Did the FBI-Gestapo Plant Fake Drug Evidence in Rose McGowan’s Luggage in January or At Other Times?

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Actress Rose McGowan appears to be in the process of being framed by the FBI-Gestapo and/or other American Gestapo agencies. She was the first, or one of the first, to publicly proclaim Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein as an alleged serial rapist or assaulter.

The FBI-Gestapo is well known to frame good and innocent people who trouble the Regime.

Ms McGowan has had an arrest warrant and felony charge issued against her.

“The felony charge stems from a police investigation of personal belongings left behind on a United flight arriving at Washington Dulles International Airport on January 20. Police say the items tested positive for narcotics, but they did not reveal what type of drugs they were. The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department obtained the warrant on February 1. Police say they’ve attempted to contact McGowan so she can appear in a Loudoun County, Virginia, court. The warrant has been entered into a national law enforcement database.”

From: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5033997/Arrest-warrant-issued-actress-Rose-McGowan.html Note the 33 in the link.

The narcotics were later claimed to be small bags of cocaine.

Earlier in the day she had tweeted: “Are they trying to silence me? There is a warrant out for my arrest in Virginia. What a load of HORSES**T.”

Why is the Gestapo Regime framing Ms McGowan? What does Weinstein being an alleged serial rapist have to do with politics? He is deeply connected to political biggies including both the Clintons and Trumps. As I noted below, Hollywood, since its inception, is a wing of the secret societies and British and American intel agencies. They have long viewed all actors and actresses as sex slaves for the powerful.

Update: Another possibility must be considered. This is the double charade. The evil intel agencies so often have both sides, or all sides, of a public matter under their aegis or control.  A real person, like me, almost never gets any publicity, unlike the massive publicity she’s received from the MSM. The regime craves diversions lest the people find out what the regime has in store for them. So I don’t know if she is totally genuine or what. Also they often silence such people, so we will have to see how this plays out.  

Back to the original article.
They feel that Ms McGowan’s boldness must be countered. So the FBI-Gestapo appears to now be framing her. What the FBI-Gestapo does is to have one of their Cointelpro agents contact the local police with a bogus complaint to open a file that they will later act on when they determine the time is right.

The FBI-Gestapo has done this to me! They got their evil Cointelpro agent to call me up and try to entrap me. This low life con-man the FBI-Gestapo let out of jail to frame innocent people despite the fact that he was convicted in New York State for defrauding a policeman’s widow of $50,000 and others for a total of $500,000.

The FBI-Gestapo has him illegally tape conversations and then call the local police with a bogus complaint to create a police file on someone doing good in Gestapoland USA. Alas they’ve done this to me and may use it for when they will kill or arrest me unless people come to my aid.

Ms McGowan has many supporters and will hopefully defeat the FBI-Gestapo’s framing of her.

I alas have so few supporters despite my being perhaps the only conspiracy expert in the USA who is not an intel-Gestapo agent. I am the only one revealing the actual Quarantiner vs quarantined war going on that may soon lead to a QE attempt and annihilation of our species. And less than a handful of people have offered me minimal help. With all the millionaires and billionaires, none contact me to offer help. None wish to aid me in trying to save our/their species from annihilation. And everyone will soon pay the ultimate price for not acting in support of good people and against the quarantined one’s annihilation plans for all of us.

Please order my books, if you are a human being, and not an intel agent. Contact me via Michaelrings13@yahoo.com