More Secrets of The Quarantine, and of Man’s History, Future and of the Nuclear Destruction of the World Trade Center, 2nd Ed.

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Anonymous Physicist’s third book!

Revised and re-written: 2015

This new book is a double book, as it contains new breakthrough understanding and secrets about matters from both his previous conspiracy books. It is two books in one. It contains 50 chapters on material written since the previous two books were published. 158 pages. 8.5” X 11” 50 illustrations. Perfect bound.  Much of this new research has never been published anywhere else, and never will be. The new book continues where the previous two books left off. So it is a best-buy for everyone.

This is a completely different book with different information than what is in any of our other books.

The new book is absolutely essential reading for all those who wish to understand Man’s history and very precarious future, and also what happened at the World Trade Center, and the danger to the responders and Metro NY residents, and to all of Mankind.

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