An Essential Thing That’s Missing From the Zapruder Film

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All the versions of the Zapruder film that I’ve seen are missing an essential thing. We see several Dallas motorcycle cops go by, then a break and then we see the Presidential limo. But we know that in between the first set of motorcycle cops and the Kennedy limo, rode the lead white car. Just watch video of the motorcade from minutes earlier to verify this. The lead white car is said to have contained the police chief, the sheriff and the Secret Service Agent in charge. It probably contained someone else and/or something else that was an integral part of the assassination.

 See the white, lead car here at 25 seconds.


Here is the publicly released Zapruder film which completely excised the lead, white car.

 I assert, given Altgens #7 photo–which was also excised or cropped in nearly all JFK Assassination books, articles, blogs, cites, forum etc.—that the lead white car’s presence was completely removed from the Z film because it had something that was a part of the assassination that was too difficult to doctor and so a few seconds of film with it in it has never been shown. This was probably so damning to the regime, but too difficult to doctor as many other things in the Z film were.

It might have had that man that we later see in Altgens #7 in or on the car…or something else that was essential to the assassination or the control of it.

We know from the Algens #7 photo taken shortly after the murder, that the lead white car pulled ahead and then stopped—break lights on—and that a man with a rifle or other object is at the back of the car at that point in time.

What and/or who was in or on the lead white car during the Kennedy Assassination?

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