A Special Place in Infamy. Part I. All the Fake Journalists at the Parkland Hospital Press Conference at 13:30 on November 22, 1963

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At about 1:30 PM, at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Asst White House Press Secretary Malcolm Kilduff told, and showed, all the “journalists” present what the treating doctors told and showed him. He said that they told him it “was a simple matter”, that President Kennedy was shot in the brain from a bullet that entered above his right eye.

So all these fake journalists are now given a special place in infamy as not one reported/revealed to the public what they were told by Kilduff when the new Gestapo regime shortly after the press conference—and to this day—claims that Oswald from behind fired the fatal head shot.

We know that the patsy Oswald, himself an ONI or CIA agent, was in the second floor and also by the inviolable  Laws of Physics [Conservation of Momentum], no one from behind the limo could have fired the fatal head shot as Kennedy is violently slammed back in the limo from Agent Greer’s bullet hitting him above his right eye.

Every journalist there now has a special place in infamy as the Press was meant to be a check on the “Government” and to prevent exactly what happened to the USA. If someone has the complete list of fake journalists there, please send that to me.

Some who were there are well known, and sure enough those foul beings were promoted to top positions. In all likelihood, they were agents or assets of the intel agencies and secret societies long before 11/22/63.

Recall the founding fathers were mostly high level freemasons. The “democracy”, the “republic”, and the constitution itself, my books reveal, were always illusions or pablum to the masses. All along, hidden forces were pulling the strings in/on the USA and everywhere else. My books reveal that way back in the 1770s, the USA was chosen to be the country that was eventually going to launch a full scale nuclear and biological QE attempt, followed by the extermination of our species.

We know one “journalist” who attended the Parkland press conference.  Robert MacNeil was there reporting for NBC News.  A short while before that, he is said to have followed crowds running onto the Grassy Knoll. He then headed towards the Texas School Book Depository building. His legend is that he asked a man there for the nearest telephone location. The laughable legend promulgated by William Manchester and his detritus 1967 book, Death of A President, is that that man was Oswald.

MacNeil went on to win an Emmy and co-hosted the PBS nightly news program, The MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour for decades. His future co-anchor, Jim Lehrer was a reporter for the Dallas Times-Herald, and was there at that press conference too. So they both went to the top of that network for several decades, and had their books and other things widely promoted.

A little known Texas reporter was allegedly the only one that the Secret Service showed the Zapruder film too shortly after the Assassination. That reporter lied to all the other reporters and said the film showed Kennedy being slammed forward in the limo from the fatal head shot. He was rapidly promoted to the top of CBS. His name is Dan Rather.

Some 3 years later, intrepid, true journalist Dorothy Kilgallen found out who was involved in killing President Kennedy and was about to tell the world of the involvement of Johnson and the CIA.

Kilgallen had gotten two interviews with Jack Ruby. Based on that and other sources, she was about to take down the Gestapo Regime when she was assassinated. To this day, it’s not well known what Ruby told her.

Jack Ruby was CIA.

Jack Ruby told Kilgallen that he was not Mafia, and that that was his cover or legend. He told her that he was CIA, and named Johnson and the CIA for killing Kennedy and bringing fascism to the USA. If that sounds strange, you only need to think of Oswald. The “lone nut Communist” years later is now well known to have been an anti-Communist,  ONI/CIA agent with that legend of [fake] defection, etc to the USSR. In other words, both the patsy, Oswald, and his murderer, Ruby, are now known to have been Regime covert intel agents.

Ruby indeed is known to have run guns to Cuba, in the late 1950s, for Castro’s people. As only I reveal, the CIA wanted Castro in power for the later QE attempt known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Indeed the CIA and NSA were created in 1947, the same year as the Maury Island and Roswell UFO events. These were Quarantiner vs quarantined ones events that again I revealed were responses to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

More recently, disclosure of House Un-American Activities Committee’s secret documents from the 1940s, cited the trio of Jack Rubinstein [later changed to Ruby], Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon as working together as CIA NOC agents. Contrary to myth, they were all tight with the FBI as well, and before the CIA was created.

Ruby was known to have expressed relief, not anxiety, when Dallas police told him that Oswald had died. Instead of then having anxiety at facing a murder rap and possible death penalty, he was relieved. That likely means that his family had been threatened with death by his bosses at the CIA, Furthermore during the late 1970s, House Assassination Committee’s hearings, Mafia Godfather Sam Giancana was murdered. That would have been easy for his CIA handlers to arrange.

Again the entire list of fake journalists at the Parkland press conference needs to be revealed. Each or all could have tried to tell the world what WH Asst Press Secretary Kilduff had told them when the regime soon promoted the physically impossible “Kennedy was shot from behind” by the patsy Oswald scenario. Indeed Kilduff himself would sickeningly later promote the regime’s Oswald nonsense and thus negate his own words at Parkland.

The media as well had film of that press conference, but all the TV channels always left out the last few seconds when Kilduff tells and shows them the fatal bullet entered Kennedy above his right eye. It’s on youtube now, of course.

Life Magazine would soon publish an issue which reversed frames to make it look like Kennedy went forward in the limo.

The Zapruder film was first shown to the American people, 12 years later, in 1975 on Geraldo Rivera’s ABC-TV Show with Dick Gregory and photography expert Robert Groden there. Groden is well known to deny what can be readily seen in frame 313: part of Agent/Driver William Greer’s gun used to kill Kennedy. Dick Gregory—who died recently—for all his talking against the American Gov’t, to my knowledge, never once said what we can all see: Greer killed President Kennedy.

Fake journalists, fake assassination experts, fake critics—that’s who and what gets promulgated in the MSM and the internet. While the few of us who are not Gov’t agents get murdered or poisoned and suffer immensely and so few offer any support. Shame on the people of the USA and the world for what they didn’t do from November 22, 1963 to this very day: try to get Justice for the slain prince of peace and for those few of us who have suffered immensely for trying to get Justice for President Kennedy.

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Update on the Niger Death of Sgt. La David Johnson et al

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First I note that yesterday’s mass murder in Texas may have been a diversion to the Niger deaths of the four Green Beret soldiers. Below I revealed that Green Berets may all be CIA or totally under CIA control. I also revealed the uranium/nuclear factor involved in the American presence in Niger.

But in the last 7-10 days some things have been revealed that need to be promulgated.

First on the MSM, I saw interviews of 3 leading US Senators. All stated that they were unaware that there was any American military presence in Niger, let alone the now admitted to 1000 troops. [Who knows how many really are there?]

IMO and per usual, I would wager that most of the US forces there are actually NSA and CIA. The US Congress, is for all practical purposes, since November 22, 1963, a worthless, useless, totally corrupt entity. The Pentagon and intel agencies tell them very little. The DIC [Dotard in Charge ©] has stated he’s given the Pentagon basically carte blanche to do whatever they wish. That’s actually been the case for some time. It’s just that now that unconstitutional matter is being publicly admitted to.

Other recent MSM revelations regarding the killings of the 4 Green Berets in Niger include that they wore no body armor, and had no heavy arms. Initially the Pentagon stated the unit had 12 men. Now I believe they are claiming it was about 40. I read one military advisor’s interview where he said such Ops ordinarily have 100 troops or more. Furthermore the claim that the unit was not in constant communications with their HQ from the getgo is troubling and also not likely to be S.O.P.

An ABC-TV interview of a military man involved claimed that this man listed as “unnamed” told them that he saw Johnson grab every weapon available in his surroundings and then saw him go into “beast mode.” Obviously when the Regime and its media “report” such nonsense from “unnamed” it implies much of what they’ve put out about the event is bogus.

The Pentagon continues to change what they say about Johnson’s death—such as where he was at different times and how long he was missing. Again his widow has stated that she does not even know if his body is in that coffin. People throughout the USA should protest that she be allowed to do what she wishes in this matter.

The entire incident may have been set up to deliberately lead to the deaths of those four men because they knew too much or were telling others what was really going on there, or were refusing to go along with some nefarious US policy there.

Analogously recall the Pat Tillman Affair. The NFL football star who dropped his lucrative career and volunteered in Afghanistan as some sort of justice for 9/11 had started to say the whole American presence there was BS. The Regime then set him up with a bogus Op and had some fellow troops blow his head off with high caliber rounds from close by. His murderers were awarded medals and promoted.

So I ask was this Op in Niger analogously meant to silence those four soldiers/CIA/NSA assets? Did they know too much of what I’ve revealed about the uranium operation ongoing in Niger that relates to Quarantine Escape?

Will more men in that unit be killed soon too? Recall that numerous Seal Team Six members alleged to have killed Osama Bin Laden [not], were killed a couple of years later in a helicopter crash.

While the Regime claims its plausible deniability, most of what it does is in fact discernible by the few conspiracists who aren’t intel agents.

I have revealed the deep nature for the American military presence in Niger. Unlike the monstrous Congresswoman Wilson who apparently may now have a guilty conscience about what she told young Johnson to do with hjis life, young people should not go off to distant lands to kill and die for a Regime under total control of a set of quarantined aliens determined to try to escape and upon failure to annihilate our species.

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On the 16th Anniversary of the Assassination of Bill Cooper

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November 5, 2017 marks the 16th anniversary of the murder of true patriot Bill Cooper. Just as there should be a national holiday to celebrate the life of President Kennedy, there should be a national holiday to celebrate the life of Bill Cooper. President Kennedy would have awarded Cooper a Profiles in Courage award for risking his life to tell the People of the world who killed him, and who is in control on our planet.

Below I reprint what I wrote and posted here a year ago. Wake up before we are all assassinated.

The Essential Difference, and Nature, Of Bill Cooper

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Bill Cooper went around the USA for some 15 years showing how the Zapruder film proves Secret Service Agent William Greer killed President Kennedy. Of course this is NOT a crime. It is a truly patriotic thing to do.

Cooper first realized what the Zapruder showed while he was aboard a ship in the US Navy, serving as an intelligence officer. He described that his initial reaction was to go AWOL, but he soon returned.

His strong reaction no doubt was due to the following realization and thinking. Here he was, over 10,000 miles away from home and risking his life for his country. Or so he had been led to believe. Then he sees proof that the last legitimate and duly elected President was murdered by those now in power. The latter group and illegitimate, new President started the War that he was now risking his life for. Clearly it wasn’t “for his country.”

Soon after leaving the Service he was determined to tell his countrymen and-women what the Zapruder film shows. US Regime agents ran him off the road and he lost a leg. In 2001, a few weeks after 9/11, he was set up and had the back of his head shot into while he was kneeling and had surrendered peacefully. But they didn’t want the true patriot alive. Shoe prints reveal the Sheriff’s Deputies had stomped all over him.

He knew this was the likely outcome as he was terrorized by US Gestapo Agents for years and had sent his wife out of the country. Not long before his Assassination, US Gestapo Agents basically kidnapped his daughter who was about to see him for the first time in 15 years. They threatened to arrest her if she did not aid them against her father. She bravely refused and was released.

If the USA only had a few thousand more like Bill Cooper…

What is the difference, and the nature, of Bill Cooper? Why are there not more like him? Why are so many so gutless and/or brainless? In particular why are so many in the military and intel agencies so gutless and/or brainless? For one thing we have learned from the Milgram experiments that alas some ¾ of people will “blindly” obey authority figures, no matter how evil their instructions or directives are.

Cooper was obviously not in that 75%. He had a conscience and guts. Again he was perturbed to learn that it wasn’t for “defending his country” that he was fighting in Vietnam and risking his life. It was for an illegitimate and murderous cabal—that’s all that the so-called US Government is and has been since November 22, 1963. Cooper realized all this. He also knew that when he joined the military, he swore an oath to “defend the Constitution against all enemies—foreign and domestic.”

We also know from The Nuremberg Tribunals that “following orders” cannot be used as an excuse to wage aggressive war. The War on Vietnam, and the subsequent wars waged by the US military abroad and at home, are all illegal.

If only we had more like Bill Cooper with brains and guts, in the military and intel agencies. Then some would come to aid me, instead of continuing to terrorize me and plot to kill me. I too have committed no crime by once publicly showing the Zapruder film with audio added. This proved that Greer fired twice, first hitting Connally, then killing President Kennedy. I used to say he accidentally shot Connally. But he was in the way…

Why don’t any good people come to my aid. For merely once showing the truth, I’ve been destroyed medically, psychologically ad financially. I’ve been brutally assaulted and then massively mercury poisoned by CIA-Gestapo and FBI-Gestapo Agents.

Please help me now.

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Did the FBI-Gestapo Plant Fake Drug Evidence in Rose McGowan’s Luggage in January or At Other Times?

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Actress Rose McGowan appears to be in the process of being framed by the FBI-Gestapo and/or other American Gestapo agencies. She was the first, or one of the first, to publicly proclaim Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein as an alleged serial rapist or assaulter.

The FBI-Gestapo is well known to frame good and innocent people who trouble the Regime.

Ms McGowan has had an arrest warrant and felony charge issued against her.

“The felony charge stems from a police investigation of personal belongings left behind on a United flight arriving at Washington Dulles International Airport on January 20. Police say the items tested positive for narcotics, but they did not reveal what type of drugs they were. The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department obtained the warrant on February 1. Police say they’ve attempted to contact McGowan so she can appear in a Loudoun County, Virginia, court. The warrant has been entered into a national law enforcement database.”

From: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5033997/Arrest-warrant-issued-actress-Rose-McGowan.html Note the 33 in the link.

The narcotics were later claimed to be small bags of cocaine.

Earlier in the day she had tweeted: “Are they trying to silence me? There is a warrant out for my arrest in Virginia. What a load of HORSES**T.”

Why is the Gestapo Regime framing Ms McGowan? What does Weinstein being an alleged serial rapist have to do with politics? He is deeply connected to political biggies including both the Clintons and Trumps. As I noted below, Hollywood, since its inception, is a wing of the secret societies and British and American intel agencies. They have long viewed all actors and actresses as sex slaves for the powerful.

Update: Another possibility must be considered. This is the double charade. The evil intel agencies so often have both sides, or all sides, of a public matter under their aegis or control.  A real person, like me, almost never gets any publicity, unlike the massive publicity she’s received from the MSM. The regime craves diversions lest the people find out what the regime has in store for them. So I don’t know if she is totally genuine or what. Also they often silence such people, so we will have to see how this plays out.  

Back to the original article.
They feel that Ms McGowan’s boldness must be countered. So the FBI-Gestapo appears to now be framing her. What the FBI-Gestapo does is to have one of their Cointelpro agents contact the local police with a bogus complaint to open a file that they will later act on when they determine the time is right.

The FBI-Gestapo has done this to me! They got their evil Cointelpro agent to call me up and try to entrap me. This low life con-man the FBI-Gestapo let out of jail to frame innocent people despite the fact that he was convicted in New York State for defrauding a policeman’s widow of $50,000 and others for a total of $500,000.

The FBI-Gestapo has him illegally tape conversations and then call the local police with a bogus complaint to create a police file on someone doing good in Gestapoland USA. Alas they’ve done this to me and may use it for when they will kill or arrest me unless people come to my aid.

Ms McGowan has many supporters and will hopefully defeat the FBI-Gestapo’s framing of her.

I alas have so few supporters despite my being perhaps the only conspiracy expert in the USA who is not an intel-Gestapo agent. I am the only one revealing the actual Quarantiner vs quarantined war going on that may soon lead to a QE attempt and annihilation of our species. And less than a handful of people have offered me minimal help. With all the millionaires and billionaires, none contact me to offer help. None wish to aid me in trying to save our/their species from annihilation. And everyone will soon pay the ultimate price for not acting in support of good people and against the quarantined one’s annihilation plans for all of us.

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Further Updates on the Gestapo Regime’s Mass Murder in Las Vegas

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The Las Vegas Sheriff now, for the first time, says a LV police officer fired his weapon in the patsy’s suite after they entered it. But no, he says it wasn’t in the room where Paddock was. The official legend states that Paddock had killed himself, so there would have been no need for the firing.


Mandalay Bay guard Jesus Campos has recently been subpoenaed to testify in impending civil suits. Online people are claiming that he may be an illegal alien. Some claim that all Mandalay guards are unarmed per policy. Others are saying that only he was unarmed as he can’t get any licenses as he is an illegal alien.

Again online people are pointing out that he may have, in effect, a doppelganger as his various, recent pictures and appearance on Ellen DeGeneris’s  show depict a great difference in weight and facial appearance.

Obviously the Gestapo Regime’s agents killed the 58 people and also killed the patsy, Paddock. Many Americans know. They all should know by now.

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BREAKING NEWS: Quarantiners Destroy the US/UK Alleged Nuclear Test Site in North Korea

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Today, October 31, 2017, Japanese TV and US media are reporting that a collapse occurred, on October 10, at the N. Korean mountain where N. Korea allegedly conducts its alleged nuclear tests. Japanese and then American media reported an exactly even split of the alleged 200 deaths that occurred, i.e. 100 people died during the collapse and 100 people died during a rescue attempt.

Note that the PTB  had exactly three weeks since the alleged mountain collapse to concoct this one. They are now using terms such as “tired mountain syndrome”  and “a possible ““collapse chimney crater”” was seen on Mount Mantap, possibly caused by the underground tests.” Naturally they claim that “Radioactive xenon-133 was detected in South Korea after the [last Sept. 3] test.”


That alleged test site is no doubt run by the US and the UK as N. Korea has no nukes other than what the US/UK gives them for the public charade to lead to a QE attempt.

This Anonymous Physicist now reveals that the Quarantiners blasted that site. This was done now perhaps because real nukes were detected by the Quarantiners as they were about to be deployed and set off, as the previous 6 tests were all fake.

The lazy way that the intel agencies/MSM in the US and Japan just split the 200 exactly evenly is one giveaway of the concoction. But the whole matter has been clear to me that the Quarantiners are not fooled by this ongoing charade and monitor these events continuously as indicated by my exclusive revelation a few weeks ago that US Destroyers were blasted because they contained nukes that were about to be exploded at the Japanese Coast. If that had successfully occurred, the US and the controlled Japanese regime would have put out fake videos and claimed a N. Korean missile with a nuke on board did it. As I indicated, the Qurantiners foiled that one.

So will the US/UK now build a new/fake nuclear test site for their ALLY—North Korea?

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Update on the Regime’s Recent Mass Murder in Las Vegas. The Patsy’s Brother Arrested After The Regime Plants Child Porn On His Computer And Much More

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Within the past few days, the intel agency controlled MSM reported some updates on the Las Vegas mass murder by the regime that was pinned on the patsy Stephen Craig Paddock.

His brother Bruce, 59, was arrested in California for having child pornography on his computer. Of course everyone real knows the Gestapo Regime planted that on his computer probably because he wouldn’t provide a FAKE motive for what his brother DIDN’T do.

Note that the Regime felt the need to say he was under investigation before the shooting. Of course the problem then arises as to why they didn’t arrest him before the shooting.

Next is the FAKE story that the patsy, Stephen Craig Paddock, removed and dumped somewhere the hard drive of his laptop computer which then “makes it difficult to find his motive…” etc. Obviously more BS from the Regime’s intel agency/assassins.

The Regime has now changed their “official” timeline again regarding the hotel security guard Jesus Campos. It’s hard to keep up with this, but I believe they are now saying he was shot just after the mass shootings began.

The MSM has also now revealed that a few days after the shootings Jesus Campos fled to Mexico for a week. Furthermore it’s been revealed that the major hotel Mandalay Bay hired him [allegedly], even though he has now been revealed not to be licensed as a guard.

So we can ask, is he too a patsy? Did he flee because he wasn’t told all that he would be alleged to have been involved in? Was he given lengthy indoctrination there? How did he do all that driving to and from Mexico with his shot leg? As below, I ask will he be suicided next? Or will they plant kiddie porn on his computer?

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Fake Non-Release of Fake JFK Files By Fake President of the Fake Regime Today

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As expected here, today we had the sickening FAKE news that FAKE President Donald [“I know uranium..it’s nuclear and it’s bad”] Trump held back full release of the FAKE files from the FAKE regime’s intel agencies on THEIR assassination of President Kennedy—with the usual FAKE excuse of “national security.” This means the security of the murdering regime itself, of course.

It was fascinating that several of the FAKE MSM outlets actually had this story [for a while] with the title of “Trump starts new cover-up…” Trump himself said a word of truth when he put it that “I [as a FAKE president] had no choice…” but to give the evil intel agencies 6 months to go over the redacted files or non-released files to see basically what they will never release, etc. while 2800 FAKE files were released today.

That is all quite worthless as we can see and hear Secret Service Agent/Driver William Greer kill President Kennedy. [See numerous posts below and my 4 books.] Again in Frame 313 below, you can actually see part of Greer’s gun past the curvature of Agent Kellerman’s head, at about 3:56 in the video below.

Only in Gestapoland USA does any appreciable percentage of the schizoided masses accept their murderous regime’s FAKE take, when every person can see and hear the truth that their Gestapo regime killed our real, live prince of peace, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Like I’ve said, there will be hell to pay for not seeking justice for him and for our country by removing the terrorist, murderous, fascist regime that took over at 12:30 pm on Nov. 22, 1963.

It’s sad that some brainwashed people actually believed FAKE conspiracists like Alex Jones who promoted Trump as being genuine when both are just FAKE and mere CIA agents or assets.

There is no need for me to comment on all the FAKE news lately regarding the FAKE investigations of both the Trumps and the Clintons. I’ve already stated that these FAKE investigations of both sets of parties and their hundreds of illegal acts and their taking of many millions of dollars from the Russians and Chinese will not yield charges or imprisonment of either set of criminals.

It’s all a charade in the FAKE democracy, lest the masses ever wake up and actually DO something.

How about starting by contacting me and ask how to help me?

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What Other Evil Acts Did The Assassin Of President Kennedy— Secret Service Agent, William Greer—Do?

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We know and can see and hear SS Agent William Greer turn and shoot and kill President Kennedy. But his all too brief Wiki bio indicates he might have done previous evil acts. 

In general, federal thugs with badges are first asked or directed to harm or kill people and then have a long career doing so. In other words, their later public acts that we know about occurred because they committed murder or other crimes for the Gestapo Regime probably since they were young.

Bill Clinton was said to be the chauffer, no less, of Congressman Hale Boggs, when he sabotaged Boggs’ plane. The infamous Guy Bannister of New Orleans famed association with Oswald, Ferrie, etc. had been FBI SAIC of their Chicago office. But in 1947, he was said to be the one who murdered USAAF pilots who saw the advanced weaponry shootdown of a fleet of UFOs at Maury Island, WA. If so, he probably officially questioned them and in that capacity killed them.

The federal Gestapo regime probably has many agents in the intel agencies doing the nefarious deeds their supervisors “order” them to.

This brings us back to SS Agent William Greer and his sketchy Wiki bio.

It includes: “…After working for over a decade as a chauffer and servant to several wealthy families in the Boston and New York areas, including the Lodge family and several years with Franklin Q. Brown of Dobbs Ferry, NY (the 1940 census has him as a live-in servant of Franklin Brown of Dobbs Ferry and in Greer’s Warren Commission testimony he said that he worked for a “private family” in Dobbs Ferry for “13 years” before enlisting into the Navy in 1942), Greer enlisted in the US Navy in World War II, was assigned to the presidential yacht in May, 1944, was discharged on September 18, 1945 and then joined the United States Secret Service on October 1, 1945…” Notice that they felt compelled to twice [in a row] say that Greer enlisted in the US Navy.

Note also that with all the many thousands or perhaps millions of Navy personnel during WW II, Greer was selected for duty assignment on the yacht of President Franklin Roosevelt.

Roosevelt died less than a year later. Did Greer have anything to do with FDR’s health which began to fail around that time? Though he had polio, FDR was otherwise in relatively robust health until his last year. FDR was by then in his 60s and was a smoker, and we have no proof Greer committed untoward acts. But this line of thought should be investigated if possible—given what Greer later did to another president. And given how the regime emplaces one or more thug-agents around each president and many others in high position in the civilian and military agencies.

In some cases, this is for the purpose of spying on their targets. But given orders, most of these agents may at some point be directed to do much worse than spy. Those who follow these orders may then have a long career in either “law enforcement,” politics, or related fields. Another aspect of this is that once someone obeys and commits an evil and illegal act, they themselves can be ever more be blackmailed and threatened with arrest if they disobey the next order to kill or such.

Another example is Watergate. Investigative journalists Woodward and Bernstein IIRC had both been in military intel agencies. Nixon apparently started to believe he was president and did something—we still don’t know what—that ticked off his handlers. And so he had to go. Alas some 10-20% of society are in, or connected to, the military or intel agencies, or are secret society members. All too many, like Greer are gutless and mindless and will obey evil and illegal “orders” as Greer did when he murdered our real, live price of peace, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Again Greer’s tenure on President Roosevelt’s yacht needs investigation. Was Greer then in the ONI—as Oswald himself likely was with his lengthy legend? Will the real and hidden William Greer, the assassin of President Kennedy, be revealed to us?

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Among The Fakest Of Fake News

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In case you missed it, on Oct. 5, putative Vice-President Mike Pence delivered a speech stating or pledging that the USA was going back to the moon which will serve as a base for NASA astroNOTS to go on to Mars.

The ludicrous craft look much like the Apollo fake craft. Naturally the new astroNOT-holding craft is named Orion. This is where I’ve stated our evil, quarantined alien overlords are from and want to return to.

As the title of this post states, this is among the fakest of fake news from a fake Administration. You can be sure he knows humans are Quarantined on Earth or the farthest our DNA is allowed to venture is the near Earth space. Notice his “tell.” When he knows he’s telling a lie he talks louder and makes that vertical nod. He feels the need to emphasize when he is knowingly lying.

He may be running things for the dotard. But presumably he himself is not there yet, and knows about the Q. As I have stated, since 12:30 PM on 11/22/1963, we have had nothing but fake news from the successive fake administrations. All these Presidents and VPs are involved in schemes to set off a QE attempt followed by the annihilation of our species. No human is going to the moon or Mars.

My books go into what the Quarantiners are doing to ensure this. So the talk of going to the moon and Mars is quite laughable to much of the world. But it’s worrisome as to just where those billions of dollars will go. 

See:  https://www.theverge.com/2017/10/5/16429598/nasa-vice-president-national-space-council-moon-mars

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