The Real Reason Catcher/Spy Moe Berg Refused to Accept the Medal of Freedom

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I just saw the new movie about the life and alleged wartime saga of Morris [Moe] Berg. He was a major league baseball player; mostly as a catcher. He was also fluent in numerous languages and had passed the bar exam to be an attorney.


But he is best known for his stint in the OSS [CIA forerunner] as a spy sent in to Switzerland to meet Nobel Laureate and Quantum Mechanics founder, physicist Werner Heisenberg.

Heisenberg is best known today for his Uncertainty Principle, but the British-American Regime in recent decades, claims he headed Nazi Germany’s quest for a fission nuclear bomb. Berg was allegedly sent in by the OSS to ascertain “if Germany was close to acquiring nuclear weapons.” Berg was supposed to kill Heisenberg if the former deemed that Germany was close to having nuclear weapons.

For the record. The Manhattan Project physicists were all fooled. I think that Germany was never intended to get nuked. Our monstrous alien overlords, aka the quarantined ones, have made it clear that their least hated humans are the ones who look most like them. The supposed Aryans are blond haired and blue eyed. Aryan is really a way of saying Orion, denoting the place where our alien overlords came from—a planet orbiting one of the belt stars in Orion.

Now humans who have yellow or black skin and non-Caucasian facial features are the most hated by the quarantined ones; and this is passed down to the humans allegedly in charge—especially the British Regime which has run our species for most of the past millenium.

During WWII, I assert Japan, not Germany was always the intended target for British-American nukes, As my books reveal, the British Regime has always been in charge of US nukes; and indeed all countries’ nuclear bombs and nuclear reactors.

The British control of the Manhattan Project is partially evidenced in the matter of British physicist Klaus Fuchs being inserted into Los Alamos. From there this MI6 spy gave—as intended by MI6—nuclear secrets to the USSR. All for the eventual build-up of 50,000 nukes and ICBMs that occurred after President Kennedy was assassinated. All or most of that was for Quarantine Escape.

I do not believe that Heisenberg was in charge of Germany’s nuclear bomb program nor that Moe Berg’s alleged mission really took place as later described.

Most significantly, archives in Russia after the Soviet Communist regime collapsed revealed that Germany did explode a small nuclear bomb in Eastern Germany near the end of WWII. Hitler was not mad when in the last days of WWII he said Germany had “Der Super” bomb and was still going to win the war. He was speaking of nukes. But his British masters would not let him use them.

As an horrific but related aside, Germany had huge fissile processing plants run by I.G. Farben at Auschwitz, and possibly their other sites. Slave labor was extensively used. Those people were starved and worked to death. This is the reason the “Allies” did not bomb Auschwitz or other such “camps” or IG Farben work sites. German fissile material was always intended to go into American nukes for use on the women, children and old men in Japanese cities.

Germany in fact was ahead of the US’ Manhattan Project. In the Nazi Regime’s last days, they are said to have sent out a submarine with all their highly enriched Uranium and possibly Plutonium, and also their imploding trigger mechanism/devices that the Americans did not solve in time. While it is promulgated that the Germans launched that sub to go to their supposed Japanese allies, I have no doubt that it was always meant to go toward the Americans’ plan to nuke Japan. The sub was captured off the coast of Canada and given over to the US Navy. Germany’s enriched Uranium and implosion devices were used in the USA’s nuking of the Japanese people.

That will never be admitted to by the USA, because in part, it reveals the unilateral control of all countries’ governments by the quarantined ones.

That one set of evil beings controls everything and that all large conflicts are bogus and manufactured by our alien overlords is also evidenced by what happened at Peenemünde as WWII was ending. This site, in Northern Germany, was the launch site for the V-2 rockets which were sent to London and other areas in Britain. As the war was ending, about half of the German scientists and engineers went to the USA and the other half went to the USSR. This occurred even though officially it is said that Soviet troops captured the entire area.

Again this was all for the coming Cold War with its 50,000 nukes and ICBMs for a Q.E. attempt. Indeed much of Nazi Germany’s advanced weapons were designed not to help Germany win WWII, but for the next war. This includes nukes, V-1  [cruise missile forerunner], V-2 [ICBM forerunner] and jet planes.

This brings me to physicist Luis Alvarez. This notorious person was inserted late in to the Manhattan Project and has been given at least partial credit for solving their implosion difficulties with his alleged invention of explosive lenses with exploding-bridgewire detonators. In reality implosion was either solved by acquiring the Germans’ gadgets or even with some help from the quarantined ones.

Alvarez is said to have observed the nuclear detonations at Alamogordo, NM [Trinity site] and Hiroshima aboard a B-29 Superfortress.

After the War, Alvarez was involved in many different projects. In circa 1964, he had detectors placed on U-2 spy planes to allegedly assay cosmic rays. Then in 1965, he was involved in using either X-rays or background cosmic ray muons to search for things inside the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Now the 3 Great Pyramids are arranged by altitude and position to mirror the 3 belt stars in Orion.

In 1968, Alvarez was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. I find that dubious as it appears to be nothing original. I.e., hundreds of graduate students and newly acquired computerization rotely examined bubble chamber photos to detect new particles and/or new resonant states.

Now in 1976, Luis Alvarez had the most foul “research” article published in an American physics journal. It is Alvarez’s work therein to claim that Kennedy’s head could have snapped backwards from a shot from behind. The Journal editor felt the need to have his own preamble published. It says the journal will entertain publishing comments about the article in a very limited way. It will not publish alternative theories on the assassination.

A little background now: In 1975, Geraldo Rivera first showed the American people the Zapruder film on ABC-TV. Though heavily altered in numerous ways, it clearly shows Kennedy’s whole body—not just his head—violently thrust backwards in the limo from a shot from the front. SS agent/driver William Greer can be seen to have fired twice, first wounding Connally, then killing President Kennedy. And the Laws of Physics—here  Conservation of Momentum—are inviolable. A [formerly] prestigious physics journal publishing that claptrap only proves the perversion of science on this planet given who pulls the strings on our species.

In the 1970s, Alvarez and his geologist son, Walter published that 65 million years ago, dinosaurs went extinct due to the earth’s collision with a relatively large asteroid. This theory was allegedly and quickly acclaimed by many geologists. That is no longer the case decades later. Given Luiz Alvarez’s notorious nature and connections, I wonder if this PsyOp is meant to hide that alien visitation and control on this planet goes back that far in time.

So Moe Berg’s alleged OP regarding Nazi Germany’s work on a fission nuke is just a PsyOp later proclaimed to coincide with hiding
 the following truths as revealed by this Anonymous Physicist:

1.Germany had acquired nukes before the war ended

2.Nazi Germany’s enriched Uranium and possibly Plutonium and implosion triggers were actually used in the nuking of Japan by the USA

3.Germany was never going to be the target of American nukes. Japan was.

4.The Berg PsyOp coincides with a host of British and American Oplans involving notorious characters like Fuchs, Alvarez and others.

In 1945, President Truman awarded the Medal of Freedom to Moe Berg. Berg refused to accept it, never publicly saying why—that we know of. Upon his death in 1972, his sister accepted it.

During the last 20 years or so of his life, Berg could not find gainful employment, including being turned down by the CIA. Berg stayed with his relatives, but was said to have become very moody and snappy. His brother legally evicted him. I wonder if the American Gestapo-intel agencies poisoned him as was done to me, Karen Silkwood and who knows how many others in the USA for knowing or saying too much.

So why did Moe Berg refuse to accept the Medal of Freedom? Most likely because he knew that his Heisenberg role was just a front. Maybe he found out how the whole American Gov’t is a fraud. He may have been unable to accept it because the word “freedom” is in it. Did President Kennedy have the freedom to retain his brains for truly working to establish peace? Maybe Berg also found out about whose slave labor was used to enrich Uranium and/or to make Nazi Germany’s nukes at the IG Farben plant at Auschwitz? Berg had become fluent in Japanese and apparently also made friends, or had contacts, in Japan from his two trips there in the 1930s and knew that Hiroshima and Nagasaki had only women, children and old men as inhabitants when those cities were vaporized by the American Regime. The person who officially ordered this was President Truman who awarded the medal to Berg.

For these reasons, Berg could not accept the medal. Given that refusal, you could see why the intel agencies did not give Berg a permanent job. Berg apparently found out the real nature of things regarding the U.S. regime and did not want to be buried in the USA. He directed that his cremated remains be buried in Israel at Mount Scopus near Jerusalem.

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