On The ContinuingTrump-Clinton PsyOp in the Fake Democracy

Copyright 2017 Anonymous Physicist. All Rights Reserved

 As a diversion, the American Regime and its controlled Media continue to pretend to investigate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. “The Donald” himself, his son “Jr.”, and his son–in-law, Jared Kushner, have had their actions and malfeasances recently added to the list allegedly being investigated. Former FBI Director Comey also admitted to his own malfeasances while testifying to Congress.

Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was just revealed to have been wiretapped by the secret FISA Court, during the Obama Administration, and now too. The MSM claim the former FBI[-Gestapo] Agency Director Mueller said Manafort will be charged. This is an obvious charade on many levels. The FISA Court is totally corrupt but its actions are meant to be kept secret. Note that after committing the NON-crime of publicly stating that Secret Service Agent/Driver William Greer killed President Kennedy, the US “Gov’t” intel Agencies have extensively and illegally and secretly wiretapped me. The FBI-Gestapo and the CIA-Gestapo have committed numerous other illegal actions against me. They had their agents brutally assault me and massively mercury poisoned me. The FBI-Gestapo had 2 convicted fraudsters released from jail and interact with me. The FBI-Gestapo releases convicted con men and then get them to call or email, etc. good, innocent people and try to entrap them. Recently a new FBI-Gestapo’s idiot agent actually pretended to appreciate my work and said, “I love you man.” The first con man about 4 years ago had defrauded a policeman’s widow of $50,000. The FBI-Gestapo uses these vermin to call up good people or otherwise do things to entrap them. Then the Cointelpro Agent calls local police, or other agencies, with a bogus complaint. 

The FBI-Gestapo continues to torture and terrorize me. They continue to break into my home and either steal things or put things in. They recently put in a concrete slab under my mattress. I don’t know what harmful contents it might have had. They’ve recently removed my microphone and related items. Their poisoning me in 2000 almost killed me. For their crimes against me, they are guilty of attempted murder, terrorism, torture, conspiracy, high treason and crimes against humanity.

Despite my being just about the only one on the planet revealing the real nature of things, hardly anyone genuine contacts me to offer assistance. I need legal, medical, personal and financial assistance.

OTOH, Trump and his family will never be indicted for any crimes they have committed before and during Trump’s election. Former FBI Director Comey will likely not be charged for his crimes. The two Clinton’s have literally gotten away with murder and rape since their college days. Their marriage was likely ordered by their CIA handler. They will never be indicted. The two Clintons and Trump likely have the same CIA controller. See my earlier posts from a few months ago.

The two Clintons and Donald Trump have deep connections to Russia and China. Both parties have received large sums of moneys from Russian banks. Trump received money under the guise of such things as financing real estate matters, and the Clinton’s via their corrupt foundation or for involvement with Uranium mining companies. Likely any Russian or Chinese banks funneling money first received these moneys from the American taxpayers via the intel agencies. What little the poor and middle class have, the Trump millionaires and billionaires want to take back—like health insurance.

The Bernie Sanders health insurance bill—Medicare for all citizens—likely won’t get far. Most “first world” countries’ citizens have had this for decades or even a century. In the USA, trillions of dollars have to go to the Trump-like creatures of the secret societies and intel agencies [who pay little or no taxes], and for waging war on the world, Quarantine Escape, poisoning citizens—like me, nuking the World Trade Center, and other nefarious purposes. 

Now it is possible that some of Trump’s underlings may be charged as part of the sham Gov’t. Bill Clinton’s own brother took the rap for him bringing in drugs through the Arkansas Mena airport.

It is sad to see that some people actually believe faux conspiracy experts like A. Jones who’s OpPlan was to pretend Trump was genuine when he’s always been a CIA Agent/Asset again possibly with the same controller as the Clintons. They and Obama are all part of portraying a fake democracy. 

The last vestiges of a democracy ended at 12:30 PM on Nov. 22, 1963. The 1968 assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy showed that the PTB will never even let a genuine person run for the Presidency again. RFK said only when the American People act as if their own brother were murdered would the People get their country back. And many people are in denial instead of not voting last year for either totally corrupt candidates, and doing something real instead. Certainly contacting me and offering to help is a start..

So I may not write more on the Clinton or Trump malfeasances, fake investigations, or fake Congress. It’s all a sham designed to keep the People in a slumber state and from trying to get back their Country. All the faux conspiracy sites, blogs, forums, etc. are an integral part of this as well.

Please order my books, if you are a human being, and not an intel agent. Contact me via michaelrings13@yahoo.com