The Sham of the Polygraph/ Lie Detector

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Here is a former OKCPD member, and polygrapher, Douglas Williams, revealing how bogus the polygraph is. As a police officer, he administered the polygraph for years. He later denounced it as basically inaccurate and worthless. It is just used to entrap people often to make false confessions.

The polygraph just measures fight or flight response. It cannot detect whether the subject is saying something true or false. The intel-Gestapo agencies teach their agents how to beat the thing as did this former policeman, who was apparently jailed for revealing this. But that seems strange too.

The recent Netflix Confession Tapes series was a good documentary depicting how police badgering and other mistreatment has gotten innocent people to falsely confess to crimes they didn’t commit. Williams advises people never to take a polygraph. It’s a sham, but prominently used in the Gestapo state.

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