The Photos and Videos Proving that the Secret Service [Agents Greer, Kellerman and others] Killed President Kennedy on Behalf of the US Government

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Updated on November 22, 2018 at bottom.

First the Secret Service agent who was to stand on the limo behind Kennedy was ordered not to just 5 minutes before the assassination. He repeatedly shrugs his shoulders in disbelief. 

Now frame 313 of the Zapruder film shows the gun in William Greer’s left hand brought up to near his right ear. You can clearly see the reflection of the gun well past the curvature of Agent Kellerman’s head here:   [You can enlarge it further on your computer.] 

The above photo was taken just after the murder. In books and newspapers, this photo is usually cropped to leave out the left outer 1/8 or so. Note the lead white car which had stopped; see its brake lights on. It was driven by Secret Service Agent Winston Lawson. Some say Dallas PD Chief Jesse Curry was driving. Sheriff Bill Decker and SS Agent Forrest Sorrell were also in the car. The car had pulled ahead and then stopped. Clearly we can see a man stationed now at the back of the car. He appears to have a rifle or other object. I was the first to publicly state the truth about the man and all here involved in the Assassination. The man’s face has been  blackened out so he can’t be identified. Several obvious intel agents laughably stated that the obvious man is a “flag on the JFK limo.” Alexander Lloyd [Spooked911] gave himself away as an intel agent as he was the first to denounce me for stating the obvious truth and he first claimed its a “flag” on the JFK limo. The Gestapo Regime harassed and threatened me again for this, as if the massive poisoning of me years earlier wasn’t enough. This photo alone proves the involvement of the Secret Service, the DPD and the Sheriff’s Office. Both the FBI and CIA were involved in all the harassing, assaulting, car chasing and poisoning of myself.

For the record, the Zapruder film has been proven to be heavily altered. It has many missing frames so as to not show exhaust from Greer’s gun and other things. The reddish forward spray from Kennedy’s head is painted on, and the back of his head is blackened in as it was mostly blasted out. The limo also is falsely shown to move at a steady, good clip when many eyewitnesses said it came to a complete stop.

Then we have this Zapruder frame [below] that was shortly before the fatal head shot and you can see Greer’s left forearm and the gun being brought up to near his right ear: 

I post this because recent online doctoring pretends to show both Greer’s hands on the wheel.

Then we have video of Assistant White House Press Secretary Malcolm Kilduff telling all the [faux] journalists at Parkland Hospital, one hour after the assassination, that the doctors told him that “it was a simple matter of a bullet right through the head” as he points to the bullet’s entry just above the outer part of his right eye.

So all these “journalists” knew that President Kennedy was shot from the front and said nothing as the regime promulgated the physically impossible “shot from behind” by the patsy Oswald [himself a CIA/ONI Agent] nonsense. As a physicist I can tell you that the Laws of Physics, here the conservation of momentum, are inviolable.

With the above told to all those journalists, it was clear who did it and that there was no mystery. The regime manufactured the mystery with countless agents as authors, fake researchers and conspiracy experts, etc., spending perhaps billions of dollars every year including the last 2 decades or so for all the fakers/agents on all the conspiracy sites and forums.

While the Zapruder film is heavily doctored, we can still see the following. President Kennedy is shot in the throat. He appears to cough as his arms reflexively come up. He turns toward Jackie for help. Then he is motionless as it appears he was shot with something that paralyzed him for the last few seconds of his life. Though his muscles were paralyzed, he likely was conscious and knew what was being done to him. Jackie first looks to Gov. Connally for help. Connally just turns around to his right and stares at who he knows is the intended victim. Jackie then tries to push down on his arm, but cannot. She had been so instructed by the Secret Service. Connally is then shot by Agent Wiliam Greer. He heard that it came from Greer and Jackie later told the WC that he blurted out, “My God they’re trying to kill us all.” He turns to look at Greer as he and Mrs. Connally then quickly duck down to give Greer room to finish the task. They appear to bump heads for a moment.

While all that was happening, in the front passenger seat, Agent Roy Kellerman [see below post] first merely observed in his rear view mirror. Then he turned around to his left. He then turned toward and ordered Greer to finish the job. Greer can be seen turning around twice. At the apex of his first turn Connally is shot. At the apex of his second turn Kennedy is fatally shot in the head. Eyewitnesses said that the limo was brought to a standstill by Greer. The 2 agents then duck down and the limo speeds up as their job is done.

Jackie’s mouth is open in shock at seeing the back of her husband’s head is mostly gone. Motorcycle cops behind the limo are hit by blood and brain matter. Jackie well heard that the driver fired twice and then tried to get on the back of the limo to get out of there as the killer was just 5-10 feet away. Agent Clint Hill had run up and boarded and said something to her and got her back in the limo as it sped towards the hospital. At Parkland Hospital, attending physician Dr. Charles Crenshaw later wrote that Agent Clint Hill had his gun out and cocked the whole time. He knew his “colleagues” had done it.

A Dallas Motorcycle cop, James Chaney, later said he saw that JFK was “shot in the face.” He was not called to testify to the WC. See: 

At least 5 people saw SS driver William Greer do it and told this to the Warren Commission.
1. Mary Moorman – school teacher standing next to Jean Hill. She said she saw Greer shooting back but thought he was shooting back at the assassin. SOURCE: Warren Commission and taped interview by Fred Newcomb.

  1. Jean Hill – Jean Hill saw what happened too, but when she tried to bring up the subject of a gun being fired in the car, Senator Arlen Spector (a 33rd degree Mason) would change the subject or say “it’s time for a cup of coffee.”
  2. Austin P. Miller – Texas Louisiana Freight Bureau, who stood on the railway overpass overlooking Elm Street was asked by Arlen Spector where the shots came from: His reply was “from right there in the car.” Senator Spector just went on to the next question, never asking Miller any specifics. From: Warren Report, New York Times edition, p. 82.
  3. Clinton J. Hill. Jacqueline Kennedy’s bodyguard reports in Vol. II, pp 138-139 of the Warren Commission Volumes: “I jumped from the car, realizing that something was wrong, and ran to the presidential limousine. Just as I reached it, there was another sound. I think I described it in my statement as though someone was shooting a revolver into a hard object…it seemed to have some type of echo.”
  4. Hugh Betzner – Had picture published in Life magazine and was standing right next to the drivers side of the motorcade: He saw a gun in the hand of one of the secret service agents and heard a sound “like firecrackers going off in the car.”Link to Betzner’s official statement: Source: taped interview with Fred Newcomb.

About 15 years later, the House Committee on Assassinations obtained a motorcycle cop’s Dictaphone recording and added audio to the Z film. It’s even more obvious that Greer fired twice as described above.

In 1992, I obtained a copy of this and expanded it making it even more clear that Greer fired twice. I showed this publicly and was soon brutally assaulted, car chased by 3 vehicles and then massively mercury poisoned similarly to how Karen Silkwood was poisoned. My life has been destroyed medically, psychologically and financially. They continue to harass me. The crimes committed against me by the American federal Govt include attempted murder, torture, poisoning, terrorism, conspiracy, and now abuse of the elderly and abuse of a disabled person.

Getting back to the assassination. The Regime soon put out the nonsense that a lone nut Commie named Lee Harvey Oswald did the shooting despite that being physically impossible. Oswald, who had that fake legend of being a defector/Communist–for the coming Cold War build-up of nukes and ICBMs–blurted out on camera, “I’m just a patsy.”

The Regime said the Z film is too horrible for the citizenry to view, so they had a single young reporter see it. He lied and told the world that it showed Kennedy sprung forward in the limo from a shot from behind. He gets rapidly promoted to the top. His name is Dan Rather. Life magazine printed reversed frames to make it look like Kennedy was flung forward.

Upon arrival at the Washington airport, none other than the assassin Wiliam Greer drove the hearse with the widow and Robert Kennedy in it, to the hospital for autopsy. I believe he threatened them with the murder of their children. Some time later, Jackie made cryptic remarks to people about “be careful who you get as a driver” and that she couldn’t tell what happened because “the Secret Service has my children.”

On the plane ride back to Washington, DC, assassin Lyndon Johnson forces Jackie to be in the picture of the unnecessary swearing in on the plane. She refuses to change her clothes with blood and other matter on them. Congressman Albert Thomas and LBJ wink at each other just after the swearing in. 

LBJ lies and says that Robert Kennedy, the Attorney General, told him the swearing in  was necessary. RFK stated that he told him the opposite. At the Washington airport, RFK brushed past LBJ without a word. I have no doubt that he phoned Jackie at the hospital and she told him what and who… The Kennedy brothers had been forced to have LBJ on the ticket in 1960 and RFK in particular knew this was a possibility. But the whole upper echelons of the Govt was in on it for the reasons spelled out in my 4 books.

To prevent a Congressional investigation, President Johnson created the Warren Commission, one of the most obvious frauds in human history. It was chaired by SCOTUS Chief Justice, Earl Warren who had imprisoned American citizens of Japanese descent during WWII. Also on the WC were Congressman, and future president, Gerald Ford, an FBI NOC agent, Allen Dulles, former CIA Director whom Kennedy had fired, 33rd degree Freemason John J. McCloy who as Commissioner in Germany after WWII,  had freed many convicted Nazi mass murderers, Congressman Hale Boggs who later denounced the WC and Senator Richard Russell who didn’t attend many sessions and refused to sign the final report. It had his signature nonetheless. Boggs was killed in a mysterious plane accident in Alaska. He had been chauffeured to the plane by none other than a young Bill Clinton [ a CIA NOC agent like his wife]. Sherman Skolnick said the plane was sabotaged by Clinton because Boggs had begun to denounce the WC and FBI Director Hoover. Numerous witnesses for the WC said their testimony was altered or that they didn’t sign it, but likewise it had their signature. Crucial witnesses weren’t called. In fact observers to the shooting said FBI agents on the scene or later threatened them to change their testimony. Some 59 witnesses are said to have died in the coming decade. Some were obviously killed.

For the WC, all the evidence from the Dallas Police first was sent to the FBI for processing. Virtually nothing original was sent back to the DPD or the WC, only copies, or reports etc. WC attorney Arlen Specter is credited with devising the “magic bullet theory.” This impossibility claims that a pristine bullet smashed into several bones from 2 people [Kennedy and Connally] hung out in the air for a second or two and changed direction on its own, in violation of several laws of physics and ended up pristine. Two other investigations took place in the 1970s. The Rockefeller Committee had future president Ronald Reagan on it and the House Committee had its first Chairman and attorney booted off as the CIA controls the Congress and those were honest men…That Committee risibly concluded that a total of two people were involved after the audio was added to the Z film.

High level CIA covert agent, and future president, George Herbert Walker Bush was right there in Dealey Plaza, and J. Edgar Hoover’s memo later stated Bush’s involvement in overseeing questioning of Oswald. See: 


The Congress knew who really was responsible and did nothing. Likewise for the Supreme Court. There were two investigations ongoing to try to charge LBJ for various crimes of corruption that were then halted. LBJ almost immediately reversed Kennedy’s planned end of the Vietnam conflict and soon there was a fake attack [Gulf of Tonkin] and Congressional resolution for a decade long massive war there. LBJ also presided over a massive U.S. buildup going from 300 nuclear-tipped ICBMs to 30,000 [completed by Nixon]—all for planned Quarantine Escape and upon its failure, the subsequent annihilation of the human species, I have asserted.

As I have succinctly noted, since 12:30 on November 22, 1963, The USA has been an illegal, illegitimate, treasonous, terrorist organization. Also under the RICO statute, brought about in part by Robert Kennedy, it is an organized criminal enterprise. It has committed crimes against humanity against me and countless others as it engages in perennial, aggressive war on mankind. As I have well proven, on 9/11/2001 it nuked its own largest city which resulted in the China Syndrome there.

I have proposed an international tribunal like the Nuremberg Tribunal to charge the USA Regime for murdering President Kennedy and its subsequent war on mankind. I have also proposed a $100 trillion civil lawsuit against the federal regime for what it did to President Kennedy, for with the above, it’s an easy matter to prove who killed President Kennedy and win against the federal “government” as we can see and hear who did it.

I close this with video of our slain prince of peace, and the last president of the United States, making his greatest speech. 

Here a world leader, instead of declaring war, declared “Peace…genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living…not merely peace in our time but peace in all time.” Kennedy had so much in life, and  he knew that they would likely do that to him for all the good he was doing with only his brother Robert to count on.

To the end of time on this planet, there will always be at least one person striving to get Justice for our slain prince of peace, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who briefly walked among us.

Please order my four books above to learn what everything is really about.


Today November 22, 2018 is the 55th anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the Peace President and the last President of the United States. He was clearly murdered by William Greer, the Secret Service driver, and the U.S. “Government” and still the people of the country do nothing to try to attain justice for him and for our country. So Shameful. After WWII, whenever Brits or Americans met a German, they’d say, “How could you let that happen? [Hitler and the Nazi regime] When the reply came, “What could I do?” the reply to that was “anything and everything?” Likewise!