The Second Anonymous Physicist’s Total Fascist Fiction Book Award Goes To…

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Judy Wood and her book, Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11.

Now Wood’s ludicrous, evidence-free disinfo on DEW taking down the WTC towers on 9/11/01 was the reason I first began to publicly post on conspiracy matters in circa 2005. Her statements were too blatantly lies for me to ignore.

I immediately debunked everything from her and stated that her PsyOp was and is clearly to try to hide that fission nukes took down the towers and that the China Syndrome resulted. Just about all of Wood’s baby talk and photos were clear to me meant to hide the nuking of the WTC, and the subsequent China Syndrome.

Some of what she’s done is outrageous and blatant and I can’t repeat everything here. She had a photo of what she called “molecular dissociation clouds”—a new and fictitious “phenomenon”–at a rubble pile location. But what she showed is proven to be cropped from a larger photo with a distant firetruck hosing the pile from a safe distance.

Likewise she promulgated and denounced a photo taken several weeks after 9/11 which has a crane picking up a large metal object which clearly had dripping molten metal. She called it a “Cheeto.” I immediately denounced this as there is nothing wrong with the photo. It clearly is evidence of only one thing: the long term, very high temperature of the China Syndrome Aftermath because a fission nuke only has about 6% of its fissile material converted to energy. The rest of the still fissioning material was there until it was picked up and carted away. Exposure to radiation explains some of the rare cancers in the responders.

Laughably Wood states—just like the regime’s absurd “Gravitational Collapse” nonsense–that there never was any heat during or after the towers were taken down. I proved that there was massively high temperatures during the destruction of the towers and several thousand degree temperature in the rubble pile—due to the fissioning fragments therein.

There are many impeccable eyewitnesses and physical evidence. See my book, The Nuclear Destruction of The World Trade Center and the China Syndrome Aftermath.

I well proved that “extraordinarily high temperatures” from high energy neutrons, EMP, and thermal radiation from nukes and later several thousand degree temperatures all were proven to have occurred during and after the towers’ destruction.

Note that I would also have given this award to Steven Jones’s book on his risible nanothermite non-theory, but I believe he never came out with a book. Like I did with Wood, I thoroughly disproved his nanothermite nonsensical “hypothesis”, and again showed it was put out to hide the nuking of the WTC and the China Syndrome Aftermath. Thermite doesn’t get hot enough to vaporize anything—like the missing 1100 people and most of the towers themselves—and neither does it “burn forever.”

Both the two disinfo theories have absurd new phenomenon claims. What I also showed alas is that virtually all others who claimed nukes were involved are disinfo agents as well as they contain things that are actually meant to ridicule the nuclear hypothesis with non-factual matters or physical impossibilities. Again my book is factual, and evidentiary. The regime’s agents’ books and articles are absurd—I lengthily proved this in several of my books.

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