In the Matters of ZP Bazant and Spooked/Flagman

In my book, The Nuclear Destruction of the WTC, and The China Syndrome Aftermath, 2nd Ed., I go into great detail, in two small chapters, on the bogus nature of the papers of ZP Bazant, the engineer that basically all the official “gravitational collapse” nonsense is based on.

Nuclear9/11 & CSA Book, 2nd Edition

I spent a great deal of time and effort, detailing the bogus math and physics in his equations. I showed how all his equations, assumptions, parameters, and constants—variously assumed instead of proven, were based on lies or things totally disproved by the evidence on video, or had other problems cited. He often used circular logic to assume parameters, constants, etc. that came from the mechanisms he was to prove and not assume. But the very math and physics of his equations are bogus and cannot even be employed for what occurred–which includes phase transitions.

Furthermore I called for his arrest for outright fraud, as his (bogus) equations had the crucial variable of the smallest dust particle size found by investigators. I cite the analogy with a mortar and pestle. You know to get smaller and smaller particle sizes you need to input more and more energy. So the smallest dust particle size is very important in the equations of “comminution.” (The very term denotes crushing, etc. but not vaporization and other things that occurred.)

But the standard Comminution math and physics he used assume only gravity or TNT or similar conventional explosives were used. Nothing like nukes with total vaporization and greater explosive power is even possible in his equations.

And his initial paper did not even cite the source for the value he claimed was found for the smallest dust particle. Eventually in revised papers he cited a source. I proved that that source led to another and then another which all came back to a Govt study that listed the smallest dust particle size officially found as 4 times smaller than the one he claimed. 2.5 microns and smaller vs. his claim of 10 microns. This proved much greater energy was needed to create it. This outright fraud, and his gravitational collapse nonsense—which is obviously bogus on numerous matters, as can be seen on all the videos—itself collapse. It was very telling how the whole bogus “911truth” field ignored my finding of simple, outright fraud!

Furthermore, regarding the smallest dust particle size officially found, this is likely to be a great over-statement, as the govt researchers had apparatus that could have found vastly smaller particle sizes. And they lumped all this together instead of detailing the much smaller sizes. So they may actually have found vastly smaller particle sizes and found a way to effectively hide this in the bounded group they released. But what they released was nonetheless lied about by Bazant, by a factor of 4, in his equations that desperately and laughably try to claim that gravitational collapse was what occurred on 9/11.

More recently, Spooked had a post on ZP Bazant. So I need to show again how Spooked is delusional or corrupt—or actually both. Spooked, aka flagman, wrote, “There are many many other problems with Bazant’s work, as I have described before. I’ve been meaning to write a more thorough critique of his stuff but ran into various issues. Long story.”

Note that it was at this creature’s blog that I wrote the earlier version of this lengthy expose of the bogus math and physics in ZP Bazant’s articles, as noted above. And we see again how this warped “biomed researcher” who did very little regarding Bazant, ignores all the lengthy analyses I did and my call for his arrest for provable fraud on the smallest dust particle size.

And Spooked/flagman writes again as if he is an engineer or physicist, when he comprehends little or none of this. Just as he recently and absurdly “vetted” the plagiarizing fraud Prager and his non-physics that “neutrons are attracted to metal.”

So Spooked’s behavior is clearly an absurd Op to pretend he is a physical scientist or such, and to make me a non-person. In particular I want to make clear that one of the reasons I “disown” him, is to counter any future acts of his where he may pretend to speak for me—and/or on the nuking of the WTC.

A few years ago, he did a podcast, in lieu of my appearance. His behavior was most strange. Everyone I told to listen in told me he was a fraud, and that he didn’t believe what he was supposedly proclaiming. Each time the mike was turned over to him on the nuking of the WTC, he laughed or snickered before starting to try to say something on the nuking of the WTC.

He later told me he was nervous and afraid of being discovered or such. Anyone who is nervous about this would have simply refused to do the interview. Indeed anyone who was really afraid to be involved in this would never have had the blogs, he has had. Especially since all he writes indicates he is a conservative-fascist who loves his regime—“It’s mostly good”—despite what he claims he espouses happened on 9/11 and all the other events in the USA and the world. And again, since the Govt does know who he is, and he has not been killed, poisoned, harmed in the least, or even threatened, and is not on the no-fly list, this is telling.

He continues to prove what he is with more lies and absurdities on the underpass man in Dealey Plaza, as being a “flag”—despite my proving more and more what is plainly seen. (Paraphrasing him, “Left is right, black is white, if I paste an arrow there and call an ameoba an elephant, that is what it is, and you are delusional, if you disagree.”) His calling me delusional is fascinating. Above you see from his quote that he pretends to be able to analyze the physics, math or engineering of Bazant—when I did it fully already, and he knows or understands virtually nothing of this.

Please do not allow him to speak on the nuking of the WTC, especially on my behalf. He vetts all the frauds out there: Prager, Wood, Baker, Fetzer, etc.

And if you want to see a full and proper analysis of the bogus nature of Bazant’s work, it’s in my books. Again how the “911truth” field did not follow up on the “slam dunk” I provided for outright fraud regarding the claim of the smallest dust particle size officially found, said it all.

The virtual entire field was/is controlled by intel.