Something Else Secret Service Agent/Driver William Greer—Who Murdered President Kennedy—Did on Nov. 22, 1963

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Assassin William Greer, the Secret Service driver who–on behalf of the U.S. Government– killed President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, TX.


As told in William Manchester’s mostly detritus book, Death of a President, Secret Service Agent and murderer of President Kennedy, William Greer [above], had a follow-up task on the night of 11/22/1963. The assassin drove the ambulance allegedly containing the slain President’s coffin and body along with widow Jacqueline Kennedy and his brother the Attorney General, Robert Kennedy. Greer was born in N. Ireland and probably was a British Agent.

Manchester, who allegedly interviewed “everybody” wrote that Greer drove the ambulance at twice the legal speed limit from the airport to Bethesda Naval Hospital for the official autopsy. Earlier in Dallas, SS agents pulled their guns when the Texas medical examiner demanded that under Texas law, Kennedy’s body had to remain for an autopsy at Parkland Hospital.

So, if true, Jackie and Robert Kennedy had to endure an approx. 1/2 hour ride at about 80 mph instead of 40 mph. Note that there was no need for that great speed for the alleged autopsy. It was an intimidation factor.

 In addition to possibly being jostled about in the ambulance during that interval, there is the likelihood that Greer gave the “word” to the two Kennedy’s. Did Greer say something like, “Yeah we know that you know that I did it. We’ve got all the power in the world now…if you reveal what really happened, all your children will get the very same treatment.”

It appears that the two Kennedys got the message and didn’t publicly say anything. Jackie is known to have made vague comments about “the driver.” She also said she can’t say more because “the secret service have my children.” Allegedly her will stated that all relevant info will be released upon the death of her grandchildren.

For the historical record, during the assassination, when SS Agent Roy Kellerman saw in his rear view mirror that SS Agent Clint Hill was racing to the limo, he ordered Greer to kill President Kennedy. Greer turned around and fired twice, first hitting Gov. Connally, then killing Kennedy. Greer had the gun in his left hand and the heavily-doctored Zapruder film shows him bring it up near his right ear. Indeed frame 313 shows the tip of the gun goes past the back curvature of Kellerman’s head. Look closely, get a magnifying lens, enlarge it, etc.

SS Agent Greer killed President Kennedy and later that night, it is highly likely that he threatened the lives of Jackie and Robert Kennedy and all their children. 

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