Remarkable “Proof” that President Kennedy Knew He Was Likely to Be Murdered by the US Gov’t

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While the media, and many authors and the Warren Commission have published the babble that Communists or the Mafia killed Kennedy, and that John or Robert Kennedy were warring with the Mafia or Castro, the real war that President Kennedy continually waged from April 1961 until his death was with the CIA and the Pentagon.

Both the upper echelons of the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff disobeyed his orders in the days and weeks before his assassination. I have written that the Joint Chiefs berated Kennedy for his peaceful settlement of the Cuban missile crisis and for his impending withdrawal of 1000 miltary advisors from Vietnam. John Newman’s book reveals documents that the Joint Chiefs berated Kennedy as early as 1962 when he first gave notice that there was not going to be a Vietnamese War. I have found that this coincided with the return of Oswald from the USSR. The future patsy and faux Communist was being set up for the coming assassination.

Now it was not just the CIA that deliberately misled Kennedy regarding the Bay of Pigs. The Joint Chiefs and Defense Secretary MacNamara did too. There was even a cut out scene [based on what had occurred] in the movie “Thirteen Days” that depicts WH Aide Kenny O’Donnell berating McNamara for his role and that of the Chiefs regarding their bad advice on the Bay of Pigs invasion.

The failure of that began the war between Kennedy and the Pentagon Chiefs and the CIA. At the deepest level I have asserted that the invasion was meant to fail so as to then have the USSR having an excuse to bring nuclear tipped missiles to Cuba for the coming Missile Crisis. And I have asserted that the Cuban Missile Crisis was an attempted QE that was thwarted by Kennedy and/or the Quarantiners.

Here I wish to show the words of the published article from October 1963 that indicates that President Kennedy knew he would likely be murdered soon for all the good he was doing on many levels as my books reveal. Note that the The Washington Daily News ceased publishing in 1972.

The Washington Daily News, October 2, 1963, p.3
‘Arrogant’ CIA Disobeys Orders in Viet Nam

SAIGON, Oct.2 – The story of the Central Intelligence Agency’s role in South Viet Nam is a dismal chronicle of bureaucratic arrogance, obstinate disregard of orders, and unrestrained thirst for power.

Twice the CIA flatly refused to carry out instructions from Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, according to a high United States source here. In one of these instances the CIA frustrated a plan of action Mr. Lodge brought with him from Washington because the agency disagreed with it.

This led to a dramatic confrontation between Mr. Lodge and John Richardson, chief of the huge CIA apparatus here. Mr. Lodge failed to move Mr. Richardson, and the dispute was bucked back to Washington. Secretary of State Dean Rusk and CIA Chief John A. McCone were unable to resolve the conflict, and the matter is now reported to be awaiting settlement by President Kennedy.

It is one of the developments expected to be covered in Defense Secretary Robert McNamara’s report to Mr. Kennedy.

Others Critical, Too

Other American agencies here are incredibly bitter about the CIA.

“If the United States ever experiences a ‘Seven Days in May’ it will come from the CIA, and not from the Pentagon,” one U.S. official commented caustically.

(“Seven Days in May” is a fictional account of an attempted military coup to take over the U.S. Government.)

CIA “spooks” (a universal term for secret agents here) have penetrated every branch of the American community in Saigon, until non-spook Americans here almost seem to be suffering a CIA psychosis.

An American field officer with a distinguished combat career speaks angrily about “that man at headquarters in Saigon wearing a colonel’s uniform.” He means the man is a CIA agent, and he can’t understand what he is doing at U.S. military headquarters here, unless it is spying on other Americans. Another American officer, talking about the CIA, acidly commented: “You’d think they’d have learned something from Cuba but apparently they didn’t.”

Few Know CIA Strength

Few people other than Mr. Richardson and his close aides know the actual CIA strength here, but a widely used figure is 600. Many are clandestine agents known only to a few of their fellow spooks.

Even Mr. Richardson is a man about whom it is difficult to learn much in Saigon. He is said to be a former OSS officer, and to have served with distinction in the CIA in the Philippines.

A surprising number of the spooks are known to be involved in their ghostly trade and some make no secret of it.

“There are a number of spooks in the U.S. Information Service, in the U.S. Operations mission, in every aspect of American official and commercial life here, ” one official – presumably a non-spook – said.

“They represent a tremendous power and total unaccountability to anyone,” he added.

Coupled with the ubiquitous secret police of Ngo Dinh Nhu, a surfeit of spooks has given Saigon an oppressive police state atmosphere. The Nhu-Richardson relationship is a subject of lively speculation. The CIA continues to pay the special forces which conducted brutal raids on Buddhist temples last Aug. 21, altho in fairness it should be pointed out that the CIA is paying these goons for the war against communist guerillas, not Buddhist bonzes (priests).

Hand Over Millions

Nevertheless, on the first of every month, the CIA dutifully hands over a quarter million American dollars to pay these special forces. Whatever else it buys, it doesn’t buy any solid information on what the special forces are up to. The Aug. 21 raids caught top U.S. officials here and in Washington flat-footed.

Nhu ordered the special forces to crush the Buddhist priests, but the CIA wasn’t let in on the secret. (Some CIA button men now say they warned their superiors what was coming up, but in any event the warning of harsh repression was never passed to top officials here or in Washington.)

Consequently, Washington reacted unsurely to the crisis. Top officials here and at home were outraged at the news the CIA was paying the temple raiders, but the CIA continued the payments. It may not be a direct subsidy for a religious war against the country’s Buddhist majority, but it comes close to that.

And for every State Department aide here who will tell you, “Dammit, the CIA is supposed to gather information, not make policy, but policy-making is what they’re doing here,” there are military officers who scream over the way the spooks dabble in military operations.

A Typical Example
For example, highly trained trail watchers are an important part of the effort to end Viet Cong infiltration from across the Laos and Cambodia borders. But if the trailer watchers spot incoming Viet Congs, they report it to the CIA in Saigon, and in the fullness of time, the spooks may tell the military.

One very high American official here, a man who has spent much of his life in the service of democracy, likened the CIA’s growth to a malignancy, and added he was not sure even the White House could control it any longer.

Unquestionably Mr. McNamara and Gen. Maxwell Taylor both got an earful from people who are beginning to fear the CIA is becoming a Third Force co-equal with President Diem’s regime and the U.S. Government – and answerable to neither.

There is naturally the highest interest here as to whether Mr. McNamara will persuade Mr. Kennedy something ought to be done about it.

End article

Now some assert that it was President Kennedy himself who stated that a coup in the USA might be coming soon. I have also asserted that most of the 15,000 advisors were not CIA, but were NSA. Much of the article is dubious as Lodge was himself a creature of the secret societies and intel agencies.

We also have the word of Robert Kennedy that they felt they were losing control of the Gov’t a few weeks before the assassination.

Of course, many knew it was coming and were in on it as so many in the federal gov’t had earlier sworn covert allegiance to their freemason or other secret society or intel agency controllers. At about that time, Kennedy had to get the FBI to close down covert CIA bases in Florida, as the CIA disobeyed his orders.

President Kennedy knew that was likely coming and still tried to do good till his last day on earth.

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