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Did LBJ Want to Ride In Kennedy’s Limo to Watch What Would Happen?

Copyright 2018 Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved

The above video has former Senator George Smathers saying that President Kennedy told him, shortly before he was murdered, that Johnson wanted himself, not Gov. Connally to ride in the President’s limo. If this is true, it implies that LBJ wanted to watch Kennedy being murdered. Both LBJ and his henchman Connally were in on it and both hated Kennedy, and both were agents/assets of the CIA.

Connally, in 1971, became Nixon’s Treasury Secretary and headed “Democrats for Nixon’ in 1972,  proving once again that political parties are a farce.

Now this remarkable claim by Smathers is opposed by what Senator Yarborough always stated. Yarborough and the team of Johnson/Connally also detested each other. Yarborough did not want to ride with Johnson in the follow-up limo. LBJ and Kennedy are said to have vociferously argued about LBJ wanting Connally to ride with him/LBJ, the night before the Assassination, LBJ is said to have wanted Yarborough in the Kennedy limo. It makes more sense that the gutless Johnson would not want to be in the Kennedy limo as his life would then be in jeopardy.

Indeed Yarborough bravely told the world that LBJ’s public tale about Secret Service Agent Rufus Youngblood pushing him [LBJ] to the floor of that  limo and then jumping on top of him to shield him, was a lie. Youngblood said that at the sound of the first shots, LBJ threw himself to the floor. More recent reports state that this occurred earlier, just before the limo made that left turn onto Dealey Plaza. Youngblood went along with the lie and was acclaimed, and in a few years was made deputy director of the Secret Service–which exists to kill the president if and when he acts in opposition to the secret societies, the British and the ultimate quarantined aliens in tight control of the US Regime.

In Kennedy’s last weeks, his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy started to try to put the Secret Service under the aegis of his office and not the Treasury Dept.

So I think everything else indicates Smathers was lying in this remarkable short interview. Though LBJ would likely have loved to watch what was to unfold, he did not want to risk his life and that of his henchman, Connally; and would rather have had Yarborough there.

Smathers himself was likely a lifelong agent/asset of the intel agencies/secret societies. He was a close friend of Kennedy since Kennedy’s early Senate years. They took trips together to Europe and Havana, Cuba. But from the moment of Kennedy’s death has “revealed” some nasty details about Kennedy that may not be true. There is much about Smathers that is curious if not nefarious.

Smather’s entire Congressional career was that of a staunch opponent of civil rights and a strong proponent of the Cold War, domino theory etc. Though he accepted the role of Kennedy’s Southern presidential election campaign head in 1959, he later placed his own name on the ballot as a favorite son and later admitted to doing that in conjunction with Johnson. This shocked and angered Kennedy who insisted that he withdraw his name.

Wikipedia now claims that Kennedy was going to have Smathers replace LBJ as his VP on the 1964 ticket. This is likely false and is contrary to what others, including Evelyn Lincoln, said that Kennedy had said.

Smathers gave up his Senate seat in 1969 and became very wealthy via private business and Washington lobbying. Many around Smathers were suicided IMO. Smathers was friends, since childhood, of Phillip Graham. Graham became the publisher of the Washington Post and may have played a role in forcing Kennedy to have LBJ as his running mate in 1960. In August, 1963 Graham allegedly shot himself with a shotgun.

In the early 1960s, Smathers partnered with Grant Stockdale in forming a vending machine company that would be involved in much scandal. Automatic Vending would be linked to the Mafia, to LBJ’s henchman, Bobby Baker and to illicit contracts with the US military and NASA. Payoffs allegedly involving Smather’s partner, Stockdale, went to LBJ via Bobby Baker. The latter did end up serving jail time. The Senate was investigating LBJ at the time of the Kennedy Assassination which was terminated, and Baker ended up getting all the blame.

Stockdale fell or was pushed from his office on the 13th story of the Dupont Building in Miami on December 3, 1963. He didn’t leave a suicide note. Smathers later claimed that Stockdale was depressed upon the death of Kennedy.

Others around Smathers also officially committed suicide or had mysterious deaths.

Smathers appears to be a nexus of federal politics, the military-industrial complex, the Mafia, the Press, the intelligence agencies, Johnson, Nixon and so on. Smathers sold his Key Biscayne house to Richard Nixon and introduced Nixon to Bebe Rebozo. Rebozo and Nixon became best friends and Rebozo was given a White House office and bedroom by Nixon and the Secret Service did not log in his visits…

Rebozo’s bank was said to be involved in money laundering for organized crime in Miami, including the godfathers, Trafficante and Marcello, that Robert Kennedy vehemently went after. But the Mafia is just the bottom rung of the intel agencies. Never forget what I have revealed here. Jack Ruby decried that he was being labeled as Mafia when he told the intrepid true journalist, Dorothy Kilgallen, that that was his legend and that he was a CIA NOC agent. And he said so were Johnson and Nixon, which a secret House Subcommitte stated 70 years ago. This is likely the case for Smathers as well. Kilgallen herself was then suicided after saying in effect that she was going to take the whole government down.

So Smathers knew them all, and like E. Howard Hunt, we can expect that he was lying up to his last breath, for his masters. He is the epitome of the corrupt, evil nature of the “government” of the USA and also much else in American society because of who and what is in ultimate control and has been since the beginning.

But there are so many more of us—good people. If only more people knew.

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More Remarkable Revelations on Nixon and Watergate

Copyright 2018 Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved

Recall that Alexander Butterfield was the one who told the Senate Watergate Committee that Nixon had an audio tape system in the White House [WH]. This supposedly led to Nixon’s resignation.

Buttterfield had been an Air Force Colonel stationed overseas when he “found out” there was a job available at the WH as assistant to Bob Haldeman, whom he had gone to college with. [If you believe he innocently “found out”…] He got the job as deputy assistant to President Nixon and held it from 1969 to 1973. Butterfield earlier had also known Ehrlichman and Al Haig…

A few years ago, he told his story to Bob Woodward the journalist of Watergate fame. He revealed to him that when he left the WH he took dozens of boxes of WH memoranda and notes which would later be said to be of great historic value. Again while that might appear to be innocent, to me being allowed to take all that smacks of a long term Oplan.

Sure enough, just a few years ago, Woodward came out with a book [not read here] on Butterfield and the revelations in the documents he took with him. First Butterfield described how warped Nixon’s behavior was. During his first meeting with President Nixon, Butterfield relates that Nixon was too nervous to utter anything at all to him. Some reports say he said that Nixon could only mumble, and that he had to hide for a month so Nixon could acclimate to him. Butterfield also related that he had to act like someone Nixon already knew such as Haldeman. Nixon initially berated him in front of others and he considered going elsewhere.

But Butterfield stayed on for approx. 4 years with his office just a few yards from Nixon’s. He revealed that no one in the White House was allowed to display a picture of President Kennedy on their desk and that there was a weekly inspection to enforce this dictum. Butterfield actually states now that he came to greatly admire Nixon and says that he did a lot of good.

The main focus of Woodward’s book apparently relates to the war on Vietnam as I call it. The documents show that Nixon wrote privately and/or told close advisors that the massive bombing in Vietnam and Cambodia had no value or effect regarding “winning the war.” It was done solely to win votes.

Of course you will never see Woodward write that President Kennedy ordered the withdrawal of American troops on the weekend he was murdered and that the Joint Chiefs disobeyed his order. There never would have been a Vietnam War had he lived. But CIA NOC agents Johnson and Nixon oversaw the build-up of that war and most importantly the massive build-up of US nukes and ICBMs totaling over 30,000, as compared to just a few hundred during President Kennedy’s presidency. Matched with the USSR’s approx. 20,000 nukes and ICBMs, they were all meant for a QE attempt—which has so far been thwarted by the Quarantiners.

So what Butterfield and Woodward reveal pales in comparison to the matters I reveal or relate. This is the task of all the popular “journalists”: gatekeeping to hide the most urgent matters such as the impending QE attempt that will likely lead to the anninilation of our species.

The following video interview has Butterfield and/or Woodward stating some of the above. 

Another interesting video [below] has an interview whereby two “experts”—at least one of whom is CIA—state that their lengthy examination and analysis led to their conclusion that it was Nixon himself who erased those missing 18 minutes of audio tape, and not his secretary, Rose Mary Woods, who publicly took the blame. The experts state that Al Haig may have assisted Nixon in that task.

Here is a “bonus”:


It’s a remarkable statement from President Eisenhower against his own Vice-President Richard Nixon during the 1960 election campaign. Though not talked about much, this probably had a lot to do with Kennedy getting elected. This was one of the few times that Eisenhower dared to do something against the PTB. The other being his remarkable, televised warning about the military-industrial complex given to the nation just a couple of hours before handing over his office to Kennedy.

It was also the last time someone was elected to the presidency who wasn’t an intel agent/asset [s]elected to preside over our impending doom unless our species resists now. After President Kennedy was assassinated both former presidents Eisenhower and Truman made false public statements when they both knew the “government” had killed Kennedy for all the good and change that he was trying to make. 

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Recent Revelations about Richard Nixon and Seymour Hersh

Copyright 2018 Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved

Richard Nixon, who would become president in 1968, was in Dallas at the time President Kennedy was murdered and was certainly in on it. Nixon gave numerous accounts of where he was at the time of the Kennedy Assassination, or shortly thereafter.  You can find audio or video or written accounts of him variously stating he had left Dallas hours before the event and had flown to NYC and was told there by a taxi driver or various other people about the Assassination. He also stated elsewhere that he couldn’t recall where he was at that time.

He always admitted to being there the day before for a PepsiCo Board Meeting which itself is curious as their HQ was in NYC. Later someone at the Pepsi meeting, and his son, stated that Nixon was there at their meeting on the 23rd at the actual time of the Assassination. See here: https://www.prouty.org/nixon.html

This begs the question, did Nixon slip away at about 12:30 to gleefully watch President Kennedy get his head half blown off?

In that light, the Zapruder film clearly shows Governor Connally turning around to stare at who he obviously knew was the intended victim, President Kennedy. Only after he himself is shot by SS Agent/Driver  William Greer did Connally turn back to look at Greer, as he and his wife only then duck down to give Greer the clear path to finish the job. The couple appear to knock heads in their rush to allow Greer to finish. Jackie Kennedy herself told the Warren Commissioner that Connally screamed out “My God they’re trying to kill us all!”

Was Nixon there in Dallas to also gleefully stare at Kennedy being murdered or to partake in it, such as making payoffs? How many others who would later rise to high positions took part in the Assassination and/or gleefully observed it?

Also watch Nixon slip up 2 days later and say “2 rights don’t make a wrong.” He was referring to the Assassinations of Kennedy and Oswald. Starting at 1:15 he just “knows” that Oswald did it. Clearly he knew that Oswald was the patsy and also knew that Oswald was also to be murdered. Indeed Nixon knew Ruby.


Future president GHW Bush would also later say he couldn’t recall where he was when he learned of the murder even though a picture of him right there in Dealey Plaza proves where he was. An FBI memo from Director Hoover indicates Bush was there and perhaps in charge of things. In all likelihood, the CIA, the FBI, military intelligence and the Secret Service had dozens of agents there and/or elsewhere in Dallas as part of the Coup d’Etat. That fact and their getting away with it, and that SS Agent William Greer killed Kennedy only prove that the entire American Federal “Government” was always run by the secret societies which morphed into the so-called intelligence agencies.

Other very recent revelations about Nixon come from “investigative journalist” Seymour Hersh. His new book [not read here] reveals that he knew back in the 1970s that Nixon had punched his wife Pat in the face and she had to be hospitalized. He is alleged to have been given this info from an unnamed treating practitioner at that hospital.

Hersh later claimed that he kept that fact out of his earlier book on Nixon and Watergate because back then he didn’t think that beating one’s wife was a crime. IMO, that’s obvious poppycock and indicates what was clear to me for numerous reasons, that Hersh is a gatekeeper and likely intel agent or asset.

He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam which occurred in 1968. A gatekeeper always omits or alters the most important facts that might enrage the Masses to effect actual change. Everything that Hersh has ”investigated” and reported on has gatekeeping. Then there is his foul, “hit piece” book on Kennedy that has been widely denounced for having mostly “anonymous sources” and rumors to claim all sorts of things against Kennedy. It included such claptrap as Kennedy endangered the country with his affair with Judith Campbell Exner; and that Kennedy used her to communicate with Mafia boss Sam Giancana about various nefarious things. I can tell you that Ms Exner’s own book states that Kennedy never once mentioned Giancana nor did she ever relay any messages to him. Writing that foul book about the slain President only shows that Hersh took orders from the secret societies and/or intel agencies.

Indeed Hersh himself needs some investigating. Many individuals who would later rise in the federal gov’t or in journalism were earlier in military intelligence and thus were lifelong intel NOC agents. This includes Henry Kissinger and James Fetzer. At Hersh’s Wikipedia page, I did not see any reference to Hersh’s military service or early military connection, even though Wiki is supposed to have the most important biographical facts. But at this source https://www.theguardian.com/books/2004/oct/09/pulitzerprize.awardsandprizes

it is revealed that Hersh “worked, after college, as an Army press officer.” QED.

Getting back to Nixon, there are reports that Nixon was punching his wife in the face as early as 1962 and this was kept from the public by most of the MSM. Pat Nixon had threatened divorce over this. See here: https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/story?id=123027&page=1

That last reference also states that Nixon took the drug Dilantin® . It states that Nixon was given it by Jack Dreyfus, founder of the Dreyfus Fund, to improve his mood. It’s curious that that article cites numerous uses of Dilantin in that NY Times article which is quoting a book by Anthony Summers, but nowhere does it state the primary use of Dilantin, which is as an anti-seizure drug. It’s known to have serious side-effects.

Now Nixon and Kennedy, back in 1947 as junior Congressmen, were somewhat friends. Kennedy, by the time of his Presidency, said that “tricky Dick” was crazy. Both were Cold Warriors, and Kennedy and his father donated to Nixon’s early election campaigns. But Kennedy evolved and by his last year had become an enlightened prince of peace who wouldn’t go to war in Laos, Vietnam, or initiate global nuclear war over the missiles in Cuba in 1962, that I have revealed was part of a planned Quarantine Escape attempt and upon failure the annihilation of our species. This was stopped by Kennedy and/or the Quarantiners.

Earlier Nixon was an integral part of planning the Bay of Pigs invasion that the CIA tried to sucker Kennedy into waging a large scale conflagration over. While Kennedy was blamed, it was later revealed that the USSR found out about the planned invasion, and that the CIA found out that they had found out. I have revealed that it almost certainly was the CIA who told the Soviet Union about the plan.

Why? It was all an excuse to have the USSR bring nuclear missiles to Cuba for the later Missile Crisis which was a pretense for an all-out QE attempt. As I have also revealed, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and Jack Ruby all knew each other and all were CIA NOC agents, and probably FBI NOC agents before the CIA was created in 1947.

The reason for the Watergate break-in was to obtain material that the Democrats stored in their safe about the Kennedy Assassination. The breakers-in and those supervising them were all or nearly all in Dallas on 11/22/1963 and involved in the Assassination. The PTB wanted Nixon out as evidenced by the fact that Woodward, Bernstein and Ben Bradlee were “former” intel agents.

Why? I came to the conclusion that it was not over any policy issues. It was because Nixon had “loose lips” and was talking about his role and that of the whole rotten government in killing President Kennedy. And the Senate Watergate Investigating Committee may have actually heard this on Nixon’s tapes that they listened to in closed session. Those 18 minutes of Nixon’s tapes had to be erased lest the People find out the true nature of their “Government.”

Now both Nixon and Johnson were alcoholics. Many have stated that Johnson was a full blown psychopath. Nixon’s psychiatrist said that he [Nixon] was neurotic but not psychotic. Were both of these miscreants suffering from the fear that they might be [deservedly] hung for murder and high treason? I don’t believe that either had a conscience. Both were murderers and mass murderers. This is the case for every President since November 22, 1963. Nixon apparently was a brutal wife beater and psychiatric, or anti-seizure, drug taker as well. I also raise the question here perhaps for the first time ever: Did Nixon have epilepsy? And/or a certain illness that causes epilepsy?

There is much more on all this in my 4 collector’s items books. Please order from the above.

POTUS Gives SCOTUS Nominee the Most Flagrant Freemason Handshake

Copyright 2018 Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved

That’s so far from being a normal handshake. It’s well known that you can’t become even a low level judge in the USA [and perhaps the whole world] unless you are a freemason or other related secret society member with allegiance to them–and not to the Constitution despite the oath that they take.

It’s fascinating and sickening that back in 1832, when the first 3rd party, the Anti-Mason Party, was formed that people knew better then than now that the “democracy” was fraud, the “republic” was fraud, and obviously the “Constitution” was fraud. Without TV, internet, the whole MSM, and the equally fake internet conspirascists, dumbing people down; they knew better back in 1832.

President Kennedy tried to warn everyone and change things when his 1961 speech included him saying “…The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings….” https://www.jfklibrary.org/Research/Research-Aids/JFK-Speeches/American-Newspaper-Publishers-Association_19610427.aspx

But as above, Trump openly gives his Supreme Court nominee the freemason handshake. They no longer even try to hide that the whole “government” is the word that Trump uses often: fake.

Update: I may not examine here the backgrounds of individuals appointed to high places because they’re all picked for being among the most evil in the land. But this nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, a decade ago, as a federal appellate judge opined in a law journal that the President should be exempt from criminal investigation and prosecution, while serving as President.

Furthermore if you read carefully here: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/07/10/kavanaughs-support-for-shielding-sitting-presidents-from-prosecution-riles-dems.html

the so-called Justice Dept. has had an official “guidance” policy, since 1973, that a sitting President is “off limits for indictment.” Again proving what I’ve written that the whole US Gov’t is an illegal, illegitimate, terrorist entity. Note that 1973 was a year after the Watergate break-in and a year before Nixon resigned.

My books have detailed analysis on how the Freemasons who wrote the Constitution made sure to include provision for its negation in toto for whoever will scream “national security” [or words to that effect] in perpetrating the most foul acts such as killing a President, nuking our own largest city, poisoning a citizen who speaks any important truths.

IMO, foul entities like Kavanaugh have the Oplan of attempting to appear to legitimize the negation of the Constitution, for the most nefarious purposes. These you should know by now from my books and posts: impending Quarantine Escape, and upon failure, the annihilation of our entire species.

Update: The latest handshake between two [evil]  intel agents/freemasons:

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The Staggering Implications of the American Regime’s Attempt to Nuke Japan and Singapore Last Year

Copyright 2018 Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved

Last year, I became the first and only investigator to reveal the true nature of the events that the world knows as American Destroyers colliding with large tankers off the coasts of Japan and Singapore. I revealed that these were not collisions per se. The Destroyers were blasted by the Quarantiners because their scanning detected nukes on board that were about to be set off at those two coasts.

The implications of this can and perhaps should be viewed as staggering, though not surprising to this analyst of the perennial quarantined vs Quarantiner galactic war fought on our planet. Without my analysis and public revelation, no one would know what really happened as virtually all conspiracists are just regime intel agents.

As a deeper analysis now, those two events imply what I have asserted in my books. The quarantined ones are continually [and perhaps continuously as such attempts coud be on automatic] attempting to use nuclear and/or other WMD against our species as part of a Q.E. attempt. The sailors on those two destroyers were probably all meant to be nuked themselves—all for the ruse of blaming a North Korean nuclear-tipped missile, so as to have U.S. retaliation, possibly escalating to global nuclear war [involving China, etc.]. All that, of course, would be meant as cover for a large scale Quarantine Escape attempt. How sad that all the people in the American and British militaries and intel agencies don’t know or don’t care that they are working on behalf of the quarantined aliens who plan to exterminate our entire species. It’s outrageous.

That the American Destroyers were “blasted”– with the missing sailors bodies then being likely too radioactive to handle for a while—again implies how the Quarantiners are continuously attempting to save us from the evil that the quarantined ones plan. As I have revealed, the Quarantiners are mostly successful…but not always.

The nuclear destructions of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the World Trade Center prove that the quarantined ones have occasionally thwarted the Quarantiners’ scanning and vaporized many human beings.

For various reasons, the planned annihilation of our species upon failure of the next and imminent Q.E. attempt will likely be biological IMO; most likely a virus. The recent creations of the AIDS and Ebola viruses are test runs for what’s coming, unless we stop it. Mandatory vaccinations are an integral part of potential extermination of our species by the quarantined ones. Vaccinations likely contain an externally “triggerable” mechanism that will be employed upon Q.E. attempt failure. People should indeed resist vaccinating their children.

People who care, can do much more to support me, such as contacting me to order all my books for themselves and family or friends or to make donations to me. If not, I do not know how much longer I can hold out without more support. You will be left with all the obvious fake conspiracists. It boggles my mind that anyone believes their nonsense such as “Trump is not part of the Cabal” and the “world is really flat” or such.

Or that deep state money laundering is about illicit drugs when it’s really about hiding the mining, processing and building of fissile materials/weapons and subsequent WMD and other forms of WMD, again all for the impending Q.E. attempt and subsequent annihilation of our species—unless we make this known and band together to stop it.

Please order my 4 remarkable books, if you are a human being, and not an intel agent. Contact me via Michaelrings13@yahoo.com We will direct you to a secure paypal order site.

The Real Reason Catcher/Spy Moe Berg Refused to Accept the Medal of Freedom

Copyright 2018 Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved

I just saw the new movie about the life and alleged wartime saga of Morris [Moe] Berg. He was a major league baseball player; mostly as a catcher. He was also fluent in numerous languages and had passed the bar exam to be an attorney.


But he is best known for his stint in the OSS [CIA forerunner] as a spy sent in to Switzerland to meet Nobel Laureate and Quantum Mechanics founder, physicist Werner Heisenberg.

Heisenberg is best known today for his Uncertainty Principle, but the British-American Regime in recent decades, claims he headed Nazi Germany’s quest for a fission nuclear bomb. Berg was allegedly sent in by the OSS to ascertain “if Germany was close to acquiring nuclear weapons.” Berg was supposed to kill Heisenberg if the former deemed that Germany was close to having nuclear weapons.

For the record. The Manhattan Project physicists were all fooled. I think that Germany was never intended to get nuked. Our monstrous alien overlords, aka the quarantined ones, have made it clear that their least hated humans are the ones who look most like them. The supposed Aryans are blond haired and blue eyed. Aryan is really a way of saying Orion, denoting the place where our alien overlords came from—a planet orbiting one of the belt stars in Orion.

Now humans who have yellow or black skin and non-Caucasian facial features are the most hated by the quarantined ones; and this is passed down to the humans allegedly in charge—especially the British Regime which has run our species for most of the past millenium.

During WWII, I assert Japan, not Germany was always the intended target for British-American nukes, As my books reveal, the British Regime has always been in charge of US nukes; and indeed all countries’ nuclear bombs and nuclear reactors.

The British control of the Manhattan Project is partially evidenced in the matter of British physicist Klaus Fuchs being inserted into Los Alamos. From there this MI6 spy gave—as intended by MI6—nuclear secrets to the USSR. All for the eventual build-up of 50,000 nukes and ICBMs that occurred after President Kennedy was assassinated. All or most of that was for Quarantine Escape.

I do not believe that Heisenberg was in charge of Germany’s nuclear bomb program nor that Moe Berg’s alleged mission really took place as later described.

Most significantly, archives in Russia after the Soviet Communist regime collapsed revealed that Germany did explode a small nuclear bomb in Eastern Germany near the end of WWII. Hitler was not mad when in the last days of WWII he said Germany had “Der Super” bomb and was still going to win the war. He was speaking of nukes. But his British masters would not let him use them.

As an horrific but related aside, Germany had huge fissile processing plants run by I.G. Farben at Auschwitz, and possibly their other sites. Slave labor was extensively used. Those people were starved and worked to death. This is the reason the “Allies” did not bomb Auschwitz or other such “camps” or IG Farben work sites. German fissile material was always intended to go into American nukes for use on the women, children and old men in Japanese cities.

Germany in fact was ahead of the US’ Manhattan Project. In the Nazi Regime’s last days, they are said to have sent out a submarine with all their highly enriched Uranium and possibly Plutonium, and also their imploding trigger mechanism/devices that the Americans did not solve in time. While it is promulgated that the Germans launched that sub to go to their supposed Japanese allies, I have no doubt that it was always meant to go toward the Americans’ plan to nuke Japan. The sub was captured off the coast of Canada and given over to the US Navy. Germany’s enriched Uranium and implosion devices were used in the USA’s nuking of the Japanese people.

That will never be admitted to by the USA, because in part, it reveals the unilateral control of all countries’ governments by the quarantined ones.

That one set of evil beings controls everything and that all large conflicts are bogus and manufactured by our alien overlords is also evidenced by what happened at Peenemünde as WWII was ending. This site, in Northern Germany, was the launch site for the V-2 rockets which were sent to London and other areas in Britain. As the war was ending, about half of the German scientists and engineers went to the USA and the other half went to the USSR. This occurred even though officially it is said that Soviet troops captured the entire area.

Again this was all for the coming Cold War with its 50,000 nukes and ICBMs for a Q.E. attempt. Indeed much of Nazi Germany’s advanced weapons were designed not to help Germany win WWII, but for the next war. This includes nukes, V-1  [cruise missile forerunner], V-2 [ICBM forerunner] and jet planes.

This brings me to physicist Luis Alvarez. This notorious person was inserted late in to the Manhattan Project and has been given at least partial credit for solving their implosion difficulties with his alleged invention of explosive lenses with exploding-bridgewire detonators. In reality implosion was either solved by acquiring the Germans’ gadgets or even with some help from the quarantined ones.

Alvarez is said to have observed the nuclear detonations at Alamogordo, NM [Trinity site] and Hiroshima aboard a B-29 Superfortress.

After the War, Alvarez was involved in many different projects. In circa 1964, he had detectors placed on U-2 spy planes to allegedly assay cosmic rays. Then in 1965, he was involved in using either X-rays or background cosmic ray muons to search for things inside the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Now the 3 Great Pyramids are arranged by altitude and position to mirror the 3 belt stars in Orion.

In 1968, Alvarez was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. I find that dubious as it appears to be nothing original. I.e., hundreds of graduate students and newly acquired computerization rotely examined bubble chamber photos to detect new particles and/or new resonant states.

Now in 1976, Luis Alvarez had the most foul “research” article published in an American physics journal. It is Alvarez’s work therein to claim that Kennedy’s head could have snapped backwards from a shot from behind. The Journal editor felt the need to have his own preamble published. It says the journal will entertain publishing comments about the article in a very limited way. It will not publish alternative theories on the assassination.

A little background now: In 1975, Geraldo Rivera first showed the American people the Zapruder film on ABC-TV. Though heavily altered in numerous ways, it clearly shows Kennedy’s whole body—not just his head—violently thrust backwards in the limo from a shot from the front. SS agent/driver William Greer can be seen to have fired twice, first wounding Connally, then killing President Kennedy. And the Laws of Physics—here  Conservation of Momentum—are inviolable. A [formerly] prestigious physics journal publishing that claptrap only proves the perversion of science on this planet given who pulls the strings on our species.

In the 1970s, Alvarez and his geologist son, Walter published that 65 million years ago, dinosaurs went extinct due to the earth’s collision with a relatively large asteroid. This theory was allegedly and quickly acclaimed by many geologists. That is no longer the case decades later. Given Luiz Alvarez’s notorious nature and connections, I wonder if this PsyOp is meant to hide that alien visitation and control on this planet goes back that far in time.

So Moe Berg’s alleged OP regarding Nazi Germany’s work on a fission nuke is just a PsyOp later proclaimed to coincide with hiding
 the following truths as revealed by this Anonymous Physicist:

1.Germany had acquired nukes before the war ended

2.Nazi Germany’s enriched Uranium and possibly Plutonium and implosion triggers were actually used in the nuking of Japan by the USA

3.Germany was never going to be the target of American nukes. Japan was.

4.The Berg PsyOp coincides with a host of British and American Oplans involving notorious characters like Fuchs, Alvarez and others.

In 1945, President Truman awarded the Medal of Freedom to Moe Berg. Berg refused to accept it, never publicly saying why—that we know of. Upon his death in 1972, his sister accepted it.

During the last 20 years or so of his life, Berg could not find gainful employment, including being turned down by the CIA. Berg stayed with his relatives, but was said to have become very moody and snappy. His brother legally evicted him. I wonder if the American Gestapo-intel agencies poisoned him as was done to me, Karen Silkwood and who knows how many others in the USA for knowing or saying too much.

So why did Moe Berg refuse to accept the Medal of Freedom? Most likely because he knew that his Heisenberg role was just a front. Maybe he found out how the whole American Gov’t is a fraud. He may have been unable to accept it because the word “freedom” is in it. Did President Kennedy have the freedom to retain his brains for truly working to establish peace? Maybe Berg also found out about whose slave labor was used to enrich Uranium and/or to make Nazi Germany’s nukes at the IG Farben plant at Auschwitz? Berg had become fluent in Japanese and apparently also made friends, or had contacts, in Japan from his two trips there in the 1930s and knew that Hiroshima and Nagasaki had only women, children and old men as inhabitants when those cities were vaporized by the American Regime. The person who officially ordered this was President Truman who awarded the medal to Berg.

For these reasons, Berg could not accept the medal. Given that refusal, you could see why the intel agencies did not give Berg a permanent job. Berg apparently found out the real nature of things regarding the U.S. regime and did not want to be buried in the USA. He directed that his cremated remains be buried in Israel at Mount Scopus near Jerusalem.

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What Jackie Was Really Doing Right After the Assassination

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The monstrous federal American regime, and some noted fake conspiracy experts as well, proclaimed that Jackie was trying to grab a piece of her now dead husband’s skull right after his murder.

That’s the best that the murderers could ever come up with. It’s not worthy of further comment here. Jackie, who was inches away from her husband as his brains are shot out the back of his head, well heard that the last two shots came from Secret Service Agent William Greer, and so she tried to rapidly exit the limo until being forced back in by SS Agent Clint Hill.

Now we can see that there isn’t any piece of skull on the back of the limo. But her right arm is outstretched. I hypothesize that she was reaching for the handle on the limo that the SS agent on that side is meant to hold onto during motorcades. Jackie was going to use that to facilitate her exit from the limo. She was willing to risk and suffer a fall and possible serious injury as that was preferable to remaining in the limo with two armed agents, one of whom just deliberately shot her husband in the head.

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On the Sabotaging of the Congressional Watergate Related Committees by CIA Agents Hillary Rodham and Fred Dalton Thompson

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First let me write about Thompson. He may be better known more recently as a TV and film actor, and then as a Senator and briefly a presidential candidate. But when he was younger, he was an attorney in Tennessee and then served as an attorney for the Republicans on the Senate’s Watergate Committee in 1973.

When that Committee found out about Nixon’s White House audio tapes, Thompson then surreptiously informed Nixon’s attorney, J. Fred Buzhardt of what the Committee found out and would soon question Nixon’s aides about. Some have accused Thompson of giving Nixon [or his handlers] the opportunity to erase that infamous 18 minutes from the tapes. 

Thompson was first denounced by Nixon, but later “played ball.” Was he threatened at some point? Thompson is also now known to have tried to derail John Dean, as noted here: 

Of course, you have to take this with a grain of salt, as Nixon knew a tape recorder was running. 

Hillary Rodham, now a known CIA NOC Agent who was later tasked with marrying another such agent, Bill Clinton, was a young attorney working for the House Judiciary Committee at about the same time. This Judiciary Committee gave Hillary the task of ascertaining impeachment threshold guidelines regarding Nixon’s Watergate related actions and crimes. Attorney Jerry Zeifman was Chief Counsel for that Judiciary Committee and Hillary Rodham was an attorney on his staff. Zeifman would later write that he fired Rodham for her delaying tactics and perhaps other malfeasance and sabotage. Others deny the firing but Zeifman was her boss, so if he says so…

All this shows how the intel agencies control the Congress. Of course now virtually all, or all, members are themselves intel agency agents or assets or high level secret society members—which amounts to the same thing.

Hillary got her start in the federal “government” that way. Bill Clinton is said to have made his bones as the chauffer who sabotaged Congressman Hale Boggs plane in Alaska, according to Skolnick.

Boggs who was on the Warren Commission [WC] had begun to publicly denounce the WC and J. Edgar Hoover and so was not seen again during and after his Alaskan visit.

Now the Watergate break-in was probably ordered because the Democratic Party had incriminating proof of the Federal Regime’s assassination of President Kennedy, so Nixon who is still not known for actually being a CIA NOC  agent himself, ordered, at the behest, of his CIA masters, the break-in by other CIA agents/assets.

The 18 minute gap was created because Nixon spoke lengthily about his role and that of the Federal “Government” in killing President Kennedy. The one thing not publicly known with certainty is why the PTB wanted Nixon out. But we do know that the PTB did want Nixon out in many ways, including the fact that Woodward and Bernstein were both “former” intel agents.

It’s now known that both Nixon and Johnson were alcoholics and both had “loose lips” regarding their roles in the Kennedy Assassination. That would be reason enough for a replacement.

Jack Ruby had told intrepid investigative journalist Dorothy Kilgallen that he Ruby, and Johnson and Nixon were all CIA Agents. A secret Congressional Committee memo from 1947 would later confirm that about Johnson and Nixon. The patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald was also a CIA/ONI agent as well as a life-long sex slave given over as a young child by his mother.

Oswald’s legend included his fake defection to the USSR—all for the massive buildup of 50,000 nukes and ICBMs for a Quarantine Escape attempt. The real, live prince of peace, John Fitzgerald Kennedy would never have stood for that.

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“President” Trump Creates Quarantine Escape Force for the U.S. Military which is Totally Controlled by the quarantined Aliens. Trump Hints at the Quarantine

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Just calling a spade a spade.

Three days ago, during a meeting of the  National Space Council, Trump said he is creating a 6th branch of the US Dept. of Defense—the Space Force.  

Obviously this action is part of an impending QE attempt. The Quarantiners aren’t fooled of course. As my 4 books detail, the actual but hidden, entire raison d’etre of the U.S Government—with its bogus claims of democracy, constitution, etc. since its inception—was for eventual QE attempt[s], and upon the usual failure, the extermination of our species, unless we stop it.

Trump’s speech risibly included mention of American astroNOTs “leaving their footprints” on the Moon, and of embarking soon for Mars.

But Trump, IMO, appeared to cite the Quarantine when he said that Americans would soon lead humanity “into those forbidden skies. And they will not be forbidden for long.” See at about 8:00 in.

This Space Force creation by the US Regime further demonstrates how close we are to a massive QE attempt.

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