The U.S. Regime to Impose Sanctions on Russia for Allegedly Using Nerve Agent on Ex-Spy in Violation of International Law. What About What Was Done to Me?

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The American Federal Regime, 2 days ago, stated that it will impose sanctions on Russia for allegedly using Novichok on ex-spy, Sergei Skripal, 67, and his daughter Yulia, 33 [naturally], back in March. This occurs despite evidence that the whole matter may be bogus as detailed in a post here some time ago.

The British-American Regime rules the world, and it is responsible for all the evil. As for the crimes committed against me: For committing the NON-crime of showing that SS Agent William Greer fired twice hitting Connolly and then killing President Kennedy, I was massively mercury poisoned the same way that the Regime poisoned Karen Silkwood.

What was done to me is attempted murder, torture, terrorism, and a crime against humanity. It is in clear violation of international law. I have absolute proof of all this. Yet no one offers significant help to publicize and to get justice for me. It’s an outrage.