The Uncovering of Another Irish Holocaust…and in the USA too

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Last week’s visit of Pope Francis to Ireland led to protests regarding the recent uncovering of about 800 bodies of very young children at a Nun’s home in Tuam, County Galway. This matter apparently goes back at least 70 years. The actor Liam Neeson has stated he is now involved in making a movie on this tragedy. [Will it be the usual Hollywood limiting?]


In 2014, it was first revealed that a Catholic Church home for pregnant unwed women run by the nuns’ order, the Congregation of the Sisters of Bon Secours, had many bodies of very young children buried in its grounds. How each one died should be ascertained. The Irish government has stated that it paid the order 100 pounds per week per child. That should have been more than enough to care for and feed each baby, yet it is alleged that many died from neglect, poor medical care or malnutrition. It is known that the girls and women were badly treated, likewise for the surviving children. At this “home” and apparently several others in Ireland, after birth, the young women had their babies involuntarily taken from them and either never told, or were lied to, regarding what happened to their sons or daughters. The surviving babies were sold apparently to the highest bidders, such as visiting Americans.

Given that 800 bodies so far were found in the ground, or cesspit, we can wonder if there were many more who were buried elsewhere as that is many bodies and there was limited space.

Was this a deliberate neglect or other form of maltreatment perpetrated by the Catholic nuns? Would they undertake such mass murder on their own? Or would they be far more likely to have done all that from orders by the Vatican and/or the Irish Gov’t and its British masters? Though Ireland appears to have won its independence in the 1920s and 1930s, it—like the USA and much of the world– remains under covert British rule.

In one of my books, I have asserted that, like President Kennedy, Michael Collins was killed by one of his own men. And that Eamon de Valera was a British agent.

So the 800 bodies of Irish children is likely a small part of the actual number of Irish children murdered in the last century through similar and/or other means. It is fascinating and horrific that the Vatican’s orders against abortion then leads its nuns to commit mass murder of the infants brought into this world under their “care.”

This appears to be a continuation of the 1000 year Oplan to exterminate as many Irish people as they can get away with. The Irish know that in the 1850s the British manufactured their famine by taking nearly all their livestock and grains to England. Then the British used early germ warfare to cause the blight on the remaining potato crop. 5.5 million Irish people were killed by this British manufactured famine. Tens of millions of people in what is now India and Pakistan were killed by the British. Yet I can recall my high school world history book stating that the British were a “kind colonial power.” This only proves the British control of so much of the American society. Such books neglect to recall how during the revolutionary war, British troops sometimes took the wives and children of their American adversaries and locked them in churches and burnt them to the ground. Likewise native American “Indians” had their numbers decimated by another example of early germ warfare when British troops gave them “gifts” of anthrax-laden blankets. And see how many US presidents are descended from the evil English King “Longshanks” who had William Wallace drawn and quartered in Scotland in the 1300s.

This British and Vatican hatred of the Irish may be part of the general hatred of our species by their quarantined alien overlords. Or it may signal something deeper and older going back to the ancient Druids who knew much about our monstrous alien overlords and may even have interacted with them thousands of years ago.

In any case, we see this murder of at least 800 Irish babies by nuns under Vatican control went on for numerous decades with impunity, likely due to Papal and Irish-British Government direction.

The uncovering of the relatively recent holocaust at Tuam, Co Galway, Ireland is another manifestation of British and Vatican mass murder of our species. Both were involved in implanting Hitler and the World War and exterminations that ensued in Europe.

All this proves how urgent it is to counter the British-American regime and the Vatican for what they have planned to imminently do to our entire species.

Update: I was right about my supposition that the above was part of a global and probably deliberate pattern of mass murder in Catholic homes and orphanages. In a new article, survivors of St. Joseph’s, a Catholic orphanage in Burlington, Vermont said they saw several kids getting killed, as well as much torture and sexual abuse. This occurred from the 1930s-the 1970s. See:

Then there was the excellent Netflix 2017 TV series, The Keepers, about the November 7, 1969 murder of 26-year-old Sister Cathy Cesnik in Baltimore. Cesnik was a compassionate teacher at Archbishop Keough High School, a now-defunct Roman Catholic girls’ school that was part of the Archdiocese of Baltimore. She was about to blow the whistle on sexual abuse there and a priest may have murdered her. The local police appear to have at the least covered up the crime.

You are probably aware that earlier this month, a Pennsylvania Grand Jury found that at 6 dioceses, over a 70 year period, 300 priests sexually abused at least 1000 children. The priests were not punished by either the Catholic Church or law enforcement. See:

There also was the 2015 movie Spotlight about a newspaper in 2002 exposing widespread, long term  priests’ sexual abuse in Boston. If you watch carefully, they show an editor had the story years earlier but didn’t run it. Who were they saving? Further update: The Spotlight and its Metro editor had the story back in 1993 and buried it in a back page. Cardinal Law was forced to resign when the story ran big time in 2002. He had merely sent many pedoraster priests to other parishes. Cardinal Law was well connected. He dined with President Bush [the first] in Maine. The end of the movie notes that in Boston, for several decades, 249 priests abused 1000 boys or girls, apparently mostly boys. It also includes a worldwide list of dozens  [or more] towns and cities that have since had public revelations of similar abuse.

So again I assert that during this past century there existed–and probably does to this day in places–a global pattern of torture, sexual abuse and murder at Catholic homes, orphanages and schools. This has been either condoned or ordered by the Vatican and local police and each country’s federal government. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg.

Of course, my books detail that the intel agencies/secret societies of several countries, including the US and the UK, have long been involved in kidnap, torture, rape and mind control of many children.

Putting this together, the Vatican is likely part of this mass torture, mass enslavement and mass murder of our species.

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