Two Trump Aides Admit That They Were Told/Ordered To Talk To Author Michael Wolff–As Predicted Here

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Just as I wrote, the Michael Wolff book is part of a well-orchestrated Op-plan by the intel[-Gestapo] agencies. Two of Trump’s aides/advisors have admitted that they were told or ordered to do interviews with Wolff for his book. One says he refused. Who gave this order may be of great importance. It was not revealed.

A couple of days ago, Former White House adviser, Sebastian Gorka, revealed that he was told to do interview[s] with Wolff for his book. He says that he knew that Wolff wasn’t going to write anything favorable to Trump and implies he knew it was going to be a hitpiece. Thus he says he refused. When queried, he would not reveal who told him to do the interview. He only said: 1.It was not Trump or Bannon, and 2.That it was “outside the White House.”

Gorka is an “expert [and author] on Islamic terrorism.” He was allegedly ousted from the WH for being too far right even for this WH. Of course, I’ve long written that all alleged terrorists, like Al-CIA-duh and ISIS are just British and Americn intel agency agents or assets. As usual, none of the people involved in the current hoopla have great credibility, and all or most are agents.

As noted above, who—outside the White House gave the order–is potentially of great importance, as it could prove intel[-Gestapo] agency control of the White House, and all the presidents, since 11/22/63.

The above link is by a second Trump aide to say he was told to give Wolff an interview. David Bossie was deputy campaign manager for Trump’s presidential campaign. He did speak to Wolff for his book. He names Bannon as telling him to. Of course, Bannon has become the whipping boy for Trump’s anger regarding the Wolff book. Bossie, BTW, says he was there when Trump won the [s]election, and that Melania did not cry, and Wolff is lying.

Bossie has a long history of being an arch conservative. He wrote a book blaming the Clinton Administration and its “national security apparatus [read intel agencies]” for 9/11. Obviously that’s a charade to say the “failure” was the Clintons, not Bush. In reality, the nuking of the WTC on 9/11 was done by the US and UK intel agencies and militaries.

So we have two of Trump’s advisors saying they were told/ordered to give Wolff an interview for his book. One says he refused. Naturally, they differ on who gave the order. One says it is a fabrication that Melania cried upon learning that she was going to be First Lady. Of course all her actions since that day appear to back up the claim that she would have cried then.

The charade/diversion goes on.

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