Available Now: The 4 Amazing Books by The Anonymous Physicist

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4 Books by the Anonymous Physicist. plus shipping fee [select]

Do YOU want to save a lifetime of desperate searching – down so many wrong turns, created to ensnarl YOU – for the Ultimate Truths of what was done to the World Trade Center on 9/11? The Anonymous Physicist – with massive documentary proof – has created the only reference work that fits everything that happened during and after the nuclear destruction of the WTC.

And then for the first time, the Anonymous Physicist answers all your desperate, life-long, deeper “WHY?s” with the Ultimate Truths of most of Mankind’s history. From the origins of Mankind, to the real cause of war, to the assassination of President Kennedy, to the reason for faking the Moon Landings, to the real reason for Hiroshima and 9/11 – you won’t be asking “why?” any more after reading these books!

The Anonymous Physicist has, for over 25 years, exposed government conspiracies. And he is NOT a hidden intel agent as nearly all the “experts” are. For previously revealing the Ultimate Truth of the Kennedy Assassination, he has been brutally assaulted, and has been left in very poor health after being massively poisoned with mercury similar to what was done to Karen Silkwood. Please support the Anonymous Physicist who has strived against all odds to get these works out to you.