Quarantine: Mankind Held Hostage. Deciphering Man’s Past, Present and Precarious Future, 2nd Edition

Quarantine: Mankind Held HostageYou know something is very wrong,
and the “official” story is always a lie.

But Who is Really In Charge
Of Mankind? What are Their Goals?

What is the real cause of all the Wars,
and Evil Throughout Man’s History?

Why can’t they go “back” to the Moon?
Did they ever go?

What’s stopping them?

The book
only an Anonymous Physicist
could Write, and PROVE.

This book will save you a Decade or maybe a Lifetime of trying to make sense of it all, and will take you all of the way to the Ultimate Truth.

Why Did the U.S. and the USSR Secretly Cooperate to Nuke the Van Allen Belts, and to try to Nuke the Back Side of the Moon? Did a retaliation enlarge the Belts?
Is there a QUARANTINE that entraps Man’s Alien Creators? Have they been trying to escape the Quarantine/Grid/Bio-Net that scans for their DNA- and ours – for 50,000 years? Is this the real reason for the many thousands of Nukes & ICBMs?

What was the very same message the Quarantined sent to the Quarantiners with Hiroshima and 9/11?

Is the next Quarantine escape attempt coming soon, and is this the reason for the destruction of American Democracy now?

Quarantine: Mankind Held Hostage. Deciphering Man’s Past, Present and Precarious Future, 2nd Edition, 2012 version 138 Pages, Oversized book, 8 ½ X 11, illustrated, coil bound [no GBC] – $50. plus shipping. Shipping is $7.00 to USA, $10. to Canada, or $15.00 to Overseas. New, revised, March 2012 Ediiton.

Not available at this time.

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Be advised that flagrant violators of copyright for this book have balatanty lied.

1. I expressly forbade any kind of public promulgation of this book’s contents. It is a provable lie for any perp to say otherwise.
2. Every page anywhere else has been thoroughly altered to push the intel agenda.
3. Half the book is not there. The most crucial information.