On the Corrupt Rockefeller Commission [RC] and the Nedzi Committee of 1975

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Unelected President Gerald Ford created the Rockefeller Commission when people started to deride the Warren [Commission] Report. It’s formal name was the United States President’s Commission on CIA Activities within the United States.  Unelected Ford appointed his unelected Vice President, Nelson Rockefeller, to head that eponymous Commission. Some say that Rockefeller was the country’s highest Freemason and ran the country/Gov’t.

In addition to the rewarded, future President Ronald Reagan, RC members also included Edgar F. Shannon, Jr., David W. Belin, John T. Connor, Erwin N. Griswold, and Lane Kirkland. Two other members are more well known–C. Douglas Dillon and Lyman Lemnitzer.

Dillon had been Kennedy’s Secretary of the Treasury. That office has been in charge of the Secret Service [SS] since its onset. Instead of protecting the President, when called upon, its task is to kill the President. Attorney General Robert Kennedy, shortly before his brother was assassinated tried to place the Secret Service under the aegis of his office. Perhaps another reason they could not wait longer.

It is highly likely that Dillon was involved in the assassination of Preident Kennedy, as we know from SS Agent Greer’s killing the President and the stranding at the airport of another SS agent and also the matter of the lead, white car, and other matters, how much the Secret Service was involved in the coup d’etat.

General Lyman Lemnitzer had been Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, heading the Pentagon. Kennedy had fired Lemnitzer for all the nightmarish plans he repeatedly asked Kennedy to sign on to. These included a pre-emptive, massive nuclear strike on the USSR and China. It also included Project Northwoods which was to provide a fake basis for the US to invade Cuba. It included blowing up American commercial planes and buildings, sabotaging ports and John Glenn’s rocket with him in it. Obviously it can be viewed as a forerunner to 9/11/01.

Kennedy vetoed all these plans and said, “and they call themselves human beings.” Of course we now know that that was a wise deduction as the US Regime is—and always has been—ultimately under the control of the quarantined aliens whose two goals are Quarantine Escape followed by the annihilation of our species.

The U.S. Senate, also in 1975, created the Church Committee to investigate the CIA. In the House of Represenatives, the Nedzi Committee was also created in 1975. Therein lies a tale. When Congressman Lucien Nedzi and his Committee subpoenaed CIA records, the CIA flatly refused to obey those legal orders. That was one of the times where it was plainly visible that the intel-Gestapo agencies run the Congress and the whole “Government” under the ruse of “national security.” National Security, of course, means the security of the murderers and mass murderers running the US “Government.”

Nedzi may have been the real thing. Nedzi resigned as the intel-Gestapo agencies usually win. We don’t know what was involved, but at the least, it seems he didn’t want to run a whitewash. The Nedzi Committee was replaced by the Pike Committee, five months later.

Again they all knew that the Regime killed President Kennedy. They each could have stated that on the floor of the Senate or House. Of course, if they did, the CIA-run Regime might have excised that from the records. This again shows the need for members of the Press to act.

These 1970s Congressional Committees, though they acknowledged some CIA malfeasances, certainly never came close to stating the truth that the “Government” killed President Kennedy.

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