Recent Revelations about Richard Nixon and Seymour Hersh

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Richard Nixon, who would become president in 1968, was in Dallas at the time President Kennedy was murdered and was certainly in on it. Nixon gave numerous accounts of where he was at the time of the Kennedy Assassination, or shortly thereafter.  You can find audio or video or written accounts of him variously stating he had left Dallas hours before the event and had flown to NYC and was told there by a taxi driver or various other people about the Assassination. He also stated elsewhere that he couldn’t recall where he was at that time.

He always admitted to being there the day before for a PepsiCo Board Meeting which itself is curious as their HQ was in NYC. Later someone at the Pepsi meeting, and his son, stated that Nixon was there at their meeting on the 23rd at the actual time of the Assassination. See here:

This begs the question, did Nixon slip away at about 12:30 to gleefully watch President Kennedy get his head half blown off?

In that light, the Zapruder film clearly shows Governor Connally turning around to stare at who he obviously knew was the intended victim, President Kennedy. Only after he himself is shot by SS Agent/Driver  William Greer did Connally turn back to look at Greer, as he and his wife only then duck down to give Greer the clear path to finish the job. The couple appear to knock heads in their rush to allow Greer to finish. Jackie Kennedy herself told the Warren Commissioner that Connally screamed out “My God they’re trying to kill us all!”

Was Nixon there in Dallas to also gleefully stare at Kennedy being murdered or to partake in it, such as making payoffs? How many others who would later rise to high positions took part in the Assassination and/or gleefully observed it?

Also watch Nixon slip up 2 days later and say “2 rights don’t make a wrong.” He was referring to the Assassinations of Kennedy and Oswald. Starting at 1:15 he just “knows” that Oswald did it. Clearly he knew that Oswald was the patsy and also knew that Oswald was also to be murdered. Indeed Nixon knew Ruby.


Future president GHW Bush would also later say he couldn’t recall where he was when he learned of the murder even though a picture of him right there in Dealey Plaza proves where he was. An FBI memo from Director Hoover indicates Bush was there and perhaps in charge of things. In all likelihood, the CIA, the FBI, military intelligence and the Secret Service had dozens of agents there and/or elsewhere in Dallas as part of the Coup d’Etat. That fact and their getting away with it, and that SS Agent William Greer killed Kennedy only prove that the entire American Federal “Government” was always run by the secret societies which morphed into the so-called intelligence agencies.

Other very recent revelations about Nixon come from “investigative journalist” Seymour Hersh. His new book [not read here] reveals that he knew back in the 1970s that Nixon had punched his wife Pat in the face and she had to be hospitalized. He is alleged to have been given this info from an unnamed treating practitioner at that hospital.

Hersh later claimed that he kept that fact out of his earlier book on Nixon and Watergate because back then he didn’t think that beating one’s wife was a crime. IMO, that’s obvious poppycock and indicates what was clear to me for numerous reasons, that Hersh is a gatekeeper and likely intel agent or asset.

He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam which occurred in 1968. A gatekeeper always omits or alters the most important facts that might enrage the Masses to effect actual change. Everything that Hersh has ”investigated” and reported on has gatekeeping. Then there is his foul, “hit piece” book on Kennedy that has been widely denounced for having mostly “anonymous sources” and rumors to claim all sorts of things against Kennedy. It included such claptrap as Kennedy endangered the country with his affair with Judith Campbell Exner; and that Kennedy used her to communicate with Mafia boss Sam Giancana about various nefarious things. I can tell you that Ms Exner’s own book states that Kennedy never once mentioned Giancana nor did she ever relay any messages to him. Writing that foul book about the slain President only shows that Hersh took orders from the secret societies and/or intel agencies.

Indeed Hersh himself needs some investigating. Many individuals who would later rise in the federal gov’t or in journalism were earlier in military intelligence and thus were lifelong intel NOC agents. This includes Henry Kissinger and James Fetzer. At Hersh’s Wikipedia page, I did not see any reference to Hersh’s military service or early military connection, even though Wiki is supposed to have the most important biographical facts. But at this source

it is revealed that Hersh “worked, after college, as an Army press officer.” QED.

Getting back to Nixon, there are reports that Nixon was punching his wife in the face as early as 1962 and this was kept from the public by most of the MSM. Pat Nixon had threatened divorce over this. See here:

That last reference also states that Nixon took the drug Dilantin® . It states that Nixon was given it by Jack Dreyfus, founder of the Dreyfus Fund, to improve his mood. It’s curious that that article cites numerous uses of Dilantin in that NY Times article which is quoting a book by Anthony Summers, but nowhere does it state the primary use of Dilantin, which is as an anti-seizure drug. It’s known to have serious side-effects.

Now Nixon and Kennedy, back in 1947 as junior Congressmen, were somewhat friends. Kennedy, by the time of his Presidency, said that “tricky Dick” was crazy. Both were Cold Warriors, and Kennedy and his father donated to Nixon’s early election campaigns. But Kennedy evolved and by his last year had become an enlightened prince of peace who wouldn’t go to war in Laos, Vietnam, or initiate global nuclear war over the missiles in Cuba in 1962, that I have revealed was part of a planned Quarantine Escape attempt and upon failure the annihilation of our species. This was stopped by Kennedy and/or the Quarantiners.

Earlier Nixon was an integral part of planning the Bay of Pigs invasion that the CIA tried to sucker Kennedy into waging a large scale conflagration over. While Kennedy was blamed, it was later revealed that the USSR found out about the planned invasion, and that the CIA found out that they had found out. I have revealed that it almost certainly was the CIA who told the Soviet Union about the plan.

Why? It was all an excuse to have the USSR bring nuclear missiles to Cuba for the later Missile Crisis which was a pretense for an all-out QE attempt. As I have also revealed, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and Jack Ruby all knew each other and all were CIA NOC agents, and probably FBI NOC agents before the CIA was created in 1947.

The reason for the Watergate break-in was to obtain material that the Democrats stored in their safe about the Kennedy Assassination. The breakers-in and those supervising them were all or nearly all in Dallas on 11/22/1963 and involved in the Assassination. So they in particular already had the motivation of trying to ensure that they wouldn’t be hung for the  murder and treason they partook in some 9 years earlier.

The PTB wanted Nixon out as evidenced by the fact that Woodward, Bernstein and Ben Bradlee were “former” intel agents. Why? I came to the conclusion that it was not over any policy issues. It was because Nixon had “loose lips” and was talking about his role and that of the whole rotten government in killing President Kennedy. And the Senate Watergate Investigating Committee may have actually heard this on Nixon’s tapes that they listened to in closed session. Those 18 minutes of Nixon’s tapes had to be erased lest the People find out the true nature of their “Government.”

Now both Nixon and Johnson were alcoholics. Many have stated that Johnson was a full blown psychopath. Nixon’s psychiatrist said that he [Nixon] was neurotic but not psychotic. Were both of these miscreants suffering from the fear that they might be [deservedly] hung for murder and high treason? I don’t believe that either had a conscience. Both were murderers and mass murderers. This is the case for every President since November 22, 1963. Nixon apparently was a brutal wife beater and psychiatric, or anti-seizure, drug taker as well. I also raise the question here perhaps for the first time ever: Did Nixon have epilepsy? And/or a certain illness that causes epilepsy?

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