Available Now: The 4 Amazing Books by The Anonymous Physicist

For a limited time, you can now order, directly from our distributor, the four large [8.5” X 11“] books. All books are in their very latest editions available only from us. These collectors’ items have gorgeous color covers and are well illustrated [BW]. We ship, usually the next day, via priority air mail. This usually takes 2 or 3 days to the USA and 1-2 weeks to Canada or to overseas. [We ship to most countries, but not to China and 1 or 2 other countries.]

These 4 large sized books total $160.00 plus air mail shipping fee. The shipping fee is $17.00 to the USA, or $42.00 to Canada, or $72.00 to overseas countries. Note that books are non-refundable once shipped. The Paypal site is secure and you should be able to order with a credit card there even if you do not have a paypal account. For any questions about ordering, contact us at Michaelrings13 [at] yahoo.com

If you have already purchased one or more of Anonymous Physicist’s books, please contact us to purchase any of the other three.

Two of our books can now be ordered by themselves. These are the Q book and the 9/11 book. 

Thank you.

Please make sure to FIRST click the little arrow below to select your destination. It’s set for overseas, but you can quickly set it for USA or Canada.

4 Books by the Anonymous Physicist. plus shipping fee [select]