To Hide The Quarantiners’ Destruction of Nukes Aboard the USS Fitzgerald and the USS McCain, the US Navy Now Claims to be Using Compasses and Pencils Again

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The US Navy and the entire USA Gestapo Regime continues to desperately strive to hide the Quarantiners’ destruction—that only I revealed to the world last week [below]—of nuclear bombs on board those two Navy Destroyers this past summer.

As I deciphered and revealed, the US Navy was planning on setting off nuke[s] at either a Japanese or Singapore city and to blame it on an alleged North Korean nuclear tipped missile. IMO, the Quarantiners detected the nukes via their continuous scanning and blasted the nukes with the loss of at least 17 American Seamen—whose corpses  I stated were too radioactive to handle for a week. Since then, the US military with the MSM’s cooperation has blamed top admirals, low ranked sailors and the ships themselves for the bogus collisions.

In the continuing charade, now the US Navy is claiming to be reverting back to its sailors using more ancient tools—pencils and compasses—and less use of computers, which can be hacked.

This is obviously bogus and ludicrous. But the horrific galactic war—with our species held hostage—fought on this planet goes on. If the US and the UK Regimes succeed, the scenario may play out with a full scale or global nuclear war as part of a QE attempt and/or annihilation of our species.

As I wrote, the spate of recent firings of top admirals and generals means that these individuals are good and didn’t go along with dastardly US military plans for nuking many human beings under the guise of NK doing it.

Of course the US  military, under tight quarantined alien control, won’t stop until they succeed or are destroyed while trying.

The people in the US military and intel agencies need to get my books to learn what’s going on and how to stop it.

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