Update on Castro and Cuba

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As tomorrow I believe will hold Castro’s funeral, I see that numerous articles from within Cuba have been filed by British “TV Personality” Katie Hopkins for the large Daily Mail online news media outlet.

These and other British and American MSM articles have been denouncing Castro and the Cuban Gov’t. Hopkins has been writing the most foul things about Castro and the Cuban Gov’t. Some of these things may even be true—I do not know.


Curiously, while stating that there’s no freedom of expression in Cuba, she has been allowed—by the Cuban regime—to promulgate these foul articles against Castro, and Cuba, or its Gov’t, from within Cuba. See my post below regarding the total lack of “freedom of expression” in the USA by its monstrous regime—including its murder of President Kennedy and poisoning me for once speaking out on this.

Now you know that I inform how British MI6 controls the world—with 2 higher levels beyond this. So let’s look at Katie Hopkins. Even Wikipedia [CIA] relates that “Hopkins studied economics at the University of Exeter, sponsored by the British Army’s Intelligence Corps. Hopkins completed her military training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst…” So you see the MI6 connection as I predicted. They even paid for her education. Wiki goes on, Hopkins would “…take part in series three of the reality TV show The Apprentice in 2006…”

Now the British The Apprentice TV show is franchised from the original, American version which starred and was co-produced by none other than Donald Trump. But the American The Apprentice was created by British Mark Burnett.
Burnett was in the British military but then went to the USA to be the “nanny and driver” for the Mick Jaeger family [Wiki]. Some years later, he’s a big shot TV producer and now is president of movie giant MGM. My books include how the UK has controlled American TV and movie industries from the beginning.

Let me return now to Katie Hopkins and Castro and Cuba. We saw above that though she denounces the Cuban Gov’t from within Cuba, this British asset is freely allowed by that Regime to do so. She has recently written that Castro’s claim to have lived in poverty was a lie, and he had his own island resort and his own large yacht and many homes in Cuba. Again I don’t know if these claims are true or not. Certainly if he had his own island and yacht, the CIA would have known this and could have used that knowledge. Their alleged approx. 600 failed assassination attempts are an obvious hoax, which tells us much…


That British asset Ms. Hopkins is allowed to promulgate her foul articles about Castro and the Cuban regime, by that Regime, likely is an indication that MI6 was, and is, in control of that Regime all along. As alas MI6 controls much of the world through its control of all the other nation’s intel agencies.


That fact reminds me of the failed 1961 Bay of Pigs American CIA invasion of Cuba. President Kennedy realized that he had been suckered into the plan by his CIA and Pentagon Joint Chiefs and refused to go along, in April, 1961, of launching a full scale invasion to “rescue” the trapped 1500 invaders when the Cuban People did not “rise up” as the top CIA leaders had promised JFK.

Curiously not too many know that recently the CIA has admitted 3 things:
1. Soviet intel agencies found out about the planned invasion before it occurred,
2.The CIA found out that the USSR had found out
3.The CIA did not tell President Kennedy that the USSR—and thus presumably Cuba—knew of the planned invasion.

To those revelations, I would add my own likely scenario—the CIA is the one who told their colleagues in the KGB about the whole planned event.
As my earlier post below indicates, there is the possibility that Castro was implanted the whole time as an American and/or British Agent. All this for his role as a perennial enemy, and particularly for the planned QE attempt that the world knows as the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

Again, as only I write, that crisis did not result in a full QE attempt because either JFK thwarted it and/or the American military found out that much of their nuclear bomb arsenal would fizzle due to Quarantiner action, namely, as I have revealed, Quarantiner use of neutrino beams. There is more on the aftermath of this in my new fourth book.


On what the Joint Chiefs said and did regarding the Cuban Missile crisis perhaps necessitates another post. But this post here may indicate the deepest nature of Castro, and Cuba vis-à-vis the US and the UK especially as regards to the Ultimate Matter on this Planet—Quarantine Escape.

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