British Regime Now Publicly Admits the USA is Again Its Colony

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During “President” Trump’s visit, last week, to the UK, he met British Queen Elizabeth II. The following link is an indication of how the British media—which is tightly controlled by MI5/6—is telling the world that the USA is just another slave state or [returned] colony of the British Regime.

the above handshake looks like the usual freemason one.


The article states that the American President broke protocol when he and his wife did not bow and curtsy to the Queen upon metting her. It implies that American protocol and law–which precludes that–don’t count. The implication is clear: The USA is just another slave state to the British Regime. It begs the question: Did the USA ever break way from the British Gov’t? Or was that always a subterfuge? My books lengthily go out into this and reveal who has had control of all American nukes since the beginning.

MI5 has freely admitted that Mussolini “was” a British agent. 

A book [read here] reveals that “Hitler was a British Agent” as well. Hitler and Stalin were apparently indoctrinated at the Tavistock Institute in London. The British Regime has ruled the world for the last 1000 years or so. Many American presidents have been revealed to be direct descendants of the evil King Longshanks who had Scotsman William Wallace drawn and quartereed. Many American leaders also received “education” in London at Oxford and elsewhere. Some were Rhodes Scholars. 

People tend to forget…During the Revolutionary War, the British Army routinely carried out such horrific acts as getting the wives and children of the revolting colonists into churches and barricading them and then burning them alive.

The Irish know well that in the 1850s, the British took nearly all Irish grain and livestock and left mostly just potatoes. Then in early germ warfare, they created the potato blight that exterminated some 5.5 million Irish People.

About 100 years later, British Agents, Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler were in charge of exterminating some 13 million non-combatants, Of course, they were first labeled as “terrorists.” The Concentration Camp was invented by the British during the Boer War, in now South Africa, circa 1900, and was used to exterminate Dutch settlers. The real reason the British wanted to control South Africa is revealed in my fourth book.

The Nazi Regime’s love for all things “Aryan” was a way of saying they were doing all that evil for the quarantined monsters in charge who came from Orion. The British killed tens of millions of people over two centuries in India. Again since the British have controlled our species for the last millenium, the number of humans killed from wars, genocides, manufactured famines, etc. is staggering.

They are now publicly admitting that the USA is just another slave state or a colony that never really gained its independence because of the control of the secret societies which morphed into the “intelligence agencies”—a bogus legalization. Of course British control of any or all of the American Government is unconstitutional and illegal. So is killing the President—which has occurred four times—3 by gunshot and one by poisoning.

The huge budgets of the CIA, NSA, DIA, NRO, FBI and military intelligence agencies includes secret funding for their controlling British intel agencies. This and the American War Machine is part of why poor and middle class Americans don’t have universal free medical and dental care as citizen’s rights, when other ‘first world’ countries’ citizens have had that for many decades or longer.

If only Americans all knew this… If only the people in the American military and intel agencies ever found some guts and brains. They all swear allegiance to the Constitution, but then everything they do is directly under British control, but is ultimately part of the impending QE attempt that will result in the annihilation of our species including them and their children and grandchildren.

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