BREAKING NEWS from this Anonymous Physicist: Has The Real Nature of Trump’s [S]election Victory Been Revealed?

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As you probably know, the last few days has seen a media frenzy about a new book’s revelations about President Trump. Many of his aides were freely interviewed by author, Michael Wolff. They knew their interviews were for a book. Wolff has said that Trump himself gave him in effect carte blanche to be in the White House, or to elsewhere interview his people. So the whole matter may be staged, or a “switch” may have ocuurred as part of an exit strategy.

The “revelations” may not contain much new except that now the sources are his close friends or official subordinates. His being proclaimed now by many of them as an idiot was highlighted by me nearly a year ago when I began calling him: Donald [“I know Uranium, it’s nuclear, and it’s bad”] Trump.

The new book also has aides saying Trump does little or no reading, and just trusts his own previous knowledge. They say he is “semi-literate” at best. I would ask is he dyslexic now or otherwise have great difficulty in reading? Or does he just not want to bothered? Afterall he might have a point! If others are making all the decisions in his [fake] presidency, why should he read or bother himself about anything? Just relax, watch TV, golf, secretly check out his holdings, and try to acquire more of the only two things he cares about: money and p_ _ _ _.

Author Michael Wolff himself has questionable integrity as even Wiki reveals. Elsehere Wolff has admitted to lying to his creditor when he was an internet entrepreneur. See

Now it’s being reported that the Wolff book has staff saying Trump repeats things three times within 10 minutes and no longer recognizes long-term friends, and that he has the mentality of a child. If true, the matter regarding his friends is often a sign of Alzheimer’s. Recent press conferences show him needing 2 hands to pick up a cup and drink from it. Hiding Parkinson’s?

His being touted now also as being mentally ill or at least unstable and unfit is also nothing new. Of course, I’ve stated that he is president in word only, and that others are making all the decisions for him. But that’s been the case for all presidents since November 22, 1963—and probably for most presidents even before 1963. As I have stated, Trump’s run for the White House four years earlier was an obvious charade with him meant only to make noise about certain matters like Obama’s not being a natural born US citizen, and then stating he really was. Interestingly, they have Trump now going back to his initial claim, which was true as Obama is a Kenyan and British citizen.

The new book does not just relate Trump’s being a “moron” and mentally ill or unstable, it also has the interviewees revealing what a foul creature he is. He boasted of tricking his friends’ wives to have sex with him and then boasted that bedding his friends’ wives was one of life’s great joys to him. Trump is said to have labeled his own two elder sons as idiots. Why wouldn’t they be? Many things are genetic.

Another recent book is by psychiatrist, Bandy Lee, MD, and includes 27 “shrinks” opining that Trump is mentally ill or unstable. She spoke with Congresspeople about this a day or two ago as reported in the MSM. So again they may be preparing an exit for him or else just torquing up the charade and making it look like he may be out soon.

The revelations about him and his wife not being in proximity to each other most of the time was clear for some time already. Former White House Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, has caused the most furor by saying Donald Trump, Jr. committed treason by meeting with Russians in regards to sabotaging Hillary Clinton’s bid. Bannon went back to Breitbart News whose billionaire owner now indicates he may be let go from that. Bannon may have some trouble with his speaking to Wolff, as he signed a non-disclosure, non-disparaging contract for Trump. That he said all he did to Wolff for his book again indicates that this may all be a planned charade for Trump’s exit and then a fake celebration with the absurd meme: “see democracy has triumphed again in the USA.”

Trump and his lawyer[s] have filed suit to try to stop Wolff and his publisher from selling the book on January 9th. They countered by moving up the release date to today.

Then there is the deeper matter of Trump ordering the WH cleanup staff not to go near his toothbrush and eating McDonalds take out often because he fears being poisoned. In this regard he ordered the Secret Service to install a lock to his bedroom door. They say that the SS balked at first but then acquiesced. These specific matters are not insane at all. Trump knows well that Secret Service Agent William Greer killed President Kennedy. While, unlike Kennedy, he does everything he’s told, he knows the PTB may have their own agenda and might still off him anyway, despite his full obedience.

Now for my unique and possible “Breaking News”: The new book’s revelations—if true—about what allegedly transpired on election night will be explained by this anonymous physicist. His wife, Melania is said to have cried when informed he won the election. And the story goes, they weren’t tears of joy. Trump himself is said to have been certain that he was going to lose and had made all sorts of plans, including starting his own [fake] news network.

Here now is my breaking interpretation of this—again if the above is true. Trump’s CIA handlers had told him he was going to lose. At the last minute they decided to [s]elect him to be president. They did not tell him ahead of time for fear that he would do something that might change things. Why? I’ve revealed that he never wanted the job and was told he wouldn’t win.

Why did the foul PTB switch to him over long-term evil CIA NOC agent Hillary? I don’t know for sure, but she–near the end of the [s]election [fake] process–must have done or said something that indicated she actually believed she was going to be president and make her own decisions.

This they do not tolerate. So they switched to him and thought it was best to not tell him because again they feared that he might sabotage his win if he knew beforehand of the switch. So they let him know of the shocking victory along with everyone else, as the [fake] results came in. Who knows who really won as it’s all electronic. And who cares, as they are actually close allies and fellow CIA NOCs and high level Freemasons probably with the same controller.

As my four books reveal, this may be similar to why Johnson and Nixon were ordered not to run again and to resign respectively. Both did something that their masters then wanted them out of office for. Both had problems with alcohol. Both may have had “loose lips” and may have talked too much about their knowledge and roles in killing President Kennedy. There’s much more in my books.

New President Ford soon pardoned Nixon. We can be sure that Trump’s successor, Pence, will do likewise for him.

The FBI[-Gestapo] now announces a [fake] re-investigation of the massively corrupt Clinton Foundation. As I have previously stated, both the Trumps and the Clintons have large ties to the Russians and the Chinese—much money laundering and nuclear proliferation is involved and all coming out of US taxpayers’ pockets. Again they probably all have the same CIA  controller.

Finally in recent [fake] nuclear news: First the North Korean [fake] leader talked about his [fake] “nuclear button” and then [fake] President Trump responded about his “much larger [fake] nuclear  button”. This again made Trump seem crazy. In reality as I have reported, the “Dotard vs Retard” scenario is a total fabrication. N.Korea has no nukes or ICBMs, other than what the US or UK regimes drop off there.

RE the USA:
1. Trump is not in charge and has no “button” to press, and
2.The US’ nuclear arsenal has mostly been rendered inoperable by the Quarantiners

But the quarantined monsters ultimately in charge of the US Regime, and the NK Regime, need these flashpoints for their impending QE attempt.

As I “go to press” with this, Wolff’s book is supposedly about to be sold. If so, it will be a huge bestseller. All the while, here I sit in semi-poverty and unable to pay for needed medical treatment for revealing the truth about the real nature of the US Regime—from the Kennedy Assassination to the quarantined ones’ control of the regime with their Quarantine Escape attempt coming very soon and to be likely followed by the extermination of our species. Unless the masses learn and act to save themselves beforehand. Playing up the Trump charade is all part of hiding the real nature of things as I reveal.

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