On “President Trump” and his Recent Press Conference and Deep Matters

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I won’t be doing this much longer, because the whole thing is a charade. But Trump’s first White House press conference makes things I’ve written even more clear.

He continues to prove how unintelligent and now mentally ill he is. I don’t state this for his denouncement of the press as they are all totally corrupt—and controlled by the same entities that control him! But some of his interactions with the “reporters” or “journalists” prove that he was too deranged to comprehend what they were saying.

First though it’s clear that he makes up easily provable lies and states them as some sort of great truths — all without bothering to check them out himself. The latter would not take long to do; but this is apparently beyond his ability or desire to do. As I’ve written before, he is the idiot son of a wealthy, connected, corrupt man, and he has only concerned himself with two things all his adult life: acquiring more money and p_ _ _ _.

So when Trump said he received more electoral votes than any other candidate since Reagan, a reporter called him out on that lie. His reply first was that he meant Republican, then when told that CIA Assassin/President, GHW Bush received more than him, he then simply said “that’s what I was told.” Again clearly it is too much work for him to check the few elections since Reagan.

Regarding firing his National Security Advisor Gen. Mike Flynn, he owned up to that [which was not the first thing the WH put out days earlier], and said he fired him because he didn’t tell the whole truth to Vice President Pence. This is a very strange remark to me. It indicates that Pence may really be the President. Recall when imbecile GW [baby] Bush was President, there were many indications that Dick Cheney was really President. Of course, my books make clear that the entire US Regime — a wholly illegal and illegitimate “organized criminal enterprise” since Nov. 22, 1963 — is run directly by Britain’s MI6 and from there to the secret societies out of Rome and from there one more step to the ultimate evil on, or under, this planet.

Now when a Jewish reporter asked him about 48 events related to bomb threats against Jewish institutions recently, he prefaced his question by saying he knows that Trump’s grandchildren are being raised Jewish. Despite the reporter making clear that he wasn’t accusing Trump of being anti-Semitic, Trump interpreted it that way and bashed that reporter and went into a defensive rant about being the least anti-Semitic person etc… Again clearly Trump is either too stupid or too deranged to have understood that reporter.

When a black reporter asked him something re the Black Congressional Caucus, Trump replied that he’d like to meet with them and asked her to set it up. She replied with a “no” indicating that’s not her job. Again this shows what a simpleton he is. She’s black and they’re black so he asked that stupid question of her, when there’s supposed to be a whole Gov’t to arrange that.

It’s almost as if he is a hysteric — over-reacting to everything. For the record, his own physician said recently that he is on [at least] two drugs: a prostate drug which is also used for hair loss and an antibiotic drug for Rosacea. He may be reacting to either or both of these.

Trump still ranted about Hillary Clinton during his press conference. Perhaps because the truth may be that the PTB flipped some switches and gave him the election?

Now the PTB know his mentality. Putting him in front of the reporters to show how stupid and nearly deranged he is, must have been by design. I have long written that he never wanted the job, and I am sure he is not making any decisions.

In fact, here is my unique take on his bantering with the reporters: This is the only thing he can do! He is not in charge of anything, and is not really the President, unlike when he was allegedly overseeing his real estate empire — achieved by his “connections” as a top Freemason and CIA agent/asset, and not paying taxes and smaller companies, etc.

Going after the Press is about the only thing he may have the power to do.

As per the above, it’s just too much work for him to check any of his alleged facts before proclaiming them as great truths. He probably feels that he’s President now, doesn’t that mean whatever he says is true by fiat?

If you think the last assertion is unique, when the forced-to-resign ex-President Richard Nixon was questioned about illegal acts he ordered to be done, Nixon replied that “…when the President does it, that means it’s not illegal”. [This was in an interview with David Frost.] So we see the kind of mentality all the criminals in the White House since Nov. 22, 1963 have shared.

A while earlier, the press reported that while speaking to President Putin as US President, Trump knew nothing about the New START Nuclear Arms Treaty when Putin brought it up. All this is fodder for possible future actions against Trump about endangering the USA.

Also at the recent presser, Trump denounced Hillary again for “giving 20% of US Uranium to Russia.” You can check all that yourself as it’s inaccurate in several ways. But it also indicates deep chicanery on the Clintons parts as well as the ultimate PTB. A few years ago, a Canadian company which owned Uranium mines in the USA was bought by Russia’s Russatom Company. Secretary of State Clinton and some 8 or 9 other US Gov’t agencies approved the deal. Subsequently, some $31 million dollars was donated to the Clinton Foundation by Russians and Bill Clinton received a $500,000 check for a speech in Russia.

Obviously the two Clintons — both long-term evil CIA NOC agents — are totally corrupt, as is their Foundation.

Naturally the head of that Canadian Company, Uranium One, Ian Telfer, was born in Great Britain…

NY Times had reported, “the national security issue at stake in the Uranium One deal was not primarily about nuclear weapons proliferation; the United States and Russia had for years cooperated on that front, with Russia sending enriched fuel from decommissioned warheads to be used in American nuclear power plants in return for raw uranium.” https://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/24/us/cash-flowed-to-clinton-foundation-as-russians-pressed-for-control-of-uranium-company.html

Again proving how all the adversaries are under a single overarching control allowing for Uranium for nuclear arms and/or reactors to pass through international checks unbridled, when the PTB want this.

This of course was how the USSR acquired nuclear bombs in the first place. The British agent, physicist Dr. Klaus Fuchs passed nuclear secrets to the USSR when he was invited to the Manhattan Project by the Americans. Despite the later public story, that showed the British control of all nuclear matters as only I write about. That was all for the coming Cold War whose 50,000 nukes and ICBMs were all about planned Quarantine Escape for our evil alien overlords.

But back now to the recent presser. Trump, when denouncing Clinton and the 20% Uranium gift to Russia, told the reporters “I know about Uranium… it’s nuclear” and its purpose is “bad”. More baby talk regarding matters on the very fate of our species…

All the above may indicate that the PTB are setting things up for Trump’s resignation or impeachment. Or else perhaps they put him out there in front of the Press for their own amusement? Like having the “First Lady” being a man as that fact cost Joan Rivers her life regarding the Obamas. Could that amusement happen again…?

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A Better Version of the Zapruder Film — Showing SS Agent Greer Killing President Kennedy, and that there was no “Piece of Skull” on the Limo

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At about 1:50 of the video below, you can clearly see part of the gun being brought up by Greer as he turns to kill President Kennedy. A few seconds later, you can see that there is no skull piece on the back of the limo.

Do not watch the rest of the video. It’s claptrap lies.

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On the new movie, “Jackie.”

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I forced myself to watch the recent film, Jackie. As expected, it was replete with lies and omissions.

At one point, a military man tells Jackie that federal law requires an autopsy in Washington, DC. I am not certain, but I don’t believe there was such a federal law then. The movie is covering up the fact that a Dallas official tried to keep the murdered President’s body there in the hospital for an autopsy as required by Texas state law. Then a Secret Service-Gestapo Agent drew his gun and they ILLEGALLY absconded with the body for the coming, planned faux autopsy at Walter Reed Hospital.

The needless oath taking by Johnson with Jackie practically being forced to be present and to have removed her slain husband’s blood and brains from her face is missing at least one thing.

The “wink photo” proves that just after the oath, LBJ and Congressman Albert Thomas acknowledge each other with a wink on their successful assassination and coup. At least Albert can be seen winking as LBJ is turned to him. 

One thing the film gets right is that it shows Kennedy’s body being slammed backwards in the limo. The Gestapo Regime lied for 12 years and stated that the Zapruder film showed that Kennedy went forward in the limo.

Of course, the film doesn’t show what actually happened, namely that SS Agent William Greer first shot Gov. Connally and then killed President Kennedy.

And that from 5-10 feet away Jackie heard who had killed her husband. She then tried to get away and jump out the back of the limo, which was prevented by Agent Clint Hill.

The Gestapo Regime, and this worthless film, want people to believe that she was reaching for a piece of his skull. A big lie. His brains and blood were all over her and the limo.

The film also leaves out that Jackie knew LBJ was in on it and that he actually starting hitting on her soon afterwards.

Update: From the wink photo, we can gauge that Jackie, with averted vision, may even have seen what was going on with LBJ and Congressman Thomas. From that and much more, and from all the previous interactions with LBJ and JFK and that Kennedy was dropping LBJ from the 1964 ticket, and that  the Congress was investigating LBJ at that P.I.T., Jackie knew of LBJ’s involvement. Indeed below I have posted how JFK was blackmailed into having LBJ  as his running mate in 1960. There was much consternation in the Kennedy brothers about this. They would have to have known that assassination was at least a possibility from day one. Contrast all this with ludicrous books and films that pretend that Jackie or Bobby didn’t know who was involved. Jackie would have quickly told Bobby just where the fatal head shot came from and why she then tried to jump out of the car.


The Gestapo Regime and its Hollywood lackeys, and all the faux conspiracists, obviously need to keep lying about all this. The time for the people to have protested was the next day — Nov. 23, 1963 — not now regarding Trump, the latest imposter.

Of course, there is no statute of limitations on both murder and high treason…

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Catching up on President Trump

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I forced myself to watch the inauguration. Trump flubbed his own name, which apparently only I can explain. When the so-called Chief Justice asked him to repeat after him, “I Donald John Trump do solemnly swear…”

Trump then said, “I Jonald John Trump…” He was visibly shaking like a leaf.

Now for my unique explanation. Trump has a severe phobia for public speaking. But he’s had treatment from psychologists and hypnotherapists. He’s been conditioned to relax when he puts his thumb and forefinger together—which he does all the time when speaking publicly. But he couldn’t do this then as one hand was on a bible and the other was held up flatly. Hence the shaking and flubbing his own name.

Then his speech was childish and could have been written by an eight year old. He obviously is someone of no more than average intelligence at best. He’s just the semi-idiot son of a very rich man. Probably both generations were made that way by the PTB as they are/were likely high level freemasons. DJT apparently has always paid little or no taxes and gotten away with it.

His childish, inaugural speech called for war on Islamo-terrorists and such. Of course, it’s nothing different from his recent predecessors. It’s just that Trump is ordered to state everything very simply, or should I write “simpletonly”, and bluntly. As per the above, this comes naturally for him.

Within hours of the inauguration, Trump and his gang claimed they had far more people at the inauguration than photos proved that he had. He and his people denounced the media, and he basically said that whatever he, the new President, says is by fiat the truth, regardless of what anyone else or physical evidence proves occurred.

Now the MSM made a big thing of this, but to me, this pales in comparison to what every so-called President and Administration has said and done since Nov. 22, 1963. They all support the Big Lie that Oswald killed President Kennedy. But as I have pointed out since Kennedy’s body is slammed back in the limo [from Secret Service Agent/driver William Greer’s shot] and Oswald was behind JFK, the Gov’t’s official version violates the inviolable Laws of Physics — here Conservation of Momentum. So every president is blatantly lying and EACH ONE is guilty of high treason. So again to me, there is nothing really new about an always lying American President. Trump is just more simple and blunt with his lies.

Trump’s first official visit, in less than 24 hours as President, was his morning visit to the CIA-Gestapo Agency HQ. The public reason and what he said are meaningless. What is important is that he was telling the world that he is an agent or asset of the CIA-Gestapo Agency, just like his former “opponent.”

At a ball on the night of his first day in office, he asked everyone to stand and applaud the two [evil] Clintons who he then praised. Obviously Trump will never have Hillary charged or convicted for her many crimes she did as Secretary of State—thus betraying another election promise.

Curiously Trump has apparently stopped dyeing his hair blond, as it is nearly white now. The same seems to be holding true of his counsel, Ms. Conway.

Of course his first week or so has been filled with planned controversies. These included banning Muslims from numerous countries from entering the USA. Christians are exempted. Just a day or two ago, a federal Judge stayed the immigration ban for now. Then Trump is taking steps regarding building the Wall at the Mexican border. His own party members in the Congress indicated that they may not vote for the $15 billion enterprise. The Mexican leader again stated his country will not pay for that and cancelled his impending visit to Washington, DC.

Some European leaders have denounced Trump, with at least one labeling him as a terrorist. Trump allegedly insulted the Australian President during a phone call and hung up on him.

Update: I left out the following: Trump’s presidency may be illegal from the getgo. I am not a Constitutional attorney, but by federal law all Presidents-elect must divest themselves of their stock holdings to an impartial overseer for the duration of his/her term. This needs to be done before being sworn in. Trump has made it known that he is not obeying this law. He has his son and others related to him, via family or business, overseeing his holdings. This is a clear cut violation of federal law. This is unethical and may be illegal. The Congress and Supreme Court are allowing this to go on. Once again, when the PTB want some miscreant to be President of the Gestapo American State, nothing apparently gets in the way — be it a living, current President or any law.

It’s all a charade and all the world leaders are in on it.

Some things Trump is doing may be good. We will see how things pan out. He appointed JFK’s nephew, Robert F Kennedy, Jr. to head a vaccine safety investigating committee. RFK Jr, is a vocal anti-vaccine spokesman. We will see how that ends up.

Ultimately, I’ve written, that presidents are [s]elected solely for their sworn obedience to launch a QE attempt when ordered—to be followed by the extermination of our species when the Quarantiners prevent QE. Something the last legitimate President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, would never have done.

The current Administration is as illegitimate and illegal as all the others since 12:30 PM on Nov. 22, 1963.

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Presidential Assassins Convict Themselves on “Secret” Audio Tapes

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The above link contains President Johnson’s “secret” audio tape of a phone conversation he had with President-Elect Richard Nixon shortly after he defeated Hubert Humphrey in the 1968 November Presidential [s]election.

I will have my unique interpretation of what they contain and imply.

To me perhaps the most important thing occurs when LBJ discusses Richard Helms with Nixon. LBJ ludicrously states that he never heard of Helms when he assumed the presidency. He named Helms CIA Director in 1966. Nixon asks Johnson if he should “continue him” and LBJ gives him a strong recommendation. Nixon then asks LBJ to quickly tell Helms that he, Nixon, will continue him.

Note that LBJ’s absurd lie that he had never heard of him in 1963 is belied by his mentioning that Helms was a UPI reporter decades earlier. [IMO that was cover and that he was all along an intel agent or asset.]


Now I have no doubt one or both were using the taping for ulterior motives. These were LBJ’s tapes, so he obviously knew the conversation was being taped. I am pretty sure Nixon did too. To me the absurd lie that LBJ had never heard of Helms until shortly before naming him CIA Director was made because Helms as CIA Deputy Director of Plans in 1963 was the master planner of the Kennedy Assassination. Helms also likely liasoned with Johnson, Nixon, most of JFK’s cabinet, the Joint Chiefs of the Pentagon and others. I doubt that Helms was the initiator of the Assassination as the CIA is controlled by the UK’s MI6. From there control probably goes to Scotland’s Freemason HQ. And from there to the secret societies in Rome, and from there, one step higher, or is it lower.

But Richard Helms probably had operational control of the assassination and was liaison to the different branches of the US Regime.

LBJ states that absurd lie of never having heard of Helms precisely because of his own involvement in the Kennedy Assassination and prior relationship with Helms. LBJ’s act of throwing himself to the floor of his limo when JFK’s limo turned onto Elm Street proves that he was told—by the US Gov’t agent in charge of the plot—where the Murder was going to take place. Again this was likely Helms. That the two presidential assassins want Helms to immediately know he is being “continued” is telling.

Nixon likely knew he was being taped too. Both are also lying regarding the issue of the South Vietnamese Gov’t not wanting to join peace talks in Paris. Recently other tapes have come out whereby LBJ discusses that he knew that Nixon had sabotaged those talks by secretly advising the South Vietnamese not to go and that he, Nixon, will give them a better deal, if they hold out and help him get [s]elected which they did, at least for a while. This is said to have helped Nixon edge Humphrey in the 1968 election. But in this tape the two are lying, in that Nixon had been the one who sabotaged the peace talks and other tapes prove LBJ knew it.

The latter fact, and the additional fact that LBJ did not have Nixon arrested for treason, or at least tell the nation, all indicate that LBJ was ordered to help ensure that Nixon—and not his loyal, lap dog Hubert Humphrey—got [s]elected. The PTB like to provide the illusion of democracy by rotating or revolving the two parties—even though it’s really one party.

Nixon’s sabotaging the 1968 peace talks may have caused thousands more American soldiers to die. Of course the War on Vietnam was fraud from day one. No North Vietnamese boat ever fired on an American Destroyer in the bogus Gulf of Tonkin [non-]event that was perpetrated by the monstrous NSA. President Kennedy’s order to start bringing home the first 1000 [NSA] advisors was disobeyed by the Joint Chiefs shortly before Kennedy was assassinated. 

The monstrously evil and gigantic NSA has many advantages. Its very charter can’t be publicly divulged or where they are etc., and it is said to be 10 times larger than the CIA. The NSA in fact is charged with Quarantine Escape and surveillance of every human being on the planet and is run by the UK’s GCHQ. Virtually every FBI building on the Planet has large NSA offices in it. Perhaps the majority tenant at the World Trade Center’s Building 7 was the NSA. That the US Gov’t doesn’t want NSA Offices to be known as such is probably due IMO to the quarantined ones fear that the Quarantiners might blast, or otherwise interfere with any given NSA office for its role in QE.

Returning to the three assassins [LBJ, Nixon, and Helms], the taped conversation of the two lying presidents regarding Helms is very telling. LBJ used his taping many times to lie so as to try to protect himself should he ever be charged with murder and treason for his role in killing President Kennedy. An honest evaluation, as I’ve given here, often proves that he actually gives himself away with the absurdity of some of his lies. Likewise here regarding Nixon. 

Update: Here is another LBJ tape, made 6 days before the one with Nixon, whereby he told Senator Dirksen he knew Nixon was committing treason. So each tape is different from others, and all have the goal of protecting LBJ from possible future criminal charges.


A few years later, President Nixon’s own secret tapes led to his downfall. While the Senate was investigating his wrongdoings regarding the Watergate break-in, he was forced to resign instead of undergoing an impending impeachment trial. His own party had abandoned him by 1975. IMO, he had done something that led to the PTB not wanting him there anymore. The Democratic Party’s HQ was broken into by CIA Agents, like E. Howard Hunt and McCord, for what was in their safe. Some allege that it contained proof of top people’s involvement in the Kennedy Assassination.

Nixon tried to sabotage or at least hinder the Watergate investigation. He tried to get the CIA to go after the FBI. He kicked Helms out of the CIA in 1973 and sent him off to Iran as Ambassador. Nixon was running out of people who would obey him by 1975. Spiro Agnew was forced to resign as VP, and Nixon appointed Warren Commissioner fraudster Congressman Gerald Ford as his VP.

When Nixon, or his Attorney General, appointed Archibald Cox as Special Prosecutor for Watergate break-in matters, Cox tried to subpoena all of Nixon’s secret tapes. When Cox refused to obey Nixon’s order to desist, Nixon fired him.

Some in the Press noted that Nixon was a Cox-sacker…

It’s interesting that several authors have written that both Johnson and Nixon were often drunk while serving as President.

When Nixon’s tapes were finally surrendered, they contained the soon-to-be infamous 18 minute gap. Some party or parties should been charged with that in-effect crime scene alteration, but was not. Some of Nixon’s own top advisors said Nixon was discussing the Kennedy Assassination during that interval. Other parts of either Johnson’s or Nixon’s tapes are to this day in effect retracted. They use the term “national security” when again it’s often when either, or both, Presidents are discussing the Kennedy Assassination, and/or their roles in it, and/or that the entire US Gov’t is a criminal enterprise run by the intel agencies and secret societies.

These two Presidential Assassins, Johnson and Nixon—own tapes often give them away precisely when they obviously lie to try to protect themselves from feared prosecution for their roles in killing John Fitzgerald Kennedy—the last President of the United States.

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Thank You For Your Feedback On My New 4th Book

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I thank those of you who have ordered my new 4th book, and I will reprint some of your feedback now.

 “It’s great!”

“I am so glad I bought your latest book revealing your latest findings on the Q and what’s behind the surface of events. This one is now my favorite of your four books. Bravo.”

“I just finished your newest book and I am blown away by the over 60 chapters! You prove how Q escape is behind many things I didn’t even know were going on, and what and when things will get heavy. I bought two extra copies as gifts for my sons and they loved it too. They told me that now they understand all that goes on. I am telling my friends to order your books too.”

“A great new one from you AP! It’s my fave of the bunch with so many shorter chapters with your blend of simple science, logic and bold truth. You are so unique on our planet and are a godsend to our species.”

Again I thank you for your kind words, and I will update here as more feedback on this new book comes in.

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A Special Place in Infamy for President Kennedy’s Treasonous and Assassinating Joint Chiefs of Staff

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President Kennedy had some evil set of monsters as his Pentagon Joint Chiefs [JC]. The Joint Chiefs are, or were, the heads of the US Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force and a Chairman of the group. His first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs was Army General Lyman Lemnitzer. His “brainchild,” Operation Northwoods, is somewhat known. He presented this to President Kennedy in 1961 or 1962 for his approval. It called for false flag attacks by American military or intel agents that would be blamed on Castro and the Cuban Gov’t. It included the killing of Astronaut John Glenn at the launch pad, the downing of a civilian airliner, blowing up a ship docked at US base at Guantanamo and other sabotage. Something similar had already been done, in 1898, to the USS Maine that led to the US War on Cuba, Spain and the Philippines.

Operation Northwoods was to lead to the US invasion of Cuba. It was also part of a larger Pentagon plan that the Joint Chiefs had a scenario for President Kennedy to approve that called for the US to launch all out pre-emptive nuclear war on the USSR and China—“because in a few years, they will have nuclear parity, and we can’t do it then.”
President Kennedy refused all such initiatives. He left one meeting apparently in some shock and disgust and said, “And they call themselves human beings.”

Of course, only I write of the “ultimate level” behind all this. Such a “pre-emptive” nuclear attack was really for QE [Quarantine Escape] and shows that JFK was prescient in that these evil Joint Chiefs were ultimately making those horrific plans on behalf of our monstrous alien overlords trying to escape their Quarantine! Oh how Kennedy would have appreciated knowing this ultimate truth.


Kennedy kicked Gen. Lemnitzer off the JC and appointed Gen. Maxwell Taylor as the new JC Chairman.

Throughout the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Joint Chiefs urged JFK to invade Cuba, and if that led to Soviet retaliation and global nuclear war—and the deaths of hundreds of millions of humans, including Americans—that was fine with them. Kennedy resisted and even had his brother Robert, the Attorney General, tell Soviet Ambassador Dobrynin to relay to Premier Khrushchev the urgency of agreeing to remove Soviet missiles in Cuba, as the Kennedys couldn’t guarantee that the Pentagon Chiefs could be held back much longer from leading a coup or such.

It’s not well known how the Joint Chiefs reacted to the peaceful solution to the crisis. While much of the world celebrated a peaceful solution that averted global nuclear war, the Joint Chiefs, at a meeting, gave President Kennedy a verbal thrashing. Most vociferous was Air Force General Curtis LeMay. He told Kennedy that he had just perpetrated the “worst defeat in US military history.” The others signed on to this thrashing, and the audio tapes that JFK secretly had turned on are said to include him stuttering in response.

Earlier during the crisis, JFK left the tape on after leaving his office. He soon after listened to the Joint Chiefs apparently making treasonous remarks, the details of which I do not have.

In 1963, the Joint Chiefs were: Marine Corps General David Shoup; Army General Earle Wheeler; Air Force General Curtis LeMay,; Navy Admiral George Anderson and Chairman General Maxwell Taylor. They got their victory over President Kennedy—and the People of the USA and the world—on November 22, 1963. They met in Hawaii and disobeyed his order to return the first 1000 military advisors while Kennedy was still alive. They should all be posthumously charged with High Treason and murder. Indeed in 1962, when JFK first gave away that he would never have a full blown war in Vietnam, they sent him a memo declaring that it “was against US policy” not to have the Vietnam War. That too IMO is treasonous as US foreign and military policy is set by the President, according to the Constitution.

Of course, we’ve had the War on Vietnam and perennial war since then. We’ve had the false flag Op of 9/11/01 where only I proved that the American Regime nuked the World Trade Center in NYC, and the China Syndrome therein resulted. This false flag Op was used to brazenly terminate Americans’ Constitutional Rights [the “Patriot Act”] and to illegally wage aggressive war around the world. Trillions of dollars have been spent on nukes, ICBMs, other WMD, and the evil intel agencies.

Update: Air Force General Curtis LeMay is now known for some of his rabid behavior, and also for being in charge of firebombing Japanese cities with then Col. Robert McNamara as his assistant. Up to 1 million civilians were said to have been annihilated that way. McNamara said at the time, that if the USA lost WWII, they’d be prosecuted as war criminals. 18 years later their relative roles were reversed with McNamara being JFK’s Secretary of Defense.

McNamara would later immediately flash a broad smile whenever Kennedy’s name was mentioned–near proof of both his foreknowledge and CIA shrink behavioral modification to try to prevent guilty behavior.

How JFK came to pick these admitted mass murderers, especially LeMay, is a mystery to me. Was he forced in some way? This would be analogous to how his Secretary Evelyn Lincoln says she witnessed JFK being forced and possibly blackmailed to pick LBJ as his VP running mate.
But it shows how those ultimately in charge want proven mass murderers at the military helm. Their reasoning seems clear to me: Those who had no compunction to kill a million human beings wouldn’t have any again to kill a billion or more in what ultimately would be a QE event—true traitors to their species, and likely 33rd degree freemasons or such. They are pure evil and were involved in killing President Kennedy—a real live prince of peace—who would never order the launching of the USA’s nuclear arsenal. That is unlike all who have succeeded him.

In 1975, then President Ford appointed Gen. Lemnitzer to the second totally corrupt US Gov’t Commission on the Kennedy Assassination. This was the so-called Rockefeller Commission whose actual name was the United States President’s Commission on CIA. Activities within the United States. It was formed in response to many Americans realizing that the Warren Commission [WC] was a cruel hoax. The Rockefeller Commission included Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, Gen Lemnitzer, future President Ronald Reagan, JFK’s Treasury Secretary Douglas Dillon, former WC attorney David W. Belin, Edgar F. Shannon, Jr., John T. Connor, Erwin N. Griswold, and Lane Kirkland. They are all guilty of High Treason and numerous other crimes for their usual conclusion that you can imagine—the lone, nut Communist did it.

Note that at the time of Kennedy’s Assassination, his brother, Attorney General [AG] Robert Kennedy was trying to change federal law and place the Secret Service under the aegis of the Attorney General [like the FBI, e.g.], instead of being under the control of the Treasury Secretary, then Douglas Dillon. You can gauge my implication as we know that Secret Service Agent/Driver, William Greer killed President Kennedy. JFK had tasked his brother with 1. Trying to find out who was really in control of the US Federal Gov’t after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, and 2. Trying to keep him alive, with all the change and the good he was trying to do.

As an aside, Gen. Lemnitzer was a graduate of The United States Army War College (USAWC). This College is one place where Colonels are trained or indoctrinated for future top military and gov’t positions. Wikipedia’s page on the [opening of] this entity includes: “.…[President] Theodore Roosevelt attended the Masonic laying of the cornerstone of Roosevelt Hall on 21 February 1903.” Yes, the whole upper echelon of the US Regime, in particular, the US Military are all sworn freemasons and/or other secret society creatures. That is how presidents can easily get assassinated and the criminals can get away with it. These individuals sworn oath to the Constitution is obviated—to them—by their earlier oaths to freemasonry, the Jesuits, the Knights Malta, etc.

But again it’s all High Treason under the Law. President Kennedy’s Joint Chiefs deserve a place in infamy for their treason and conspiracy to murder President Kennedy.

You can be sure that all the future Joint Chiefs have had and will have the same goal of QE, and upon failure again, the extermination of our species, as has occurred several times to previous hominid species during the last tens of thousands of years. Humanity should know this and resist our impending total destruction.

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Update on Castro and Cuba

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As tomorrow I believe will hold Castro’s funeral, I see that numerous articles from within Cuba have been filed by British “TV Personality” Katie Hopkins for the large Daily Mail online news media outlet.

These and other British and American MSM articles have been denouncing Castro and the Cuban Gov’t. Hopkins has been writing the most foul things about Castro and the Cuban Gov’t. Some of these things may even be true—I do not know.


Curiously, while stating that there’s no freedom of expression in Cuba, she has been allowed—by the Cuban regime—to promulgate these foul articles against Castro, and Cuba, or its Gov’t, from within Cuba. See my post below regarding the total lack of “freedom of expression” in the USA by its monstrous regime—including its murder of President Kennedy and poisoning me for once speaking out on this.

Now you know that I inform how British MI6 controls the world—with 2 higher levels beyond this. So let’s look at Katie Hopkins. Even Wikipedia [CIA] relates that “Hopkins studied economics at the University of Exeter, sponsored by the British Army’s Intelligence Corps. Hopkins completed her military training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst…” So you see the MI6 connection as I predicted. They even paid for her education. Wiki goes on, Hopkins would “…take part in series three of the reality TV show The Apprentice in 2006…”

Now the British The Apprentice TV show is franchised from the original, American version which starred and was co-produced by none other than Donald Trump. But the American The Apprentice was created by British Mark Burnett.
Burnett was in the British military but then went to the USA to be the “nanny and driver” for the Mick Jaeger family [Wiki]. Some years later, he’s a big shot TV producer and now is president of movie giant MGM. My books include how the UK has controlled American TV and movie industries from the beginning.

Let me return now to Katie Hopkins and Castro and Cuba. We saw above that though she denounces the Cuban Gov’t from within Cuba, this British asset is freely allowed by that Regime to do so. She has recently written that Castro’s claim to have lived in poverty was a lie, and he had his own island resort and his own large yacht and many homes in Cuba. Again I don’t know if these claims are true or not. Certainly if he had his own island and yacht, the CIA would have known this and could have used that knowledge. Their alleged approx. 600 failed assassination attempts are an obvious hoax, which tells us much…


That British asset Ms. Hopkins is allowed to promulgate her foul articles about Castro and the Cuban regime, by that Regime, likely is an indication that MI6 was, and is, in control of that Regime all along. As alas MI6 controls much of the world through its control of all the other nation’s intel agencies.


That fact reminds me of the failed 1961 Bay of Pigs American CIA invasion of Cuba. President Kennedy realized that he had been suckered into the plan by his CIA and Pentagon Joint Chiefs and refused to go along, in April, 1961, of launching a full scale invasion to “rescue” the trapped 1500 invaders when the Cuban People did not “rise up” as the top CIA leaders had promised JFK.

Curiously not too many know that recently the CIA has admitted 3 things:
1. Soviet intel agencies found out about the planned invasion before it occurred,
2.The CIA found out that the USSR had found out
3.The CIA did not tell President Kennedy that the USSR—and thus presumably Cuba—knew of the planned invasion.

To those revelations, I would add my own likely scenario—the CIA is the one who told their colleagues in the KGB about the whole planned event.
As my earlier post below indicates, there is the possibility that Castro was implanted the whole time as an American and/or British Agent. All this for his role as a perennial enemy, and particularly for the planned QE attempt that the world knows as the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

Again, as only I write, that crisis did not result in a full QE attempt because either JFK thwarted it and/or the American military found out that much of their nuclear bomb arsenal would fizzle due to Quarantiner action, namely, as I have revealed, Quarantiner use of neutrino beams. There is more on the aftermath of this in my new fourth book.


On what the Joint Chiefs said and did regarding the Cuban Missile crisis perhaps necessitates another post. But this post here may indicate the deepest nature of Castro, and Cuba vis-à-vis the US and the UK especially as regards to the Ultimate Matter on this Planet—Quarantine Escape.

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The Anonymous Physicist’s Proposed Galactic Peace Plan for Earth

Copyright November, 2016 The Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved

To try to put an end to the long, nightmarish human experience on Planet Earth, I propose the following 3-Party Galactic/Earth Peace Plan.

In exchange for the total cessation of evil acts against Homo sapiens and all forms of interference with humanity’s own development, the Quarantiners will stop trying to kill the quarantined ones. The Quarantiners will allow the quarantined ones to safely live above ground, as long as the latter totally cease all attempts to escape Earth. Any discovered plan to escape would automatically and instantly terminate the agreement. The quarantined ones would be allowed to interact openly with humans as long as each party’s safety and integrity is respected. Killing presidents, poisoning citizens, kidnapping and having sex slaves, and indeed all wars, created famines, genocides and manufactured intra-human strife must be ended.

This proposed peace plan could have third party alien visitors negotiate with all parties. Other aliens are allowed to pass through the Quarantine as that Bio-Net only scans for the quarantined ones’ DNA—which was also emplaced in us alas.

Our alien overlords must cease all overt and covert acts against humanity. This includes the cessation of all types of poisoning of our species including, chemical, biological, electromagnetic, nuclear, or other. Let there be no more chemtrails or mercury in baby’s vaccinations, dental fillings or light bulbs, and no more emplacement in some citizens’ homes. Humans would be allowed to scientifically progress without interference including working towards living indefinitely and healthily as I am sure the two warring alien species do.

How would each side view my proposed peace plan? My analysis follows.

The Quarantiners will never allow anything that would endanger them. They would have to be able to verify all activity of the quarantined ones, including at their deep underground habitats.

This is difficult and they certainly don’t trust their adversaries, and vice versa. There may have been a galactic war between them for eons.

What the quarantined ones would think about this involves the question of why they were here in the first place. Were they trying to escape a galactic chase? Or were they here for their own entertainment? Creating and enslaving and occasionally exterminating a somewhat advanced species, and being worshipped as a “supernatural god” apparently is experienced as great joy by these beings. Being allowed back in the Galaxy is their goal, but maybe they’d accept being allowed to safely live above ground.

Sadly though I propose this as a serious and historical event, I don’t believe it has much chance to succeed. But those of you in the Governments, militaries, etc.: pass the word to on high, or is it on low? This is the most important issue on Earth, and it is possible…

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It’s NOT Done “For Your Country”

Copyright November, 2016 The Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved

The great and horrific success our monstrous alien overlords have enjoyed against us has occurred in large part due to the many ignorant, or evil or corrupt humans who cooperate with them to harm, or control or exterminate their fellow humans.

While the human monsters “at the top” of government, industry, military, intel agencies, secret societies, etc. receive great and sometimes foul perks such as great wealth or young girls or boys, those nearer to the “bottom” of the rung, often say they do it “for their country.”

If only they first realized that their government or regime is who they are doing it for. And their gov’t or regime is composed of the most foul individuals in their country.

Secondly, those in control of their Gov’t act not for “the People” but for their masters in their intel agencies and/or secret societies.

The most important thing is that all governments—especially the current Planet-wide rulers, the US & UK Gov’ts—are totally under the control ultimately of our alien overlords. They have only two actual goals: Quarantine Escape and upon the (usual) failure of that, the extermination of our species. The previous hominid species exterminations are proof of this.

So all the humans who invade, murder, plunder, rape, ravage in other countries are not doing it “for their country” but for humanity’s alien overlords. Likewise for American agents or service people who have perpetrated foul acts here in the USA—such as William Greer killing President Kennedy, or those who emplaced nukes in the World Trade Center, or who poisoned and assaulted me, or countless other crimes—again, you didn’t do it “for your country.”

It’s rather the opposite. You did, and/or are doing, these evil acts for the most evil entities in the history of our species—the illegal and illegitimate regimes of the USA and its master the UK Regime. The US Regime is provably illegitimate as it is the continuance of the act of murder and high treason, namely the Assassination of President Kennedy, a real live prince of peace. All the nukes and ICBMs and other WMD are meant for QE and then the extermination of our species.

Again all the foul acts against innocent humans in the USA and the rest of the world is ordered not to protect “your country” but merely for nefarious purposes by agents emplaced at the helms of gov’ts. As Hitler and the Nazi regime did, so does the USA & and the UK Gov’ts do—first declare innocents they want to go to war against or mass murder, as “terrorists.” After WWII ended it’s clear that the only terrorists that had existed in Germany were its own [Nazi] Regime.

The Nuremberg Tribunals, we know, declared that killing innocents or waging aggressive war on other countries under the guise of “following orders” or “for your country” are not allowable or legal excuses.

I have strived to inform all the evil or ignorant or gutless or mindless intel agents or military or others are ultimately acting against our entire species and on behalf of those who plan to exterminate our entire species—including these agents’ own children and grandchildren.

Please try to acquire guts or brains and stop blindly obeying the illegal and illegitimate US & UK Regimes.

Rather find ways to help—not harm— or kill us good people. We are not the terrorists—your Gov’t giving you evil, illegal orders is the terrorist!

It’s not being done “for your country” but against your country which is its People, not the creatures emplaced at the helm of your Gov’t, or the evil alien overlords who ultimately control it.

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