The China Syndrome Aftermath at the World Trade Center

I have lengthily detailed the evidence, eyewitness accounts, and photographic proof that there was a China Syndrome Aftermath (CSA) under parts of the World Trade Center rubble pile and deep underground for up to six months after 9/11/01—until all fission bomb remnants were reached and removed.

Part II of my 9/11 book is all about the CSA at the WTC. The eyewitnessed flowing molten metal months later is not available to sees as videos. This was likely videotaped, but has been tightly suppressed. But numerous firemen, such as Bronx FDNY firefighter, Joe O’Toole saw this five months after 9/11. The China Syndrome had to occur per force, due to the fact that a fission nuke only converts 1-6% of its highly radioactive, fissile material to its two or three daughter elements. The rest of this fissile material—presumably Uranium 235—was dispersed non-uniformly under the rubble pile and deep underground.

Knowing exactly what they did, the American regime had to have its intel agencies have its covert agents release nonsensical limited hangouts to claim that either there never was any heat during or after tower destruction, or to claim that new laws of physics and chemistry accounted for a conventional explosive—thermite or the later claim of “supernanocomposite thermite)—burning forever (“inextinguishable fires.”)

The evidence-free, DEW non-theory simply claimed all CSA phenomena were somehow due to DEW. Trucks taking dirt into and out of the WTC—which were used to lower the level of radiation—were claimed for something else by the DEW agent. Photos that showed water trucks hosing down the hot (in both senses) rubble pile were simply cropped to hide these trucks and a new, meaningless term was invented (Molecular Dissociation Clouds). A photo that showed a crane lifting a metal piece, which was dripping molten metal, was simply denounced with baby talk as a “Cheeto.”

The China Syndrome Aftermath also caused the intel agencies to insert agents worldwide to try to claim that non-fission nuclear bombs were used. Clearly the PTB do not want the people of New York City and the USA to know that their regime nuked its own largest city. And killed several thousand people immediately, but also for at least six months may have had radioactive debris endanger thousands of WTC responders—at least hundreds of whom have developed types of cancer usually due to radiation and not other forms of toxic exposure—and millions of nearby residents.

The CSA is probably the main reason for the DEW and thermite scams, and for the other nuclear 9/11 theories being proposed that did not entail a CSA—which clearly did occur. The faux 9/11 theories claimed 4th generation, fission-free nukes were used. Again I have detailed why this bogus claim was used.

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