Update on the Niger Death of Sgt. La David Johnson et al

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First I note that yesterday’s mass murder in Texas may have been a diversion to the Niger deaths of the four Green Beret soldiers. Below I revealed that Green Berets may all be CIA or totally under CIA control. I also revealed the uranium/nuclear factor involved in the American presence in Niger.

But in the last 7-10 days some things have been revealed that need to be promulgated.

First on the MSM, I saw interviews of 3 leading US Senators. All stated that they were unaware that there was any American military presence in Niger, let alone the now admitted to 1000 troops. [Who knows how many really are there?]

IMO and per usual, I would wager that most of the US forces there are actually NSA and CIA. The US Congress, is for all practical purposes, since November 22, 1963, a worthless, useless, totally corrupt entity. The Pentagon and intel agencies tell them very little. The DIC [Dotard in Charge ©] has stated he’s given the Pentagon basically carte blanche to do whatever they wish. That’s actually been the case for some time. It’s just that now that unconstitutional matter is being publicly admitted to.

Other recent MSM revelations regarding the killings of the 4 Green Berets in Niger include that they wore no body armor, and had no heavy arms. Initially the Pentagon stated the unit had 12 men. Now I believe they are claiming it was about 40. I read one military advisor’s interview where he said such Ops ordinarily have 100 troops or more. Furthermore the claim that the unit was not in constant communications with their HQ from the getgo is troubling and also not likely to be S.O.P.

An ABC-TV interview of a military man involved claimed that this man listed as “unnamed” told them that he saw Johnson grab every weapon available in his surroundings and then saw him go into “beast mode.” Obviously when the Regime and its media “report” such nonsense from “unnamed” it implies much of what they’ve put out about the event is bogus.

The Pentagon continues to change what they say about Johnson’s death—such as where he was at different times and how long he was missing. Again his widow has stated that she does not even know if his body is in that coffin. People throughout the USA should protest that she be allowed to do what she wishes in this matter.

The entire incident may have been set up to deliberately lead to the deaths of those four men because they knew too much or were telling others what was really going on there, or were refusing to go along with some nefarious US policy there.

Analogously recall the Pat Tillman Affair. The NFL football star who dropped his lucrative career and volunteered in Afghanistan as some sort of justice for 9/11 had started to say the whole American presence there was BS. The Regime then set him up with a bogus Op and had some fellow troops blow his head off with high caliber rounds from close by. His murderers were awarded medals and promoted.

So I ask was this Op in Niger analogously meant to silence those four soldiers/CIA/NSA assets? Did they know too much of what I’ve revealed about the uranium operation ongoing in Niger that relates to Quarantine Escape?

Will more men in that unit be killed soon too? Recall that numerous Seal Team Six members alleged to have killed Osama Bin Laden [not], were killed a couple of years later in a helicopter crash.

While the Regime claims its plausible deniability, most of what it does is in fact discernible by the few conspiracists who aren’t intel agents.

I have revealed the deep nature for the American military presence in Niger. Unlike the monstrous Congresswoman Wilson who apparently may now have a guilty conscience about what she told young Johnson to do with hjis life, young people should not go off to distant lands to kill and die for a Regime under total control of a set of quarantined aliens determined to try to escape and upon failure to annihilate our species.

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