It’s NOT Done “For Your Country”

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The great and horrific success our monstrous alien overlords have enjoyed against us has occurred in large part due to the many ignorant, or evil or corrupt humans who cooperate with them to harm, or control or exterminate their fellow humans.

While the human monsters “at the top” of government, industry, military, intel agencies, secret societies, etc. receive great and sometimes foul perks such as great wealth or young girls or boys, those nearer to the “bottom” of the rung, often say they do it “for their country.”

If only they first realized that their government or regime is who they are doing it for. And their gov’t or regime is composed of the most foul individuals in their country.

Secondly, those in control of their Gov’t act not for “the People” but for their masters in their intel agencies and/or secret societies.

The most important thing is that all governments—especially the current Planet-wide rulers, the US & UK Gov’ts—are totally under the control ultimately of our alien overlords. They have only two actual goals: Quarantine Escape and upon the (usual) failure of that, the extermination of our species. The previous hominid species exterminations are proof of this.

So all the humans who invade, murder, plunder, rape, ravage in other countries are not doing it “for their country” but for humanity’s alien overlords. Likewise for American agents or service people who have perpetrated foul acts here in the USA—such as William Greer killing President Kennedy, or those who emplaced nukes in the World Trade Center, or who poisoned and assaulted me, or countless other crimes—again, you didn’t do it “for your country.”

It’s rather the opposite. You did, and/or are doing, these evil acts for the most evil entities in the history of our species—the illegal and illegitimate regimes of the USA and its master the UK Regime. The US Regime is provably illegitimate as it is the continuance of the act of murder and high treason, namely the Assassination of President Kennedy, a real live prince of peace. All the nukes and ICBMs and other WMD are meant for QE and then the extermination of our species.

Again all the foul acts against innocent humans in the USA and the rest of the world is ordered not to protect “your country” but merely for nefarious purposes by agents emplaced at the helms of gov’ts. As Hitler and the Nazi regime did, so does the USA & and the UK Gov’ts do—first declare innocents they want to go to war against or mass murder, as “terrorists.” After WWII ended it’s clear that the only terrorists that had existed in Germany were its own [Nazi] Regime.

The Nuremberg Tribunals, we know, declared that killing innocents or waging aggressive war on other countries under the guise of “following orders” or “for your country” are not allowable or legal excuses.

I have strived to inform all the evil or ignorant or gutless or mindless intel agents or military or others are ultimately acting against our entire species and on behalf of those who plan to exterminate our entire species—including these agents’ own children and grandchildren.

Please try to acquire guts or brains and stop blindly obeying the illegal and illegitimate US & UK Regimes.

Rather find ways to help—not harm— or kill us good people. We are not the terrorists—your Gov’t giving you evil, illegal orders is the terrorist!

It’s not being done “for your country” but against your country which is its People, not the creatures emplaced at the helm of your Gov’t, or the evil alien overlords who ultimately control it.

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Proof of My Allegations on South African President NuclearZuma

Copyright November, 2016 The Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved

This week, South African media revealed the truth about SAn national gov’t electrical utility Eskom’s proposed nuclear reactor site at Thyspunt. The articles below show that Eskom has declared the Thyspunt site as “safe” for a nuclear reactor despite Eskom having studies that showed that the site had shown seismic activity relatively recently and that it’s below sea level altitude makes it unsafe due to tidal factors including possible future tsunamis.

Eskom has conceded knowing about these studies. Other MSM articles indicate that Eskom still says the proposed site is safe and wants to go ahead with the reactor there.‚-Eskom-concedes

All this is exactly as I predicted and is part of my larger picture, which I will summarize. In 1993, British MI6 agents, the Gupta family, emigrated to SA. They were instrumental in covertly getting former ANC intel officer Jacob Zuma installed as SAn President. Zuma’s—and the Gupta’s—entire OpPlan is nuclear. Some two years ago, it was revealed that NuclearZuma had made a secret deal to have Russia build some 6-8 nuclear reactors in SA.

This secret deal may have been made during the strange occurrence several years ago whereby Zuma went to the USA for some illness. It was then publicly stated that American doctors concluded that Zuma had been poisoned. Zuma then went to Russia for three weeks for further testing and treatment. The Russians confirmed that Zuma was poisoned and the media has stated that his wife, Nompumelelo Ntuli-Zuma, probably did it. She was kicked out of his home by the SAn Security Minister. Curiously no mention of the alleged poison was ever cited by the Americans or Russians. Contrast this with the Litvinenko Polonium matter. Zuma’s wife was never charged with a crime. Indeed she now has a libel case in the courts for false accusations. Was the whole poisoning charade part of getting Zuma into Russia for the secret nuclear reactor deal? Zuma naturally soon completely “recovered”…

As someone who was massively mercury poisoned by the FBI  and CIA, I can tell you that it can take years to recover only a portion of previous health. Some aspects of health are permanently destroyed after being poisoned–including liver, heart, kidney and nervous system functioning..

When the Russian deal was finally disclosed by others, Zuma stated that it was going to happen, and “nobody can stop it.” So much for a pretense that SA is a democracy. Since 2005, Zuma has been investigated for 783 corruption charges, but is still in power. In 2005, he was also charged with raping the daughter of an ANC colleague.

During the last year or so the Gupta family has been investigated for promising several people Cabinet Minister positions, as if they control the SAn Gov’t. The created term “state capture” is used instead of the appropriate legal term: high treason.

Just how totally fascist South Africa is, can be seen in the fact that nowhere in the country is the radiation issue allowed to be discussed, not in Parliament, online or talk radio. No mention of the recent Fukushima disaster or the USSR Chernobyl disaster is cited. Nor is the recent German plan to phase out all nuclear reactors in that country after the Fukushima disaster. The prohibitive trillion Rand cost has [rarely] been discussed, but never the nuclear radiation leakage and possible disaster.

That is because SA’s British overlords want South Africa to have both nuclear reactors and nuclear bombs for reasons detailed in my new fourth conspiracy book. And they want these reactors to leak and to have one or more future Chernobyl-like or Fukushima-like events. As I succinctly say, if our species really were in charge of itself there wouldn’t be a single nuclear reactor or nuclear bomb on this Planet.

The NuclearZuma and NuclearGupta Affair serves as a window into how affairs are run on this Planet as only I reveal. As part of Quarantine Escape plans, MI6 gets its agents in India installed in SA to get MI6 agent Zuma installed. His prime task is to get nuclear reactors and covertly nuclear bombs in production. The Guptas and Zuma are untouchable despite laws and an alleged Constitution. Indeed I’ve shown that the US Regime gave highly enriched Uranium to the new SA Apartheid Regime for it to have both a nuclear reactor and nuclear bombs.    

So in the unique worldview of this Anonymous Physicist, it doesn’t matter what type of Gov’t is seen at the surface. Indeed my 4th book for the first time details why outrageous Apartheid was emplaced in SA in 1948.

But we can see that the country, South Africa, was chosen by our quarantined alien overlords and their controlled human secret societies and intel agents for dastardly nuclear purposes. In part this pertains to what and to who is in South Africa’s mines… It’s their safety and their hoped for escape that all the madness and corruption in South Africa has occurred. But alas the same holds true for our entire species and our entire planet.

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On Jackie Kennedy

Copyright November, 2016 The Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved

As a major motion picture, starring Natalie Portman, on Jackie Kennedy—especially at the time of President Kennedy’s Assassination—is about to be released, it is important to state some things that will likely be lied about in the film.

First and foremost, Jackie immediately knew that Secret Service Agent/Driver William Greer had just killed her husband, the President.

While she was looking at JFK as he had turned to her for help before being paralyzed for the last seconds of his life—from 5-10 feet away, when Greer’s gun was fired twice (first striking Connally), she could well hear exactly where those shots came from.

As the limo then accelerated to significant speed, she tried to jump off the back of the limo. Agent Clint Hill, who disobeyed orders, and was Jackie’s regular guard, ran up to the limo, and we can see she was reluctant to allow him to push her back in the limo. Just run the Zapruder film.

  Image result for jackie kennedy on back of limousineHere for the first time is what the probable conversation was between them, “The driver just killed Jack!! He blew his brains out! I’m not staying in this car with him.” He replied, “It’s not safe to jump out Jackie. I promise to protect you!” Or a shortened version of that.

And this bastard American Gestapo Regime—and its obvious faux conspiracists—state that Jackie “was on the back of the limo to retrieve a piece of his skull.” Again his brains were all over her and the limo. And there were pieces of his skull inside the limo:

Jackie refused to change her clothes for the unnecessary swearing in on the plane ride back to Washington, DC. She said “let them see what they have done.” She reluctantly washed her face and rid it of her husband’s blood and brains. Jackie’s friends reported that she later made cryptic remarks like, “Be careful who you pick to be your driver.”

The Assassination was just the beginning of her troubles. After several decades, LBJ’s private White House tapes were released. It’s clear that the monster/assassin was soon after hitting on her. At one point, Johnson even said to her about her children, “I want to be their Daddy.”

She knew, of course that LBJ was an integral part of her husband’s murder. When asked why she isn’t telling the country what she knows, she replied, “The Secret Service has my children.”

Clint Hill having his gun out and cocked the whole time at the Parkland Hospital’s E.R. [see the books by eyewitness Dr. Charles Crenshaw] is further evidence that he saw, heard and knew: the assassins were his colleagues.

Dr. Crenshaw also wrote that an FBI agent started to arrest SS Agents Greer and Kellerman for the murder of President Kennedy. A Secret Service Agent, from behind, then knocked him out with the butt of his [unused] machine gun. These facts, of course, are not reported by the Gestapo-controlled press or the faux conspiracy sites and forums.

When Senator Robert Kennedy—to whom Jackie had grown close—was assassinated, Jackie fled the country and married billionaire Aristotle Onassis. She came back to the USA after about 6 years.
In 2011, some of the media reported that Jackie’s “secret tapes” would soon be aired, and that they contained her stating that LBJ was one of her husband’s assassins.


But then: nothing. When the tapes were later aired, they did not contain that. Could the media have gotten this all wrong? Possibly. But perhaps more likely is the possibility that that portion was excised from the tape before airing. This would be somewhat like Nixon’s missing 18 minutes of his tapes when they were ordered to be revealed during the Senate Watergate Investigation. Insiders say Nixon was talking about the Kennedy Assassination during that gap. Evidence related to the JFK Assassination in the Democratic Party HQ’s safe was the reason for Nixon ordering the break-in in the first place.


Jackie knew all too well who killed her husband. Ultimately it was very unfortunate that she and the Kennedy family did not tell the People that SS Agent Greer and the US Regime killed President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

We can’t fault her for acting or not acting out of fear. But it might have saved our country…

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Hopefully Final Update on the 2016 [S]Elections

Copyright November, 2016 The Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved

A few days ago, President-Elect Trump announced—as predicted here—that he will not carry out a new investigation of Hillary Clinton, as he had vigorously promised his supporters during the campaign. Millions of Americans may have voted for him just because of his promise to investigate, charge, arrest and imprison Hillary for all her crimes committed against the USA. As I write, it was all lies. Just about everything both candidates publicly say is all lies.


Now Hillary’s supporters have paid to re-count the ballots in at least one state. Several states are claimed to have had rigged tabulations and may have re-counts. Hillary’s people have asked the Electoral College electors to switch from Trump to her. Six have said they will do this. If they do and some more join in, the [s]election process may go on for a while, and end up in court. I think this is another charade and won’t go that far, but we will have to see.


In response, Trump has said that Hillary’s claims are nonsense. Today he said that Hillary still rigged the election and she stole nearly 2 million votes that she leads in the popular vote. That plurality continues to cause some politicians to call for abolishing the Electoral College. That’s been an issue for “only” 200 years or so…

Perhaps the most sickening thing recently revealed about this [s]election concerns Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta, and possibly his lobbyist brother, Tony. John Podesta was chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and was Legal Counselor to President Obama and was president of the Center for American Progress.

I don’t know if the allegations have merit as virtually all internet conspiracy sites or forums are run out of the FBI, CIA or NSA. But this matter is being called Pizzagate. It seems that an investigation by NYC Detectives led to Podesta’s emails and his computer and/or othere people’s computers and emails. His and/or other related computers contained numerous emails urgently requesting rapid delivery of fresh pizza sauce and/or walnuts. Pedophile experts state that these are known pedophile terms for young girls and boys. Furthermore, conspiracists claim that photos of the 2 Podesta brothers look very much like 2 men seen nearby when baby Maddy McCann was allegedly abducted at a Portuguese resort 9 years ago. They do look like the men in the drawings.  Curiously it is now claimed that the 2 brothers were guests then at Clement Freud’s mansion 1/3 mile from where McCann was staying.

Clement Freud was Sigmund Freud’s grandson and a member of the British Parliament. After he died, several British women came forward and said he had raped them when they were children. Freud had been knighted in 1987 and died in 2009. This year, 2016, is when several claims of child rape were publicly revealed against him. Scotland Yard is said to be investigating Clement Freud now as part of a larger pedophile ring.


Now I am not sure what to make of this regarding Podesta. While it wouldn’t shock me in the least, we have to be aware again that the near totality of internet conspiracists are intel agents. One Op-Plan is to claim conspiracy when there is none—and vice versa. OTOH, the monstrous British-American Regime is well known to have its intel agencies along with the secret societies run a child kidnapping and sex slave “industry” in these two countries—and the rest of the world.

If this matter is true, then what happened may be clear. When investigation led to John Podesta, the FBI-Gestapo then got into the act and took Podesta’s computer away from the NYPD. Why? “National Security, don’t ya know…”

Among the numerous Ops of the federal Gestapo agencies is to ensure that fellow hidden or NOC agents are never arrested or charged for all the horrific crimes they commit. When these hidden assets/agents are charged or about to be charged with drug selling, pedophilia or frankly murder, the federal Gestapo agencies will literally yank them, and/or their evidence, away from local police properly doing their job.

FBI Director Comey, after FBI agents safely secured Podesta’s computer and/or other people’s related computers, and just a couple of days before the [s]election, announced that the new evidence would again not lead to any new charges against Hillary Clinton, nor apparently to any staff members. This announcement coming allegedly before they even had time to read, or study, or investigate the emails on the recently absconded with computer.


In summary, both recent presidential candidates and or the people close to them are habitual liars and totally corrupt, and more evil then most will ever learn. Nothing alas ever changes.

The Ultimate level only I discuss. Both, when ordered to will press a button for QE and subsequent annihilation of our species. For their being so evil and so obedient they’ve been given great “perks”: including great wealth and young boys and girls.

If the people ever knew, maybe they’d try to get the country back from these monsters and traitors, because everything they do is illegal and unconstitutional.

Update: The BBC [MI5/6] put out an article stating that the entire Pizzagate matter is a fabrication. As I wrote this could be as all the conspiracy sites are intel-agency run. But then again the BBC still claims “lone, nut, Communist” Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy when this is physically impossible and Oswald was not a Communist but an American CIA/ONI agent himself and a “patsy” in his own words. The BBC last wrote a word of truth…I can’t recall if ever.


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Fidel Castro Dies, Age 90. He told his Nation on the Night of Nov. 22, 1963 Who Killed President Kennedy

Copyright November, 2016 The Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved

Update: [12/4/16] Fidel Castro’s ashes have been buried in Santiago de Cuba.

Two days ago, former Cuban leader, Fidel Castro died, allegedly of natural causes, at the age of 90. His body was cremated per his wishes, according to his brother Raul who took over the Cuban Gov’t due to Fidel’s illness [cancer] some 8 years ago or so. A state funeral will occur soon, but probably after 9 days of official mourning, the first 4 of which will have his ashes taken to various towns or cities in Cuba.

Now much about Fidel and Cuba vis-à-vis the US and its “Gov’t” are lies. Fidel, on the very night President Kennedy was murdered, told his People on a radio broadcast who killed Kennedy. As the US Regime had almost immediately promulgated its official Oswald history, Fidel had no trouble seeing through the disinformation. Castro said that Oswald’s faked defection to the USSR and his being allowed back in unwatched or such, made it clear to Castro that Oswald was a US Gov’t intel agent—and patsy as Oswald himself managed to blurt out to reporters after his arrest—who was sacrificed in what had to entirely be a US Gov’t operation. In addition to telling his nation that the US Gov’t had just killed its own President, Fidel declared that this was “bad news” for Cuba.

Contrast that truth with the ludicrous and physical impossibilities the American Gestapo Regime still promulgates to this day. The US Dept. of [Non-]Justice and the FBI-Gestapo Agency still say that “lone nut, Communist” Oswald shot from behind the limo despite the fact that JFK’s body is slammed backwards in the limo. As this physicist has stated, that would be a violation of the inviolable Laws of Physics—here Conservation of Momentum. Promulgating that proven lie makes the US Regime guilty of being an “organized criminal enterprise” under the RICO Statute. That’s also murder and high treason under the Constitution. Of course, the American Gestapo Regime knows full well that Secret Service Agent William Greer turned around and blew Kennedy’s head half off. That much Castro could not know that day, but he was certainly right about the US Gov’t killing its own President.


Castro was also prescient in predicting that this was bad news for his nation. President Kennedy actually had his emissary in Cuba that very day to discuss the possibility of re-establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries. That was quickly ended by new President Johnson, or the murderers who controlled him.

The US “Gov’t” doesn’t tell the world of all the terrorist acts its agents committed against Cuba in the years after the Kennedy Assassination. Cuban ports and/or the ships docked therein were occasionally blown up. Cuban crops, especially sugar, were destroyed by toxic or biologic substances. The US led a severe economic embargo against Cuba which apparently may have finally ended just this past year under Obama. Trump has promised to reverse what Obama did.


Castro and Cuba have had to endure the US Regime blaming Castro for Kennedy’s assassination. That he would never have done, in part, due to fear of devastating retaliation. Johnson and others would cleverly say that they didn’t believe the WC [Warren Commission] and that “Castro ordered it, but we better leave that alone, or we might have WWIII—war with the USSR.” In reality, Kennedy and Khrushchev, by then, had good rapport, and the trillions of dollars spent on nukes and ICBMs, etc. would not have occurred had Kennedy not been murdered.

Now the US Regime has repeatedly talked about the Cuban Communist Regime’s lack of Freedom of Expression. That may be, but it behooves me to point out and remind that no country in the history of our species is as evil as the USA. First it’s proven that the US Regime killed President Kennedy—a real live prince of peace who in June 1963 promised “peace not just in our time, but for all time…” Talk about “freedom of expression” JFK wasn’t given the freedom to even live. The US Gestapo Regime, some 40 years later, had me brutally assaulted and then massively mercury poisoned, for once publicly showing SS Agent Greer killing President Kennedy.

I could go on and on about the true nature and crimes of the US Regime, including nuking its own largest city on 9/11/01 and using that event to blame others and to wage aggressive war on the world. Indeed the American military base at Guantanamo, Cuba has been used since 9/11/01 to jail and torture mostly—if not entirely—innocents who had first been illegally kidnapped and sometimes tortured in other countries. Note that Cuba has refused to accept any American payments for the Guantanamo base since Castro came to power. He holds that that base is part of Cuba and should be returned. The US Regime, of course, keeps it so as to be able to claim, when it chooses, its being attacked in order to then invade Cuba.

Now I’ve never been to Cuba, and sadly am too ill and poor to travel, so I do not know the state of affairs there. But some things are well known. First the Cuban People had no freedom of expression under the American-installed Battista Regime. The Cuban Regime, under Castro ended the massive illiteracy and mass poverty of the Cuban People. Every citizen there gets free medical and dental care.

Cuba’s medical schools became among the best in the world. In contrast, many millions of Americans still do not have medical and/or dental care! This includes me, as I desperately need money for urgent medical matters, and don’t have it. Please think on this: what good are alleged other freedoms, if you don’t have the freedom or ability to pay for medical or dental care. In other words, in the USA, millions don’t have the freedom to try to stay alive. Recently, what little Obama enacted for the poor or middle class, Trump has promised to end.

So the majority of Cubans in Cuba it seems viewed Castro as their beloved leader who overthrew American imperialism and total domination. It also seems that much of the “third world” thinks of Castro similarly for either medical assistance or aid in their own struggle to be freed of Western Imperialism under the risible guise of “democracy.” No one—certainly not I—claim that the Cuban “Revolution” and its results are without flaws and injustice, but the totality, as indicated here needs to be considered


Now for some “ultimate truths RE Castro and Cuba. First it appears that the USA and its intel agents/Mafioso helped arm and emplace Castro. Curiously Battista fled instead of trying to fight off Fidel and company when they entered Havana…
Furthermore, it’s said that Castro recited the US Constitution—as did Ho Chi Minh—when coming to power. But he was then told, in effect, “No. Sorry, we’ve changed our minds. You are now our enemy!” The British American Regime needs perennial enemies for continued massive military expenditures. As I reveal, all that is ultimately for QE [Quarantine Escape] and upon failure, the extermination of our species. As only I have revealed, the 1962 Cuban missile crisis may have been meant to be cover for a planned QE attempt. Again only I have stated that global nuclear war may not have occurred because 1. Kennedy stopped it, and/or 2. The American military or its quarantined, alien overlords found that most of its nukes would fizzle due to neutrino bombardment from the Quarantiners.

At the very deepest level, there is even the possibility that Castro was in on this all along. I am not saying I believe this with any certainty, but it must be considered as a possibility. He was Jesuit trained, and initially a lawyer connected to the elite. The almost always lying CIA and/or others claim that they unsuccessfully tried to assassinate him 638 times. Sure…

Or was that cover all along to have him there for the “Big One” of QE when they thought it might be successful?


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It’s November 22, 2016—the 53rd Anniversary of the US Gov’t’s Assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy—A Real, Live Prince of Peace

Copyright November, 2016 The Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved

Today is the 53rd anniversary of one of the worst days in the history of our species. Perhaps the last best hope for Mankind ended when the US Regime had Secret Service Agent William Greer murder President Kennedy. His wonderful brain was publicly blasted all over his wife and the car they were in.

 The time to have protested a new fascist regime was not last week, but Nov. 23, 1963. It is never too late to try to get the country back. And there is no statute of limitations for the crimes of murder and high treason.

What the monstrous US Regime has done to the American People, and the People of the world, since that day is horrific.

Justice denied for this wonderful human being inexorably leads to the next failed Quarantine Escape attempt and the end of our species…

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President-[S]Elect Trump to Push For “Return” to the Moon, and Colonize It. Quarantiners Laugh

Copyright November, 2016 The Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved

While outgoing President Obama proposed the USA land on Mars by 2030, Trump is said to favor “returning” to the Moon. His crony, former Congressional leader, Newt Gingrich, wants a colony on the Moon to be built.

The Quarantiners, and we humans in the know, are having a good laugh. As I’ve proven, we know humans can’t leave low Earth orbit, at best.
This is just another example of the non-difference of the two political parties. It seems that once again, huge sums of money will be spent on either a Mars Mission fraud, or a “return” to the Moon fraud. NASA is one evil agency. IMO, due to Quarantiner actions, NASA has recently been verboten to launch and gave the task to “private enterprise.” In reality, both NASA and all the private enterprise billionaire’s boy club members are fronting for the US Military—which is itself controlled by the alien, quarantined monsters sadly in control of our species.


As pointed out here, the Quarantiners don’t recognize the difference and have smashed all the private enterprises’ space planes and rockets, in the last few years.


We will see if humanity falls for the redux of another Apollo-like Hoax. The planned rocket and capsule, etc even look similar [naturally].


There are certainly many more humans now who know something of the first hoax.
The reason for more such hoaxes is the planned QE attempt which looms nigh…


My four books remain the only honest resources about all this.
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Announcing the Publishing of the Fourth True Conspiracy Book by the Anonymous Physicist

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With great pride, I announce the recent publishing of my fourth conspiracy book.


The first readers have all said it might be the best of the set, with some amazing and unique breakthrough understandings.


It is only available to those of you who have ordered the first three from us.

It’s available now upon request and approval.

There is now a $10. off sale on this book, for the next few weeks, or until current stock runs out.

And as always, we keep secret the names and data of all of you who have ordered our books from us.

Thank you.  

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Why Do I Ask For Human Beings, and Not Intel Agents, To Order My Books?

Copyright November, 2016 The Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved


As you can see, I end many of my posts recently by asking people to buy my books by first contacting me via email. Specifically I distinguish between human beings and the evil intel agents who won’t leave me alone. So I will explain the history of this.


Many of you know that I made the mistake of writing posts at the blog of Alexander Lloyd Dent [aka Spooked911], who proved to the world he’s an intel agent by saying that the obvious man in front of the lead, white car in the Altgens#7 Dealey Plaza photo was “a flag” and that I am “delusional” for not agreeing that the man is “a flag.”


For 20 years, the CIA-Gestapo implanted someone as a fake friend and betrayer. And now I must detail some of the obvious intel agents that have attempted to either contact me or order my books.


Note that though I need to sell my books due to my poor health and medical expenses and near poverty level, I will not knowingly sell my unique, truthful books to any obvious intel agents. Nor will I dialogue with any more intel agents posing as conspiracy experts.


The following is not in any order, but it is instructive to cite some of these obvious and sickening creatures.


One individual has a blog or site that ludicrously says “Communists did 9/11”! This nonsense is what happens when the foul intel agencies have virtually unlimited funds and idiots whose moronic Op-Plan is to, what I called, Babelize an event.


Another obvious agent used the name “Ari” and allegedly wanted to purchase my third book. But he ranted what did Michael Jackson’s death have to do with the Quarantine?” He pretended to be interested in the Q, but mocked me and that book, but wanted it. Don’t forget that the illegal copyright-infringing places that claim to have any of my books have thoroughly altered as well as illegal versions of the first two books.


Now this “Ari” was loud and foul. An online personality like that is invariably an intel agent. The issue of CIA controlled sex slaves in our society is certainly important and part of the evil control of our species ultimately by the quarantined, alien overlords. I detail that MJ was deliberately murdered for starting to publicly reveal things, including his horrible young life as a sex slave. I have also detailed that none other than the CIA/ONI patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald was a child sex slave who was ultimately murdered by his intel agency masters. So unlike agent “Ari”’s faux and loud opinion, sex slaves and what happens to some of them is an insidious form of control and destruction of human society, ultimately ordered by the quarantined monsters in control. Deep underground, it is likely they have many human sex slaves alas. Quite relevant!


Now I don’t go much to any of the faux conspiracy sites or forums for a few years. They’re all run out of the NSA- or FBI-Gestapo Agencies. If you are a human being, don’t waste your time there. Order my books; they also are all collector’s items. And they answer all important questions uniquely and truthfully. The virtual entirety of “conspiracy experts” are gov’t agents putting out disinformation in their mix.


Another person was an author of a book about spirituality or her spirituality. Her email contained an attempt to ingratiate herself that well proved she was an intel agent. RE spirituality: Why can’t people realize that a good person does good. They don’t proclaim themselves as “spiritual” or write books or blogs on “spirituality.” They don’t contact people feeling they need to say things to ingratiate or “certify” themselves.


Someone else who recently contacted me is some sort of known rock musician cum UFOlogist cum TV or Movie documentarian and wannabe quarantine “expert.” But apparently he’s a supporter of that chief of the lying US Gov’t Agencies—NASA.


Again while during this time, I’ve sold my great books to inquiring human beings, and very much need the money, I did not sell my books to any of the above. But please, if you are a human being and not an intel agent, contact me for instructions on ordering.


Another sickening and obvious intel creature has contacted me for over 3 years, with my continual ignoring him. This faux conspiracist, named White is denounced by many online. His last bunch of contacts was ludicrously trying to suck me into his PsyOp of countering the absurd and bogus nuclear 9/11 “theory” coming from another well known faux conspiracist named Duff.


There is no need to counter a “nuclear hypothesis” from a non-physicist, a non-scientist, a known faux conspiracist who is the usual MI6 screaming agent with the ubiquitous PsyOp “the Jews or Israelis did it”—regardless of what “it” is. Only a fellow gov’t agent would prop up anything from Duff—let alone a nuclear hypothesis.


When I told White not to contact me ever again, he got nasty. He did not merely say, “Sorry, I won’t contact you again”, as a human being would. He got nasty and first said my website asks people to contact me. You can see that my site clearly asks human beings—and not intel agents—to order my books by first contacting me.


So despite my ignoring this obvious agent, White, for several years, he persisted. I finally use block and/or delete so as not to see anything from him.


Again if you are a human being, and not an intel agent/asset, don’t waste your life at the faux conspiracy sites. All your questions will be answered in my FOUR BOOKS.


Please order my books, if you are a human being, and not an intel agent. Contact me via


Was the [S]election Rigged Against, not for, Hillary? And Updates

Copyright November, 2016 The Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved

Some experts are claiming that they have proof that the [S]election was rigged not for, but against, Hillary Clinton:
A significant percentage of Democratic voters say they will not accept the Trump victory due to alleged rigging of the [S]election.

As I indicated just after the [s]election, the question is what really happened that made CIA NOC Agent Clinton’s masters pull the promise to her of 50 years ago? Her health? Or something she said or did?

[S]election Update: MSM [BBC/MI6] is touting Michelle Obama as the Democratic Candidate in 2020. This would be fascinating as it would have the first woman president be a man—as Joan Rivers revealed and paid for that with her life. The 2020 [S]election charade is already being planned.
MSM is also touting Chelsea Clinton as possibly soon running for Congress.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by approx. 200,000 votes. Former AG Holder and others are calling for direct voting and for the abolishing of the Electoral College.

As predicted here, Trump now calls Hillary and Bill Clinton “good people” and hints at dropping plans to investigate, charge and arrest her. It was all a charade.

Celebrities for Hillary are now reneging on their pledge to leave the USA. What a surprise. Actors…

Large nationwide protests—called a violent riot in Portland, OR—went on for 5 days after the [S]elections.

This is rather late in the day IMO.
The proper date for massive protests against a new fascist President was November 23, 1963!