The Omarosa PsyOp

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I do not usually comment on the current charades put out by the US Regime and its intel agency run MSM and fake conspiracy sites. I will here, but this may be the last time.

The current PsyOp involves Omarosa Manigault Newman. She is currently touting her new book, Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House [not read here], all over the MSM. Her bio includes the following: She has an undergraduate degree in broadcast journalism and a master’s degree. Her first gov’t job was with the Democratic Vice President Al Gore’s office in the 90s.

She first attained fame or notoriety on the reality TV show, The Apprentice, in 2004. The show starred Donald Trump and was executive produced by him. Of course, Trump gathered much fame, etc. from this show too. It was about contestants competing for an executive job paying $250,000 a year running one of Trump’s companies. They say that Omarosa displayed cunning and backstabbing while she competed on the show. I never watched it. Omarosa was fired in week nine, but became a reality TV star for the next decade or so. That show, or its spin offs or similar shows, have been popular since 2004.

In 2013 La Toya Jackson accused Omarosa of murdering her actor boyfriend, Michael Clarke Duncan, according to Wiki. He died from the effects of a heart attack. Omarosa said she did CPR on him and vehemently denied she caused his death.

In 2016, Omarosa directed a Committee of African-Americans to elect Republican candidate Donald  Trump and Omarosa praised him to the hilt. After Trump’s [s]election, she became a member of his transition team.

When Trump became President, Omarosa was appointed as Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison.  She served in that capacity until she was fired by John F. Kelly on December 13, 2017, effective January 20, 2018. Kelly is White House Chief of Staff and was earlier Trump’s Director of Homeland Security, an obvious Gestapo Agency. He had been a top Marine General involved in the US/UK War on Iraq after the US Regime nuked its own largest city on 9/11/01 and blamed it on Saddam Hussein, himself a British-American intel agent.

On Monday, Omarosa’s book was published. The MSM has had many interviews of her. She is an intelligent, articulate, poised, attractive, assertive, cool-headed person. And she is a great actor as are most in the government, up to and including the president. All have been actors and pretenders since 12:30 on 11/22/63.

Omarosa’s  book states that Trump is in serious mental decline and that he is very racially bigoted. She had brought in a tape recorder and taped Kelly telling her she was being fired for breaching integrity guidelines. I am not sure the details of that have been revealed. That taping has been played all over the MSM and the internet. It’s a bit ludicrous when Kelly cites military courtmatial or such when she wasn’t in the military, and when he tells her she works for him not for Trump.

Update: I found that the WH states that Omarosa was fired for improperly using the White House Car Service. Sure. Again it all sounds like a planned PsyOp.  Omarosa claims she was prevented from leaving that meeting for several hours and that constitutes kidnapping or false imprisonment or such. She alleges that Kelly is really in charge and that VP Pence is a religious zealot who speaks daily with his deity and thus he would be worse or crazier than Trump. Is this part of her PsyOp?  Another book is soon to be published re Pence’s “strangeness.” That Trump is not in charge and never wanted to be was long asserted by me.

Update: It has been revealed that Omarosa’s salary was about $180,000 per year and numerous reporters said that they couldn’t figure out what work she did. Her book is said to mostly be about herself: her background and attempted justifications for supporting Trump for so long.  It is also now claimed that she made and has dozens more recordings of her interactions in the White House. If so, this further supports my contention that it’s all a planned PsyOp for the reasons cited herein.

The biggest item promulgated across the MSM and internet is Omarosa’s charge that Trump used the n-word on his TV shows referring to African-Americans. She has claimed to either have heard recordings of Trump using the n-word or of being told by others that they heard such a tape or tapes. Some claim the  public will soon hear this.

Trump  tweeted his denial re saying the n-word, while referring to her as a “dog.”

Again I assert that this is all a planned charade. It serves several functions for the PTB. It acts as a diversion from the truly important matters that I have written about. It acts to divide the nation along racial lines. And it appears to show that the US is a democracy.

Now it’s clear to me that this is just another PsyOp due to several factors. That room in the White House was secure and the regime has devices to detect a covert tape recorder. Then there is the legally binding document she signed not to reveal things she and her publisher are now revealing. This means that the “Govt” easily could have enjoined her and her publisher from publishing her book or her talking or playing recordings of almost anything related to her WH job.

We also have the fact that a person is not likely to be able to get on TV or to get a high Govt position unless they are a secret society member and/or an agent or asset of an intel agency. But Omarosa’s had no trouble getting TV roles and that high level Govt job. Trump himself is a 2nd generation 33rd degree Freemason and a CIA NOC Agent.

Then there is the fact that the Regime and its many Gestapo agents have killed or incapacitated so many innocent people when it wishes to prevent witnesses from revealing things they personally know. Dozens of people have been killed who were witnesses or otherwise had knowledge re the assassinations of President Kennedy and Sen. Robert Kennedy and the 9/11 Oplan. These murdered victims have included cops, sheriffs, Congressman, Senators, Mafia Godfathers and others. If Omarosa’s actions were not part of a Regime PsyOp, she’d have been killed instead of being promoted all over the MSM, and being made rich and famous.

Then there is the fact that the Regime has killed 4 presidents themselves. And also the fact that for committing the NON-crime of publicly showing SS Agent/driver William Greer killing President Kennedy after shooting Gov. Connolly, I was brutally assaulted and then massively mercury poisoned—similar to how Karen Silkwood was poisoned.The Omarosa PsyOp serves as an entertaining diversion, a pretense for a democracy, and as a way out for Trump if/when he or his CIA handlers have had enough of his presidency.

I have revealed four real news items that need to be promulgated far and wide.
1.The Regime killed President Kennedy and the American Regime is a provable, mass-murdering terrorist, organized criminal enterprise.
2.The British-American Regime nuked its own largest city on 9/11/01. And the China Syndrome resulted.
3.The US Regime has been the one designated to use WMD globally to imminently launch a Quarantine Escape attempt, which will be followed by the US-UK Regime exterminating humanity upon the usual failure.
For committing the NON-crime of once publicly showing SS Agent/Driver Greer killing President Kennedy, I have been assaulted and then had my home and myself massively mercury poisoned. I have been destroyed medically, psychologically and financially and I receive almost no help. Please, if you are a human being, and not an intel agent, order my books above now.