The Staggering Implications of the American Regime’s Attempt to Nuke Japan and Singapore Last Year

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Last year, I became the first and only investigator to reveal the true nature of the events that the world knows as American Destroyers colliding with large tankers off the coasts of Japan and Singapore. I revealed that these were not collisions per se. The Destroyers were blasted by the Quarantiners because their scanning detected nukes on board that were about to be set off at those two coasts.

The implications of this can and perhaps should be viewed as staggering, though not surprising to this analyst of the perennial quarantined vs Quarantiner galactic war fought on our planet. Without my analysis and public revelation, no one would know what really happened as virtually all conspiracists are just regime intel agents.

As a deeper analysis now, those two events imply what I have asserted in my books. The quarantined ones are continually [and perhaps continuously as such attempts coud be on automatic] attempting to use nuclear and/or other WMD against our species as part of a Q.E. attempt. The sailors on those two destroyers were probably all meant to be nuked themselves—all for the ruse of blaming a North Korean nuclear-tipped missile, so as to have U.S. retaliation, possibly escalating to global nuclear war [involving China, etc.]. All that, of course, would be meant as cover for a large scale Quarantine Escape attempt. How sad that all the people in the American and British militaries and intel agencies don’t know or don’t care that they are working on behalf of the quarantined aliens who plan to exterminate our entire species. It’s outrageous.

That the American Destroyers were “blasted”– with the missing sailors bodies then being likely too radioactive to handle for a while—again implies how the Quarantiners are continuously attempting to save us from the evil that the quarantined ones plan. As I have revealed, the Quarantiners are mostly successful…but not always.

The nuclear destructions of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the World Trade Center prove that the quarantined ones have occasionally thwarted the Quarantiners’ scanning and vaporized many human beings.

For various reasons, the planned annihilation of our species upon failure of the next and imminent Q.E. attempt will likely be biological IMO; most likely a virus. The recent creations of the AIDS and Ebola viruses are test runs for what’s coming, unless we stop it. Mandatory vaccinations are an integral part of potential extermination of our species by the quarantined ones. Vaccinations likely contain an externally “triggerable” mechanism that will be employed upon Q.E. attempt failure. People should indeed resist vaccinating their children.

People who care, can do much more to support me, such as contacting me to order all my books for themselves and family or friends or to make donations to me. If not, I do not know how much longer I can hold out without more support. You will be left with all the obvious fake conspiracists. It boggles my mind that anyone believes their nonsense such as “Trump is not part of the Cabal” and the “world is really flat” or such.

Or that deep state money laundering is about illicit drugs when it’s really about hiding the mining, processing and building of fissile materials/weapons and subsequent WMD and other forms of WMD, again all for the impending Q.E. attempt and subsequent annihilation of our species—unless we make this known and band together to stop it.

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