The Massive Evidence of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) During WTC Destruction on 9/11, & Combating the Fetzer-Prager-Jones Op-Plan of Denying It

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From the outset, the regime and its hidden intel assets had to deny that the regime itself destroyed the WTC on 9/11—and killed nearly 3,000 people—via small nuclear bombs. They all therefore had to deny there was evidence of EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) from the nukes that were used. The regime’s intel agencies obviously knew that the regime did it via small nukes, and sent out its assets to “lead” the 911 truth movement. Either nukes were to be denied, or even some assets were to try to negate the 911 nuclear truth by pretending to proclaim it.

First S. Jones, of the thermite scam, wrote something like “there was no evidence of EMP. The only thing that might have been was some phone outages, which are easily explained by such and such…” Or words to that effect. Of course this is an outrageous lie. My nuclear 9/11 book has numerous eyewitnesses of EMP events during WTC destruction. This includes EMTs, firemen, policemen and civilians. Here I will quote from the second edition of my book with just two of the eyewitnesses to EMP events. I do this to counter the Op from Prager and Fetzer to take my work and lie about EMP, and claim that neutrons did this. My critique of the Prager physical nonsense that “neutrons are attracted to metal” was already explained here a few days ago, and is below.

First I cite the statements from Patricia Ondrovic, EMT. From my copyrighted book,

“Perhaps the most remarkable are the statements of 9/11 responder, EMT Patricia Ondrovic. She reached the WTC area shortly before tower 1 and WTC 5, 6—right near her at the time—would be destroyed. She tried to enter WTC 6, but was forbidden by guards. But as she looked into the lobby of WTC 6, she “saw a series of flashes around the ceiling of the lobby all going off one-by-one like the X-mass lights that chase in pattern.”

This is best explained by one or more EMPs passing through that area and causing wires or lighting fixtures to “pop.” Furthermore, at that same time, she reports that cars near her, and right outside WTC 6, caught fire for no apparent reason. As she started to flee, a car door exploded off a car and hit her and knocked her down and injured her ribs. All this happened as WTC 5, 6 and Tower 1 began to explode.”

The exploding car door is again only explainable via EMP. As the nuke(s)’ concomitant EMP(s) (Electromagnetic Pulse) passed through her immediate vicinity, it intercepted the cars near her. The intense electromagnetic wave induces a great current in metal—and not in “people or paper”. The current becomes great heat, resulting in rapid expansion of said metal. The current cannot flow beyond the air gap surrounding the door. A door itself thus can only expand so much before its boundary (air gap) is reached, which can result in the door or its handles (if they are metallic), etc. exploding off…”

Next, from my book, I cite Robert, Ruiz, EMT, “His utter incredulity at watching a car completely catch on fire for no discernible reason is clear…. Ruiz just barely escaped WTC 2 being destroyed. First he describes the ground near him shaking before the “collapse” starts. This could be evidence of an underground nuclear bomb going off before the top was brought down. He says, the ground shakes, then WTC 2 starts to come down, and he runs and survives under a nearby doorway. Ruiz then states, “I was trapped there. Like things weren’t bad enough already, the car that’s parked right on that corner catches on fire. I don’t mean a little fire, the entire thing. Don’t ask me how. The entire car caught on fire. You would think maybe just a motor part or just the engine part. But this entire car just goes up in fire.”….

The neutron nonsense first came from Tahil—of the nuclear 9/11 “theory” that two huge nuclear reactors exploded like nuclear bombs—despite this being physically impossible according to all physicists. Tahil wrote that the cars caught fire for no apparent reason due to neutron fluxes. Prager repeats this nonsense.

This, of course, is negated by the fact that Ruiz and Ondrovic were right near the cars that caught fire for no visible reason. If neutron fluxes did that, they would have been vaporized or at least caught fire as well. They were unaffected, except for Ondrovic being injured by the flying door.

The Fetzer-Prager Op to claim all this was from neutrons is meant to destroy the nuclear 9/11 fact from within.

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