The Anonymous Physicist Reveals The Ultimate Truths of Chernobyl and Fukushima

On Chernobyl: The 1986 Event and the TV Series. Posted on 7/19/2019

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I recently saw all 5 episodes of the TV mini-series, Chernobyl. It was a joint venture between the American HBO and [naturally] the British Sky TV. While it was good drama, it was bogus in many ways.

In general, it’s TV, which only contains the antithesis of truth as does all of the MSM and nearly everything online as well.

This show depicted physically impossible things or scenarios. E.g., the nuclear scientist involved in containment/clean-up/investigation says its reactors will soon blow up with megaton force if they don’t do certain things first. A nuclear reactor cannot possibly blow up as a nuclear bomb. Steam explosion etc is a conventional explosion which then has enriched uranium or other radionuclides released. Curiously, this is the same lie/impossibility that came from William Tahil, bogus 9/11 theorist, that there were two large nuclear reactors under the twin towers that exploded as nuclear bombs.

Now I cannot know exactly what caused the steam or hydrogen explosion that led to the large release of radionuclides at Chernobyl and from there to a degree throughout Europe. But it appears to have been deliberately done. Relatedly, we’ve seen events in the last 20 years–such as the bombings on 7/7/05 in London, that when government agents are doing a “disaster test” or “counter-terrorist drill”, they are actually perpetrating, or will soon,  an actual disaster–often to be blamed on foreign terrorists. At Chernobyl, that’s precisely what they were doing–disaster testing or core stress testing–when the reactor core of one reactor allegedly “got out of hand.” Deliberate reduced cooling of the core was depicted as part of the “drill.”

The Russian press has denounced this British-American series as non-factual and Russian TV is planning a series that is said will show a CIA agent was there in the control room and deliberately did it. I would say if this scenario is correct, it would likely have been an MI6 agent, for reasons spelled out in my books. As with the American fake moon landings, the Russians are likely to be more factual than British-American media/Gov’t.

Now for some specifics on the HBO/Sky Chernobyl series. I note the 33s. It comes 33 years after the April 26, 1986 event. Its length is 330 minutes.

The show starts off with the alleged suicide of lead scientist, the physical chemist and radiation expert, Valery A. Legasov hanging himself. The show’s creator felt the need to explain why he put that first instead of it being in proper chronological sequence. He doth protest too much, a giveaway. The alleged suicide occurred one day after the 2nd anniversary of the event and one day before he was to release his report on the cause[s] for the explosion. Legasov was lead scientist for the official investigation committee, but he had begun talking to the press. I have little doubt that he was murdered before he could reveal what really happened.

Indeed it appears they are still suiciding people to this day who know too much. Nagashibay Zhusupov was a 61 year old  survivor of radiation clean-up operations in 1986. Last month he is alleged to have coomitted suicide by jumping off the roof of a 5-story building after “being brought to tears” after watching the new HBO TV series. He fought for three decades for proper benefits not provided to him. Again I doubt this was a suicide.


Now at the deepest level, I have revealed the two main purposes for nuclear reactors. One is for the proliferation in making nuclear bombs. The second one only I have revealed is the deliberate release of radionuclides/radiation into the atmosphere. This serves to poison Mankind, but also has a more devious purpose. This radionuclide release  is to effectively jam or overload the continuous scanning from the Quarantiners who are keeping our species alive after Hiroshima…

When a major nuclear event is planned, this low level radiation release is insufficient. Something is being planned by the quarantined monsters pulling the strings on our species mostly by military and intel agents of the U.S. and the U.K. who control the intel agencies of all the other countries. Something sinister and nuclear  was being planned for in that region. Either actual nuclear bomb explosion leading up to a QE attempt, or something similar.

In my analysis now I note that it was not long after Chernobyl that the USSR collapsed, possibly due to Quarantiner actions preventing a full QE attempt. The quarantined then move on to other areas for their next QE attempts.

In the unique analysis of this Anonymous Physicist, the Quarantiners repeatedly prevented WWIII between USA and the USSR, which was the purpose of creating “Communist” USSR. So that ruse was no longer needed and was terminated. But they can always bring it back—the “on-again, off-again” scenario as with North Korea and other areas. They so want perennial wars, perennial fake terrorism etc.

Fukushima: The Anonymous Physicist’s Final Analysis Posted on 7/19/2019

Copyright July, 2019 Anonymous Physicist All Rights Reserved

The Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster in Japan occurred on March 11, 2011. I sometimes spell it out as FUKUshima and shima means island. They sure have been f’ing that island, nuclear-wise.

Three reactor cores are said to have had meltdowns and/or exploded. The alleged scenario of insufficient or complete lack of cooling was previously said to be impossible. Western scientists had denigrated the poor design of Soviet reactors and declared that such an event could not possibly happen to their superior designed Western reactors.

To me, it was clear from the outset that Fukushima was deliberately done. Indeed they likely placed it there on the shore precisely for the time when they would have that tsunami and the events that followed. Following my logic here, the tsunami itself may have been deliberately triggered. This is something that the quarantined ones could easily perpetrate. Alternatively, they may have merely used the tsunami as cover and set those cores to explode in a way that had nothing to do with the publicly released scenario.

So I have never had any doubt that Fukushima was deliberately done. Indeed they like to do the same things over and over again in the same locales. Japan was and will be nuked again and again if the quarantined ones get their way.

This brings me to my present revelation: The reason for setting off Fukushima. Recall 2 years ago, only I released to the world the true nature of the events portrayed as American destroyers colliding with tankers on the high seas. One was off the coast of Japan. I revealed that the Quarantiners’ scanning detected nukes on board those ships and they blasted those ships where the nukes were. At least one nuke was to be set off in a Japanese city or town. Then a North Korean nuclear missile would have been blamed leading to American nuclear retaliation and then a full QE attempt. All the while, N. Korea doesn’t have nukes or missiles that work. It was all along the British-American Regime which is so tightly under quarantined monsters control that carries out all the evil in the world.

Now for my final analysis: Fukuahima was set off to release those radionuclides and radiation so as to thwart Quarantiner scanning for the coming nuking of Japan to be blamed on North Korea leading to a full blown US Retaliation, aka a QE attempt.

From my unique analysis of Fukushima and the false saga of the American Destroyers, which in reality were about to set off nukes, we can gather that something similar was planned for the Chernobyl region that was thwarted possibly by Soviet military or civilian personnel.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is the military and intel agencies of the U.S. and the U.K that do not seem to have a single good human being working for them who would disobey and prevent the extermination of our species. The USA once did. His name was John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Desperately battling his military’s Joint Chiefs who wanted to start global nuclear war on behalf of their quarantined alien masters, Kennedy—probably with the hidden hand of the Quarantiners as detailed in my books–prevented humanity’s extermination in October, 1962. They’ve made sure, since then, that every president would press the button to end our species if directed to.

Again I ask for your help, otherwise I cannot go on much longer, as I am now old and ill. Human beings: please contact me to offer genuine help at

 Thank you.