Update on the Hugh Thompson My Lai Saga: 20,000 Innocents Likely Were Going To Be Killed and It Was Likely Ordered By Very High Up

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 The above video, and other recent videos, include perhaps new information about the 1968 My Lai Massacre in Vietnam. I have written on this before and it’s in my books.

As you probably know, on March 16, 1968, American infantrymen massacred over 500 women, children and old men in that now infamous village. Some had also raped women or girls. The American military covered it up for a year and a half and stated that its forces killed some 128 Viet Cong there on that day.

When it finally came to light, the Hugh Thompson intervention became known and several Americans were charged with crimes. Thompson was piloting a reconnaissance helicopter when he witnessed the massacre and heroically intervened. I will only summarize here. Thompson put his chopper down between a bunch of villagers and the soldiers, He then ordered his machine gunner to aim his gun at the American soldiers/murderers as they had earlier lied to him about ceasing their actions, but had soon continued shooting unarmed women, children and old men.  Thompson ordered his men to shoot the other Americans if they continued to kill the Vietnamese villagers.

Thompson and his two crewman, Glenn Andreotta and Lawrence Colburn, rescued a few villagers. Most importantly Thompson finally radioed to headquarters in an open way about the massacre that resulted in its cessation. His earlier radio reporting to higher ups was ignored by them and those on the ground.

PFC Herbert Carter shot himself in the foot so as not to partake in the massacre. But Wikipedia [CIA] now says that he did so only by accident. The regime does not want soldiers and everyone else to know how to stop the War Machine against Humanity.

The only one to receive any punishment for the massacre was Lt William Calley. But President Nixon soon intervened after the sentencing and revoked prison time in favor of house arrest. Though his initial sentence was for life for killing 22 civilians, a federal judge ended up ordering the release of Calley after 3 ½ years of house arrest. I should add that Georgia Governor, and future President [naturally], Jimmy Carter gave a parade for Calley.

The military initially awarded Capt. Medina for giving orders that day. Then Major, Colin Powell, was an integral part of the initial US Military cover-up of the “incident” and was rewarded by later being promoted to 4 Star General and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and later Secretary of State. Perhaps his last major lie was proclaiming at the U.N. that the USA had “yellowcake” [Uranium] evidence that Saddam Hussein had or was trying to obtain WMD so as to justify the war on Iraq.

American GI Ronald Ridenhour was the GI in Vietnam who was the one who blew the whistle and alerted Congress with evidence that a major atrocity and genocide had occurred there. If not for him, it is likely the My Lai event would be unknown to all except those who perpetrated it and the few survivors. Thus we can surmise there likely were many My Lais in Vietnam–which was one of the purposes of the war on Vietnam, not the ludicrous “Domino theory.”

Thompson was summoned to Congress and some there and Nixon were threatening to charge him with various crimes against the American troops. Calley was a Lieutenant and Thompson was a lower ranked Warrant Officer. After a while, they decided not to charge Thompson, but he received death threats and harassment for years. After some 20 years, his story began to be re-told more widely and he, and Glenn Andreotta and Lawrence Colburn, were awarded the Soldier’s Medal in 1998, by the US Army. Thompson received international acclaim and honoraria. He related that Oliver Stone wanted to buy the rights to make a movie about his saga. But he refused, as the contract contained a clause that allowed Stone to change it as much as he wanted so that it might end up having little veracity. So there never was an American movie. A little known Italian movie was made. I believe the video on top has scenes from that movie in it.

That video interview includes Thompson saying what he stopped was supposed to be just the start of a 4-day operation that could have, or would have, led to the massacre of 20,000 innocent civilians in the villages about to be visited by the American soldiers. Recently I also saw an interview where Seymour Hersh said that he learned that at the time of the massacre, a Major General was in the air observing it. Did the order to massacre many civilians come from very high up…?

So we see now that a far larger atrocity may have been planned; and it likely was planned by those very high up in the military–and/or civilian–chain of command. I would surmise that if that occurred, the US Military would have merely stated that its forces killed a large number of Viet Cong “Communist guerillas/terrorists.”

The American media—being primarily a wing of the intel agencies–would have printed and aired whatever they were told to.

We should never forget that the last President of the USA, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, had ordered the return of the first 1000 “military advisors [and really NSA agents].” He revealed secretly in 1962, and publicly in 1963, that there was not going to be an American war there. The Joint Chiefs of Staff privately, and unconstitutionally, then berated him in 1962, and later countermanded his orders to return the 1000, shortly before he was assassinated, and were clearly in on that. Kennedy saw that the USA’s “national security” was NOT at risk regardless of the outcome in Vietnam. After nearly 60,000 American deaths and the deaths of some 4 million Vietnamese, the “unwinnable” war was admitted to be such when the USA left with those results. Some 20 years later, without any “domino” consequences to the USA, and despite Vietnam going “Communist”, President Clinton re-established relations and trade with Vietnam, as if nothing had ever happened.

The American federal regime, and its faux journalists and authors, continue to lie and blame Kennedy for the war on Vietnam. Faux critic with his “Pentagon Papers” saga, Daniel Ellsberg, were/are part of the PsyOp. Others say “we will never know” if Kennedy would have done that war, when there is much absolute proof of what he did and ordered: a complete withdrawal after he would be re-elected. The notorious CIA agent, E. Howard Hunt, was also part of the Ellsberg plot to blame Kennedy for the war on Vietnam.

Sadly all too many in the USA are in denial as to the nature of their monstrous regime. As I’ve written, the British-American Regime [BAR] is vastly worse than the German Nazi Regime for several reasons. The British and Americans implanted Hitler, Himmler and the rest of the Nazis. And the British and Americans have WMD including nuclear, and biological that they plan to imminently use first in a Quarantine Escape attempt, and then upon the usual failure, to exterminate our species.

Most people alas have difficulty in changing. WWII saw the murder or death of 50-100 million people and it all came about from orders from the PTB which includes the British-American Regime, the Vatican, and the secret societies. Ultimately all evil perpetrated by our species against itself is ordered by those pulling the strings on us since they likely created us—the monstrous quarantined aliens here.

Like Lt. Calley’s actions show, they have succeeded in getting our species to want to kill and die for totally bogus reasons for many thousands of years. These ultimate monsters get off on controlling us and  watching us kill and die for these bogus reasons, such as “my country” etc. They reward the evil human lackeys who do the most harm to other humans, with power, money, sex and so on.

We should never forget those who sacrifice and suffer for not going along. Unlike even Hugh Thompson, who later became renowned and acclaimed, people like Bill Cooper and myself have only suffered immensely. Cooper was run off the road and lost a leg and later was shot in the head from above and behind by police/intel assets, while the regime/media falsely claim he was the aggressor. His NON-crimes were telling the People that President Kennedy was killed by SS Agent William Greer and that he had directly observed a massive UFO going in and out of the water when he was a Navy intelligence Officer during the War on Vietnam. He was also shown while on board that ship that Greer killed Kennedy. He went AWOL for a brief while, as he no longer wanted to risk his life and kill or serve such a regime that would do that.  He learned that it wasn’t “for his country.”

As for me, for once publicly showing Greer fired twice, hitting Connally then killing President Kennedy, I have been brutally assaulted and then massively mercury poisoned similar to how Karen Silkwood was poisoned. I went on to become probably the only conspiracy expert now who isn’t a gov’t agent and have investigated many crucial matters and I am the only one to have revealed many important things in trying to save our species.

Yet I exist in near poverty and in need of medical and financial assistance that has not been forthcoming.

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