It Wasn’t Just William Greer Who Murdered President Kennedy. Agent Roy Kellerman Is Just As Guilty. So Are the Upper Echelons of the Secret Service and the Whole Rotten US “Government”

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We should not just say that Secret Service [SS] agent William Greer killed our prince of peace, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. We can also see that agent Roy Kellerman ordered him to do that. In a criminal trial, he would get the same penalty as Greer.

We can see that when in their known kill zone or upon hearing the first shot, Kellerman, on the passenger side of the limo, merely looks into his rear view mirror. He takes no action to protect President Kennedy, which was his sworn duty. Apparently when he sees Agent Clint Hill start his run to the limo and that Kennedy is not yet fatally wounded, he turns to his left to better directly observe. Then we can see him tell Greer something–likely to finish the task–as Greer’s first shot hit Connally. Greer then quickly turns again and kills President Kennedy.

See above starting at 6:00. This already has many alterations, but you can also notice the slowing down of the limo just before the fatal head shot. Recent more altered versions show a steady and more rapid speed of the limo. I also note that above you can see Kellerman turn toward Greer before the latter fired his 2nd shot. In more recent Z films online, that is less noticeable. With each passing year the Z film loses more frames.

Roy Kellerman had been a Michigan State Police trooper before joining the SS in 1941. After the assassination, he was promoted several times before retiring from the SS in 1968 at the age of. 53. He died in 1984 at the age of 69.

William Greer and Roy Kellerman killed President Kennedy.

Just as guilty of murder and high treason is the SS Agent in the follow up car who left Kennedy’s limo protector stranded at the airport. Also just as guilty is the SS Agent who drove the lead white car which stopped just before the assassination and had someone with a rifle or other weapon at the end of the car partake in the assassination.

The lead car driver was SS agent Winston G. Lawson. Earlier he was in US Army “Counter-intelligence.” The follow up car was directed by Emory Roberts. He ordered the 2 Agents off of Kennedy’s limo and ordered the stranding of the agent at the airport. While the ludicrous book by Newcomb risibly blames only these agents and LBJ for the assassination, the truth again is vastly wider. Agents Greer, Kellerman, Lawson and Roberts though could easily have been convicted of high treason, murder and conspiracy. Again, that that did not happen only further proves that much of the upper echelons of the federal regime were in on the assassination and/or cover-up.

Here is a photo of Emory Roberts ordering the agent not to board the Kennedy limo as it headed into the dangerous city and  stranding him at the airport 5 minutes before the murder. The agent is clearly bewildered at his being ordered not to board the limo.  I’ve just seen a well known but fake conspiracy author write unintelligent lies trying to wiggle out of this which helps prove the Secret Service on behalf of the US “Gov’t” killed President Kennedy.

Of course, the SS director, in Washington DC James Joseph Rowley was in on it. Rowley was a Jesuit who was first with the FBI. He died at the age of 84. For Rowley’s role in the assassination, a large SS training center is named after him. Attorney General Robert Kennedy had tried to get the SS under his aegis, and not the Secretary of the Treasury. That didn’t occur in time.

Indeed I have made clear that the entire upper echelon of the US Regime was in on it because all these people could only have gotten their high positions by being Freemason and/or intel agency agents or assets.

Greer and Kellerman can be seen killing President Kennedy, but the whole rotten US Gestapo Government did it. That’s why they were able to carry it out and get away with it to this day.

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