Update on the Trump Administration

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“The Donald”s idiocy and corruption is often in the MSM news as a diversion. And I may not update this further, as again the US Regime is entirely an illegal and illegitimate, criminal enterprise since 12:30 PM on November 22, 1963 when the regime killed President Kennedy. Trump himself should not have been allowed to take office as he did not divest himself properly as required. 

More and more, the MSM cites people who state what I stated here shortly after his inaugural or first press conference: that Trump is stupid or senile and also somewhat crazy. As I put it Donald [“I know Uranium. It’s nuclear. And it’s bad.”] Trump uses baby talk often, and is only able to  describe something or someone as “good” or “bad.” He often doubles either of those words. He may have been picked over Hillary as he is more obedient and unable to comprehend much now. 

A while back he caused controversy by saying that Obama had him wiretapped. Then he added it was done by Britain’s GCHQ. It seemed like he read James Bamford’s books on the NSA and the GCHQ. Those books contain the big lie that they eavesdrop on the other country, but don’t do so directly on their own. That lie was why Bamford’s books were put out. In reality, everybody is directly spied on all the time. So Trump’s claim was not newsworthy at all.

He is now more spied on than anyone, to insure that he doesn’t do anything the PTB don’t approve of.  

Trump, I have asserted, never wanted the job and likely will resign before his term expires IMO. 

The current charades include the issue of whether he and his people colluded with the Russians to alter the election, and whether people now—like his son-in-law—are doing that in an illegal fashion. The investigations now ongoing include a Congressional one and an FBI one. Trump fired FBI Director Comey a couple of weeks ago, and the former FBI Director Mueller was appointed to investigate that firing, etc. That’s an obvious joke.

A couple of days ago, Comey stated that he as FBI Director had been investigating a Hillary Clinton-related email even though he knew it was “fake.” Some in Congress have said they don’t believe his fake claim now as he did not state that to Congress before. In other words, he lied either earlier or later. They’re all a bunch of liars and miscreants….

Hillary recently stated that Trump should be impeached for his collusion with the Russians during the election. This is hilarious as their roles are now reversed. 

Trump had fired former General Mike Flynn, his National Security Advisor for his dubious dealings with the Russians during the election, and “for not telling the Vice President about it.”   Flynn has been seeking immunity before testifying. Comey may be testifying soon. Trump’s son-in-law is in trouble for his own communications or dealings with the Russians and/or for some profitable deals he’s made with other countries. They’re all corrupt.

Trump’s tax proposals blatantly call for making the very wealthy even richer while shafting the poor and middle class. What did the foolish people believe a gang of billionaires would do? Trump’s health care proposal calls for the loss of medical insurance for some 25 million Americans. In the USA, wealthy fascists have been outraged since Obama tried for some version of Universal Health Care Coverage—something virtually all “first world” countries’ citizens have had as a right for a long time now.

But in the USA, billions and indeed trillions goes for bogus “defense” and evil intel agency funding. As you know from this author, that’s all geared for QE attempt and the likely extermination of our species when it fails.

As I succinctly put it, Trump will mindlessly press the button when so ordered. That’s why they picked him.  

As with Hillary, he is not likely to be impeached or imprisoned, but he might resign, as he doesn’t like the stress and doesn’t care about anything except money and p****.

UPDATE: I left out one recent, remarkable occurrence from the Trump Administration. A few weeks ago, WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer, at his press conference which included pushing for war on Syria, stated that the Syrian leader “was worse than Hitler, as Hitler hadn’t gassed his own people.”

Spicer had to be told that the Nazi Regime gassed and killed millions of people with Zyklon B. Many of these people were German Jews who were German citizens until they were stripped of their citizenship because they were labeled as “terrorists.” Of course the only terrorists were the Government itself—as it is here in the USA since 1963.

For a while there were calls for Spicer to resign. This hasn’t happened. Spicer’s sickening revisionist comment just shows that Trump’s Administration is a bunch of stupid, evil corrupt creatures who will say or do anything foul or absurd that suits their needs. Nothing ever changes.

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