On President Trump, the Military, the Constitution, and Imminent QE Attempt—Impending Doom Unless We Act

Has Trump completely handed over this function to the military brass–who themselves are controlled by our evil alien overlords?

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Above is an important article on how Donald [“I know Uranium… It’s nuclear… And it’s bad.”] Trump has given Presidential power to the Pentagon—an unconstitutional act. This is a little-known matter from 3 months ago. Below I will reveal the ultimate and terrifying reason for this IMO.

Now Trump’s giving presidential powers to the military is the opposite of what President Kennedy did, which was to try to reign in the Pentagon and intel agencies and their world-destroying agendas.

Such acts as giving presidential powers to the Pentagon may even be why the PTB had Trump win the [s]election instead of HRClinton. She would have likely wanted direct control—as much as she would have been allowed to have—over military and other matters.

Trump has always been concerned about just two things: money and p_ _ _ _. Recently he called the White House “ a dump.” He is away much of the time. He never divested himself properly before assuming office and shouldn’t have been sworn in.

Naturally his first act or visit less than 24 hours after being sworn in was to go to CIA HQ to speak to his fellow agents.

Now President Kennedy was killed in part because he wanted to reign in the military, as follows. Some of the nefarious things that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Lyman Lemnitzer and the Joint Chiefs proposed included 1. A pre-emptive, all-out, unprovoked nuclear strike on the USSR and China and 2. Operation Northwoods which was a false-flag Op to lead to waging war on Cuba. Northwoods included the US military and intel agencies sabotaging its own assets including a commercial plane replete with American passengers, John Glenn and his rocket before liftoff, and numerous buildings. Sounds a bit like an early 9/11 WTC scenario.

When Pentagon Chief General Lemnitzer asked for Presiden Kennedy’s OK on those matters, including the unprovoked global thermonuclear war, JFK vetoed them and left the room in disgust and said, “And they call themselves human beings.” Of course, we now know that that was a precocious statement, as evil, quarantined aliens control our species. The US Regime, and especially the US military, is tightly and totally controlled by the monstrous aliens. This is why the top military brass so eagerly wanted global nuclear war.

I am also the only one who has revealed why global nuclear war hasn’t happened even after the assassination of President Kennedy. The Quarantiners have rendered the nukes in the silos and on board bombers inoperative via neutrino and/or other advanced weapons.

Now Trump wants to give immediate and total control to the military. Again only I publicly have deciphered what this is about, and it is monstrous, as follows: Let’s say the alien-controlled US military or intel agencies detect that Q.E. may momentarily be viable—if immediate action is taken. This immediate action likely would involve global release of nuclear or bio WMD. Agent Donald Trump was made [faux] President precisely IMO to facilitate this scenario. This is the deepest reason he is unconstitutionally removing the Presidency from overseeing the military.

This again is precisely the opposite of what President Kennedy tried to do. Indeed his predecessor, President Eisenhower, just hours before handing the job over to Kennedy, went on TV and warned against allowing the “military-industrial complex” from taking over. Of course Eisenhower’s waiting to his last moments in office indicates they already were well in control.

Now President Trump actually and publicly wants it known that he has ceded control to the military basically on any or all matters that are important to the military—which means actually to the quarantined ones. It is the usual ploy of pretending they are doing it legally as it’s a presidential act, even though it seems to be in violation of the Constitution. Of course, as the entire federal regime is corrupt, no one is likely to try to counter this hand-off to the military brass.

Now I have stated that upon the likely failure of the QE attempt, the hostages—the entire human species—will likely be exterminated. This includes you and your family.

Why are not all the intel agents, military, etc. who surveil me and torture and terrorize me not aiding and supporting me as I am apparently the only one trying to tell the country and the world these matters, with the survival of our entire species hanging in the balance!

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