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I take no pleasure in revealing—with 100% certainty—that a blog where I had posted is owned by a regime intel agent or asset: Spooked911. In fact, we will see that he is among the worst on the internet. I will detail both his actions and words that terminated our “relationship” and also earlier events.

The final straw occurred a few months ago, when I wrote a JFK Assassination piece that had a definitive photo proving the local and especially the federal government did the murder. This photo is always cropped, or the book or article containing it does not mention what is there, as all intel assets have the same orders regarding it! The photo shows the lead car in the Dallas motorcade had pulled far in front, and then had stopped (brake lights on). It contained: Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry, Secret Service Agent Winston Lawson, Dallas County Sheriff Bill Decker, and SS Agent Forrest Sorrels. Lawson was in charge of Dallas security and pre-trip planning. Different reports say Curry or Lawson was driving. The car’s break lights, and the man in front of its rear, with a rifle or other object, and/or pointing and directing the murder, proves the regime did the assassination—as well, of course as video showing SS Agent Greer murdering Kennedy.

Now when I sent the piece to Spook[ed], I also told him how all the regime’s agents are forbidden to state anything about the man at the lead car’s rear. He may have the lower half of his body in a sewer manhole. It was the Secret Service’s job to close those off before hand. And regardless of what he may be holding, he is clearly there and involved in the murder, and those in the car are thus clearly in on it.

Spook[ed] promptly proved my point!

He began sending me one picture after another after another, and wrote that “the man was really one of the flags on the JFK limo.”

And when I told him to stop it as he was giving himself away, he wrote saying “I cracked up if I can’t see that the man is the JFK limo flag.” He said he would do a piece on the man there being just the JFK limo flag. I don’t think he ever did. Judge for yourself. This ludicrous, concerted effort alone proves he is a liar and a regime agent/asset. Writing that that man is the flag is also spitting on the grave of President Kennedy, and spitting on truth, justice, and democracy as well. Note also that there is no flag pole either in the top photo.

A few years ago, a similar event occurred. I wanted to post a definitive piece, regarding the alleged WTC Tower/2nd plane “hit.” It was entitled, “Zero Interaction Physics”, and I wanted to prove that the term “Impossible Crash Physics” being used was not quite accurate or optimal. I declared that there was zero physics displayed—for either the tower or the plane! We do not see anything happening to the tower or the plane. The 3rd rate CGI video merely has less and less of a silhouette of a plane pasted against the tower. No plane is shown entering the tower.

Some puffballs are pasted on the surface of the fake tower. But there is zero physics and zero interaction regarding both bodies. And no plane or even the CGI image of a plane is shown entering the tower. Note that the “no planes” matter is of much less importance than the fact that the WTC was nuked and the China Syndrome resulted, but all videos of the alleged plane hit are provably fake—like the Apollo Moon Landing TV program, and everything else from regimes that have ulterior motives for everything they do.

As this was simple and definitive, the Spook here shockingly sent me about 10 emails—even after I told him to stop—saying what I wrote was “too complex and not understandable.” Of course, this is quite simple and definitive—which is why Spookof911 apparently has orders to have tried to stop it, but I insisted. His actions regarding the “JFK lead car man” are similar. Either incident with him is near proof of what he is. The two together, and other matters I will cite, make it 100% certain he is a regime agent/asset.

From near the beginning, I gave a not too cryptic hint to everyone, when I wrote that in the entire conspiracy field, the only ones we can count on not to be intel agents or assets were dead or dying: Bill Cooper, Sherman Skolnick, and Rodney Stitch. I specifically never included Spook[ed] in that list. I had seen this from studying the Kennedy Assassination for decades, and the “911 truth” movement for a few years, before I started to write on the latter, and became the only one accurately describing what happened during and after tower destruction. In the 911 field, the frauds are what made me start writing about the nuking of the WTC and the China Syndrome Aftermath, as well as showing how the DEW and thermite lunacies were just more intel agency created gatekeeping, non-physical nonsense. I also knew how Cooper had several people who pretended to befriend him and agree with him on the Kennedy Assassination, but were just agents sent in to keep an eye on him or manipulate him. Cooper later denounced the frauds who had pretended to be his friends or agree with him.

I also saw that there was much missing or contradictory matters about Spook[ed] himself. He never gave any real reason for him to be doing these blogs on 9/11. Rather the opposite—despite obviously phony, liberal rants, he often gives himself away as a regime-worshipping, money-worshipping, conservative-fascist. In the last 2-3 years, he has revealed himself even more so. At the same time, that the other “911 truth” phonies left the internet, this one began to reveal his true nature. His piece that the “US Government is mostly good,” was one of the most foul things I have ever read in my life. This at a place where I proved this Govt vaporized thousands of human beings on 9/11, and is controlled by those whose goal is Quarantine Escape and possible extermination of all humankind! And that they may have done this several times already thousands of years ago.

And of course, the US regime, even just since WWII has killed millions of people in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other places. And here at home, kills or poisons many Americans as well—from President Kennedy to my poisoning with mercury. What that piece showed was that this creature—because of his large grant monies is a bourgeois, narcissistic creep whose worldview is totally based on himself—again despite the phony, seemingly, liberal rantings. Indeed the grant monies may be how he is paid for being an intel asset—which his absurd behavior regarding those two articles above absolutely prove. Why indeed would someone who worships the regime, has a busy life running a big lab, teaching, and has a family with kids be running those blogs? His actions regarding the “FlagMan” nonsense and the Zero Interaction Physics piece answers these questions clearly. Orders.

Spook[ed]’s Op is clearly to keep posting disinformation ad nauseum from other proven intel assets/agents. He continues to post the work of the Wood woman and her risible DEW or “molecular dissociation clouds” which I showed, back in 2006, were cropped photos of water hosing down the radioactive, hot rubble pile. And I proved how everything emanating from her is meant to hide the nuking, and especially the China Syndrome aftermath of WTC nuking. Spook[ed] also continues to post the videos from another obvious intel agent/asset—the Baker guy—who continues to post the work of the Wood woman. The Baker guy keeps citing the Wood woman’s laughable “molecular dissociation clouds” in his disinfo videos of the nuking of the WTC. Because of course the Baker guy’s Op is to discredit the WTC nuking. And our Spook[ed] here knows this well because I have delineated this many times. Any 10 year old would also know the Baker guy was a fraud from his laughable, fake radio suicide a few years ago–naturally on Fetzer’s show! All the intel assets coming together–Spook[ed], Baker, Fetzer. So only a totally dishonest, fellow intel perp would post his videos! And part of the Spooked911 Op-Plan may have been for the larger (intel-run) conspiracy sites, never to take my articles, some of which were posted on Spooked’s blogs. My work, of course, gave this perp the aura of legitimacy, but that has now ended! It is also very telling that Spooked—despite posting my work on the nuking of the WTC and the CSA, and much else from me or from himself, has not received any harmful actions, threats or been placed on the no-fly list. Anyone real gets assaulted, threatened, poisoned, or killed; and is not allowed to fly!

Another foul piece from him occurred after the shooting of the Congresswoman in Tucson. Like all the other intel agency run enterprises, he immediately posted detritus on removing guns from the people—an MSNBC piece if memory serves. This despite the fact that the circumstances again showed pre-knowledge and Gov’t involvement and just another hypnotized or drugged patsy. This is how all intel-run blogs work: Whenever a serious incident occurs whereby the regime feels threatened in some way, the conspiracy blogger—and hidden intel agent/asset—suddenly becomes the Govt/MSM!

The future acts of intel assets are easy to predict. Spooked will most foully write, “poor A.P., he’s cracked up from his mercury poisoning.” This is what the intel vermin used to write, and again shows he IS them. Of course, a comparison of the 2 above photos will show who is nuts to try to claim the lead car man is the flag!

For people interested in knowing what has happened, is happening and will happen, tell them to get my 3 revised books, and to support someone who is not a regime agent, but whose health and life was horrifically destroyed by them.
And to come here for this blog.

Update: When Spooked (aka Flagman henceforth) was called out on this, he first replied with a veiled threat about “why wasn’t I afraid that he would get fellow spooks to kill me.” Something only a spook would think of saying.

Then the truth is he once promised me a couple of years ago to help with paying a dental bill, but when the time came [again before all this now]–he withdrew that offer. He lies throughout.

Update II: I regret having to take the time with this. But this individual is lying anew,  and now claiming 1. He never said the man is definitely a flag. and 2. He never said I was delusional for not being able to see that the man is a flag. So I will quote his emails from Dec. 12 and Dec 14 2011:

“…the object may be the flag on the front of the car, see here:”
And he sent one of many photos of the JFK limo such as the above.
Later when I told him this is bullshit. He emailed, “It’s definitely the flag, try this picture:” And he attached another [here]  meaningless JFK limo photo.

 Two days later he wrote, “I think you are seriously deluding yourself about the flag, and it’s kind of sad…”

There people is the very essence of the intel agent or asset. Saying black is white, and insisting that if you don’t see it that way,  you are delusional. 

A Spook to be known henceforth as Flagman.