on board those ships and they blasted those ships where the nukes were. At least one nuke was to be set off in a Japanese city or town. Then a North Korean nuclear missile would have been blamed leading to American nuclear retaliation and then a full QE attempt. All the while, N. Korea doesn’t have nukes or missiles that work. It was all along the British-American Regime which is so tightly under quarantined monsters control that carries out all the evil in the world.

Now for my final analysis: Fukuahima was set off to release those radionuclides and radiation so as to thwart Quarantiner scanning for the coming nuking of Japan to be blamed on North Korea leading to a full blown US Retaliation, aka a QE attempt.

From my unique analysis of Fukushima and the false saga of the American Destroyers, which in reality were about to set off nukes, we can gather that something similar was planned for the Chernobyl region that was thwarted possibly by Soviet military or civilian personnel.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is the military and intel agencies of the U.S. and the U.K that do not seem to have a single good human being working for them who would disobey and prevent the extermination of our species. The USA once did. His name was John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Desperately battling his military’s Joint Chiefs who wanted to start global nuclear war on behalf of their quarantined alien masters, Kennedy—probably with the hidden hand of the Quarantiners as detailed in my books–prevented humanity’s extermination in October, 1962. They’ve made sure, since then, that every president would press the button to end our species if directed to.

Again I ask for your help, otherwise I cannot go on much longer, as I am now old and ill. Human beings: please contact me to offer genuine help at michealrings13@yahoo.com

 Thank you.

The Photos and Videos Proving that the Secret Service [Agents Greer, Kellerman and others] Killed President Kennedy on Behalf of the US Government

Copyright 2018 Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved

Updated on November 22, 2018 at bottom.

First the Secret Service agent who was to stand on the limo behind Kennedy was ordered not to just 5 minutes before the assassination. He repeatedly shrugs his shoulders in disbelief. 

Now frame 313 of the Zapruder film shows the gun in William Greer’s left hand brought up to near his right ear. You can clearly see the reflection of the gun well past the curvature of Agent Kellerman’s head here:   [You can enlarge it further on your computer.] 

The above photo was taken just after the murder. In books and newspapers, this photo is usually cropped to leave out the left outer 1/8 or so. Note the lead white car which had stopped; see its brake lights on. It was driven by Secret Service Agent Winston Lawson. Some say Dallas PD Chief Jesse Curry was driving. Sheriff Bill Decker and SS Agent Forrest Sorrell were also in the car. The car had pulled ahead and then stopped. Clearly we can see a man stationed now at the back of the car. He appears to have a rifle or other object. I was the first to publicly state the truth about the man and all here involved in the Assassination. The man’s face has been  blackened out so he can’t be identified. Several obvious intel agents laughably stated that the obvious man is a “flag on the JFK limo.” Alexander Lloyd [Spooked911] gave himself away as an intel agent as he was the first to denounce me for stating the obvious truth and he first claimed its a “flag” on the JFK limo. The Gestapo Regime harassed and threatened me again for this, as if the massive poisoning of me years earlier wasn’t enough. This photo alone proves the involvement of the Secret Service, the DPD and the Sheriff’s Office. Both the FBI and CIA were involved in all the harassing, assaulting, car chasing and poisoning of myself.

For the record, the Zapruder film has been proven to be heavily altered. It has many missing frames so as to not show exhaust from Greer’s gun and other things. The reddish forward spray from Kennedy’s head is painted on, and the back of his head is blackened in as it was mostly blasted out. The limo also is falsely shown to move at a steady, good clip when many eyewitnesses said it came to a complete stop.

Then we have this Zapruder frame [below] that was shortly before the fatal head shot and you can see Greer’s left forearm and the gun being brought up to near his right ear: 

I post this because recent online doctoring pretends to show both Greer’s hands on the wheel.

Then we have video of Assistant White House Press Secretary Malcolm Kilduff telling all the [faux] journalists at Parkland Hospital, one hour after the assassination, that the doctors told him that “it was a simple matter of a bullet right through the head” as he points to the bullet’s entry just above the outer part of his right eye.

So all these “journalists” knew that President Kennedy was shot from the front and said nothing as the regime promulgated the physically impossible “shot from behind” by the patsy Oswald [himself a CIA/ONI Agent] nonsense. As a physicist I can tell you that the Laws of Physics, here the conservation of momentum, are inviolable.

With the above told to all those journalists, it was clear who did it and that there was no mystery. The regime manufactured the mystery with countless agents as authors, fake researchers and conspiracy experts, etc., spending perhaps billions of dollars every year including the last 2 decades or so for all the fakers/agents on all the conspiracy sites and forums.

While the Zapruder film is heavily doctored, we can still see the following. President Kennedy is shot in the throat. He appears to cough as his arms reflexively come up. He turns toward Jackie for help. Then he is motionless as it appears he was shot with something that paralyzed him for the last few seconds of his life. Though his muscles were paralyzed, he likely was conscious and knew what was being done to him. Jackie first looks to Gov. Connally for help. Connally just turns around to his right and stares at who he knows is the intended victim. Jackie then tries to push down on his arm, but cannot. She had been so instructed by the Secret Service. Connally is then shot by Agent Wiliam Greer. He heard that it came from Greer and Jackie later told the WC that he blurted out, “My God they’re trying to kill us all.” He turns to look at Greer as he and Mrs. Connally then quickly duck down to give Greer room to finish the task. They appear to bump heads for a moment.

While all that was happening, in the front passenger seat, Agent Roy Kellerman [see below post] first merely observed in his rear view mirror. Then he turned around to his left. He then turned toward and ordered Greer to finish the job. Greer can be seen turning around twice. At the apex of his first turn Connally is shot. At the apex of his second turn Kennedy is fatally shot in the head. Eyewitnesses said that the limo was brought to a standstill by Greer. The 2 agents then duck down and the limo speeds up as their job is done.

Jackie’s mouth is open in shock at seeing the back of her husband’s head is mostly gone. Motorcycle cops behind the limo are hit by blood and brain matter. Jackie well heard that the driver fired twice and then tried to get on the back of the limo to get out of there as the killer was just 5-10 feet away. Agent Clint Hill had run up and boarded and said something to her and got her back in the limo as it sped towards the hospital. At Parkland Hospital, attending physician Dr. Charles Crenshaw later wrote that Agent Clint Hill had his gun out and cocked the whole time. He knew his “colleagues” had done it.

A Dallas Motorcycle cop, James Chaney, later said he saw that JFK was “shot in the face.” He was not called to testify to the WC. See: 

At least 5 people saw SS driver William Greer do it and told this to the Warren Commission.
1. Mary Moorman – school teacher standing next to Jean Hill. She said she saw Greer shooting back but thought he was shooting back at the assassin. SOURCE: Warren Commission and taped interview by Fred Newcomb.

  1. Jean Hill – Jean Hill saw what happened too, but when she tried to bring up the subject of a gun being fired in the car, Senator Arlen Spector (a 33rd degree Mason) would change the subject or say “it’s time for a cup of coffee.”
  2. Austin P. Miller – Texas Louisiana Freight Bureau, who stood on the railway overpass overlooking Elm Street was asked by Arlen Spector where the shots came from: His reply was “from right there in the car.” Senator Spector just went on to the next question, never asking Miller any specifics. From: Warren Report, New York Times edition, p. 82.
  3. Clinton J. Hill. Jacqueline Kennedy’s bodyguard reports in Vol. II, pp 138-139 of the Warren Commission Volumes: “I jumped from the car, realizing that something was wrong, and ran to the presidential limousine. Just as I reached it, there was another sound. I think I described it in my statement as though someone was shooting a revolver into a hard object…it seemed to have some type of echo.”
  4. Hugh Betzner – Had picture published in Life magazine and was standing right next to the drivers side of the motorcade: He saw a gun in the hand of one of the secret service agents and heard a sound “like firecrackers going off in the car.”Link to Betzner’s official statement: http://www.jfk-online.com/betzner.html Source: taped interview with Fred Newcomb.

About 15 years later, the House Committee on Assassinations obtained a motorcycle cop’s Dictaphone recording and added audio to the Z film. It’s even more obvious that Greer fired twice as described above.

In 1992, I obtained a copy of this and expanded it making it even more clear that Greer fired twice. I showed this publicly and was soon brutally assaulted, car chased by 3 vehicles and then massively mercury poisoned similarly to how Karen Silkwood was poisoned. My life has been destroyed medically, psychologically and financially. They continue to harass me. The crimes committed against me by the American federal Govt include attempted murder, torture, poisoning, terrorism, conspiracy, and now abuse of the elderly and abuse of a disabled person.

Getting back to the assassination. The Regime soon put out the nonsense that a lone nut Commie named Lee Harvey Oswald did the shooting despite that being physically impossible. Oswald, who had that fake legend of being a defector/Communist–for the coming Cold War build-up of nukes and ICBMs–blurted out on camera, “I’m just a patsy.”

The Regime said the Z film is too horrible for the citizenry to view, so they had a single young reporter see it. He lied and told the world that it showed Kennedy sprung forward in the limo from a shot from behind. He gets rapidly promoted to the top. His name is Dan Rather. Life magazine printed reversed frames to make it look like Kennedy was flung forward.

Upon arrival at the Washington airport, none other than the assassin Wiliam Greer drove the hearse with the widow and Robert Kennedy in it, to the hospital for autopsy. I believe he threatened them with the murder of their children. Some time later, Jackie made cryptic remarks to people about “be careful who you get as a driver” and that she couldn’t tell what happened because “the Secret Service has my children.”

On the plane ride back to Washington, DC, assassin Lyndon Johnson forces Jackie to be in the picture of the unnecessary swearing in on the plane. She refuses to change her clothes with blood and other matter on them. Congressman Albert Thomas and LBJ wink at each other just after the swearing in. 

LBJ lies and says that Robert Kennedy, the Attorney General, told him the swearing in  was necessary. RFK stated that he told him the opposite. At the Washington airport, RFK brushed past LBJ without a word. I have no doubt that he phoned Jackie at the hospital and she told him what and who… The Kennedy brothers had been forced to have LBJ on the ticket in 1960 and RFK in particular knew this was a possibility. But the whole upper echelons of the Govt was in on it for the reasons spelled out in my 4 books.

To prevent a Congressional investigation, President Johnson created the Warren Commission, one of the most obvious frauds in human history. It was chaired by SCOTUS Chief Justice, Earl Warren who had imprisoned American citizens of Japanese descent during WWII. Also on the WC were Congressman, and future president, Gerald Ford, an FBI NOC agent, Allen Dulles, former CIA Director whom Kennedy had fired, 33rd degree Freemason John J. McCloy who as Commissioner in Germany after WWII,  had freed many convicted Nazi mass murderers, Congressman Hale Boggs who later denounced the WC and Senator Richard Russell who didn’t attend many sessions and refused to sign the final report. It had his signature nonetheless. Boggs was killed in a mysterious plane accident in Alaska. He had been chauffeured to the plane by none other than a young Bill Clinton [ a CIA NOC agent like his wife]. Sherman Skolnick said the plane was sabotaged by Clinton because Boggs had begun to denounce the WC and FBI Director Hoover. Numerous witnesses for the WC said their testimony was altered or that they didn’t sign it, but likewise it had their signature. Crucial witnesses weren’t called. In fact observers to the shooting said FBI agents on the scene or later threatened them to change their testimony. Some 59 witnesses are said to have died in the coming decade. Some were obviously killed.

For the WC, all the evidence from the Dallas Police first was sent to the FBI for processing. Virtually nothing original was sent back to the DPD or the WC, only copies, or reports etc. WC attorney Arlen Specter is credited with devising the “magic bullet theory.” This impossibility claims that a pristine bullet smashed into several bones from 2 people [Kennedy and Connally] hung out in the air for a second or two and changed direction on its own, in violation of several laws of physics and ended up pristine. Two other investigations took place in the 1970s. The Rockefeller Committee had future president Ronald Reagan on it and the House Committee had its first Chairman and attorney booted off as the CIA controls the Congress and those were honest men…That Committee risibly concluded that a total of two people were involved after the audio was added to the Z film.

High level CIA covert agent, and future president, George Herbert Walker Bush was right there in Dealey Plaza, and J. Edgar Hoover’s memo later stated Bush’s involvement in overseeing questioning of Oswald. See: 


The Congress knew who really was responsible and did nothing. Likewise for the Supreme Court. There were two investigations ongoing to try to charge LBJ for various crimes of corruption that were then halted. LBJ almost immediately reversed Kennedy’s planned end of the Vietnam conflict and soon there was a fake attack [Gulf of Tonkin] and Congressional resolution for a decade long massive war there. LBJ also presided over a massive U.S. buildup going from 300 nuclear-tipped ICBMs to 30,000 [completed by Nixon]—all for planned Quarantine Escape and upon its failure, the subsequent annihilation of the human species, I have asserted.

As I have succinctly noted, since 12:30 on November 22, 1963, The USA has been an illegal, illegitimate, treasonous, terrorist organization. Also under the RICO statute, brought about in part by Robert Kennedy, it is an organized criminal enterprise. It has committed crimes against humanity against me and countless others as it engages in perennial, aggressive war on mankind. As I have well proven, on 9/11/2001 it nuked its own largest city which resulted in the China Syndrome there.

I have proposed an international tribunal like the Nuremberg Tribunal to charge the USA Regime for murdering President Kennedy and its subsequent war on mankind. I have also proposed a $100 trillion civil lawsuit against the federal regime for what it did to President Kennedy, for with the above, it’s an easy matter to prove who killed President Kennedy and win against the federal “government” as we can see and hear who did it.

I close this with video of our slain prince of peace, and the last president of the United States, making his greatest speech. 

Here a world leader, instead of declaring war, declared “Peace…genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living…not merely peace in our time but peace in all time.” Kennedy had so much in life, and  he knew that they would likely do that to him for all the good he was doing with only his brother Robert to count on.

To the end of time on this planet, there will always be at least one person striving to get Justice for our slain prince of peace, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who briefly walked among us.

Please order my four books above to learn what everything is really about.


Today November 22, 2018 is the 55th anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the Peace President and the last President of the United States. He was clearly murdered by William Greer, the Secret Service driver, and the U.S. “Government” and still the people of the country do nothing to try to attain justice for him and for our country. So Shameful. After WWII, whenever Brits or Americans met a German, they’d say, “How could you let that happen? [Hitler and the Nazi regime] When the reply came, “What could I do?” the reply to that was “anything and everything?” Likewise!

It Wasn’t Just William Greer Who Murdered President Kennedy. Agent Roy Kellerman Is Just As Guilty. So Are the Upper Echelons of the Secret Service and the Whole Rotten US “Government”

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We should not just say that Secret Service [SS] agent William Greer killed our prince of peace, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. We can also see that agent Roy Kellerman ordered him to do that. In a criminal trial, he would get the same penalty as Greer.

We can see that when in their known kill zone or upon hearing the first shot, Kellerman, on the passenger side of the limo, merely looks into his rear view mirror. He takes no action to protect President Kennedy, which was his sworn duty. Apparently when he sees Agent Clint Hill start his run to the limo and that Kennedy is not yet fatally wounded, he turns to his left to better directly observe. Then we can see him tell Greer something–likely to finish the task–as Greer’s first shot hit Connally. Greer then quickly turns again and kills President Kennedy.

See above starting at 6:00. This already has many alterations, but you can also notice the slowing down of the limo just before the fatal head shot. Recent more altered versions show a steady and more rapid speed of the limo. I also note that above you can see Kellerman turn toward Greer before the latter fired his 2nd shot. In more recent Z films online, that is less noticeable. With each passing year the Z film loses more frames.

Roy Kellerman had been a Michigan State Police trooper before joining the SS in 1941. After the assassination, he was promoted several times before retiring from the SS in 1968 at the age of. 53. He died in 1984 at the age of 69.

William Greer and Roy Kellerman killed President Kennedy.

Just as guilty of murder and high treason is the SS Agent in the follow up car who left Kennedy’s limo protector stranded at the airport. Also just as guilty is the SS Agent who drove the lead white car which stopped just before the assassination and had someone with a rifle or other weapon at the end of the car partake in the assassination.

The lead car driver was SS agent Winston G. Lawson. Earlier he was in US Army “Counter-intelligence.” The follow up car was directed by Emory Roberts. He ordered the 2 Agents off of Kennedy’s limo and ordered the stranding of the agent at the airport. While the ludicrous book by Newcomb risibly blames only these agents and LBJ for the assassination, the truth again is vastly wider. Agents Greer, Kellerman, Lawson and Roberts though could easily have been convicted of high treason, murder and conspiracy. Again, that that did not happen only further proves that much of the upper echelons of the federal regime were in on the assassination and/or cover-up.

Here is a photo of Emory Roberts ordering the agent not to board the Kennedy limo as it headed into the dangerous city and  stranding him at the airport 5 minutes before the murder. The agent is clearly bewildered at his being ordered not to board the limo.  I’ve just seen a well known but fake conspiracy author write unintelligent lies trying to wiggle out of this which helps prove the Secret Service on behalf of the US “Gov’t” killed President Kennedy.

Of course, the SS director, in Washington DC James Joseph Rowley was in on it. Rowley was a Jesuit who was first with the FBI. He died at the age of 84. For Rowley’s role in the assassination, a large SS training center is named after him. Attorney General Robert Kennedy had tried to get the SS under his aegis, and not the Secretary of the Treasury. That didn’t occur in time.

Indeed I have made clear that the entire upper echelon of the US Regime was in on it because all these people could only have gotten their high positions by being Freemason and/or intel agency agents or assets.

Greer and Kellerman can be seen killing President Kennedy, but the whole rotten US Gestapo Government did it. That’s why they were able to carry it out and get away with it to this day.

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The Uncovering of Another Irish Holocaust…and in the USA too

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Last week’s visit of Pope Francis to Ireland led to protests regarding the recent uncovering of about 800 bodies of very young children at a Nun’s home in Tuam, County Galway. This matter apparently goes back at least 70 years. The actor Liam Neeson has stated he is now involved in making a movie on this tragedy. [Will it be the usual Hollywood limiting?]

See: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6098137/Tuam-scandal-cesspit-babies-Liam-Neeson-joins-fight-Pope-face-truth.html

In 2014, it was first revealed that a Catholic Church home for pregnant unwed women run by the nuns’ order, the Congregation of the Sisters of Bon Secours, had many bodies of very young children buried in its grounds. How each one died should be ascertained. The Irish government has stated that it paid the order 100 pounds per week per child. That should have been more than enough to care for and feed each baby, yet it is alleged that many died from neglect, poor medical care or malnutrition. It is known that the girls and women were badly treated, likewise for the surviving children. At this “home” and apparently several others in Ireland, after birth, the young women had their babies involuntarily taken from them and either never told, or were lied to, regarding what happened to their sons or daughters. The surviving babies were sold apparently to the highest bidders, such as visiting Americans.

Given that 800 bodies so far were found in the ground, or cesspit, we can wonder if there were many more who were buried elsewhere as that is many bodies and there was limited space.

Was this a deliberate neglect or other form of maltreatment perpetrated by the Catholic nuns? Would they undertake such mass murder on their own? Or would they be far more likely to have done all that from orders by the Vatican and/or the Irish Gov’t and its British masters? Though Ireland appears to have won its independence in the 1920s and 1930s, it—like the USA and much of the world– remains under covert British rule.

In one of my books, I have asserted that, like President Kennedy, Michael Collins was killed by one of his own men. And that Eamon de Valera was a British agent.

So the 800 bodies of Irish children is likely a small part of the actual number of Irish children murdered in the last century through similar and/or other means. It is fascinating and horrific that the Vatican’s orders against abortion then leads its nuns to commit mass murder of the infants brought into this world under their “care.”

This appears to be a continuation of the 1000 year Oplan to exterminate as many Irish people as they can get away with. The Irish know that in the 1850s the British manufactured their famine by taking nearly all their livestock and grains to England. Then the British used early germ warfare to cause the blight on the remaining potato crop. 5.5 million Irish people were killed by this British manufactured famine. Tens of millions of people in what is now India and Pakistan were killed by the British. Yet I can recall my high school world history book stating that the British were a “kind colonial power.” This only proves the British control of so much of the American society. Such books neglect to recall how during the revolutionary war, British troops sometimes took the wives and children of their American adversaries and locked them in churches and burnt them to the ground. Likewise native American “Indians” had their numbers decimated by another example of early germ warfare when British troops gave them “gifts” of anthrax-laden blankets. And see how many US presidents are descended from the evil English King “Longshanks” who had William Wallace drawn and quartered in Scotland in the 1300s.

This British and Vatican hatred of the Irish may be part of the general hatred of our species by their quarantined alien overlords. Or it may signal something deeper and older going back to the ancient Druids who knew much about our monstrous alien overlords and may even have interacted with them thousands of years ago.

In any case, we see this murder of at least 800 Irish babies by nuns under Vatican control went on for numerous decades with impunity, likely due to Papal and Irish-British Government direction.

The uncovering of the relatively recent holocaust at Tuam, Co Galway, Ireland is another manifestation of British and Vatican mass murder of our species. Both were involved in implanting Hitler and the World War and exterminations that ensued in Europe.

All this proves how urgent it is to counter the British-American regime and the Vatican for what they have planned to imminently do to our entire species.

Update: I was right about my supposition that the above was part of a global and probably deliberate pattern of mass murder in Catholic homes and orphanages. In a new article, survivors of St. Joseph’s, a Catholic orphanage in Burlington, Vermont said they saw several kids getting killed, as well as much torture and sexual abuse. This occurred from the 1930s-the 1970s. See: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6104697/Horror-claims-surface-torture-sexual-abuse-MURDER-Catholic-orphanage-Vermont.html

Then there was the excellent Netflix 2017 TV series, The Keepers, about the November 7, 1969 murder of 26-year-old Sister Cathy Cesnik in Baltimore. Cesnik was a compassionate teacher at Archbishop Keough High School, a now-defunct Roman Catholic girls’ school that was part of the Archdiocese of Baltimore. She was about to blow the whistle on sexual abuse there and a priest may have murdered her. The local police appear to have at the least covered up the crime.

You are probably aware that earlier this month, a Pennsylvania Grand Jury found that at 6 dioceses, over a 70 year period, 300 priests sexually abused at least 1000 children. The priests were not punished by either the Catholic Church or law enforcement. See: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/14/us/catholic-church-sex-abuse-pennsylvania.html

There also was the 2015 movie Spotlight about a newspaper in 2002 exposing widespread, long term  priests’ sexual abuse in Boston. If you watch carefully, they show an editor had the story years earlier but didn’t run it. Who were they saving? Further update: The Spotlight and its Metro editor had the story back in 1993 and buried it in a back page. Cardinal Law was forced to resign when the story ran big time in 2002. He had merely sent many pedoraster priests to other parishes. Cardinal Law was well connected. He dined with President Bush [the first] in Maine. The end of the movie notes that in Boston, for several decades, 249 priests abused 1000 boys or girls, apparently mostly boys. It also includes a worldwide list of dozens  [or more] towns and cities that have since had public revelations of similar abuse.

So again I assert that during this past century there existed–and probably does to this day in places–a global pattern of torture, sexual abuse and murder at Catholic homes, orphanages and schools. This has been either condoned or ordered by the Vatican and local police and each country’s federal government. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg.

Of course, my books detail that the intel agencies/secret societies of several countries, including the US and the UK, have long been involved in kidnap, torture, rape and mind control of many children.

Putting this together, the Vatican is likely part of this mass torture, mass enslavement and mass murder of our species.

Please order my 4 books above to learn the real nature of things on this planet.

The Putin ”Invulnerable” Nuclear Powered Cruise Missile PsyOp

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Thanks to one of my readers for sending me a link to this recent “news” item.


Back in March, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia has, or will soon have, as part of its arsenal a nuclear-powered cruise missile that has “unlimited range” and is “invulnerable.”

Now the media is promulgating that American “intelligence” sources tell them that Russia is launching a large scale search for one of its “lost” alleged nuclear cruise missiles. It seems that all four test launches, from last to November to this February, failed within 35 kilometers, and that none had the opportunity to switch over to nuclear power from its initial gasoline powered flight.

Now for my thoughts on this. First the whole thing may be bogus and just another PsyOp for the American regime to have an excuse to fund more advanced weaponry which has only two goals: Quarantine Escape and the annihilation of our species.

Putin was a Lt. Colonel in the KGB, which means he’s been under British MI6 control for a long time. Note that the latest “story” comes not from Putin, but from American intel sources. So, like only I have revealed, the N. Korean nukes and ICBMs being fictional, this nuclear cruise missile is also likely fiction. Since when does a leader reveal his latest secret weapon to his alleged enemy?

At the deepest level, I have asserted that the Quarantiners would never allow a nuclear powered missile or plane in the air. They would shoot down any such thing that they detected. I would imagine that Putin knows about the Q.

 In conclusion, either the Qurantiners have shot these alleged nuclear cruise missiles down or the matter is bogus, most likely the latter. Everything is a lie from all the MSM and from nearly all the intel agency run fake internet conspiracy sites and forums.

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Remarkable “Proof” that President Kennedy Knew He Was Likely to Be Murdered by the US Gov’t

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While the media, and many authors and the Warren Commission have published the babble that Communists or the Mafia killed Kennedy, and that John or Robert Kennedy were warring with the Mafia or Castro, the real war that President Kennedy continually waged from April 1961 until his death was with the CIA and the Pentagon.

Both the upper echelons of the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff disobeyed his orders in the days and weeks before his assassination. I have written that the Joint Chiefs berated Kennedy for his peaceful settlement of the Cuban missile crisis and for his impending withdrawal of 1000 miltary advisors from Vietnam. John Newman’s book reveals documents that the Joint Chiefs berated Kennedy as early as 1962 when he first gave notice that there was not going to be a Vietnamese War. I have found that this coincided with the return of Oswald from the USSR. The future patsy and faux Communist was being set up for the coming assassination.

Now it was not just the CIA that deliberately misled Kennedy regarding the Bay of Pigs. The Joint Chiefs and Defense Secretary MacNamara did too. There was even a cut out scene [based on what had occurred] in the movie “Thirteen Days” that depicts WH Aide Kenny O’Donnell berating McNamara for his role and that of the Chiefs regarding their bad advice on the Bay of Pigs invasion.

The failure of that began the war between Kennedy and the Pentagon Chiefs and the CIA. At the deepest level I have asserted that the invasion was meant to fail so as to then have the USSR having an excuse to bring nuclear tipped missiles to Cuba for the coming Missile Crisis. And I have asserted that the Cuban Missile Crisis was an attempted QE that was thwarted by Kennedy and/or the Quarantiners.

Here I wish to show the words of the published article from October 1963 that indicates that President Kennedy knew he would likely be murdered soon for all the good he was doing on many levels as my books reveal. Note that the The Washington Daily News ceased publishing in 1972.

The Washington Daily News, October 2, 1963, p.3
‘Arrogant’ CIA Disobeys Orders in Viet Nam

SAIGON, Oct.2 – The story of the Central Intelligence Agency’s role in South Viet Nam is a dismal chronicle of bureaucratic arrogance, obstinate disregard of orders, and unrestrained thirst for power.

Twice the CIA flatly refused to carry out instructions from Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, according to a high United States source here. In one of these instances the CIA frustrated a plan of action Mr. Lodge brought with him from Washington because the agency disagreed with it.

This led to a dramatic confrontation between Mr. Lodge and John Richardson, chief of the huge CIA apparatus here. Mr. Lodge failed to move Mr. Richardson, and the dispute was bucked back to Washington. Secretary of State Dean Rusk and CIA Chief John A. McCone were unable to resolve the conflict, and the matter is now reported to be awaiting settlement by President Kennedy.

It is one of the developments expected to be covered in Defense Secretary Robert McNamara’s report to Mr. Kennedy.

Others Critical, Too

Other American agencies here are incredibly bitter about the CIA.

“If the United States ever experiences a ‘Seven Days in May’ it will come from the CIA, and not from the Pentagon,” one U.S. official commented caustically.

(“Seven Days in May” is a fictional account of an attempted military coup to take over the U.S. Government.)

CIA “spooks” (a universal term for secret agents here) have penetrated every branch of the American community in Saigon, until non-spook Americans here almost seem to be suffering a CIA psychosis.

An American field officer with a distinguished combat career speaks angrily about “that man at headquarters in Saigon wearing a colonel’s uniform.” He means the man is a CIA agent, and he can’t understand what he is doing at U.S. military headquarters here, unless it is spying on other Americans. Another American officer, talking about the CIA, acidly commented: “You’d think they’d have learned something from Cuba but apparently they didn’t.”

Few Know CIA Strength

Few people other than Mr. Richardson and his close aides know the actual CIA strength here, but a widely used figure is 600. Many are clandestine agents known only to a few of their fellow spooks.

Even Mr. Richardson is a man about whom it is difficult to learn much in Saigon. He is said to be a former OSS officer, and to have served with distinction in the CIA in the Philippines.

A surprising number of the spooks are known to be involved in their ghostly trade and some make no secret of it.

“There are a number of spooks in the U.S. Information Service, in the U.S. Operations mission, in every aspect of American official and commercial life here, ” one official – presumably a non-spook – said.

“They represent a tremendous power and total unaccountability to anyone,” he added.

Coupled with the ubiquitous secret police of Ngo Dinh Nhu, a surfeit of spooks has given Saigon an oppressive police state atmosphere. The Nhu-Richardson relationship is a subject of lively speculation. The CIA continues to pay the special forces which conducted brutal raids on Buddhist temples last Aug. 21, altho in fairness it should be pointed out that the CIA is paying these goons for the war against communist guerillas, not Buddhist bonzes (priests).

Hand Over Millions

Nevertheless, on the first of every month, the CIA dutifully hands over a quarter million American dollars to pay these special forces. Whatever else it buys, it doesn’t buy any solid information on what the special forces are up to. The Aug. 21 raids caught top U.S. officials here and in Washington flat-footed.

Nhu ordered the special forces to crush the Buddhist priests, but the CIA wasn’t let in on the secret. (Some CIA button men now say they warned their superiors what was coming up, but in any event the warning of harsh repression was never passed to top officials here or in Washington.)

Consequently, Washington reacted unsurely to the crisis. Top officials here and at home were outraged at the news the CIA was paying the temple raiders, but the CIA continued the payments. It may not be a direct subsidy for a religious war against the country’s Buddhist majority, but it comes close to that.

And for every State Department aide here who will tell you, “Dammit, the CIA is supposed to gather information, not make policy, but policy-making is what they’re doing here,” there are military officers who scream over the way the spooks dabble in military operations.

A Typical Example
For example, highly trained trail watchers are an important part of the effort to end Viet Cong infiltration from across the Laos and Cambodia borders. But if the trailer watchers spot incoming Viet Congs, they report it to the CIA in Saigon, and in the fullness of time, the spooks may tell the military.

One very high American official here, a man who has spent much of his life in the service of democracy, likened the CIA’s growth to a malignancy, and added he was not sure even the White House could control it any longer.

Unquestionably Mr. McNamara and Gen. Maxwell Taylor both got an earful from people who are beginning to fear the CIA is becoming a Third Force co-equal with President Diem’s regime and the U.S. Government – and answerable to neither.

There is naturally the highest interest here as to whether Mr. McNamara will persuade Mr. Kennedy something ought to be done about it.

End article

Now some assert that it was President Kennedy himself who stated that a coup in the USA might be coming soon. I have also asserted that most of the 15,000 advisors were not CIA, but were NSA. Much of the article is dubious as Lodge was himself a creature of the secret societies and intel agencies.

We also have the word of Robert Kennedy that they felt they were losing control of the Gov’t a few weeks before the assassination.

Of course, many knew it was coming and were in on it as so many in the federal gov’t had earlier sworn covert allegiance to their freemason or other secret society or intel agency controllers. At about that time, Kennedy had to get the FBI to close down covert CIA bases in Florida, as the CIA disobeyed his orders.

President Kennedy knew that was likely coming and still tried to do good till his last day on earth.

Please order my 4 books above to learn the real nature of things on this planet.