BREAKING NEWS: On The Complete Korean PsyOp Possibly Toward Quarantine Escape & Use of Nuclear or Bio WMD

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I have previously written about the worldwide media blitz of North Korea having nukes and ICBMs and threatening to use these fictional devices variously against S. Korea, Japan and the USA. This media campaign is the most obvious, bogus PsyOp in recent times.

Every risible photo with the N. Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, smiling broadly only proves he is a British/American intel agent.  Here he is with smiling  military advisors. Note that he’s smiling even while using binoculars allegedly while watching a missile launch:

 Here he is with military advisors all smiling alongside a poor imitation of an H-bomb:

Now Koreans don’t act that way. His “H-bomb” depicted is absurd on several grounds. Kim Jong-un went to school in Switzerland, and like his father has many Western tastes. He is a likely British agent.

In my post below with the world first revelation that the recent “collisions” in Asia of US Destroyers were Quarantiner actions destroying nukes they contained. In July, the USS Fitzgerald  was damaged in an alleged collision off the coast of Japan. I note that this NK [North Korean] PsyOp includes alleged missile launches flying over Japan.

I assert that the Quarantiners may have stopped a US ship from nuking a Japanese town or base which was to be timed with an alleged N Korean missile launch flying over Japan. The PTB like to do the same things in the same places. The US nuked women, children and old men at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and more recently [in a different way] at Fukushima. The Quarantiners’ action against the Fitzgerald prevented another nuking of Japan.

I note that during the Korean War in the early 1950s, General MacArthur wanted or even planned to use nukes on N. Korea and China. Not widely known is that, at that time, the latter two countries claimed that the US military used biological WMD against them. This was weaponized Anthrax. So an alleged  missile launch could also involve bio WMD. NK would allegedly launch, but it would be the USA military and/or intel agencies actually releasing the WMDs.

The NK PsyOp is one of several faux, public flash points being used to get faux enemies to set off WMD so as to lead to massive global nuclear or bio weapon conflagration. All this a cover for a QE attempt, which historically have all failed and at least some led to the annihilation of the then current hominid species.

Today President Donald [“I know Uranium…it’s nuclear… and it’s bad”] Trump spoke at the United Nations. The UN is actually totally run by Britain’s MI6. At this world body–allegedly dedicated to world peace–Trump just ranted about his desire to wage war against alleged enemies of the USA. In reality the only enemy the people of the USA have is their own regime.

Analogously every group the German Nazi Regime exterminated, it first labeled as “terrorists.” In reality again, the only terrorists in Germany was the implanted Nazi Regime itself. It was implanted by MI6 and the Vatican along with the secret societies.

In addition to the NKorean PsyOp, other faux flash points for the start of a QE attempt include:

Any or all may be used in tandem when the quarantined ones think they may be able to do a successful QE. IMO, in recent months the numerous fired, demoted or criminally charged Admirals and Generals had bogus, public reasons for the actions taken against them. They’ve been scapegoated because they refused to go along the initial stages of a planned QE attempt.

Kudos to them for countering the monstrously evil US Regime which is tightly and totally controlled by the quarantined aliens who want to escape and to annihilate our species in the process.

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