Table of Contents

NOTE: Below is the Table of Contents for the 1st Edition. The 2nd Edition–totally re-written and revised–also has some new chapters and has deleted some below. Due to copyright infringers, who we will go after, we will not show this now.

Quarantine: Mankind Held Hostage: Deciphering Man’s Past, Present, and Precarious Future, 2nd Edition. March 2012.


Part I: The Ultimate Truth of Man’s Existence; The Quarantine/Grid/Bio-Net

  1. The Quarantine is Revealed, its total detrimental effect on Mankind
  2. Does the entire Solar System Encompass the Quarantine?
  3. On the Nature of the Quarantine/Grid
  4. The Three Project Orions
  5. The Nuclear Button, Who’s really In Charge?
  6. The Easily Proven, & Laughably Bogus Apollo (TV) Program
  7. The Stargate, CERN, & Creating Black Holes/Worm Holes
  8. Was the Stargate Disengaged by Others?
  9. The Shoot-down of the Columbia Shuttle
  10. What caused the Challenger Shuttle Disaster?
  11. The Peak Oil Scam
  12. Publicly Proclaimed Enemies, But Not Really
  13. Nuclear Bombs, All Roads Lead to London
  14. Poisoning Those who Reveal Ultimate Truths
  15. The PTB Reveal Themselves with their Code 33
  16. More on the 33 Code in Nuclear Matters
  17. 33 Code used in Assassinations
  18. Who Might Interface with out Cosmic Criminal Creators
  19. Slaves & Sex Slaves, Oswald, O’Brien, Marilyn Monroe & You & Your Children
  20. Man’s Evil Deeds, Is it Man or His Controllers?
  21. Why did they Create Us?
  22. The American and British Movie/TV Industry: Controlled by British Intel
  23. A Real Beam Weapons War? The Rendlesham Nuclear Base Shoot-Down
  24. The Ultimate Truth of the Enola Gay’s Nuking of Hiroshima

Part II: The Ultimate Truth of the Assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK, Bill Cooper

  1. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, The Last President Of The United States
  2. The Ultimate Truth of the Assassination of President Kennedy
  3. The Ultimate Truth of the Assassination of President Kennedy Can Now Be Heard
  4. The Ultimate Truth of the Assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  5. The Ultimate Truth of the Assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy
  6. The Assassination of Bill Cooper

Part III: Combatting the British American Gestapo Regime, Lessons from History

  1. The Amazing Hugh Thompson My Lai Story
  2. The Rosenstrasse [Rose Street] Housewives Protest and Defeat the Nazi SS
  3. The People Mass and Demand and Get Their President Chavez Back
  4. Addendum