When Presidents Openly Gloated at their Knowledge and Involvement in the Murder of a Previous President – the “Real, Live Prince of Peace”, John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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This video made in 1977, has former President Richard Nixon being interviewed by British TV star David Frost. It is sickening and outrageous how Nixon says that LBJ didn’t want to be second at anything. He then leans back and makes a long, knowing, smiling look at Frost. Many insiders say that after the Supreme Court ordered Nixon to release his tapes to investigators, there was a sinister 18 minutes missing, which was when Nixon talked about the government killing President Kennedy. The gap was obviously deleted intentionally with an absurd [non-]explanation.

Likewise more deeply now let me examine this sickening Nixonian moment. LBJ was dead by 1977. Nixon was forced to resign three years earlier. Note that the tape could have been prevented from being aired by the intel-Gestapo agencies that oversee the MSM. But they did not stop this nefarious and obvious revelation from going on air.

This was IMO part of the beginning of portraying LBJ as the main player in the Kennedy assassination. All the while I have written that the Regime is rotten and ruled by the secret societies and intel agencies. Indeed I have concluded that perhaps the main reason the PTB wanted Nixon out was that he was sometimes drunk, as was LBJ, and was talking about things he knew that his controllers did not want to be talked about, as per the 18 minute gap.

I’ve rebutted the “LBJ  in charge” nonsense by stating that 1. LBJ threw himself to the floor of his limo before Kennedy was shot and 2. He resigned in 1968 instead of running again for re-election. Both events, and much else, indicate he was just another tool and knew it. Indeed I have revealed that LBJ  and Nixon were long-term buddies and CIA NOC agents.

That Nixon was a long term deep undercover intel agency agent, taking orders, is also indicated by the following. Nixon suspected or knew that Mark Felt was “Deep Throat” who allegedly brought him down as President. But by 1979 Felt was indicted for violating citizens’ rights by creating or co-creating the FBI[-Gestapo’s] notorious Co-intelpro program. Guess who testified in Court for Felt’s defense, and who gave a sum of money to Felt for his defense? Yes, Richard Nixon. They’re all a bunch of rotten intel agents.

Indeed journalists Woodward [Naval Agent in the NECPA program handling nuclear launch codes and ONI involved with the National Security Council] and Bernstein and Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee [ONI] were all “earlier” intel agents. Washington Post owner Katharine Graham also had deep connections to the military-industrial complex.

Indeed just because FBI Asst Director, Mark Felt, near his death, said he was Deep Throat does not mean that he actually was or that he was the only intel agent talking to Woodward and Bernstein. Note that on his deathbed, E. Howard Hunt lied to his last breath and named LBJ  as the main assassin—just as Nixon does in the present video.

It’s been alleged that there were several intel agents giving W and B information. The PTB apparently wanted Nixon out and it was too soon for assassination again. There has been a spate of new movies about the Washington Post, Ben Bradlee etc. They’re mostly disinformation, with the Bradlee “documentary” saying very foul things about Kennedy that have never been alleged before and are not likely true.

The Frost interview of former President Nixon is a very revealing depiction of one president gloating over his, and another President’s [Johnson], role in killing President Kennedy—a real, live prince of peace, and the last President of the United States. 

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On the Probable CGI Launch of Front Man Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy “Rocket”

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Last week, on Feb. 6th Elon Musk’s SpaceX allegedly launched what is being proclaimed to now be the world’s largest rocket.

My analysis indicates that the “launch” was likely CGI. First the launch date had been scheduled for Feb. 8th. Many launches are delayed, but I don’t recall any that were launched prior to the scheduled date. Then frontman Musk said that there was a fair chance that the rocket would malfunction due to its 27 engines and complexity. I’ve rarely seen such a statement prior to launch either. I believe that he only said that because he knew it would not fail. Given its complexity and possible Quarantiner action, the only way he could know for certain that it would not fail, is that the “launch” is CGI.

One second after “launch” the engineers in the control room immediately all start loudly cheering and carrying on. This despite that fact that it could explode at any time. I can tell you that engineers don’t act like that. During the fake Apollo missions and earlier possibly genuine NASA missions, engineers only clapped after splashdown and mission completion.

Later video was released of a nearby Elon Musk watching the successful launch on TV.

It shows him quickly running outside as several people are “watching” the launch. He stands near a man who is pointing up and he then also points upward at the “rocket.” Now if the launch just occurred and is nearby, it would be very bright and would fill a good sized solid angle in the sky. No one would need to point. No one would have pointed just as you don’t see pointing during NASA’s Apollo or Shuttle launches which had many people in nearby grandstands. But here’s the kicker: the cameraperson never pans away from Musk toward the alleged rocket in the sky! Note that the camera person followed him outside the house, etc

Then at a subsequent press conference, Musk apparently replies to a reporter, “you can tell it’s real because it looks so fake. Honestly. We have way better CGI.” You can’t make this up. Paraphrasing him: It’s real because it looks fake and since we have better fakery, again it must be real. See: 

Another factor is the alleged successful return of the two booster rockets via reverse thrusting. Until just a few years ago, all such attempts by NASA and private companies, for decades, had 100% failure. Now they have nearly 100% success. Sure.

We also had the absurdity of Musk having his Tesla car as payload with a Starman dummy as “driver” and accompanied by ridiculous music and video of the car in black space.

It’s also sickening that anyone buys the obvious intel agency front called the “flat earth” movement. The earth is round, and that fake movement is akin to the 9/11 fake conspiracy hangouts that I alone proved were fake: DEW and thermite. The flat earth nonsense apparently is being brought out in conjunction with these CGI “launches” so that they will be portrayed as coupled and so reasonable people will say that since the one [flat earth] meme is absurd, the other, CGI “launches,” isn’t true either.

The conclusion of this Anonymous Physicist is that it’s highly likely that the Falcon Heavy “launch” was merely CGI. As I’ve written, NASA was shut down by the Quarantiners who aren’t fooled by “private enterprise” launches either. The secret societies/intel agencies make billionaires out of corrupt people who then are tasked to be front men or women in nefarious PsyOps. Laughably Musk is planning human launches soon and “trips to Mars.” The Quarantiners and this Anonymous Physicist are having a good laugh at this.

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On the Latest Mass/School Shooting

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As you probably know, yesterday, 2/14/18, 17 people [14 students and 3 teachers/staff] were allegedly murdered by 19 year old former student Nikolas Cruz at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland [near Miami], Florida. Dozens more people were injured. Cruz esacaped the school and was apprended nearby about an hour later, and has been charged with 17 counts of murder and other crimes. Cruz allegedly did this with his semi-automatic Colt AR-15 rifle. Cruz is said to have made numerous threats to other students last year and was eventually expelled after first being disallowed entry if he had a backpack. Cruz allegedly first set off a fire alarm to facilitate killing students in the hallways.

The media quickly played this up with the usual Regime plan to terminate the Constitution’s Second Amendment. They rapidly had a US Senator and others playing that role. Later one network had a “former” CIA agent crying on cue and being “unable” to talk further about the shooting. He was a fairly good actor.

Cruz was revealed to have been an orphan who was adopted by a woman who died last year of the flu. So possibly several memes were joined here for the two nefarious purposes: gun banning and forced mass vaccinations.

Today it was revealed that Cruz had publicly proclaimed on youtube last September–using his real name–that he intended to be a “professional school shooter.” Furthermore that youtube vblogger gave that info to the FBI-Gestapo agency. Risibly, the FBI claims that they knew about this but they just could not track Cruz down. This is an obvious and stupid lie. See: https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/15/us/nikolas-cruz-fbi-warned/index.html

The last aspect is a good indication that Nikolas Cruz was some kind of agent or asset of the federal regime—or at least the regime’s Gestapo agencies had known about his intentions and facilitated the mass shooting at the school. Cruz’s middle name was first reported as Jesus or De Jesus, but is now said to be Jacob. Cruz has been an award winning member of the US Military’s Junior ROTC program. That’s ROTC for high schoolers. Sounds like Hitler Youth.

The Regime likely picked Valentine’s Day for this shooting along with the alleged stalking of Cruz’s former girlfriend at that school along with his threatening her new boyfriend. Allegedly many at the school said Cruz was going to do what he is now charged with doing.

Another troubling aspect is that virtually all high schools in the US now have stationed police or private security at the school while it’s open. Were the police or private security pulled on that day? The school is said to have had private security. There has been no mention of any action taken by security or police during the shooting. Local police often also have young-looking, undercover agents posing as students in high schools.

If Cruz was a genuinely violent and disturbed individual would he not have acted differently when caught? He seemed timid in court.

As my books reveal, most recent school or mass shootings were carried out by American Gestapo Agents with the patsy brought to the crime scene in a drugged state [Aurora, CO] or already murdered [Sandy Hook].

Indeed we have JFK’s NON-assassin Lee Harvey Oswald’s statement to reporters as Dallas PD quickly dragged him away, “I’m just a patsy.” He knew how things worked as he was CIA and/or ONI himself. Likewise Sirhan Sirhan was said to have been in a trance—from drugs and/or hypnosis—when he fired a gun, possibly with blanks, while standing to RFK’s front. The autopsy revealed that all bullets entered Senator Robert Kennedy in his back side. Of course, in the assassination of President Kennedy, we can see and later hear that SS Agent William Greer fired the fatal head shot after first shooting Gov. Connally.

In conclusion, this matter is only a day old and more info will be revealed. Given the Regime’s goals and track record, we can’t be sure if Cruz was the actual shooter, or the only one. Or if he was the shooter, was he mind-controlled?

Update: 15-year-old freshman Chris McKenna has revealed that shortly before the shooting Cruz told him “You’d better get out of here, things are gonna start getting messy.” That doesn’t sound like it came from someone who wanted to maximize killing. Did someone else do the shooting, as occurred in most mass shootings in the USA? Again, it’s early, and only the intel agencies and secret societies know for sure.

Update 2: I meant to say more on the term allegedly used by Cruz; “professional school shooter.” Who would conjure up such a term with the word “professional” in front of “school shooter”? One answer is clear to me, someone who is a “professional school shooter.” That is, a nefarious intel or military agent/asset who’s been trained by one of the intel-Gestapo agencies to be just that! It’s also the easiest thing for intel agents to create or alter a person’s social media statements.

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On The Trump Medical and Cognitive Exam PsyOp

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A few days ago, President Trump’s White House Physician, Ronny Lynn Jackson, M.D. released the alleged results of his examination of Trump. He is a rear admiral and had also been Obama’s WH physician.

He announced that Trump was fit and healthy, but at 239 pounds needs to lose a little weight and to do better on his diet and exercise more. He also stated that Trump asked him to do a cognitive test on him. Dr. Jackson said that Trump scored a perfect 30 out of 30 on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test. Trump was said to be taking a cholesterol lowering drug and an anti-hair loss drug.

Here’s my take on this charade. First re Jackson, in Gestapoland USA, you don’t get to admiral rank without being a high level freemason (or other secret society) member and/or intel agency agent or asset. Then many observers doubt the veracity of Trump’s alleged weight and the alleged cognitive test results.

The term, Girthers, was used for those who doubt the 239 pounds for the 6’3’’ Trump. That cognition test includes such things as saying “lion” after viewing a drawing of the same. I’m sure Trump would score well on that part. But the test includes having to memorize several words and say them after a few minutes. From the evidence over recent years, I doubt Trump would score perfectly on this part.

Then the bogus nature of the report was given away when Jackson said, “Trump is absolutely fit for duty… I think he will remain fit for duty for the remainder of this term and even the remainder of another term if he is elected.” There is no scientific basis for him saying and predicting that for a 71 year old man whose father had Alzheimer’s and whose behavior has indicated cerebral problems. That test had little if any reading testing.

RE Trump’s reading and other cerebral difficulties, I propose another possibility now. Both the diet colas he drinks everyday and the side effects of either or both those drugs can adversely affect brain function and behavior. How long he’s been drinking the artificial sweetener and taking those drugs is an important question that his WH physician and others probably won’t consider.

More recently, CNN medical correspondent and neurosurgeon, Sanjay Gupta, MD said that Trump’s result of an arterial calcium scan does show cardiovascular disease. Any result over 100 indicates this.

What was Trump’s score? Naturally it was 133. The following article on this matter from DailyMail [MI6] also includes Trump shaking hands with Dr. Jackson. Naturally they’re giving each other the Freemason handshake.


In conclusion, I don’t believe much of Jackson’s medical report. This PsyOp was meant to shut down talk of the 25th Amendment being used to shorten Trump’s presidency. The evidence of Trump having mental and reading difficulties is massive. But, as I’ve posted, the PTB want a poorly, mentally functioning and FAKE president to serve in that role. Such individuals are likely to give their handlers less problems than a well functioning person. The fake president is merely needed to sign documents when told to, and to perform other such public functions which Trump can (barely) do.

Of course, despite the bogus prognosis, if Trump, or his handlers, should later want him removed, a new exam could always then show cognitive dysfunction which could–by the 25th Amendment–lead to his ouster.

Thus, IMO, this cognitive test has a dual role…

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The Quarantiners Down Another One. SpaceX’s Launch of the NSA’s Zuma Satellite Blasted Out of Orbit

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Last week, Elon Musk’s SpaceX launched their Falcon 9 rocket. It had a top secret American spy satellite payload that was codenamed Zuma—allegedly after a beach in Malibu, CA. The agency that owns the Zuma could not be named. That often means the NSA, but there are other intel agencies that we know about and perhaps ones whose existence have never been publicly acknowledged.

Within a day of launch, strange and changing MSM articles or TV reports indicated that Zuma was “missing”, then “lost somewhere.” Then it was said to have fallen in the Indian Ocean. The reports tried to claim that SpaceX was at fault and that Zuma never attained proper orbit. Space X’s COO/President Gwynne Shotwell said the launch was “nominal”. Perhaps her last name is appropriate for rocket launches?

See: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5255187/Billion-dollar-satellite-plummets-Indian-Ocean.html

Note tht the digits in the link [5255187] add up to 33 [naturally]. Musk is likely a lifelong high level Freemason and MI6 agent or asset.

After viewing video of the launch, and assuming for the moment that that is genuine, and reading articles including by fake conspiracists and/or space flight experts—none of whom I trust—I’ve reached my own conclusion. I am assuming herein that the US “Gov’t” is not pulling a fast one; i.e. lying and that the craft is in orbit.

The Quarantiners shot this one down. I believe it had attained proper orbit. But the Quarantiners scanned it and “blasted” it. They wouldn’t allow what [or possibly even who] was on board. It was wonderful to see the Pentagon and SpaceX people each blaming the other party for the loss of the $1 billion satellite. The satellite was said to be built by Northrop Grumman. Recall Grumman built the [fake] Lunar Landing craft for the Apollo astroNOTS.

Recently Hollywood announced that 2019 will see the production of a biopic on Neil Armstrong—the first man NOT to walk on the moon. Now that he’s dead and can’t be questioned, the 1969 NON-event can get a movie. Perhaps a 50th NON-anniversary will be celebrated next year.

SpaceX announced that this failure will not stop it from launching its Falcon Heavy rocket at the end of this month. Absurdly, Musk says it will carry his Tesla electric car to Mars. The Falcon Heavy is said to soon be the world’s most powerful rocket. From out of nowhere, SpaceX does what it took the American and Russian space agencies decades to accomplish. IMO, SpaceX is a front for the Pentagon’s space program. This was likely the case for NASA as well.

Musk and SpaceX are fronts for the military and intel agencies of the UK and the USA. The Quarantiners never bought the “privatization” nonsense. As I’ve written, they shut down NASA, so the American regime had to launch the fake new industry of billionaires and their private space launch companies. But really they are gov’t agencies–the same old, same old.

This destruction of the Zuma top secret satellite is another victory for the Quarantiners and for the human species. And a loss for the quarantined ones and their evil human lackeys who comprise the “Government” of the USA.

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On the 25th Amendment and Potential Impeachment of Trump

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I believe that talk of impeaching Trump is more of the charade/diversion and is not likely to occur. Trump, of course, could simply resign, as he’s never wanted the job in the first place.

Congress, or via the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution, the Vice President and the Cabinet, could initiate his removal. There are enough grounds including illiteracy, lack of work, idiocy, instability, racism, etc. But these are probably insufficient to meet the “high crimes and misdemeanors” standard the Congress would have to agree upon. OTOH, the 25th Amendment, passed in 1967, affords the VP and Cabinet to judge that the President is unfit [physically or mentally] to be President. Congress would then study their account and any evidence and a 2/3 vote would be needed to remove him via this Amendment and emplace the VP. Somewhere along the line, the President could fight the matter. But is Trump likely to ever allow a mental exam or even a reading test?

Recent history includes Presidents who were idiots like Ford and GW Bush. Reagan was senile. After meeting Reagan, British PM Margaret Thatcher said of him, “Poor dear there’s nothing between his ears.” And she liked him. Clark Clifford called him an “amiable dunce.” There is revisionism now and claims that he wasn’t senile until late in his presidency. Getting shot and coming close to death didn’t help. Of course, some say, Reagan acquiesced after being shot and let GHW Bush be President. Reagan objected to Bush as his VP candidate, but it seems–as with Kennedy re Johnson–he had no choice.

But there was no talk of impeachment for those three. Nor did that occur with LBJ even though many in Congress knew of his role in killing Kennedy, that the Gulf of Tonkin attack never happened and that Johnson was a psychopath.

Then there is the recent book edited by Yale psychiatrist, Bandy X. Lee, MD. Her book is titled, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump. It has 27 psychiatrists or other mental health experts opining that Trump is mentally unfit to be president. She told Congress a little while ago, that Trump is unraveling mentally.

Lee in interviews [there are numerous ones on youtube] can be heard saying that the emergency tenet outweighs the Goldwater clause in the American Psychiatric Association’s guidelines.

Now the Goldwater clause states that a psychiatrist should not publicly give their professional opinion on a president [or other public official] who they did not professionally observe. OTOH, a psychiatrist is supposed to intervene with authorities if s/he has some type of evidence that a person’s poor mental health puts that person and/or others at risk.

Lee and the others in their book think that Trump’s statements—including on nuclear matters regarding North Korea—show that he is mentally unfit to be President, and that’s what she told Congress a month or two ago.

Thus she says that the emergency clause outweighs the Goldwater clause as the entire world could be in jeopardy with Trump as president. So Congress, or the Vice President, has enough there to start the process if they want. Again I think this is more charade and diversion, especially in light of what I wrote above re other idiot or corrupt presidents.

The Goldwater clause relates to the public portrayal of Senator Goldwater as likely to press the nuclear button which helped elect assassin Johnson in a landslide. All along it was Johnson who presided over the fake Gulf of Tonkin [non-]attack and the whole War on Vietnam, and the massive build-up of nukes and ICBMs. This was done in tandem with the USSR, to the level of 50,000 nukes and ICBMs.

But all that was really for QE attempt. And, as revealed here, that’s been continually thwarted by the Quarantiners. Moronic, illiterate, corrupt, evil presidents are the quarantined ones’ ideal choice to lead the USA. The USA is the country chosen by the quarantined ones back in the 1770s to later carry out the QE attempt and the likely follow-up of annihilation of our species, unless you join with me in trying to prevent this.

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The Donald Trump PsyOp: An Update

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I had stated some time ago that I would not keep posting on Trump, as he’s a charade and a diversion from the People learning of the most important issues in this country and doing something about them. These issues are what my books and posts emphasize: The illegality of the federal American regime since it killed President Kennedy, the nuking of the WTC on 9/11/01. And the impending QE attempt which will likely be followed by the extermination of our species.

When I do make these posts on the Trump PsyOp, it is to reveal ultimate truths that all the fake MSM outlets and the equally fake conspiracy sites will never say. In this light, I have this update since the posts below.

[Fake] President Trump ateempted to counter the publishing of the Michael Wolff book by tweeting that he is “a very stable genius” and “like really smart.” Those tweets had the opposite effect, of course. As “proof” of these claims, he cited his great wealth and that he won the presidency on his first attempt. Of course, it wasn’t his first attempt, and his wealth is disputed by financial analysts and if true, it’s only a measure of his, and his father’s, freemason and intel agency connections.

While Steve Bannon absurdly tried to take back his “treasonous” remarks on Trump Jr, no one buys that. Wolff’s publisher is said to have reprinted 1.4 million new copies after selling 1 million copies in its first four days of release.

One interview Wolffe gave saw him grilled over how he got in the WH in the first place. He was somewhat lambasted for allegedly lying and telling the White House that he liked Trump and wanted to tell everyone what a good man he is. [Or words to that effect.]

Wolff countered by telling the TV host that he would have done that except for what everyone told him about Trump being an imbecile and a child who cannot or does not read virtually anything. I believe that his reply is bogus too as Wolff, Trump, and all his aides were following orders to have this PsyOp book and media fracas come about for the diversion it is.

Wolff’s book will sell millions of copies thanks to the mega-media hype. All the while, my books are the only ones revealing what’s actually going on and what is likely to occur.

Trump’s difficulty in reading properly was shown a few days ago when he read aloud while the Norwegian PM was there at a presser. Trump talked about the sale of F-52 jets to Norway. But the F-52 only exists in a video game, and the report was about the sale of 52 F-35 jets.


The following videos indicate that Trump’s difficulty in reading may be a lifelong occurrence—and thus it’s not a matter of possible Alzheimer’s. He’s admitted that someone else even does his tweeting for him. The latter is what I hypothesized some time ago. At a deposition he admitted to signing hundreds of legal documents without ever reading them. The tweeting matter may indicate that he also has difficulty writing.


His apparent inability to read is IMO grounds alone for removal from office. Afterall the President is said to have an initial task each morning of reading a CIA summary. That means it’s probably an NSA summary. But in any case, not being able and/or desiring to read these allegedly important [but likely fake] intel summaries renders him unable, by definition, to make informed decisions on any important matters. Will Congress act?

Of course, at a deeper level, the PTB knew he was illiterate and that’s why, in part, they [s]elected him.

Another recent thing he tweeted a few days ago is that he claimed to “probably” have a good relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Then he tried to take it back. There are several ways to interpret this double talk. Is it just stupid or crazy, or did he give something away and then realize his controllers wouldn’t appreciate that? Or it it more meaningless diversion from the PTB and their illiterate, diversionary idiot? Again that tweet is about the person he allegedly wants to have a nuclear war with. I, of course, have stated that NK does not have nukes or ICBMs. It’s all about an impending QE attempt. The fake incoming missile warning in Hawaii a few days ago I am sure was a planned event that is part of this fake NK scenario. See: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5260505/Trump-probably-good-relationship-Kim.html

The biggest uproar occurred about a week ago after a second, and private, immigration meeting with Congressional leaders. This occurred the day after the first, televised meeting. The Washington Post soon claimed its sources said Trump asked why there was so much immigration from Haiti and “shithole countries in Africa.” El Salvador was recently added to Trump’s quote. Trump later denied using that word, but a Democratic Senator soon said he did say that and similar terms several times. Some Republicans then claimed they couldn’t recall hearing that word.

The media in the USA and then around the world swooped down on those words like in a feeding frenzy as being very racist. Congresspeople called for censure and there were renewed calls for impeachment. Trump later seemed to retract his retraction and indicated that many feel as he does. Trump had also asked why there wasn’t much immigration from countries like Norway.

Note to Trump: Why would anyone from a country with free medical and dental care, and free higher education, for all its citizens, want to leave there and go to a Gestapoland country where peace presidents are murdered, citizens are poisoned, its largest city nuked and where the extermination of our species is being planned?

I don’t believe anything will come of Trump’s shithole comment. More diversion. BTW, at the first immigration meeting he stated, “I think my positions are going to be what the people in this room come up with.” This implies that he has no thoughts of his own on that issue—or perhaps anything else. This indicates that he either doesn’t care much about or comprehend any important issues.

Other Trump matters resurfaced recently. A video of a press conference states that at least 16 women have stated that Trump sexually assaulted or harassed them.

These claims go back decades. So he has been getting away with this for a long time, precisely because, as I’ve stated he—as was his father—is a high level Freemason and CIA agent or asset. Such vermin are rarely, if ever arrested, and even more rarely convicted and jailed. Bill Clinton was a brutal serial rapist and was later made president despite that and also his pot smoking and draft dodging. When the PTB want these fake presidents, they will be [s]elected, no matter what.

Also recently resurfaced is Trump’s long term ties to the Mafia. In particular, his building his Trump Tower in NYC had the rare occurrence of using concrete, instead of steel, in its girders. A Mafia owned concrete company was cited. Trump I found was also a proud protégé decades ago of the notorious Roy Cohn, a [disbarred] crooked attorney and FBI-CIA stooge

The Trump PsyOp/diversion is likely to go on for some time.

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Two Trump Aides Admit That They Were Told/Ordered To Talk To Author Michael Wolff–As Predicted Here

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Just as I wrote, the Michael Wolff book is part of a well-orchestrated Op-plan by the intel[-Gestapo] agencies. Two of Trump’s aides/advisors have admitted that they were told or ordered to do interviews with Wolff for his book. One says he refused. Who gave this order may be of great importance. It was not revealed.

A couple of days ago, Former White House adviser, Sebastian Gorka, revealed that he was told to do interview[s] with Wolff for his book. He says that he knew that Wolff wasn’t going to write anything favorable to Trump and implies he knew it was going to be a hitpiece. Thus he says he refused. When queried, he would not reveal who told him to do the interview. He only said: 1.It was not Trump or Bannon, and 2.That it was “outside the White House.”


Gorka is an “expert [and author] on Islamic terrorism.” He was allegedly ousted from the WH for being too far right even for this WH. Of course, I’ve long written that all alleged terrorists, like Al-CIA-duh and ISIS are just British and Americn intel agency agents or assets. As usual, none of the people involved in the current hoopla have great credibility, and all or most are agents.

As noted above, who—outside the White House gave the order–is potentially of great importance, as it could prove intel[-Gestapo] agency control of the White House, and all the presidents, since 11/22/63.


The above link is by a second Trump aide to say he was told to give Wolff an interview. David Bossie was deputy campaign manager for Trump’s presidential campaign. He did speak to Wolff for his book. He names Bannon as telling him to. Of course, Bannon has become the whipping boy for Trump’s anger regarding the Wolff book. Bossie, BTW, says he was there when Trump won the [s]election, and that Melania did not cry, and Wolff is lying.

Bossie has a long history of being an arch conservative. He wrote a book blaming the Clinton Administration and its “national security apparatus [read intel agencies]” for 9/11. Obviously that’s a charade to say the “failure” was the Clintons, not Bush. In reality, the nuking of the WTC on 9/11 was done by the US and UK intel agencies and militaries.

So we have two of Trump’s advisors saying they were told/ordered to give Wolff an interview for his book. One says he refused. Naturally, they differ on who gave the order. One says it is a fabrication that Melania cried upon learning that she was going to be First Lady. Of course all her actions since that day appear to back up the claim that she would have cried then.

The charade/diversion goes on.

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Did author Michael Wolff Give Himself Away as a British Agent?

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Michael Wolff, in an interview, with the British newspapaper DailyMail, appears to have revealed his masters. See the above link. As background, my four books reveal how Britain controls the USA, and the world. Its intel[-Gestapo] agencies, CIA & GCHQ, control the CIA & NSA—as well as all other intel agencies on the planet. The UK controls Hollywood, the American press—books, science journals, newspapers, etc. Many presidents were British Agents from Wilson, the Roosevelts, the Bushs and more. So were Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin and Kruschev. See here where MI5  freely admitted that Mussolini “was” their agent.


So much for who controlled both sides in WWII.

I have revealed that the US nuclear arsenal has been under British control since day one, and all nukings—including the World Trade Center—were ordered by British intel-Gestapo agencies. (All the fake online conspiracists reveal their British master when they try to pin it on Mossad, etc. The Israeli regime is also under British and Freemason control.) The British control of American nukes is why the BBC [MI5/6] had its TV presenter say that Building 7 went down before it actually did on 9/11. MI5/6 were sure their replacement nukes went off as scheduled, but they fizzled as the first one[s] did.

Author Michael Wolff’s absurd [to me] interview with the DailyMail is telling. It appears to all be his own opinion, and not from any revelation from any real or fake interview from White House [WH] advisors or aides. That alone is a giveaway to me. Wolff claims that Trump will be “resentful” if he is not invited to “Prince” Harry’s “royal” wedding in May to American Meghan Markle.

The article goes on with such claims by Wolff that this will effect US-UK relations, and Brexit. Wolff’s absurd claims are part of a longstanding MI6 Op-plan to get Americans to care about the “royal” family. Most Americans couldn’t care less about them. Only those swayed by the longterm massive PsyOp might. Indeed many Brits are not happy about their country retaining the “royals” and giving them special status and many billions of dollars [or pounds]—some say the aount is in the trillions. Their Parliamant remains absurd with a House of “Commons” and a House of “Lords.” Of course, the European “Royals” supposedly were placed in power because of their “bloodline.” Their DNA supposedly has more DNA of the quarantined aliens in charge, and who created us, than the rest of us “commoners” do.

Getting back to Wolff–who may have revealed himself to be MI6-controlled by this interview–now also allegedly stated that the Queen will be “Trumpalized” by the Donald. Note Trump named his youngest son, Baron, a “royal” title.

The article goes on with Wolff allegedly stating that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair made a secret visit to the White House and told President Trump that MI6 was spying on him. Of course, if the spying was electronic, it would be the GCHQ not MI6. Blair denied last week that he told Trump about MI6 spying.

I wrote that Wolff “allegedly” told the DailyMail [DM] these things because if he’s under MI5/6 control, as the DM is, then there’s no need to actually do the interview. Just have an MI5/6  agent write it up and send it to the DM with a copy to Wolff and possibly to Trump or his controllers. IMO, that’s probably what happened. And probably how much of the news is published as the virtual totality of the MSM and the internet media are both under the control of the intel-Gestapo agencies. Aybe this is part of why Trump rants about “fake news.” He knows this. Of course he only states that when a media outlet says something derogatory about him. Also left out is that most ofwhat he says is a lie too, as he’s just another CIA/Freemason front. As revealed by me, he’s revealed himself many times, from his claim that Forbes had it wrong and that he wasn’t worth $2 billion dollars; he said he’s worth $3.3 billion [naturally] and his first official task less than a day after his inauguration was to visit his masters at the monstrous CIA[-Gestapo headquarters.

The point here again is that this absurd article is part of the longstanding MI5/6 Op-plan to get the American people to care about the British “royals” as the UK regime controls the American regime and bleeds it dry through the intel[-Gestapo] agencies. Wolff, with this article and alleged and absurd interview appears to have revealed his masters, and thus loses much credibility. His book, and all the hoopla about it, are probably just more distractions from the People ever finding out about the real issues they should be concerned about. This includes who’s really in charge and what is their hidden agenda, as revealed by me.

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BREAKING NEWS from this Anonymous Physicist: Has The Real Nature of Trump’s [S]election Victory Been Revealed?

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As you probably know, the last few days has seen a media frenzy about a new book’s revelations about President Trump. Many of his aides were freely interviewed by author, Michael Wolff. They knew their interviews were for a book. Wolff has said that Trump himself gave him in effect carte blanche to be in the White House, or to elsewhere interview his people. So the whole matter may be staged, or a “switch” may have ocuurred as part of an exit strategy.

The “revelations” may not contain much new except that now the sources are his close friends or official subordinates. His being proclaimed now by many of them as an idiot was highlighted by me nearly a year ago when I began calling him: Donald [“I know Uranium, it’s nuclear, and it’s bad”] Trump.

The new book also has aides saying Trump does little or no reading, and just trusts his own previous knowledge. They say he is “semi-literate” at best. I would ask is he dyslexic now or otherwise have great difficulty in reading? Or does he just not want to bothered? Afterall he might have a point! If others are making all the decisions in his [fake] presidency, why should he read or bother himself about anything? Just relax, watch TV, golf, secretly check out his holdings, and try to acquire more of the only two things he cares about: money and p_ _ _ _.

Author Michael Wolff himself has questionable integrity as even Wiki reveals. Elsehere Wolff has admitted to lying to his creditor when he was an internet entrepreneur. See http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/politics/ct-michael-wolff-trump-book-20180103-story.html

Now it’s being reported that the Wolff book has staff saying Trump repeats things three times within 10 minutes and no longer recognizes long-term friends, and that he has the mentality of a child. If true, the matter regarding his friends is often a sign of Alzheimer’s. Recent press conferences show him needing 2 hands to pick up a cup and drink from it. Hiding Parkinson’s?

His being touted now also as being mentally ill or at least unstable and unfit is also nothing new. Of course, I’ve stated that he is president in word only, and that others are making all the decisions for him. But that’s been the case for all presidents since November 22, 1963—and probably for most presidents even before 1963. As I have stated, Trump’s run for the White House four years earlier was an obvious charade with him meant only to make noise about certain matters like Obama’s not being a natural born US citizen, and then stating he really was. Interestingly, they have Trump now going back to his initial claim, which was true as Obama is a Kenyan and British citizen.

The new book does not just relate Trump’s being a “moron” and mentally ill or unstable, it also has the interviewees revealing what a foul creature he is. He boasted of tricking his friends’ wives to have sex with him and then boasted that bedding his friends’ wives was one of life’s great joys to him. Trump is said to have labeled his own two elder sons as idiots. Why wouldn’t they be? Many things are genetic.

Another recent book is by psychiatrist, Bandy Lee, MD, and includes 27 “shrinks” opining that Trump is mentally ill or unstable. She spoke with Congresspeople about this a day or two ago as reported in the MSM. So again they may be preparing an exit for him or else just torquing up the charade and making it look like he may be out soon.

The revelations about him and his wife not being in proximity to each other most of the time was clear for some time already. Former White House Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, has caused the most furor by saying Donald Trump, Jr. committed treason by meeting with Russians in regards to sabotaging Hillary Clinton’s bid. Bannon went back to Breitbart News whose billionaire owner now indicates he may be let go from that. Bannon may have some trouble with his speaking to Wolff, as he signed a non-disclosure, non-disparaging contract for Trump. That he said all he did to Wolff for his book again indicates that this may all be a planned charade for Trump’s exit and then a fake celebration with the absurd meme: “see democracy has triumphed again in the USA.”

Trump and his lawyer[s] have filed suit to try to stop Wolff and his publisher from selling the book on January 9th. They countered by moving up the release date to today.

Then there is the deeper matter of Trump ordering the WH cleanup staff not to go near his toothbrush and eating McDonalds take out often because he fears being poisoned. In this regard he ordered the Secret Service to install a lock to his bedroom door. They say that the SS balked at first but then acquiesced. These specific matters are not insane at all. Trump knows well that Secret Service Agent William Greer killed President Kennedy. While, unlike Kennedy, he does everything he’s told, he knows the PTB may have their own agenda and might still off him anyway, despite his full obedience.

Now for my unique and possible “Breaking News”: The new book’s revelations—if true—about what allegedly transpired on election night will be explained by this anonymous physicist. His wife, Melania is said to have cried when informed he won the election. And the story goes, they weren’t tears of joy. Trump himself is said to have been certain that he was going to lose and had made all sorts of plans, including starting his own [fake] news network.

Here now is my breaking interpretation of this—again if the above is true. Trump’s CIA handlers had told him he was going to lose. At the last minute they decided to [s]elect him to be president. They did not tell him ahead of time for fear that he would do something that might change things. Why? I’ve revealed that he never wanted the job and was told he wouldn’t win.

Why did the foul PTB switch to him over long-term evil CIA NOC agent Hillary? I don’t know for sure, but she–near the end of the [s]election [fake] process–must have done or said something that indicated she actually believed she was going to be president and make her own decisions.

This they do not tolerate. So they switched to him and thought it was best to not tell him because again they feared that he might sabotage his win if he knew beforehand of the switch. So they let him know of the shocking victory along with everyone else, as the [fake] results came in. Who knows who really won as it’s all electronic. And who cares, as they are actually close allies and fellow CIA NOCs and high level Freemasons probably with the same controller.

As my four books reveal, this may be similar to why Johnson and Nixon were ordered not to run again and to resign respectively. Both did something that their masters then wanted them out of office for. Both had problems with alcohol. Both may have had “loose lips” and may have talked too much about their knowledge and roles in killing President Kennedy. There’s much more in my books.

New President Ford soon pardoned Nixon. We can be sure that Trump’s successor, Pence, will do likewise for him.

The FBI[-Gestapo] now announces a [fake] re-investigation of the massively corrupt Clinton Foundation. As I have previously stated, both the Trumps and the Clintons have large ties to the Russians and the Chinese—much money laundering and nuclear proliferation is involved and all coming out of US taxpayers’ pockets. Again they probably all have the same CIA  controller.

Finally in recent [fake] nuclear news: First the North Korean [fake] leader talked about his [fake] “nuclear button” and then [fake] President Trump responded about his “much larger [fake] nuclear  button”. This again made Trump seem crazy. In reality as I have reported, the “Dotard vs Retard” scenario is a total fabrication. N.Korea has no nukes or ICBMs, other than what the US or UK regimes drop off there.

RE the USA:
1. Trump is not in charge and has no “button” to press, and
2.The US’ nuclear arsenal has mostly been rendered inoperable by the Quarantiners

But the quarantined monsters ultimately in charge of the US Regime, and the NK Regime, need these flashpoints for their impending QE attempt.

As I “go to press” with this, Wolff’s book is supposedly about to be sold. If so, it will be a huge bestseller. All the while, here I sit in semi-poverty and unable to pay for needed medical treatment for revealing the truth about the real nature of the US Regime—from the Kennedy Assassination to the quarantined ones’ control of the regime with their Quarantine Escape attempt coming very soon and to be likely followed by the extermination of our species. Unless the masses learn and act to save themselves beforehand. Playing up the Trump charade is all part of hiding the real nature of things as I reveal.

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