More Remarkable Revelations on Nixon and Watergate

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Recall that Alexander Butterfield was the one who told the Senate Watergate Committee that Nixon had an audio tape system in the White House [WH]. This supposedly led to Nixon’s resignation.

Buttterfield had been an Air Force Colonel stationed overseas when he “found out” there was a job available at the WH as assistant to Bob Haldeman, whom he had gone to college with. [If you believe he innocently “found out”…] He got the job as deputy assistant to President Nixon and held it from 1969 to 1973. Butterfield earlier had also known Ehrlichman and Al Haig…

A few years ago, he told his story to Bob Woodward the journalist of Watergate fame. He revealed to him that when he left the WH he took dozens of boxes of WH memoranda and notes which would later be said to be of great historic value. Again while that might appear to be innocent, to me being allowed to take all that smacks of a long term Oplan.

Sure enough, just a few years ago, Woodward came out with a book [not read here] on Butterfield and the revelations in the documents he took with him. First Butterfield described how warped Nixon’s behavior was. During his first meeting with President Nixon, Butterfield relates that Nixon was too nervous to utter anything at all to him. Some reports say he said that Nixon could only mumble, and that he had to hide for a month so Nixon could acclimate to him. Butterfield also related that he had to act like someone Nixon already knew such as Haldeman. Nixon initially berated him in front of others and he considered going elsewhere.

But Butterfield stayed on for approx. 4 years with his office just a few yards from Nixon’s. He revealed that no one in the White House was allowed to display a picture of President Kennedy on their desk and that there was a weekly inspection to enforce this dictum. Butterfield actually states now that he came to greatly admire Nixon and says that he did a lot of good.

The main focus of Woodward’s book apparently relates to the war on Vietnam as I call it. The documents show that Nixon wrote privately and/or told close advisors that the massive bombing in Vietnam and Cambodia had no value or effect regarding “winning the war.” It was done solely to win votes.

Update: Butterfield had the now infamous zilch memo which should have been in the Nixon library. This was a memo to Kissinger that stated that the 10 years of bombing had achieved “zilch.” It came a day after Nixon, on TV, told Dan Rather–a long term intel asset who lied to the world when he said that Kennedy was slammed forward in the limo, the day after–that the bombing was “very, very effective.” Again my unique analysis is that Butterfield’s Oplan was to hide certain things until the regime wanted them released by their intel agents/authors.

Of course you will never see Woodward write that President Kennedy ordered the withdrawal of American troops on the weekend he was murdered and that the Joint Chiefs disobeyed his order. There never would have been a Vietnam War had he lived. But CIA NOC agents Johnson and Nixon oversaw the build-up of that war and most importantly the massive build-up of US nukes and ICBMs totaling over 30,000, as compared to just a few hundred during President Kennedy’s presidency. Matched with the USSR’s approx. 20,000 nukes and ICBMs, they were all meant for a QE attempt—which has so far been thwarted by the Quarantiners.

So what Butterfield and Woodward reveal pales in comparison to the matters I reveal or relate. This is the task of all the popular “journalists”: gatekeeping to hide the most urgent matters such as the impending QE attempt that will likely lead to the anninilation of our species.

The following video interview has Butterfield and/or Woodward stating some of the above. 

Another interesting video [below] has an interview whereby two “experts”—at least one of whom is CIA—state that their lengthy examination and analysis led to their conclusion that it was Nixon himself who erased those missing 18 minutes of audio tape, and not his secretary, Rose Mary Woods, who publicly took the blame. The experts state that Al Haig may have assisted Nixon in that task.

Here is a “bonus”:


It’s a remarkable statement from President Eisenhower against his own Vice-President Richard Nixon during the 1960 election campaign. Though not talked about much, this probably had a lot to do with Kennedy getting elected. This was one of the few times that Eisenhower dared to do something against the PTB. The other being his remarkable, televised warning about the military-industrial complex given to the nation just a couple of hours before handing over his office to Kennedy.

It was also the last time someone was elected to the presidency who wasn’t an intel agent/asset [s]elected to preside over our impending doom unless our species resists now. After President Kennedy was assassinated both former presidents Eisenhower and Truman made false public statements when they both knew the “government” had killed Kennedy for all the good and change that he was trying to make. 

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