Was Gandhi a British Agent?

In my third book, I have a fascinating chapter citing the evidence that Gandhi was a life-long British Agent. He was born into an elite family that ruled at the behest of the British. I show evidence that he actually espoused violent action against the enemies of Britain. Yes, including murder, and war. He held racist views against black South Africans. Furthermore, the famous train incident in South Africa may never have occurred. Hidden intel agents usually first must acquire a good legend. I am not saying he wasn’t a great man or leader per se. But there is far more to his story, than is officially promulgated. Perhaps he finally tried to become his own man, and that is when they had him killed.

Possibly India could have become independent years or decades earlier, if not for him? The usual British modus operandi is clear from the splitting into India and Pakistan that occurred. Perennial war, and potential flash points for starting global nuclear war is part of the British M.O. All for the ultimate goal that you should know by now from my books and work—Q.E. (Quarantine Escape.)

The real reason that the PTB want all humans to be non-violent towards them—but not vice-versa—is made clear.

3rd Book: More Secrets from the Anonymous Physicist