The Remarkable Accomplishments of this Anonymous Physicist

NOTE: See May 11, 2020 Update at bottom.

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Below are only some of my many unique accomplishments. At bottom is an update on Nov. 22, 2019

In my 4 books and my other writings, I have

  • Proved that the World Trade Center was nuked
  • Proved that a number of fission nukes were used and not the alleged “fourth generation nukes”
  • Proved that the China Syndrome Aftermath resulted there which has killed many 9/11 responders and metro NYC residents, via radiation-caused cancers and other illnesses
  • Proved that this was done by the U.S. “Government” and its master the British Government, and not the MI6 usual disinfo that “Mossad/Israel/Jews did it” from the fake conspiracy websites/forums
  • Proved that the 9/11 “hypotheses” of DEW and thermite/nanothermite are absurd, evidence-free, non-physical sets of utter nonsense, and showed how their creators [Wood and Jones] are just regime intel agents and all their many proponents are either the same or freemason controlled assets
  • Proved that the “Government’s” main engineer whose [laughably] published work, NIST has proclaimed explained what happened on 9/11 at the WTC, but is in fact detritus which I proved has bogus math and physics
  • Proved that in his above cited paper, the regime’s engineer absolutely lied about the smallest dust particle size found in published articles he cited for this. I called for his arrest for provable fraud. If the conspiracy forums were not intel agency run this would have become known to many
  • Proved that virtually all others with nuclear 9/11 hypotheses are intel agents actually meant to destroy the nuclear hypothesis
  • Proved that the above includes the “Finnish military expert” and Wm Tahil with his physically impossible “2 large hidden nuclear reactors exploded like nuclear bombs”, Deagle with his bogus “an Army veteran patient told me he saw at the OKC site that micro nukes were carried away” gibberish and his Mossad nuclear nonsense and red mercury nonsense
  • Proved that others with nuclear hypotheses are also obvious intel agents including MI6 Russian Khalezov whom I covertly engaged online and he didn’t know any physics just as his 2 large H-bombs implanted by Mossad theory is absurd. Likewise Fetzer proved to the world that he’s an intel agent/asset by propping up plagiarist Prager who put his name on my published works and doesn’t know any physics either. I’m told self-admitted intel agent Duff has his nuclear nonsense hypothesis that was not worth commenting on
  • Proved that the British Regime has always controlled all US nukes starting with its control of the Manhattan Project and all US nukes in bombers and missiles since
  • Proved that the British Regime controls all nuclear weapons and all nuclear reactors of all countries
  • Proved that the British Regime is itself controlled by Freemason HQ in Scotland and by the oldest secret societies and Vatican in Rome
  • Proved that the final level of control is by the quarantined alien monsters who probably created us for reasons I have revealed and who continuously are trying to escape and who plan to annihilate us soon as they did to previous hominid species
  • Proved that Britain’s MI6 and QCHQ control the CIA and NSA and covertly and illegally are funded by them. All countries’ intel agencies are likewise controlled by Britain’s intel agencies and the secret societies that morphed into the intel agencies
  • Proved the existence of the Quarantine
  • Proved that the Quarantine is ordinarily impenetrable to humans and the quarantined aliens a few hundred miles above the earth and is not “at the level of the moon” as a disinfo agent said
  • Proved that the Quarantiners continuously scan the earth and as deep underground as their beams can penetrate searching for the quarantined aliens and their WMD
  • Proved that numerous places in the solar system are Quarantiner bases
  • Proved just where the nearest living Quarantiners are at
  • Proved that many events on earth are or have been carried out by Quarantiner forces, including the events at Roswell and Maury Island and Rendlesham
  • Proved that virtually all others writing about the Quarantine are either disinfo agents or now stealing my work
  • Proved that in 2017, the fake collisions of US Destroyers with 17 reported deaths of US sailors were actually the Quarantiners destroying on board nukes meant to be set off by the US/UK and blamed on N. Korea so as to commence a much larger conflagration and QE attempt
  • Proved that the Quarantiners through use of neutrino and/or other weapons have rendered inoperable most of the nuclear weapons on earth in bombers and in missile silos
  • Proved that the initial TWO failed explosions at WTC7 were fizzled nukes caused by the Quarantiners’ actions
  • Proved what Chemtrails are all about and it has nothing to do with global warming or “geoengineering”
  • Proved that the deaths of US Servicemen in Niger in 2017 were involved in covert ops where the US is mining uranium and creating nuclear weapons and storing them deep underground
  • Proved that the above is a massive worldwide Oplan involving the USA, Russia, China, and numerous local gov’ts and intel agents such as the allied Clinton and Trump families, both of whom are long-term CIA NOCs and high level Freemasons
  • Proved that SS Agent William Greer fired twice, first wounding Connally, who was in on it, and then killing President Kennedy
  • Proved and named names as to who had prior knowledge and/or control of the Kennedy Assassination. Some of these are new such as Hubert Humphrey. Others you know included LBJ, Richard Nixon, Richard Helms, GWH Bush [still alive], J Edgar Hoover, the Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon, E Howard Hunt, numerous others and Britain’s MI6. Whenever you see fake conspiracy agents say “Mossad was there and did it”, it means MI6 feels the need to cover up their involvement or control.
  • Proved that most of the grand poobah “good guys” regarding the Kennedy Assassination are FBI or CIA NOC agents. This includes Jim Garrison and Mark Lane and with the exception of Bill Cooper, virtually the entire industry of fake authors, researchers, websites, forums, youtubers, etc. regarding the Kennedy Assassination
  • Proved likewise that anyone who tries to blame LBJ as the mastermind is an intel agent as his actions of ducking down before shooting started and his 1968 resignation, proved he was low level and not in charge of anything major
  •  Proved that Rodney Stich had a 60 year Oplan re 9/11 and was a NOC intel agent
  • Proved that Assange and Snowden are laughably obvious NOC intel agents putting out gatekeping nonsense
  • Proved that Karen Silkwood was pure goodness and a true patriot and I received a lovely letter from her Mom for telling the world the truth about her daughter
  • Proved that all the intel agents and military personnel in the US and UK are actually working on behalf of the quarantined aliens who now are imminently planning a major QE [Quarantine Escape] attempt to be followed by the annihilation of the human species to be followed by the next cycle of their creation of the next hominid species and next QE attempt—unless we band together to try to stop this
  • Proved that Sitchin’s Nibiru nonsense is meant to hide the Q and that the quarantined aliens are here all along hiding deep underground and that Tiamat was destroyed by the Quarantiners
  • Proved what 33, 34, and 13 ultimately stand for
  • Proved what man’s craving for gold and diamonds is really about
  • Proved that the stoppages at CERN’s LHC were Quarantiner caused events and that in all likelihood it has never functioned and never will, as its goal was QE possibly via small black hole creation events
  • Proved that the Shuttle Columbia was taken out by the Quarantiners
  • Proved that the Cuban Missile Crisis was the beginning of a QE attempt that was thwarted by either Kennedy or the Quarantiners, or both
  • Proved that by his last year, President Kennedy had become an enlightened being, having so much in life, he knew they would likely kill him for trying to create Peace
  • Proved that the brutal assault and later massive mercury poisoning of myself were done for committing the NON-crime of proving that SS Agent Greer fired twice in killing Peace President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the last President of the USA

Please prove that you are good and order my 4 remarkable books above. They are all collector’s items as well as being genuine. The intel agencies may take this site from me soon, so don’t delay. Thank you.

Now November 22, 2019. 56 years after the murder of President Kennedy and still no justice for him to this day. And no justice for me either.

It’s actually over 2 years since I first put this up, detailing so many ways to help me. And less than a handful of people have helped me. What are you waiting for? There are no other living conspiracy experts who are not regime agents.

Please help me now.

Date: May 11, 2020.

Note: 1. Anonymous Physicist does not answer emails if they are inane or corrupt and/or come from intel agents.

2.Anonymous Physicist will not be posting on the current crisis for the following reason. “I find it outrageous how, despite pleading for help and pointing out so many ways in a post here on how to help me, I receive virtually nothing. So few people order my books which are also collectors’ items, and are the only books written by a current conspiracy expert who isn’t a govt agent. The ways to help me include ordering my books here instead of getting thoroughly altered and thoroughly illegal things elsewhere. It includes donations and so many other things highlighted above.

As I receive virtually nothing, I will not comment here re the current crisis, though there is so much I could say that is not anywhere else. As usual, what the fake conspiracy experts put out, here including 5G, has little or nothing to do with what’s going on now.

I have been informing of the real nature of the current crisis to a close group of friends and supporters. I repeat the outrageous lack of help and support when many know about me and my plight speaks volumes about people.

I used to think that the people of the USA and the world did not deserve a President Kennedy who had so much in life and risked it all to try to save our species. And people do nothing to try to get Justice for him.

Likewise, I have suffered immensely from this Gestapo regime with assaults and massive mercury poisoning and virtually no one offers anything to me. So unless this drastically changes I will not post on the current crisis. Let people get the usual disinfo from the vast sea of intel agents/fake conspiracists at all the forums, groups, blogs etc. I don’t know of a single, other genuine online source. They say people get the govt they deserve. People get the online disinformation they deserve as well.

Are there any good people out there? And I mean good people, not intel agents posing as truthers. Show yourself. Act now if you are a human being to help someone who has suffered so much for revealing the ultimate nature of what’s going on now.”