Oswald and Some of the Press Did Try to Tell the World He Was a Gov’t Agent

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First my take on the real nature of the Warren Commission
Many know that the so-called Warren Commission [WC] was a total fraud run by the FBI-Gestapo and the CIA-Gestapo agencies. It had as a member the CIA’s former Director, Allen Dulles, whom President Kennedy had fired for lying to him regarding the Bay of Pigs setup. Kennedy went to war with the CIA after that and promised to “shatter it into a thousands pieces and scatter them to the wind” after his re-election. Gerry Ford, future president, was a life-long FBI NOC Agent. Chairman Earl Warren, as Governor of California, had sent many Japanese-American citizens to concentration camps during WWII. Member John J. McCloy was a 33rd degree Freemason who had done much evil during most of his life. As “High Commissioner” of Germany, after WWII, he had freed numerous convicted top Nazi mass murderers long before their Nuremberg Tribunal sentences had run out. That was probably the reason he was selected for that position. At the deepest level, it proves that those in control of the “government” of the USA had also been in control of the German Nazi “government.” And these same PTB ordered all the evil that the Nazis perpetrated. So they tried to save as many of these monsters as they could, and gave that job to an American monster, McCloy.

Arlen Spector, the WC’s attorney, had authored the “magic bullet” theory which is physically impossible on numerous grounds. He was made a Senator for many years. Most or all of the evidence that the Dallas PD had, as S.O.P. was officially sent to the FBI-Gestapo for “processing.” I would hypothesize that the FBI then sent some, or most, of it to the much larger CIA or NSA. What was later sent back to the DPD or the WC was usually altered.

Many crucial eyewitnesses were never called to testify by the WC. One such witness was one of the Dallas motorcycle cops. From a few feet away, he said he saw Kennedy had been shot in his face. Numerous other witnesses said, upon reading the published WC Report when it came out, said that they did not say what the report stated they had said. One even refused to sign her deposition and later saw her signature forged in the report. Indeed one WC member, Senator Richard Russell, had refused to sign the final report and saw that it had his forged signature on it. Earlier he didn’t attend numerous sessions as they were shams.

But the most blatant and the most relevant outrage is that several eyewitnesses told the WC that they saw the SS driver shoot President Kennedy. Whenever anyone started to say that, Spector quickly changed the subject.

Oswald and the Press Did Try to Tell the Country and the World that He Was a Gov’t Agent
See the start of this video:

The beginning has a photo of part of a newspaper article with the heading, “[Oswald] Hinted He Was Secret Agent For U.S.”

The video then has legal stenographer Pauline Virginia Bates  relate her transcribing of Oswald’s notes in June 1962. Her date to the WC was just 4 days after LHO moved to Ft. Worth after returning from the USSR. She says that Oswald secretly took scribbled notes with him when he left the USSR. She says that Oswald wanted this secretly done for a book he wanted to write about how bad life and work was for him and the Soviet people that he witnessed during his [fake] defection to the Soviet Union.

Now the article I cited above which is shown in the beginning of that video was published in that newspaper and in another one in Dallas-Ft Worth, a week after the Kennedy Assassination. That one was syndicated by the UP service.

You can find Pauline Virginia Bates’s alleged testimony to the WC online. It has her allegedly telling the questioning attorney that reporters for the UP and AP got it wrong and that she never told the reporters that Oswald told her he was a Gov’t agent. It states that she said that she called the two local papers and told them to retract that story as she never told reporters that LHO told her that.

My take is the following. We have at least two reporters [for the UP and AP] here and two newspapers’ editors and publishers involved as well. Reporters and editors are trained in getting it right. They had nothing to gain and everything to lose by implicating the federal gov’t in the assassination.

They did get it right.  I would assert that the WC either fabricated her testimony or they first threatened her to give that testimony. Numerous Dallas reporters were murdered in the years after the Assassination. I don’t know what happened to those UP and AP reporters.

So Oswald, and later that stenographer, and those reporters and editors all initially stated or indicated that Oswald said he was a Gov’t Agent. I would also question whether Oswald’s plan to write  that alleged book was more of a possible legend. Was he ordered to do that—or merely claim that–for possible later use by the CIA or such? In the following 17 months, he apparently did not do anything more regarding this supposed book.

Update: The official word is that LHO gave up working on that book. So the only word we have about it is that stenographer and the WC report. So it probably was more legend. My final thought on this is that when the CIA made, or was told, that Oswald was definitely going to be the Communist-loving patsy for the assassination, the book Oplan was then cancelled. IMO again, the book Oplan indicates that the CIA etc., thought about using Oswald for anti-Communist propaganda until the Kennedy Assassination was made definitive.

Oswald, of course, managed to blurt out that he was “just a patsy” before being whisked away by DPD. DPD’s nitrate tests on Oswald proved that he hadn’t fired a gun that day. He couldn’t possibly have shot Kennedy or DPD Officer Tippett. We can see SS Agent William Greer kill President Kennedy.

Oswald’s CIA or ONI handler directed him to go to that theater, while his handler might have been the one to direct DPD to arrest him there. The handler could have been Jack Ruby or George de Mohrenschildt, or someone else.

From the moment of his arrest, Oswald would have known that he was being set up to be a patsy, and that much of his life was planned for what was then transpiring. He likely did tell those questioning him that he was a Gov’t Agent. That’s why none other than “Mr. George Bush of the CIA” [from J Edgar  Hoover’s memo] was in charge of questioning him, and why there are no extant notes, or records or tapes of any kind, of what Oswald told his questioners while he was in custody. He was telling them who he was and that he was a patsy for what the Federal Gov’t just did.

Oswald would soon be murdered–and witnessed live by millions, including myself,–by Jack Ruby.

Ruby was forced by his CIA superiors to kill Oswald under threat of killing his/Ruby’s family. Ruby later told journalist Dorothy Kilgallen that he was a CIA NOC agent and so were Johnson and Nixon. He also stated that the USA had gone fascist.

There is more on Oswald as a life-long sex slave, given over by his mother to her CIA handlers as a child, and much else, in my 4 books.

Oswald’s fate shows what the American federal regime does to its own intel agents. If only all the American and British intel agents and military personnel ever woke up and acquired brains and guts, and did the right thing as their regimes plan to annihilate our entire species soon, including them and their children.

Just as Oswald’s short, miserable life inexorably worked its way toward that disastrous finale, the same is true for our entire species. As I’ve written, the entire species will soon pay for not trying to get Justice for the slain prince of peace, John Fitzgerald Kennedy—the last President of the United States.

To her credit, Oswald’s wife, Marina, in recent times, has said that Lee didn’t shoot anyone and that the USA is “fascist.”

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