The First Anonymous Physicist’s Total Fascist Fiction Book Award Goes To…

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“Official Historian” William Manchester’s 1967 book, Death of a President is hereby awarded the first Anonymous Physicist’s Total Fascist Fiction Book Award.

After reading this corrupt work, I can tell you I know why Jackie and Robert Kennedy brought legal action against its publishing. It’s 700 pages was difficult to get through due to all the lies and omissions. Most glaring is how many times—once is more than enough—he states [and I am paraphrasing] something like: yes we know that in the USA a person is innocent until proven guilty, but here with Oswald, we have absolute proof that he killed Kennedy.

The truth, of course, is that Oswald didn’t shoot anybody as he proclaimed. We know that Oswald was in the 2nd floor cafeteria at the time, and by the Laws of Physics and Kennedy’s body being slammed backwards in the limo from a frontal shot he couldn’t have killed Kennedy, and we can see and hear SS Agent/Driver William Greer killing Kennedy.

There isn’t enough space here to state all the lies in the book, nor for the book’s praise for the actual killer like William Greer. The book’s description of the actual death of Kennedy is fiction. His praise for co-conspirator Lyndon Johnson is both sickening and replete with lies.

Manchester interviewed and taped many people including Jackie Kennedy. The tapes of her interview are blocked from release for another 20 years or more. Manchester told the world, via a NY Times interview, that his masters were Freemasons/intel agencies:  “I would work all day, all night, all the next day, all the following night and into the third day. I would look up at the clock, and it would be 3:30 in the afternoon, and I would say, ‘Oh boy, I’ve got three more hours to write.’ I just loved it.”

Again, despite—or because of–his many interviews over a period of nearly two years, there is so much that is either false or omitted in this detritus of a book. And the MSM, etc, even lies about why Jackie and Robert Kennedy sued Manchester. Jackie knew that SS Agent Greer killed her husband and that Johnson was involved. It’s even been stated that her tapes include her stating her knowledge about Greer and Johnson. Jackie may well have asked that her tapes not be made public for many years due to her concerns for her children and grandchildren.

IMO, the duplicitous William Manchester took full advantage of this non-release/non-disclosure and lied and omitted what she said to him regarding Greer and LBJ, and many other things.

Again you can well know with certainty that SS Agent Greer killed Kennedy from my books, my posts here and youtube.

To sum up, William Manchester’s  book, Death of a President is awarded the first Anonymous Physicist’s Total Fascist Fiction Book Award.

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