Did LBJ Want to Ride In Kennedy’s Limo to Watch What Would Happen?

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The above video has former Senator George Smathers saying that President Kennedy told him, shortly before he was murdered, that Johnson wanted himself, not Gov. Connally to ride in the President’s limo. If this is true, it implies that LBJ wanted to watch Kennedy being murdered. Both LBJ and his henchman Connally were in on it and both hated Kennedy, and both were agents/assets of the CIA.

Connally, in 1971, became Nixon’s Treasury Secretary and headed “Democrats for Nixon’ in 1972,  proving once again that political parties are a farce.

Now this remarkable claim by Smathers is opposed by what Senator Yarborough always stated. Yarborough and the team of Johnson/Connally also detested each other. Yarborough did not want to ride with Johnson in the follow-up limo. LBJ and Kennedy are said to have vociferously argued about LBJ wanting Connally to ride with him/LBJ, the night before the Assassination, LBJ is said to have wanted Yarborough in the Kennedy limo. It makes more sense that the gutless Johnson would not want to be in the Kennedy limo as his life would then be in jeopardy.

Indeed Yarborough bravely told the world that LBJ’s public tale about Secret Service Agent Rufus Youngblood pushing him [LBJ] to the floor of that  limo and then jumping on top of him to shield him, was a lie. Yarborough [who settled for riding with Johnson] said that at the sound of the first shots, LBJ threw himself to the floor. More recent reports state that this occurred earlier, just before the limo made that left turn onto Elm St. Youngblood went along with the lie and was acclaimed, and in a few years was made deputy director of the Secret Service–which exists to kill the president if and when he acts in opposition to the secret societies, the British and the ultimate quarantined aliens in tight control of the US Regime.

In Kennedy’s last weeks, his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy started to try to put the Secret Service under the aegis of his office and not the Treasury Dept.

So I think everything else indicates Smathers was lying in this remarkable short interview. Though LBJ would likely have loved to watch what was to unfold, he did not want to risk his life and that of his henchman, Connally; and would rather have had Yarborough there.

Smathers himself was likely a lifelong agent/asset of the intel agencies/secret societies. He was a close friend of Kennedy since Kennedy’s early Senate years. They took trips together to Europe and Havana, Cuba. But from the moment of Kennedy’s death has “revealed” some nasty details about Kennedy that may not be true. There is much about Smathers that is curious if not nefarious.

Smather’s entire Congressional career was that of a staunch opponent of civil rights and a strong proponent of the Cold War, domino theory etc. Though he accepted the role of Kennedy’s Southern presidential election campaign head in 1959, he later placed his own name on the ballot as a favorite son and later admitted to doing that in conjunction with Johnson. This shocked and angered Kennedy who insisted that he withdraw his name.

Wikipedia now claims that Kennedy was going to have Smathers replace LBJ as his VP on the 1964 ticket. This is likely false and is contrary to what others, including Evelyn Lincoln, said that Kennedy had said.

Smathers gave up his Senate seat in 1969 and became very wealthy via private business and Washington lobbying. Many around Smathers were suicided IMO. Smathers was friends, since childhood, of Phillip Graham. Graham became the publisher of the Washington Post and may have played a role in forcing Kennedy to have LBJ as his running mate in 1960. In August, 1963 Graham allegedly shot himself with a shotgun.

In the early 1960s, Smathers partnered with Grant Stockdale in forming a vending machine company that would be involved in much scandal. Automatic Vending would be linked to the Mafia, to LBJ’s henchman, Bobby Baker and to illicit contracts with the US military and NASA. Payoffs allegedly involving Smather’s partner, Stockdale, went to LBJ via Bobby Baker. The latter did end up serving jail time. The Senate was investigating LBJ at the time of the Kennedy Assassination which was terminated, and Baker ended up getting all the blame.

Stockdale fell or was pushed from his office on the 13th story of the Dupont Building in Miami on December 3, 1963. He didn’t leave a suicide note. Smathers later claimed that Stockdale was depressed upon the death of Kennedy.

Others around Smathers also officially committed suicide or had mysterious deaths.

Smathers appears to be a nexus of federal politics, the military-industrial complex, the Mafia, the Press, the intelligence agencies, Johnson, Nixon and so on. Smathers sold his Key Biscayne house to Richard Nixon and introduced Nixon to Bebe Rebozo. Rebozo and Nixon became best friends and Rebozo was given a White House office and bedroom by Nixon and the Secret Service did not log in his visits.

Rebozo’s bank was said to be involved in money laundering for organized crime in Miami, including the godfathers, Trafficante and Marcello, that Robert Kennedy vehemently went after. But the Mafia is just the bottom rung of the intel agencies. Never forget what I have revealed here. Jack Ruby decried that he was being labeled as Mafia when he told the intrepid true journalist, Dorothy Kilgallen, that that was his legend and that he was a CIA NOC agent. And he said so were Johnson and Nixon, which a secret House Subcommitte stated 70 years ago. This is likely the case for Smathers as well. Kilgallen herself was then suicided after saying in effect that she was going to take the whole government down.

So Smathers knew them all, and like E. Howard Hunt, we can expect that he was lying up to his last breath, for his masters. He is the epitome of the corrupt, evil nature of the “government” of the USA and also much else in American society because of who and what is in ultimate control and has been since the beginning.

But there are so many more of us—good people. If only more people knew.

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