The Putin ”Invulnerable” Nuclear Powered Cruise Missile PsyOp

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Thanks to one of my readers for sending me a link to this recent “news” item.

Back in March, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia has, or will soon have, as part of its arsenal a nuclear-powered cruise missile that has “unlimited range” and is “invulnerable.”

Now the media is promulgating that American “intelligence” sources tell them that Russia is launching a large scale search for one of its “lost” alleged nuclear cruise missiles. It seems that all four test launches, from last to November to this February, failed within 35 kilometers, and that none had the opportunity to switch over to nuclear power from its initial gasoline powered flight.

Now for my thoughts on this. First the whole thing may be bogus and just another PsyOp for the American regime to have an excuse to fund more advanced weaponry which has only two goals: Quarantine Escape and the annihilation of our species.

Putin was a Lt. Colonel in the KGB, which means he’s been under British MI6 control for a long time. Note that the latest “story” comes not from Putin, but from American intel sources. So, like only I have revealed, the N. Korean nukes and ICBMs being fictional, this nuclear cruise missile is also likely fiction. Since when does a leader reveal his latest secret weapon to his alleged enemy?

At the deepest level, I have asserted that the Quarantiners would never allow a nuclear powered missile or plane in the air. They would shoot down any such thing that they detected. I would imagine that Putin knows about the Q.

 In conclusion, either the Qurantiners have shot these alleged nuclear cruise missiles down or the matter is bogus, most likely the latter. Everything is a lie from all the MSM and from nearly all the intel agency run fake internet conspiracy sites and forums.

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