What Jackie Was Really Doing Right After the Assassination

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The monstrous federal American regime, and some noted fake conspiracy experts as well, proclaimed that Jackie was trying to grab a piece of her now dead husband’s skull right after his murder.

That’s the best that the murderers could ever come up with. It’s not worthy of further comment here. Jackie, who was inches away from her husband as his brains are shot out the back of his head, well heard that the last two shots came from Secret Service Agent William Greer, and so she tried to rapidly exit the limo until being forced back in by SS Agent Clint Hill.

Now we can see that there isn’t any piece of skull on the back of the limo. But her right arm is outstretched. I hypothesize that she was reaching for the handle on the limo that the SS agent on that side is meant to hold onto during motorcades. Jackie was going to use that to facilitate her exit from the limo. She was willing to risk and suffer a fall and possible serious injury as that was preferable to remaining in the limo with two armed agents, one of whom just deliberately shot her husband in the head.

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On the Sabotaging of the Congressional Watergate Related Committees by CIA Agents Hillary Rodham and Fred Dalton Thompson

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First let me write about Thompson. He may be better known more recently as a TV and film actor, and then as a Senator and briefly a presidential candidate. But when he was younger, he was an attorney in Tennessee and then served as an attorney for the Republicans on the Senate’s Watergate Committee in 1973.

When that Committee found out about Nixon’s White House audio tapes, Thompson then surreptiously informed Nixon’s attorney, J. Fred Buzhardt of what the Committee found out and would soon question Nixon’s aides about. Some have accused Thompson of giving Nixon [or his handlers] the opportunity to erase that infamous 18 minutes from the tapes. 

Thompson was first denounced by Nixon, but later “played ball.” Was he threatened at some point? Thompson is also now known to have tried to derail John Dean, as noted here: 

Of course, you have to take this with a grain of salt, as Nixon knew a tape recorder was running. 

Hillary Rodham, now a known CIA NOC Agent who was later tasked with marrying another such agent, Bill Clinton, was a young attorney working for the House Judiciary Committee at about the same time. This Judiciary Committee gave Hillary the task of ascertaining impeachment threshold guidelines regarding Nixon’s Watergate related actions and crimes. Attorney Jerry Zeifman was Chief Counsel for that Judiciary Committee and Hillary Rodham was an attorney on his staff. Zeifman would later write that he fired Rodham for her delaying tactics and perhaps other malfeasance and sabotage. Others deny the firing but Zeifman was her boss, so if he says so…

All this shows how the intel agencies control the Congress. Of course now virtually all, or all, members are themselves intel agency agents or assets or high level secret society members—which amounts to the same thing.

Hillary got her start in the federal “government” that way. Bill Clinton is said to have made his bones as the chauffer who sabotaged Congressman Hale Boggs plane in Alaska, according to Skolnick.

Boggs who was on the Warren Commission [WC] had begun to publicly denounce the WC and J. Edgar Hoover and so was not seen again during and after his Alaskan visit.

Now the Watergate break-in was probably ordered because the Democratic Party had incriminating proof of the Federal Regime’s assassination of President Kennedy, so Nixon who is still not known for actually being a CIA NOC  agent himself, ordered, at the behest, of his CIA masters, the break-in by other CIA agents/assets.

The 18 minute gap was created because Nixon spoke lengthily about his role and that of the Federal “Government” in killing President Kennedy. The one thing not publicly known with certainty is why the PTB wanted Nixon out. But we do know that the PTB did want Nixon out in many ways, including the fact that Woodward and Bernstein were both “former” intel agents.

It’s now known that both Nixon and Johnson were alcoholics and both had “loose lips” regarding their roles in the Kennedy Assassination. That would be reason enough for a replacement.

Jack Ruby had told intrepid investigative journalist Dorothy Kilgallen that he Ruby, and Johnson and Nixon were all CIA Agents. A secret Congressional Committee memo from 1947 would later confirm that about Johnson and Nixon. The patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald was also a CIA/ONI agent as well as a life-long sex slave given over as a young child by his mother.

Oswald’s legend included his fake defection to the USSR—all for the massive buildup of 50,000 nukes and ICBMs for a Quarantine Escape attempt. The real, live prince of peace, John Fitzgerald Kennedy would never have stood for that.

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“President” Trump Creates Quarantine Escape Force for the U.S. Military which is Totally Controlled by the quarantined Aliens. Trump Hints at the Quarantine

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Just calling a spade a spade.

Three days ago, during a meeting of the  National Space Council, Trump said he is creating a 6th branch of the US Dept. of Defense—the Space Force.  

Obviously this action is part of an impending QE attempt. The Quarantiners aren’t fooled of course. As my 4 books detail, the actual but hidden, entire raison d’etre of the U.S Government—with its bogus claims of democracy, constitution, etc. since its inception—was for eventual QE attempt[s], and upon the usual failure, the extermination of our species, unless we stop it.

Trump’s speech risibly included mention of American astroNOTs “leaving their footprints” on the Moon, and of embarking soon for Mars.

But Trump, IMO, appeared to cite the Quarantine when he said that Americans would soon lead humanity “into those forbidden skies. And they will not be forbidden for long.” See at about 8:00 in.

This Space Force creation by the US Regime further demonstrates how close we are to a massive QE attempt.

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A Clear Picture of SS Agent Greer’s Gun Used to Kill President Kennedy

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You can clearly see the reflection of the gun well past the curvature of Agent Kellerman’s head here:   [You can enlarge it further on your computer.]

This Zapruder  frame [below] was shortly before the fatal head shot and you can see Greer’s left forearm and the gun being brought up to near his right ear:

See the source image

I post this because recent online doctoring pretends to show both Greer’s hands on the wheel.

Everyone knows…

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On “President” Trump Saluting the North Korean General

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On Trump’s recent “summit” meeting with NK’s leader Kim Jong-Un, in Singapore, NK television broadcast the remarkable faux pas by Trump. As Kim was introducing his people to Trump, the American President first held out his hand to a NK General. But when the General saluted him, Trump stood sharp [this part is not cited by the MSM, but look closely as it’s brief] and then saluted back. Upon seeing Trump’s salute, Kim breaks out in a broad smile. Even if Trump doesn’t know it, Kim knows that Trump wasn’t supposed to do that. 

Now I don’t post often on the Trump PsyOp/Charade because I’ve made it clear that all American Presidents since 12:30 PM on November 22, 1963 have been actors—some better than others–and intel agents or assets. The previous President, Obama, was a 2nd generation CIA agent/asset [after his mother], but also a British/Kenyan citizen from birth and an MI6 agent/asset.

We can recall Obama’s brainwashing [and possible early sex slave training] kicking in publicly when he met “royalty” such as the Japanese Emperor or Saudi King. Obama obsequiously bent down nearly at a 90 degree angle.

See the repeated bows here:  

Now the American President is not supposed to salute or bow to anyone on earth, let alone foreign countries’ generals or potentates. You will never see President Kennedy having done that.

But that’s the problem when you have hypnotized and/or brainwashed actors/agents when their programming kicks in at inopportune times.

In other PsyOp news, New York’s Attorney General announced a few days ago, that he is “suing President Donald Trump’s charitable foundation along with its directors — the President, his sons Eric and Donald Jr. and daughter Ivanka, alleging they violated state and federal charities law.”

See: https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/14/politics/new-york-lawsuit-trump-foundation/index.html

Nothing will likely come of this either. All part of pretending to have a democracy or constitutional republic. This is part of the global ruse of puppet-stringed governments and fake MSM and fake internet media to focus away from the

Real news in the USA and the world:
1.President Kennedy was publicly murdered by the U.S. Government [Secret Service Agent/Driver William Greer] and the ensuing “Government” is an illegal, illegitimate, terrorist regime.

2.The World Trade Center was nuked on 9/11/01 by its own Regime and the China Syndrome resulted. And you can be sure the other nation’s radiation detectors detected this.

3.A Quarantine Escape Attempt is imminent. And, as before, when it likely fails, our species will be exterminated by nuclear, or IMO more likely, biological weapons.

4.For committing the NON-crime of showing Agent Greer killing President Kennedy, the US Regime and its intel agencies brutally assaulted me and then massively poisoned me with mercury, in a manner similar to what was done to Karen Silkwood. Despite my being destroyed medically, psychologically and financially, I try to struggle on including with my remarkable books and these posts. And almost no one offers me significant assistance while I’m alive.

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“Nuclear Agreement” Proclaimed Between the Country that Doesn’t Have Nukes and the Country Whose Nukes are Totally Controlled By the Quarantined Ones

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An obviously fake accord was “reached” between the two “leaders” who are just actors and agents of their country’s intel agency. Both those intel agencies are controlled by Britain’s MI6 which is controlled by the secret societies in Scotland and Rome—which are ultimately controlled by our monstrous alien overlords who have only two goals: Quarantine Escape, and upon the usual failure, the annihilation of our species. Unless we stop it.

As only I have revealed, the Quarantiners clamped down on this flashpoint and stopped the planned nukings of Japan and Singapore and may have literally quarantined activities in Korea which ended the use of this region as a flashpoint for starting global war and a QE attempt.

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Today is the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of Robert Francis Kennedy—A Truly Great Man

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On June 6th, 1968 Senator Robert F. [Bobby] Kennedy was assassinated in California after winning that state’s Democratic Party’s primary election. That’s 6/6/68. I trust you know the several meanings of that date.

Senator Kennedy was thus likely to win the Democratic Party’s nomination to run for President. His murder by the federal American intel agencies signaled that the PTB would no longer tolerate anyone not part of their cabal even running for President. Many Americans realized this and half the electorate stopped voting after this assassination.

The regime set up a hypnotized patsy, Sirhan Sirhan, to take the fall at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. At all times, Sirhan was in front of Kennedy, yet the coroner’s report stated that all bullets entered him from behind, proving Sirhan could not have done it. There were also more bullets in Robert Kennedy and in the walls of the room than Sirhan’s gun contained.  Many suspect that the one-day security guard replacement, Thane Eugene Cesar, who was right behind Kennedy, did the deed. Many others were involved. We know how the evil intel agencies work and they likely had several shooters there to guarantee success. Indeed they likely had one or more of Kennedy’s own people on their payroll. Some say Kennedy’s Press Secretary Frank Mankiewicz, pulled him toward the kitchen which was not where he was scheduled to go. Mankiewicz went on to head NPR, [National Public Radio] that some actually believe isn’t Gov’t controlled like all the other MSM and nearly all online sites are.

When an LAPD sergeant put out an APB for a woman [in a polka dot dress] and a man he overheard saying “we did it,we made history,” the precinct commander soon cancelled the APB. He was rapidly promoted to Police Chief. He also is credited with starting SWAT teams among police departments. His name is Daryl Gates, and he was undoubtedly a CIA and/or FBI NOC agent.

Robert Kennedy was only 42 at the time and the father of 11 children. He was President Kennedy’s Attorney General and stayed at that job for a couple of years under Johnson.

He knew probably from phoning Jackie Kennedy at Parkland Hospital that Secret Service Driver William Greer killed his brother and that Johnson was in on it. The whole upper echelons of the federal regime knew—and many knew before it happened–as so many are agents of the secret societies/intel agencies.

Besides running the Justice Dept., his brother the President, tasked him with at least four other remarkable, but little known, tasks.
1.Covertly run the CIA, after the Bay of Pigs fiasco
2.Find out who was really in charge of the Gov’t
3.Broker a deal with the Soviet Ambassador during the Cuban Missile Crisis
4.Try to keep him [JFK]  alive as they knew that President Kennedy was likely to be assassinated for trying to establish peace and abolish war.

It was an impossible task because of all the evil humans working ultimately for the quarantined alien monsters controlling our species who want perennial war lading up to a QE attempt, followed—upon the usual failure—with annihilation of our species.

Robert Kennedy never recovered psychologically from the murder of his brother whom he adored both as his older brother and for all the good he was trying to do.

In time, I believe history will record that Robert Francis Kennedy was almost as great a human being as was his older brother. In at least one way he was greater. President Kennedy suspected that the PTB would try to kill him. Robert Kennedy—especially after the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr assassination—virtually knew what he was going to get. Kennedy was said to have slumped in his chair, aboard a jet, and became morose, after being told what was just done to Dr. King. Yet he ran for President nonetheless. Robert Kennedy did not know of the massive forces arrayed against the two heroic brothers who were working on behalf of all Mankind.

Rest in Peace Robert Francis Kennedy.

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Today is the 101st Anniversary of the Birth of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the Last President of the USA and a Real, Live Prince of Peace

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Today marks the 101st anniversary of the birth of John Fitzgerald Kennedy – the last President of the United States. I post now material from earlier posts that remain urgent.

As I put it, by the last year or two of his life and of his presidency, he had become an enlightened being. See the video below, where in June, 1963 at the graduation ceremony of the American University he basically declared “Peace… not just in our time, but for all time…”

He knew full well that he would probably be killed for striving for peace.  I have said: “A real, live prince of peace briefly walked among us.”

His being taken from our species by the US “Government” was one of the worst moments in the history of our species. And as I have written in a post below, there will be hell to pay by our entire species for not striving to get justice for him—till the end of time on this planet.

The murder of President Kennedy was done directly by his Secret Service Driver, William Greer. But the entire federal gov’t is guilty of high treason and murder according to the US Constitution and also makes the federal regime an organized criminal enterprise according to the RICO statute. The illegal and illegitimate US Federal “Gov’t” particularly the Dept. of Justice risibly claims that Kennedy was fatally shot from behind by the patsy when we can see his body slammed backwards in the limo from the fatal head shot. Despite the inviolable Laws of Physics [here Conservation of Momentum], the regime claims he was shot from behind. Video of Asst WH Press Secretary Kilduff has him point above his right eye as that’s where the treating doctors told him the fatal bullet entered him. The Assassin, Secret Service Agent/Driver William Greer was never charged.

The American regime went on to wage aggressive war around the world after his murder, starting with the war on Vietnam. War has been waged on American citizens since that day in November, 1963. There has been everything from the nuking of our largest city on 9/11/2001 to the brutal assault and then massive mercury poisoning of myself for committing the NON-crime of publicly stating that Greer killed President Kennedy after first shooting Gov. Connolly who was in the way.

Jackie then tried to jump out of the limo as she heard from 5-10 feet away who had killed her husband. The dastardly regime, including faux conspiracists, actually claim she was reaching for a piece of his skull…

It is never too late to get justice for John F. Kennedy. Indeed some of his murderers are still alive like GHW Bush who was right there in Dealy Plaza.

If the USA is a total Gestapo state, then an international tribunal, like the Nuremburg Tribunal needs to be set up.  The Zapruder film clearly shows Greer killed JFK. That he fired twice is even more evident when the audio from the motorcycle cop’s dictabelt is added to the video. So a Kennedy-Justice Tribunal needs to show the truth and to declare the US Regime guilty of murdering the Peace President, John Kennedy and to declare that the UA Regime is illegal and illegitimate. Sanctions against the American Regime must be imposed.

I also propose a $100 trillion lawsuit be initiated against the murderous regime and any and all surviving assassins. If the Kennedy family won’t start the lawsuit, it must be done in the name of the American People.

Each of you can do things to help bring about justice. Add a gif or something in your emails and communications that shows SS Agent Greer killing President Kennedy. Call for justice in all possible ways and venues.

Again there is no statute of limitations for murder or high treason. Demand Justice for this prince of peace, John Fitzgerald Kennedy now and for all time.

To those of you who are true fans of this prince of peace, here is a video of Kennedy’s joyous visit to Ireland a few months before his murder. It was mutual adoration between him and his Irish “relatives.” Note that the video reveals that he said that after his two terms as President, his last act would be to appoint himself as US Ambassador to Ireland.

See here:

Also see one of his greatest triumphs. In front of 1-2 million people in Berlin, he proclaimed “Ich bin [ein] Berliner.” [I am a Berliner.] This assured and enraptured the throngs of Germans. 


Finally, his greatest speech, the American University Peace Speech–one of the greatest speeches in human history–follows just below. A world leader, instead of declaring war, declared “Peace…genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living…not merely peace in our time but peace in all time.” 


It would be good if people contacted me and came to my aid. For committing the NON-crime of publicly showing/proving SS Agent Greer shooting twice, first hitting Connally, then killing Kennedy, I was brutally assaulted than massively mercury poisoned in a manner similar to what was done to Karen Silkwood.

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Update on the Ambush in Niger of 4 US Troops—Another Uranium Misadventure

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As you know, I have posted my assertion on the probable real nature of the alleged ambush in Niger that resulted in the deaths of 4 US soldiers, 3 of whom were Green Berets, last October. I asserted that, as usual, the US military was releasing mostly lies and disinformation about their mission and their deaths,  as well as the whole purpose for the US military’s presence in Niger.

Recall also the uproar over the death of one of the men, Sgt. La David Johnson. That had to do both with Trump’s idiotic call to his widow, Myeshia, and the military’s blocking her from ever opening his casket. I cited some possibilities that he may not be in that casket and/or his corpse may be radioactive. I note again that some reputable sources say that the Green Berets are actually CIA.

The recent new story about the Pentagon’s newly released info is here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5689311/Four-troops-killed-ISIS-ambush-Niger-abandoned-outgunned.html

The piece states that the October 4th mission was to “capture a top jihadist leader.” It then goes into the alleged incompetence of the commanders. Now incompetence is often used by the military and intel agencies to cover up deliberate, nefarious acts on their part. It sure is here…

The title of the article includes: “relatives briefed on probe point finger at commanders who ‘set them up to fail.’” This is almost identical to what I assert, except that I have attempted to uncover the deep reasons for their being set up and it has nothing to do with “incompetence.” I note that it is stated that French jets arrived two hours after the four were probably already dead.

I have asserted that their” mission” had nothing to do with “counter-terrorism.” Recall that several US Senators stated that they and their colleagues did not know that the US Military had any presence in Niger. Matters that are totally hidden from Congress, etc., usually have to do with QE [Quarantine Escape]. It was also revealed that the US is allegedly building a huge drone base in that region or country.

Now that region in Niger is near the border with Mali and both countries have large Uranium deposits. Africa, in general, has many locations that have relatively attainable, high grade Uranium ore—needed for QE by the quarantined aliens in charge on this planet—and in particular, in charge of the US “Government.” Other necessary rare minerals are also found in abundance in African locales. Northern Niger and nearby Mali have huge Uranium deposits. I am the only one to assert that the US  “Gov’t” is covertly mining Uranium there, and deep underground, is assembling and storing nuclear bombs, and possibly other WMD. The whole anti-terrorism rationale is just a cover for what the US military and intel agencies are doing there.

The 4 US soldiers were indeed “set up” to be killed, perhaps even by their own US troops—as was done to ex-NFL footballer Pat Tillman in Afghanistan, after he was eavesdropped on saying he was publicly going to denounce the US war there. So I have asserted that those 4 soldiers knew too much and may have mentioned what they knew to others such as their loved ones.

Recently I found online support for some of my assertions. See these links:



Recall that in 2015, in Mali’s capital, “Islamic Jihadists” held 150 people hostage in a hotel. When they were stormed, 27 had died. The French—who once had Mali, as their colony—recently returned to aid in “anti-terrorism.” As noted above, it was French jets who flew to allegedly aid the 4 murdered US troops. As well as a large French company mining Uranium in Mali, there are the Chinese there too with a large plant. Of course, I reveal that all countries—regardless of the –ism—are controlled by the quarantined ones.

Now when 2 years ago, some claimed that France’s military interventions in Mali were more about Uranium than anti-terrorism, an atomic weapons blog attempted to counter the claims of conspiracy. They did this by stating that France was not there for the Uranium because it already has all the Uranium sources it needs for its nuclear reactors.

 I agree! Thank you. This only helps prove my assertion that France, the USA, China, and ultimately the UK, are all there in Niger and Mali to mine Uranium, and I assert to assemble nuclear weapons there and store them deep underground, on behalf of the quarantined ones who have only two goals: Quarantine Escape, and upon failure, the annihilation of the human species.

Those horrific goals are aided by the corrupt or ignorant people in the militaries and intel agencies of the US, UK, France, China, Russia and other countries, as only I publicly reveal.

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Update on the Korean PsyOp/Flashpoint

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Just as the Korean flashpoint arose from out of nowhere after years of peace, recently peace among the 3 parties is supposed to be imminent. In quick succession, NK’s leader Kim Jong-Un  announced the dismantling of NK’s alleged nuclear test site and pledged never to use nukes.

Of course, I have written that NK’s alleged nukes and ICBMs are a CGI fiction by the US/UK. So photos or videos of blowing up areas in NK are as meaningless as the ludicrous Apollo Hoax photos and videos.

Then Kim went to South Korea and the two leaders were photographed smiling, holding hands, hugging, freemason handshaking, etc. as they promised to formally end the Korean conflict which began in 1950 and has never formally ended by signed agreement.

Then NK released 3 American prisoners, arranged by the new American Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo—a former, recent CIA Director. I won’t get into all the nefarious things Pompeo was involved in here.  Nor will I write more on his new Congress-appproved successor at the helm of the CIA, Gina Haspel, except to say that this foul creature was an integral part of the CIA’s program of waterboarding and other torture of people it kidnaps and imprisons.

Now Trump greeted the three released Americans upon their arrival on US soil and had warm words of praise for Kim; whom he previously only spoke of in foul terms.

Trump announced a “summit” meeting with Kim Jong Un in June in Singapore.

Of course, all this only means that the Quarantiners clamped down on that region after the USA tried to set off nukes—via the bogus claim of collisions  of US  destroyers—off the coasts of Japan and Singapore, as only I announced to the world months ago.

It is interesting that Singapore is chosen for the summit site due to my revelation above about the attemped nuking there months earlier with blame planned to be pinned on a NK nuclear-tipped missile. Singapore was ruled for decades by the British, whom I have revealed control all countries’ nukes on the planet—on behalf of their quarantined masters. Britain’s intel agencies, MI6 and GCHQ, control all the other countries’ intel agencies.

Now almost immediately after the supposed end of the Korean flashpoint, the Middle East flashpoint became “hot” again. Israel, Iran and Syria were involved in mutual rocket firings and retaliations. Then the USA opened its embassy in Jerusalem. Widespread Palestinian protest was met with Israeli Gov’t snipers killing dozens of them which the world then protested to no avail.

Then the Korean upcoming peace summit was called off by Trump. Now they say it might still occur. On a daily basis, it’s on again then, off again etc.

As only I publicly reveal, this is all an example of the ongoing galactic war between the Qurantiners and the quarantined, with our species held hostage in the latter’s perennial QE [Quarantine Escape] attempts. My unique analysis of picking Singapore for the summit site—where the USA/UK tried to set off a nuke last year and which was a British colony—indicates that the US/UK may set off a nuke there perhaps during the summit meeting. The on again, off again aspect is due to what the two warring sets of aliens are doing behind the scenes regarding nuclear and/or other WMD.

The Quarantiners, being more advanced usually win as witnessed by the continued presence here of the quarantined ones still unable to escape. But such events as Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the World Trade Center nuking show that the quarantined alien monters in control of our species—via the monstrous British-American Regime [BAR]—have success occasionally with the loss of many human lives.

So this one seems to be going down to the wire with almost daily fluctuations. I can surmise that if the quarantined ones, via their British-American Regime, set off a nuke in Singapore—perhaps even while you know who is there—it will be proclaimed that duplicitous Kim and the North Koreans played an evil trick on the USA, with the possibility of local or global nuclear retaliation ensuing.

This according to this Anonymous Physicist is how a QE attempt would occur. And it’s in the works. It’s always in the works…

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